tagMind ControlFrigid Wife Becomes Aroused

Frigid Wife Becomes Aroused


I guess that my story starts pretty much like the story of many other men. I am 40 years old, married to Lena , she is also 40 years old. We have been married for 11 years now. We have 2 gorgeous kids, a boy and a girl. At first our sex life was good. We had a lot of it, it wasn't monotonous. My wife is a little reserved in sex matters, but she agreed to try new things as long as they were not too strange. Since this period of good sex was rather short, we did not get to try many new things.

With time, the frequency of sex decreased. And it continued decreasing after our son was born, and decreased even further after our daughter was born. As you might guess, I was not the one who did not want sex. At first I thought I was to blame. Maybe I was inconsiderate in bed, but Lena said that this was not the problem. She said I was not romantic enough. So I tried being romantic. But it did not help either. For example, I prepared a romantic dinner, we would eat it together, talk, kiss and so on, but after dinner she would say that because of the food she was too tired for sex. And the excuses went on and on.

My wife Lena is a very attractive woman, even after giving birth twice. She is not a typical beauty however she has a great body. She is rather tall and thin, has brown hair, shoulder length and beautiful legs. Her tits are small, maybe a bit too small to my liking, but they are still rather firm. And the nipples... her nipples are to die for, pink-brownish, perfect circular shape, not too big, not too small, and they erect easily. Sometimes it seems to me that they become erect for no apparent reason. And when they are erect they are so suckable. I remember the pleasure of sucking milk out of them when our first baby arrived. After the second one she wouldn't let me do that any more.

So I still desired my wife, very much so, but she seems to have lost interest in sex (I know that she is not having an affair). We do it once a month at most, sometimes not even that. And almost every time it requires a lot of persuasion that I feel almost as if I am imposing myself.

This could not go on like this any more. As a man with a healthy sexual appetite, I had three choices: 1) To cheat but I could not do it, I loved her too much; 2) To divorce her, couldn't do it for the same reason and for the sake of the kids; 3) to cause her to want to have sex with me. This might not be the most ethical way, but in my opinion, the best of all three choices. But how do I do that? Well, the funny thing is that without realizing it, Lena was the one who taught me how to do that, how to influence her thoughts and feelings so strongly to the point that I cause her to WANT me.

Lena believes that you can do a lot of things with just your thoughts. She believes in things like guided imagery and telepathy. I never believed in those things, but being married to her for so long, I started seeing the true parts in this. I did some exercises and meditations with her.

In the beginning I did this for her sake. Then I discovered that I was becoming more conscious, more aware of my mind and the people around me. With time, I think I became very sensitive. I could sense for example what other people were feeling even see their thoughts in a very abstract way. In the beginning I could just see if they were angry, satisfied, aroused, things you might say that every aware person could see in other people. But one time I discovered that I could not only read other people's feelings, but I could also influence them. I had an argument with my wife, which rose to high tones. After a while I stopped, but she kept on and on, and I was getting so annoyed that I just kept thinking: "stop already, will you, stop already, stop already..." And suddenly she paused and said:

"Did you say something?"

"Me??" I replied.

"Did you just tell me to stop?"

"Ummm," I did not know what to say. "no!" Could this be true?

"I hope so," she answered, not satisfied with my answer.

Another time I tried this consciously. She just finished taking a shower. It was summer, I had my shorts on and a long T-shirt which went way down my legs half way to my knees. She came out wrapped in a small towel, which barely covered her round ass. I was sitting on the bed, eying her, as she casually took off the towel and started wiping herself dry. It was a very hot and humid summer day, so the air conditioning was on. This made her lovely nipples immediately erect. And for a moment all I could think about was how much I would love to suck on them. But then, half dry, she sat by my side, oblivious to my arousal, she spread her legs wide and started wiping her pussy dry. She does not shave her pussy, just around it, leaving a clean triangle of dark hairs. So whenever I get a peek at her pussy, I just see a triangle of hair, but not the lips and clit.

And now, she was sitting next to me, legs wide spread, wiping her pussy dry, and I could see, for a few brief seconds, all her goodies. Her outer and inner lips were spread. As she wiped herself she pulled her skin up so the clitoris was pointing at me, pink and sexy. She kept on wiping, spreading her pussy lips even wider, so I could see the inner, dark-pink flesh of her sex. She did all this completely unaware of what it was doing to me. Sex was really something she seldom thought about, that she was not even aware of how sexy she was, and how her actions were affecting me.

"It is time," I thought, and tried to send her an image of my erect dick. For a brief moment I saw a puzzled look on her face, and then she reached to get her panties, which lay on the bed and as if by accident her hand brushed against my groin (she could not see my erection because of the large t-shirt I was wearing), to feel whether I was really hard.

"I see you still find me sexy," she said grinning.

"I told you this a hundred times," I answered, "but it seems you don't care about sex any more."

"Oh, I do," she said. "I am simply so tired lately."

"Are you tired now?"

"No, but I have to fix dinner, and I promised my mom I'd call her... bla bla bla."

I did not want to get into this once more. And anyway, I felt I was on the verge of a breakthrough with this telepathy thing that will change my entire sex life.

Now that I knew I could deliver her my thoughts, I needed to find a way to make her aroused, to make her want me when I want. I know, instead of transmitting images, I can transmit feelings, or at least I can try, and see how it works. Of course I was going to transmit the feeling of horniness. But since I was not trained at this, I figured my feelings should be very strong in order for me to be able to convey them to her.

So one afternoon, when the kids were at my parents' and Lena was in bed reading, I sat in front of the computer and watched some older nude photos of Lena, that I took in the days she was still interested in sex. As I became really horny, I closed the files with her photos, and went to the bedroom. When she asked me what I wanted, I just said something stupid, I don't even remember what and I focused on transmitting the enormous horny feeling I was having.

A few seconds later Lena began moving uneasily in bed and for a second I thought I saw her moving her hand towards her pussy. "Wow! It's working," I thought. As I realized that, my dick stiffened, even harder than before, and I made no effort to conceal it. I saw that Lena noticed it and stared at the bulge in my shorts for a few seconds. This made me so horny, that I was afraid that even the friction between my dick and the soft cotton of my underwear will make me cum. I came closer to Lena, but she was already talking about some boring stuff. I lay next to her, on my side, my groin clinging to her thigh. She kept going, as if nothing happened.

"You're so sexy," I said. "Even in you old worn T." (She was wearing no bra, and the fabric of the white T was so worn, that I could almost see her nipples through it.)

"Thanks," she said.

"Can you feel how horny I am?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm sorry I was so immersed in the book that I am really not in the mood."


"You can masturbate near me, if you want."

"Great," I thought to myself. "So humiliating, but what the heck." I was so horny there was no going back.

I took out my dick, spread some body lotion on it and started masturbating. The other hand I shoved under her shirt and squeezed her tits lightly. In no time I felt my orgasm growing. The cum was about to burst... And a second later, my whole body was cramping, my hand seized her tit carelessly, squeezing it too strongly in the heat of orgasm, so that I could hear her gasping a moan of pain as my orgasm arrived and I shot my load all over her clothes.

The next day, we had sex. And it was not bad. Lena was very aroused, she initiated it, this almost never happened. When I put my mouth on her pussy, I felt that she was all wet. After licking her for a few minutes, feeling her twitching with pleasure under my tongue, I paused for a moment. I wanted to use my mental ability to feel her horniness. To penetrate her mind and feel her aroused, to absorb those feelings to my mind. And so I did. It turned out that I stopped in a critical moment, she was about to cum, and I got a message of extremely strong sexual feelings from her. I savored those feelings in my mind, and continued licking her.

It did not take long before she was gasping in pleasure, coming strongly in my mouth. I did not cum yet, so I took my dick and inserted it slowly into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet, that I could hardly feel her flesh. I started moving slowly, and since she was so wet, and the friction was so low, I did not cum immediately, although I was extremely aroused. My movements inside her became stronger and stronger, not so fast, but rather deep and hard, until I could feel my cum about to burst. With one last strong thrust, I shoved my dick in as deep as I could until my balls were almost inside. The deep thrust hurt her a bit, and she let out an "ouch", and I shot my load inside her, letting out a cry of pleasure, then I dropped my sweaty body over hers.

I knew that this intercourse would be enough for Lena for at least a month. But not for me, and now that I was sure I found a way to make her want to have sex more often, I was not going to settle for the old routine.

Having gathered all this experience in transferring and reading thoughts, I decided that the moment of truth has come I was going to give it a "wet" try. I waited for the opportunity, and it came. One day, my wife told me that her parents were going to take the kids to the zoo in the afternoon. I knew this meant at least 2-3 hours alone. So I made some excuse at work and came home early, just to give my kids a goodbye kiss.

I went inside the house, took a quick shower I did not want to waste too much time, and changed to shorts and a t-shirt. I did not wear any underwear. I went to the living room, sat on the sofa, and took a magazine, as if to read. Lena was in the kitchen making coffee for us. The thought of what was about to happen, made me so hot, that my dick was fully erect. Since I wore no underwear, I knew the moment Lena would come in, she would notice it and this is what I wanted. And indeed, a few seconds later she came in with our coffee. As she bent to put it on the coffee table, she noticed it. She paused for a moment but then decided to ignore it as usual, she was not in the mood for sex. This time things were going to be different. I savored in mind the feeling of total horniness I picked up from her the last time we had sex, and now I started transmitting it to her.

For a moment she seemed puzzled, but then I noticed that it was getting into her mind. She tried to ignore it and sat beside me, but I continued, sending her the sensation of the complete arousal, the wet pussy, the verge of cumming. And it was working! She moved her hand towards her crotch, as if to rearrange her uncomfortable panties, but I knew she just couldn't resist touching her pussy. After I was sure she was really aroused, I transmitted a picture of what I would like her to wear, or rather NOT wear. I wanted her to remove her panties and bra and put her clothes back on. She never agreed not to wear panties before.

"I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back soon", she said and went towards the bedroom.

A few moments later Lena came back looking just as before, but a small difference. She was wearing a tight pink tank top without a bra. The outlines of her areolas and their dark shades showed through the thin cotton fabric, and her erect nipples poked straight at me. The pants she wore were something between a sweatpants and tights. They were straight cut, of a thin, somewhat elastic fabric, and sat tightly on her thighs and groin, falling loosely below her knees. As I wished in the image in my mind, she pulled the pants a bit too high, so the mound of her pussy was sticking out through the pants. Since she was not wearing any panties, the seam of the pants spread slightly her pussy lips, pushing itself a little into her pussy, creating an amazing view to my eyes, not too blunt, because the stitch did not go too deep inside, but soooo sexy. My dream was coming true.

Almost instinctively, I sent my hand towards her pussy, holding her pussy lips between my thumb and my finger, squeezing it lightly. I looked up to Lena, and saw her smiling at me. I saw it as an approval and continued. I let go and took my middle finger and shoved it a little into her pussy, with the fabric of her pants, pushing it inside as much as the pants would let me almost a knuckle length. Oh man, I had never done this before, this was a dream come true. I rubbed her for a minute feeling her wetness absorbing into the fabric. I took my finger out, and pulled out her pants, to see a wide stain of pussy fluids. Oh, what a sight. And Lena was going along with it, unbelievable!!

I then stood up and took my cloths off. My dick was of course fully erect and when I stood it rubbed against the upper part of her pussy since I am taller than he. Lena wanted to take her clothes off too, but I told her not to, not yet, I wanted to prolong the pleasure, the temptation. I took my dick in my hand, and shoved it a little into her pussy again, through her pants. It only entered an inch or even less inside, but it was great. I stayed inside her for a minute, and then took it out and went for her tits.

I grabbed her left nipple between the thumb and the finger of my right hand and played with it, squeezing it a little, not too strongly. Then I pulled her top over her head. I cupped her right breast with my left hand and massaged it. With my right hand I resumed fondling her nipple. I was so hot that I let my guard down, and once I pinched her nipple too hard. She let out an "ouch", but then said, "never mind, go on". Oh man, the mind control thing was working so good, in the past she would never let me do that. So I went on, squeezing it and pinching it being less careful, but not violent. I then did the same with the left boob not with just the nipple. I squeezed and massaged it strongly, expressing all my horniness through the touch, like I was never allowed to do before.

I then started kissing Lena passionately, our tongues met, and saliva was swapped. My hands went all over her back and downwards. They crawled under her pants and grabbed firmly her ass cheeks. My middle finger traveled into the crack of her ass. Then it reached the asshole. I massaged it in a circular motion. It was dry, so I put my finger into her soaking pussy, and used it to moisten her ass hole. I did this repeatedly until her asshole was wet enough. I slowly started to push my middle finger inside her. As I did, she tightened her muscles instinctively. "It's all right, my fingers are wet, it won't hurt", I said. She loosened a little, and I pushed my finger deeper and deeper until it was completely inside. I then started moving it in and out slowly, fucking her ass with my finger. Oh God, before this telepathy thing she wouldn't even let me touch her asshole.

As I was playing with her asshole, her hand traveled also down my back in the direction of my ass. She then did what I did, pushed her finger into her wet pussy, to get moisture, and started moving her fingers around my asshole in circular motions, pushing it a little inside. But her finger was not moist enough, so she put it in her mouth to wet it properly, and then put it back on my asshole. She continued with the circular motions until she broke her way inside, and then pushed her finger deeper and deeper. "Is it all in?" I asked. "Yes", she answered. "Wow, that's awesome", I said, and she started fucking my ass with her finger. We were then fucking each other's asses with our fingers, while our bodies were rubbing onto each other, and we were kissing deeply.

We then moved slowly towards the bedroom. As we arrived to the bedroom, it was like she was getting to be herself again. I asked her to lie on her back and I put a pillow under her butt. I then asked her to spread her legs wide, but she spread them only half way. I lowered my face towards her pussy, not to suck her yet, just to admire it. She never let me do it, she did let me satisfy her with my tongue, but she never allowed me to really look, inspect, enjoy all the grandeur of her pussy. I was not going to give up now. I transmitted her the strong feelings I was getting almost unconsciously from her just a few minutes before, as we were ass-fucking each other. A moan of pleasure slipped out of her mouth.

"I want to make you cum," she suddenly said.

"Oh no, not yet, I am not going to end so quickly the best sex we had in years," I answered. But I do want you to spread your legs wide and expose your gorgeous pussy to me," I said while still transmitting to her the feelings of enormous sexual pleasure she was feeling a few minutes ago.

Her body then relaxed, and she spread her legs widely. Her ass was on a pillow, so that her pussy was looking straight at me. I lowered my head again and looked directly at her pussy. Like I mentioned before, she did not shave her pussy, but did shave around it, to achieve a nice triangle of hair, which she also occasionally cut a bit, so the hairs would not be too long.

The sight was honey to my eyes. Her pussy lips were a little open, because her legs were spread and I could see the moisture gathering in her love hole. I moved my finger and touched that moisture, and then put my finger in my mouth I had to taste her. I then spread her pussy lips as wide as I could, like a gynecologist, and looked into her pink wet pussy flesh. I then stuck my tongue inside and licked her love tunnel from within. A moan of pleasure escaped Lena's mouth. I kept her pussy lips spread, and moved higher, to her fully exposed and swollen clit. I put some saliva on my middle finger and started rubbing her clit gently. After a few moments, her pelvis started moving in synchronization with my finger. I then took my finger away and started licking her clit with my tongue, occasionally moving down and putting my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could. Now it was her turn.

"Stop!" she said. "I don't want to cum yet."

As hard as it was, I stopped.

"Lie down on your back!" she ordered.

I did as I was told.

She then crawled on top of me, and sat on my thighs. She took my dick in her hand. She then raised her pelvis in the air, and I could see her pussy lips open towards my dick. She positioned herself right above it, and guided it with her hand to her hole. She lowered herself slowly, until my dick disappeared completely in her pussy. Then she laid her body over mine, and we started moving together. She moved her pelvis up and down along my shaft, not distancing herself from my body, but moving up and down along it and my body, so that her clit rubbed against my pubic area. Our bodies became lubricated with sweat. We moved simultaneously: when Lena moved up I moved down and vice versa. I grabbed her ass cheeks strongly, spreading them. Since she was so wet from sex and sweat my finger slipped easily into her asshole, and I was fucking my wife both in her pussy and in her ass at the same time.

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