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Fringe Benefits


"I've made my ruling. Mr. Warner. Mrs. Warner. Counsel?"

Five people in the courtroom stood. My lawyer, Adam Brillstein and his assistant, Lauryn Tourney, myself, my soon-to-be-ex-husband, Bryant and his dim-watt bulb lawyer, Arthur Acrisos. Lauryn gave my shoulders a quick, gentle squeeze and Adam shot her a stern look. She had evidently forgotten his admonition about showing emotion in the courtroom but I appreciated her gesture. After all, she had been my closest confidante during this entire proceeding.

"Mrs. Warner, you will receive the house in Miami Beach, the ranch in Jackson Hole and the cottage on Martha's Vineyard." With each word, my excitement and anticipation grew while I saw Bryant's face bleed red with anger. "You will also receive the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, the Bentley Corniche and the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. I believe you have the keys, Mr. Warner?"

Bryant looked apoplectic but Acrisos turned to his client and sticking his hand out. My soon-to-be-ex-husband shoved his hand into the front pocket of his Roberto Cavalli suit and dropped the keys into his attorney's hand. "Yes. We have the keys, Your Honor."

"Good. Please give them to the bailiff. Janet, please hand the keys over to Mrs. Warner." The judge paused in his reading, watching sternly as his personal bailiff completed her orders. "All right. Mrs. Warner, you also will receive a lump sum payment of $50 million dollars and an annual payment of $10 million a year for the rest of your natural life. Mr. Warner will retain the Manhattan penthouse, the plantation in Georgia and the cattle ranch in Texas as well as the various other cars, some of which were purchased before the marriage." The judge set the papers down and cast his discerning eye upon both myself and Bryant, as well as our lawyers. "Any objections?"

I looked over at Bryant and saw him struggling to keep his mouth shut. His lawyer glanced at him and gave an uneasy smile with a nod which my lawyer copied. And with a bang of his gavel, my marriage was over. Lauryn was the first to congratulate me, giving me a long, hard squeeze that briefly robbed me of breath. Brillstein gave me a curt nod and handshake and I sank down in a chair, watching Bryant stalk out, fuming while our lawyers civilly shook hands.

"Well, what do you want to do first?"

I laughed at Lauryn's question, forcing the image of her naked body from my mind. "How about a drink? I need one!"

"Sounds good. How about you, Mr. Brillstein?"

"Have to get back to the office." The lawyer clicked his briefcase shut. "But you may go, Lauryn. In fact, take the rest of the day off." Brillstein gave us a rare smile. "Mrs. Warner ... "

I cleared my throat and said, "Miss Williamson."

"I'm sorry, Miss Williamson, would not have all this coming to her if you hadn't done the research that uncovered Mr. Warner's hidden assets." Lauryn beamed at the praise from her employer. "I'll see you tomorrow, Lauryn. Miss Williamson, make sure to call for an appointment so we can get the papers signed and wrap things up."

"Yes, Mr. Brillstein, and thanks again."

My lawyer walked through the short double doors, traversed the aisle and disappeared into the outer hallway. I looked up at Lauryn who was wearing a huge smile, holding my purse out to me.

"Shall we?"

Since I had the keys to the Aston Martin, I offered to drive and we giddily took the beautiful machine out on the road, laughing like mischievous school girls as we wound through traffic and headed up into the hills. Once on those serpentine roads, I ratcheted the speed down and we coasted, enjoying the bright sunshine and each other's company. After drinks and a satisfying lunch, we headed back down toward town.

"So what are your plans?"

I shrugged. "Don't really have any." I swung the car into the parking garage where Lauryn's car was, pulled into a parking space next to it and let the Vanquish growl into silence. "Just work next week ... "

"Well, I have some plans."


Lauryn reached over and put her hand on my leg, swinging her big hazel eyes up to me. "I've had some plans for some time now." Her hand left the material of my skirt and the heat of her palm seemed to blaze its imprint in my skin. "I've wanted you ever since you walked into Mr. Brillstein's office."

My heart was pounding so hard; I wondered if she could hear it through my chest. Little did Lauryn know, I wanted her as much as she wanted me. I had been married for close to fifteen years and never in those nearly fifteen years had I enjoyed sex with my husband. At first, I thought it was just Bryant so I seduced our mechanic, Alex, and fucked him as a test. As handsome and as sexually experienced as he was, I felt nothing. It wasn't until a few weeks later, when I went out with a few girls from work, that I discovered my hidden love: women.

My friend, Susie, from work took me to my first gay bar and I was overwhelmed. No less than fifteen women hit on me within five minutes of entering the place. I guess my long blonde hair and blue eyes, C cups and shapely legs made me the apple of many a girl's eye. I deflected all of the passes but I learned a lot that night. I learned that I'm a lipstick lesbian, that I like women who are plump and curvy like me and boy, did Lauryn fit that bill!

I grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pulled her pink mouth to mine. The contact was electric and she pushed her tongue back against mine with as much passion as I was giving her. Her hand slid right up my leg and her fingers met the top of my mound, then gently slid downward, rubbing my slit. I moaned into her mouth and widened my legs, shuddering at the feel of her fingertips gently inching their way into the crotch of my panties and gasping when they stroked the length of my quivering lips. She pressed in farther and my hips responded with a will of their own, pushing upward and forcing her fingers deeper into my rapidly dampening pussy.

I reached across for her and took one of her beautiful breasts in my hand, finding the nipples through the soft material and rubbing them into greater hardness. It was Lauryn's turn to moan and I squeezed again, still moving my hips and grinding my way toward an orgasm. I wanted to do the same for her but she kept her knees clamped tightly together while she finger-fucked me to an orgasm so hard that my teeth clicked together.

Lauryn removed her hand and licked her fingers, gazing at me with a sly smile as I laid in the driver's seat, panting and fighting to recover my senses. "Why don't you follow me to my house and we'll continue this?"

She got out before I had a chance to reply and I watched her slim hips twitch as she walked over to her car. My pussy was still clenching and my skin felt like I was being shocked with each aftershock. I sat up, still a tiny bit lightheaded, started the car and followed her out of the parking garage. It turned out that her apartment wasn't too far from the court house and after a short twenty minute drive, I pulled into a set of expensive condominiums, parking a few spaces away from her.

We took the cobbled walk to a back staircase and she escorted me into a nice apartment, vibrant with colorful watercolors and oils and pulled me into her arms as soon as we stepped inside. I remembered the hug we shared in court and I pulled her tighter, relishing the feel of our breasts crushed together, our tongues dancing. She locked the door and led me up the stairs, pushing me onto her queen-size bed with a smirk on her face.

"Something funny?" I asked, slipping my shoes and jacket off.

"No." She crawled over me, pulling her shirt open and releasing those beautiful size Ds. One nipple swung over my mouth and I stuck my tongue out, tasting it and drawing a gasp from Lauryn. "I was just thinking about something one of the lawyers said once, about fringe benefits."

"Fringe benefits?"

"Yeah. He had presided over a divorce that netted him his new wife and he said that she was a fringe benefit." Lauryn laid her body entirely on top of me, her eyes meeting mine. "He said he'd met the love of his life on that case." Her voice was soft, as soft as the lips that brushed over mine. "I was hoping that I'd met mine."

My heart started pounding again as she kissed me again and I pulled her shirt off, letting my hands drift across her bare back. She whimpered and slid off me, unbuttoning my shirt and freeing my breasts. Without a break, she moved down to my nipples, licking and sucking until my back ached with trying to push it farther into her mouth. Her hands encircled my waist, dragging my skirt and pantyhose down and I did the same for her, removing clothing until we were absolutely naked.

"Wow." I whispered. Every inch of Lauryn's body was breathtaking. From the swan-like arch of her neck to her rose-tipped breasts to the creamy mound that rose between her silky thighs, she was an absolute knockout. "How did I get so lucky?"

"You're not the only lucky one." She remarked, gazing at my fit body and gently pulling my nipple ring. I nearly bit a hole through my lip at the sharp sensation. "Your ex must be gay." She giggled, mouthing my pierced nipple and licking and tugging at the same time. "His loss, my gain."

"Oh, yeah." I trembled as my pussy rippled and fresh juice leaked out, wetting her sheets. Her tongue attacked my other nipple, sucking and biting it into hardness and making me juice again. She moved over me, spreading my legs and pushing our pussies together. I moaned, grinding my clit against hers and accepting her kiss as we bucked against each other, desperately searching for an orgasm. We didn't have to wait long. I exploded first, taking her with me and I shuddered at the feeling of her cream dripping into my pulsing cunt.

I ended up spending the night with Lauryn, learning every inch of her body with my tongue and hands and achieving more orgasms than I ever had in my entire life. We parted in the morning with plans on meeting later. You see, I had an appointment with Brillstein and I was going to have to see her.

Fringe benefits work both ways...

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