"Freeze bitch." Detective Hoffman said as he pointed his 9mm at Amanda Young.

Detective Hoffman knew Amanda pretty well. He had collared her on a few drug charges before. Usually working with her friend Cecil. This time Cecil had run from the scene of the hospital though and left Amanda behind. The tires of Cecils van screeched as he escaped in a hurry. Leaving Amanda to run until Hoffman caught her panting, sweaty, and out of breath.

"I got you this time...fucking bitch." Hoffman said gasping for breath. Amanda tried to run but Hoffman had caught her quick. Still the sprint had left him tired. And he didn't like having to chase people. The other police were back at the hospital where some other scene was taking place. From his radio he caught something about a robbery involving a woman who worked at the clinic. A Jill Tuck. During the getaway Cecil slammed the door into her stomach and the problem was Miss Tuck was pregnant. Now they didn't know if the baby would make it. The scumbags always ruin it for everybody Hoffman thought. He had Amanda but he wanted Cecil the real mastermind.

It was really a shame thought Hoffman as he grabbed Amanda rough by the wrists and forced her against the wall. He pressed his large frame against her pinning her against the wall and breathed in her ear "I know what you did Amanda." It's such a shame that this girl with the hot little figure and sweet curves was with a guy like Cecil. A definite mismatch. Such a fucking waste.

"Stay up against that wall and spread your legs. I'm going to search you." Hoffman ordered.

Amanda spread her arms out against the wall and did as she was told. Arching her nice little ass up in the air and spreading those long legs apart for the detective. He ran his fingers and hands along and around both ankles. Working his way up her legs and all over her body. All the way up to her crotch probing her for weapons. She was scared and shaking but as his hands touched her thighs and higher places Amanda could feel her pussy begin to get moist. Hoffman was so strong and in charge and she thought maybe she imagined it that his hands stopped a little too long in her crotch.

Those same strong hands worked their way up her waist and all around her sides. A shudder went through her as his hands rubbed up her shirt and his hands stopped cupping her nice tight little breasts in his hands.

"Nothing hidden on you." Said Detective Hoffman removing his hands suddenly as if it was an afterthought or that he had done it subconsciously. Amanda by this time was really turned on though and pressed up against the detective. "What do you think you're doing?" asked Hoffman as she pressed her body against his feeling his huge cock that had started to harden through his pants. She wanted it inside of her so bad. It was so much bigger than Cecils and Hoffman was so rough. She thought he might fuck her really rough too. She loved that. She wanted it pounded in and out of her.

Amandas lips met Hoffmans and he didn't resist. Her tongue pushed forward into his mouth and Hoffman kissed her back passionately. Lifting her off the ground and thrusting her against the brick wall with his now throbbing hard cock.

"Fuck me Hoffman. Fuck the shit out of me." she begged. As she lifted her shirt up over her head and casually tossed it on the ground. Hoffman looked at her with an intense look and grabbed her hair.

"I'll fuck you you little bitch but then you're going to tell me where Cecil went." Hoffman said. "Oh anything. Please. Just fill me with cum. Your dick is so big. So big." Amanda gasped. "It's big huh." said Detective Hoffman fumbling with his zipper. "Suck this big dick." He forced her face against his underwear. Her lips and tongue rubbed on and sucked at his dick through the underwear. "Give it to me. Put it in my mouth. I want it." Amanda said.

Hoffman pulled down his underwear then. His huge 11 inch cock sprang out and bounced around as Amanda eyed it greedily. Still holding her hair he pushed the dick forward into her face. Her mouth opened hungrily as she tried to grab it with her lips but Hoffman pulled it back while holding her hair. He slapped her across the face and lips with the dick. "Beg for it Amanda. Lick my balls first." he commanded and she buried her face in his balls licking and sucking. He pulled her head back again and said. "Ok good. Now suck it."

Amanda took the head gently into her mouth the lips working their magic all over the mushroom head. Her tongue licked the top of the shaft and the opening as Hoffman popped the dick out of her mouth and slapped her with it again. He put it back into her mouth and Amanda started moving her head back and forth along it. She could barely get it halfway down before that huge dick made her gag. But she wanted it all. She wanted to feel his big balls slapping off her chin and that huge cock all the way down her throat. She pulled her mouth away and spit all over the big cock. Strings of spit hanging down off the cock and Hoffmans balls as well as off her chin.

She could feel it touch her tonsils as she tried to push more and more in. Hoffman grabbed her head and started thrusting in and out of her mouth. She gagged as the girth filled her mouth and her gag reflex activated. Tears streamed down her eyes as Hoffman pulled his dick out and slimy spit dripped down off of his cock and Amandas chin. He grabbed her head and pushed the dick two thirds of the way in. Amanda gagged as Hoffman held her head and forced more of the cock down her throat. "Relax your throat" commanded Hoffman. It was almost all the way. Amanda coughed as more spit ran down from the cock and Hoffman thrust the dick all the way down her throat. He held it buried all the way down her throat as Amandas eyes got big and she adjusted to it.

Hoffman pulled it back an inch and then buried it again to the balls holding her head and filling her throat with dick. Amandas eyes watered and she relaxed. It was so fucking big and she loved being fucked rough. Wetness dripped from her panties. She needed that cock inside of her so bad. Hoffman fucked her face and then withdrew his cock and spun her roughly and bent her over. He fumbled and unzipped her pants and dropped panties and all to her ankles.

Hoffman spread her sweet little ass cheeks and spit all over her pussy and asshole. His fingers rubbed the spit into her tight little hole that was so wet with anticipation. He pushed one finger then two and finally three up inside her, withdrew then and put them in her mouth. "Taste that fucking girl cum" he said as she licked his fingers clean.

He put one hand on her shoulder and held her hair in the other as he pressed that giant dick against her tiny little pussy. He thrust the dick against it once and it was so tight the dick just pushed against the hole. She moaned in pleasure as Hoffman pumped that big dick again and again against her fuck hole. The head slipped inside her as she gasped and Hoffman pumped. It slipped a little further in her and she collapsed against the wall. His thrusting hips and cock held her up against the wall. Her feet came off the ground as he gave a hard thrust pushing one third of the dick into her. It stretched her so much. She thought her tight little hole might break from the size of it.

Hoffman pumped the cock in and out rough deeper and deeper. She moaned and cried out in pain as it went in and out of her tiny vaginal hole. Her muscles cried out as she wrapped her arms around Hoffman and gasped for breath. He grabbed her little hips and pushed that whole 11 inches deep inside of Amanda. Her breath came in gasps as that huge dick went in and out of her and his balls slapped off of her ass. He pumped in and out of her faster and faster as her pussy tightened and she orgasmed and her juices ran down all over his dick and down her long legs. "Oooooooooooooh fuck. Ooooooooh yes. Fuck me. Cum inside of me." she cried as Hoffman shook her little body with his quick thrusts.

His cock hardened and was rock hard as he grunted and shot a massive load of cum all up the length of his dick and deep inside her dripping wet pussy. He held it all the way inside her as his dick pulsed and pumped every last drop of his huge load of cum deep inside her. Amandas pussy tightened around his dick and contracted as another orgasm rocked her body. A mixture of Hoffman cum and Amandas girl cum ran down Amandas sweet little pussy lips and onto Hoffmans balls. He pulled out of her and grabbed her hair pushing her face down near his dick and balls.

"Clean my balls off" he commanded as she sucked the cum off of his cock and balls. "Swallow it" he added and she opened her mouth to show him the cum and ran her tongue through it. She swallowed it greedily and took his semi erect dick into her mouth and sucked more cum out of it and cleaned the shaft. She then licked and sucked all of the cum off of his balls and swallowed it. His cum tasted so good. She ran her fingers over her little bush and pushed two inside of herself. Cum ran out all over her fingers and she licked it off sucking them clean.

"So Officer. Are you going to take me in?" she purred holding Detective Hoffmans dick in her hand.

"No. I think you're going to help me find Cecil and then I'm going to say I didn't find you. But you're not going anywhere right now Amanda. You're going to be my little fuck slave tonight. I'm taking you back to my apartment and stretching that little pink hole good. I'm going to fuck you all night!"

"Oh god yes. Stretch my little hole" purred Amanda walking with Hoffman back to his car she felt a mixture of their cum run down her leg. His dick stretched her so good. She could get used to this...

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