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Frisky Kitten


He sits in his chair, elbows cushioned by the plush arms at his sides. His fingers feel the fibers of the paper at their tips, while his eyes devour the words before them. Ever the voracious reader, he cherishes the full sensory experience of his pastime. The soft rustle soothes his ears as he flips to the next page of his novel. The scent of pressed paper, ink and must wafts over him and he is transported to his childhood spent in his mother's library. Afternoons and evenings tucked away in an overstuffed chair with all manner of books, and Mynx. That lovable furball would always be twining around his legs, curling up at his feet, or purring softly on his lap.

Like all cats, she was a representation of yin and yang. She was equal parts lovingly tender and viciously playful. One moment she would be contently cuddled on his lap. The next second, she would dig a claw into his thigh drawing a yelp and a jump. She was as capable of peacefully lying at his side, as she was batting at the book in his hands if she wanted attention. She could be the biggest pain in the ass, but he wouldn't have had it any other way. The sounds of scratching at wood and the jingling of a collar return his mind to the present.

He resists the urge to glance over his book at the kitten across the room. There is not the slightest doubt in his mind that she is restlessly fidgeting, hoping her sounds will draw his attention. The moment he gives that attention, she will perk up, and that will be the end of his peace this morning. While he certainly wouldn't mind a little petting and play, he is deeply engrossed in his story and relishing the quiet. Furthermore, he cannot let her dictate what he will do. He is her Master and she is his pet. Letting her exert that manipulation over him will only reinforce bad habits. So, he resolves himself to continue his reading.

A couple more pages into his book, the sound of claws ticking on the floor ping like sonar in his ear. He smiles to himself at the impatience but will not concede his focus so easily. Instead, he not so subtly clears his throat, a minor rebuke of his kitten's attempts at distraction. From across the room, he swears he hears a purred whimper in response. He chuckles softly, but not softly enough. Without any reservation, he immediately knows that he has brought himself trouble.

Almost the instant the quiet laugh left his lips, it is met by the ringing of the jingling tags at his pet's throat. He sighs deeply as he knows his tranquil respite is soon to meet its end. Dipping his book slightly, his intense, dark-brown eyes peer over its binding and confirm what his ears had hinted. Gliding along the floor, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen begins her approach. The long black tail sways behind her as she meanders toward him. Her hips sway with each exchange of her paws on the floor. She looks up at him with radiant eyes, sparkling with mischievous playfulness, and a tinge of hunger. He raises his book to the level of hiding his eyes. He mentally resigns to the finality of his reading. Despite his hatred at leaving a chapter unfished, he doesn't even attempt to read the words hovering in front of his face. However, he will relinquish his attention to her so easily. No, his pet will have to earn his consideration.

She sidles up to him, giving a quick sniff of his leg before rubbing her head and shoulder against his calf. The feeling of the warm weight against his leg is accompanied by the sound of a soft purr that spills forth into the surrounding silence. He feels her move at his feet, the length of her side rubbing along his shin as she turns her body to move to his other leg. As with the first leg, she presses her head, followed by her shoulder, into his calf. This time, though, he feels her rise a little between his legs. Just before he can move the book to see what she is up to, he feels teeth playfully clamp down on his inner thigh.

"Fuck!" He exclaims, snapping the book shut with one hand. The dull thud of the leather-bound novel fills the air. It is quickly chased away by the sharp smack of his hand upon her ass. She jumps, startled by the sudden impact, and quickly paces out of the range of his arm. He glares at her moving from him as he rubs the mildly tender spot on his thigh. No doubt it was just a teasing bite to get his full attention. She could have, and has before, bitten him much harder. Still, he cannot let the offense stand unpunished.

His deep brown eyes burrowing a hole into her, she can feel the intensity of the unseen gaze. Curling around, she inclines her head, fuzzy ears flopping around her face, and regards the stern look. "Listen hear bratty Little Mynx," his commanding tone fills the space between them. "We will have none of that," he says, extending his arm to point to the corner of the room. Across the room, her collar jingles as she shakes her head in defiance of her punishment. Arm unwavering, he maintains his direction to the corner, narrowing his eyes. Looking away, she licks her forepaw and rubs it against the side of her head and face, as if he didn't exist, in response.

Kittens will be kittens, but the disregard was a disrespect he would not tolerate. With remarkable quickness, he leaps from the chair whilst snatching the leash on the table at his side. She tries to scurry away, but he is too fast and too sudden. The distance closed in the blink of an eye, he snatches her by the back of the neck. She mewls a protest as he latches a leash to her collar. Yanking the leash tight, he heads off. As he moves, she practically tips over from the tugging at her neck, before scrabbling and following her Master to the corner. Attaching her leash to a fixture on the wall, he shifts his attention to her.

Blue-grey eyes look up at him with remorse. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he forces her up onto her knees. Placing a hand on either side of her head, he bends forward so they are face to face. Glaring into her eyes without blinking, he spits, "Pet. What are you?"

Lips trembling, she replies, "I am yours. I...I am your pet."

"You damn well better be something else!" His voice steady but raising in volume. Holding her firmly, he waits for the right answer.

"I am sorry, Master," she responds. He raises an eyebrow to her, and she continues, "I am sorry, Master, for disregarding your command."

Sternly he says, "Oh, I think you know this is not my reaction for mere bratty disobedience."

A moment of bewilderment clouds her eyes before they clear with realization. Bowing her head, she knows where she overstepped. "I am sorry, Master, for blatantly ignoring you."

Eyes softening a degree, he releases her face, he says, "This will not be the simple spanking punishment you were expecting with your antics." He commands, "Cross your arms." Instinctively, at the order, her arms overlap behind her back enough to put a slight strain on her shoulders. "Good. I think turnabout is a fair punishment for this," he says spinning away from her. As she watches him leisurely stroll back to his chair and retrieve his book from the table, a revelation dawns on her. Deeply saddened, she understands that to him, he is currently alone in this room. Therefore, so is she.

He opens to where he had left the story and resumes reading. Perhaps, I will finish this chapter after all, he thinks. However, his mind cannot focus on the writing. Neglect is a discipline which he hates to employ. However, its rarity of use plays well to its effectiveness when there has been a clear breach. Shifting slightly in his chair, he repositions himself, so he can clearly see his kitten in his peripheral vision. She properly maintains her punishment position. Even without fixing his sightline upon her, he can see the slight trembling in her core at the effort. The effect, though, is mesmerizing. Her beautifully rounded breasts now jiggle ever so slightly with her shaking torso.

His mouth watering, he returns his attention to his book. He resolves to finish the chapter to give her a couple more minutes to suffer and reflect. Setting the novel down, he rises from his chair and crosses to her. Reaching down, he gently strokes her cheek, then looks into her eyes. Without a word, she knows, one last thing is required. "I am truly sorry, Master. I let my battiness get carried away. By ignoring you, I was overly disrespectful. Please forgive me," she pleads. Satisfied with her genuine contrition, he leans in and kisses her forehead. His fingers work to release the latch of the leash from her collar. Standing over her, a simple nod is all he gives before returning to his chair. Yet, she knows that forgiveness is hers and her punishment is concluded.

Dropping back to all fours, she takes a slow prance around the front of the room, relieving the tension and ache from the time spent in her stationary position. As her muscles and joints relax through their release, she realizes that her Master's loving gaze is following her movements. While it didn't quite go as planned, she has his undivided attention, now. Gaining that reignites the fire of lust that called her to action earlier. Turning away from him, she crawls a few steps then arches her back to stretch herself. He cannot help but smile at his kitten's display. Her stomach nearly scraping the ground as she dips down, pushes her tight ass into the air. He can see the reddening on the cheek he swatted earlier, even making out the faint pattern of his hand. Her fuzzy black tail dangles from its plug, obscuring his view of her lips, but he doesn't mind. He will have those soon enough, he knows.

Curling her upper body first, she leaves her ass displayed an extra moment, preening for her love, as she turns. She begins to crawl towards him, the soft fur of her tail tickles her inner thighs as it brushes them. She exaggerates each movement of her body, displaying the soft lines and curves of her form. He revels in the magnificence of her femininity. His eyes drink in her erotic elegance, his soul getting buzzed on the intoxicating effect.

Everything about her, from the way she moves to the seductive expression on her face, exudes sensuality as she approaches him. Crawling up to his feet, she leans her shoulder into the inside of his knee. Gently pressing forward, she uses her upper body to nudge his leg outward. Having spread him apart, she pushes her way between his legs and rests her head in his lap. Nuzzling her face into his crotch, she pulls her legs in close, so she can sit back on her hind legs.

He reaches out and strokes her hair, enjoying the silken softness of the scarlet strands. Running his fingers deeper into her locks, he digs in to massage her scalp and scratch behind her ears. She purrs in response to the feel of his strong hands. The vibrations of her vocal cords resonate through his groin and he feels his manhood answer to the stimulation. The subtle growth against her face is not lost on Little Mynx. She presses her head into his crotch, rubbing herself over him as she extends her neck and pushes her head up towards his stomach. Her movement has the desired effect as she can feel him hardening with each motion of her head.

The cylindrical bulge now presses into her cheek through the layers of fabric between them. She turns her face towards it, opening her mouth. She teasingly nibbles at it, like playing with toes under a blanket. The gentle pressure makes his cock twitch in his pants. He rubs down her head, following her hair to the base of her skull. Moving her jaw, she rubs her chin against his sack, further teasing him. She then gives a slightly harder, frisky bite, then withdraws from his lap.

Sitting back on her heels, she tucks her chin to her chest and droops her front paws before her. Wrists loose, they dangle before her breasts and she tilts her head to rub her cheek with the back of one of her paws. He smiles down at her, the picture of feline embodiment. Seeing his adoring smile, and feeling mischievous, she reaches out and starts batting at his penis through his pants. After a few moments, she looks up at him with eyes that are filled with desire. Sticking out the tip of her tongue, she licks her upper lip repeatedly.

"Is my sweet Little Mynx thirsty?" he asks.

Her eyes widen and sparkle with lust as she bobs her head in the affirmative. Her fluffy black ears flop atop her flowing red mane.

"Would you like some milk, my pet?" he teasingly inquires.

Her lips curl into a grin, "Yes, Master. Please let me have some of your thick, creamy milk. I will lap it all up and not spill a drop," she playfully responds. Reaching out, she paws at his thighs and groin, begging him to give her what she wants.

Bending forward, he caresses her cheek and smiles. "Well," he says, "what kind of owner would I be to deny my pet her nutrition." With that, he unbuttons and unzips his pants. As he stands, Little Mynx tugs at his pant leg with her paws, trying desperately to pull them down. With a chuckle at her, he pushes both his pants and his boxers, to the floor. His solid cock springs free as it is released from its cage. With her kneeling before him, he practically slaps her in the face with it when he drops his pants. She leans forward, craving to taste him, but her meal is pulls away. Fortunately for her, it has not traveled far, as he has simply sat down.

Scooting forward, she licks her way up his thigh and tickles his testes with the hair at top of her head. A reflexive giggle, followed by a quick, low growl, comes from above her. She knows he has a love/hate relationship with tickling, but it is too much fun for her to resist doing once in a while. However, she also understands that now is not the time to push that particular button. She tilts her head back so that her hair is pulled away. In its place, the soft smooth skin of her forehead glides along his tender scrotal skin. Kissing the underside of it, she then runs her tongue softly around the lined flesh, feeling the ridges as she goes.

Cupping his balls gently in her left hand, she wraps her delicate fingers around the topside of his cock. Holding it steady, she glides her tongue along the underside of his shaft from base to tip. The shiver of delight he feels vibrates through his legs, against her arms pleasing her. She tilts her head to the side and leans in, so she can brush her lips down the length of his rock-hard shaft.

The feel of her lips gently gliding along both sides of the channel in his dick is amazing. He was expecting with her frisky attitude that she was going to dive straight towards a quick finish. He finds himself pleasantly surprised that his sweet kitten is taking her time this morning. On the third pass of tongue sliding up and lips gliding down, she pauses and blows a gentle breeze by the saliva-dampened skin. The sudden rush of coolness shoots a delectable chill up his spine and down his legs. For the second time in moments, he can not suppress the shudder her oral action induces.

Again, the quivered movement of his legs excites her. Satisfied that she has sufficiently teased and tantalized, she brings her mouth to the head of his cock. Little Mynx brushes her lips ever so lightly against the tip before drawing it into her hungry mouth. Wrapping her lips around him, she twirls her tongue around his dick's head and he moans audibly at the stimulation. With her tongue still cycling, she descends her mouth lower on his manhood, sliding her hand out of the way as she goes.

He feels the desire building inside him, and the pressure too. As the fire-haired head bobs up and down, the slurping sounds of her sucking fill the air. The only sound to meet them is the moans coming louder, and more passionately, from his own mouth. She can always tell when he is truly enjoying her fellating, and this was one of those times. At the taste of precum on her tongue, she opens her mouth, so she can coat his shaft with its lubrication. With his cock now slick with saliva and seminal fluid, she encloses its full circumference with her hand.

Returning the tip to her mouth, she begins oscillating her hand up and down the lower half of his cock. With each vertical stroking motion, she also twists her hand horizontally. His moans devolve to groans intermixed with choppy sighs as his breath falters. His legs tense, slightly squeezing her between taught thighs. As she moves quicker with her multitude of magnificent motions, the pleased desperation of his sounds intensify. Like a shot of nitrous into an engine, they fuel her to drive faster, and so she does.

The pleasure threatens to overwhelm him, so he reaches down and grabs fistfuls of her flaming locks in both hands. Channeling the tension away from his pending orgasm, through his core and down his arms, he postpones the inevitable to enjoy the sensations a little while longer. The tugging of her scalp lets her know that she has him close, but he is resisting. She knows he does this to extend his pleasure, and additional pleasure for her Master always brings her serving side joy. However, her bratty side forever sees it as a challenge. As if her Master is saying, "Try and make me cum. You think your skills can overpower my resistance."

Drawing him deeper into her mouth, she continues her rotational manual motion on the base segment of his cock. Within her mouth, she strokes his undershaft with her tongue, trying to coax his load to travel up it. With her other hand, she continues to fondle his balls, sending a steady tingling through his groin. To push him over the top, however, she goes for the kill. Getting the tip to the back of her mouth, she manufactures a swallowing motion so that the top of her throat clamps down on the head of his cock. Within seconds she can feel him stiffen further as he swells in preparation to ejaculate.

Balling his hands into fists, the stream of expletives from his mouth are synchronized with the stream of semen from his cock. She pulls back slightly, just in time to catch most of his load in the center of her mouth. She loves the salty taste of him, almost as much as the orgasmic groans emanating above her, echoing through the room. She delights in the feel of the successive spurts into her mouth as she feels him convulse around her. She removes him from her lips and makes a small production of licking her lips and swallowing all the cum in her mouth. Being a good kitten, she then laps at his cock to clean it of any residual stickiness. "Nice and clean for my happy Master," she says with a slight giggle at the sight of him melted back into his chair.

Still staring up at the ceiling, he lets out a deep sigh and says, "Fuck me, Eliza... Fuck me." Her face beams with pride at having warranted her Master's use of her true name.

After basking in his personal bliss for a moment, he peers down to see two beautiful blue-grey eyes looking expectantly up at him. Smiling, he gently says, "Very good my pet. Now, be a good girl and hop on the bed and warm up for me." A quick kiss on his smooth stomach is her only hesitation. Little Mynx, bounds to the bed. As she climbs onto the sheets, freshly smoothed by her hands this morning, she hears him say, "But."

Before he can utter a second word, she turns and finishes the sentence for him, "I will not cum without you Master."

Propping herself against the pillows at the back of the bed, she teases her pussy with the tip of her tail. The fuzzy hairs barely graze the skin, but that is enough to send tendrils of pleasure through her. Tucking her tail aside, she glides her hands down her abdomen and to her lips. "Wetness" does not do justice to what she feels. Whether it was the use of the name, the taste of his seed, or feeling his reaction to the pleasure she gave, her pussy isn't just dripping, it is drenched.

Gliding her fingers through her well-lubricated flesh, she slides two fingers inside herself. After a couple curling motions to get her going, she withdraws her fingers and ascends to her clit. Knowing she couldn't come yet, she keeps her slick fingers outside the glistening hood of her clit. Rubbing along its side she feels the soft wet skin rubbing against the bud within, and warmth spreads through her lower body. Careful not to push her pleasure too far she rubs only a little faster, longing to feel Master inside her and be granted the freedom to explode.

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