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Frisky Night

bySecret Pleasure©

Feeling a bit frisky one night, I decide to make an unexpected nookie call. I've already showered and taken great care to carefully shave my little jewel bare. I can't wait to see your face when you see me there! LOL While shaving, every touch to my pussy was making my skin hotter and hotter. I could even feel my clit becoming harder.

Making sure to finish up quickly, I hopped out of the shower and toweled myself dry. I decided then to take out that cute little panty set I'd bought the other day… A Spanish lace bra and thong set in red. A quick spray of my favorite scent and I was off to get dressed. Knowing my clothes wouldn't stay on long I decided to just quickly put on my black workout pants and a fairly see through T-shirt. I wonder if he'll notice my red bra underneath?

Slipping into my car I head for his house. The radio's playing a sultry song which doesn't do anything but heighten my mood. I can even feel myself quiver softly down there… my pussy getting wetter and wetter with anticipation.

Making my way through the doors and up the corridor, my heart beats faster with each step. I get to the door and walk in quietly. I don't want to awaken him for what I have planned. Hoping he'd kept to his plan of going to bed early as he was planning an early start in the morning.

Taking a quick peek around and I find his room.. he's fast asleep. I can hear him breathing softly. He looks so cute with the sheet wrapped around his body. He's only managed to cover his hips though so I can get a peek of his beautiful chest. With a silly grin and a naughty twinkle in my eyes, I walk over and begin to remove my clothes leaving my bra and thong on.

Gingerly climbing into bed, I try to softly remove the sheet from around his hips… I don't want to wake him just yet! He stirs just a tiny bit, but that only helps remove the sheet better. *giggle*

What a surprise I got when I realize that beneath the sheet he's bare! Well hello there big fella! Licking my lips I can't wait to really greet him. I look up at him to make sure he's still out and he is. Softly I begin to blow air onto his cock and watch as he stirs just a tiny bit… My fingers unable to remain still, I start to caress him… Just the tips, feather light touches… seeking to stir him little by little. I feel the soft hairs on his thigh right there near his groin and watch as he stirs just a bit more. His legs open wider, hmm now I can see his cock and balls completely. Again, I come closer.. I wet my finger and tease it softly against his cock… the sensation making him stir even more…

Unable to stand this much more, I need to taste him… I crave him in my mouth. I bring my lips closer and finally my tongue snakes out to taste him. I run my tongue along his cock, up and down a few times and watch again as his cock comes to life. Still careful not to awaken him, I take his cock in hand and feed it into my mouth, loving the feel of it… especially as he grows inside my mouth, feeling every inch grow against my tongue. Mmm

Cupping his balls with one hand and the other holding his cock inside my mouth, I stroke him up and down, tasting his wetness. With a quick look up I realize that he's slowly coming to. I laugh to myself thinking of what must be going on in his mind as he realizes what's happening. I let my fingers slip lower, down between his cheeks… Mmm that spot that makes him go wild… and tease him with my finger… massaging it softly, just enough to make him moan.

My mouth sucking him harder, longer with each stroke… he moans… It's finally hit him! I can see he's enjoying it as his moaning gets deeper and longer with every stroke of my tongue. I pause a moment and tease him fervently with the tip of my tongue against his cockhead. Circling the ridge and settling just at the tip, I take only the head into my mouth and suck long and hard on it. Oh how I love this spot! I get all the precum from him and savor the taste.

Settling back into my rhythm of sucking him deeply into my mouth.. up and down, up and down… I suddenly hear him growl with pleasure, he sits up and grabs my waist forcefully to place me upon his stomach. I bend down and kiss him passionately and say hello. As I do this he pushes my thong aside and pushes me down hard onto his cock! My breath escapes me with the force of his thrust as we begin our ride. Every one of my strokes is met by a deep thrust from him. Both of us grinding ourselves against the other, our passion carrying us away. His mouth on my nipple licking it, stroking it and then tenderly taking it between his teeth to nibble on it. The bittersweet sensation driving me mad with desire, I reach down and pinch his nipples with my fingertips. I need his lips, I need his kiss.. I need to feel him kiss me as we're getting closer and closer to losing all control.

Just as he's reaching my lips to kiss me, I hear him say he's very close and wants me to cum with him. I tell him I'm just as close and that I want to feel him cum inside me. We kiss passionately as our bodies rock against each other. Our breath is short and labored. He takes his hand down between us and with a flick of his finger against my clit as he drives another intense stroke of his cock against my wet pussy, I feel my world begin to shatter around me. Holding me close to him, I moan deeply against his cheek and cum hard as I feel him cum deep inside me. My body rocking with the intensity of orgasm as deep inside I simultaneously feel the strength of his.

Slowly we both come down from our orgasm, still together we hold each other tight and roll to our sides. Gently stroking one another as we drift off into a contented sleep.

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