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Frolic in the Field


Erin read the same sentence over and over again aloud. She squirmed in her chair and then pushed away from her computer. There was no way she was going to get this novel finished by the end of the month at this rate. She glanced at the clock. Two o'clock. She had started work at ten this morning and had only two pages of writing completed.

Erin got up and looked outside the window. It was a bright sunny day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. It had been like this all summer and it was driving her crazy. She hated that the deadline for her next novel was in the middle of the summer. She should be relaxing at the beach all summer, not cooped up in her non air-conditioned apartment trying to write.

"I should call him." Erin spoke those words aloud. The other reason for her fidgetiness was Trent. She had met Trent just a few weeks ago and they had gone on a few dates. It didn't seem serious, but she couldn't stop thinking about him. He was, at least, five years younger than her and at thirty that was more like twenty years difference. He was tall, blonde, and cute. They had had sex on their first date and it was hot and intense. Each time they got together, the sex was even better.

Erin picked up her cell phone and called his number. It was the middle of the day and she knew he might not answer. As she listened to the phone ring, she became conscious of the fact that she didn't even know if he worked or not. Their first date, well if you could call it a date, was in the middle of the afternoon during the week. Their next date was on a weekend and they had gotten together two nights ago during the big rainstorm.


"Hi, it's me Erin, Erin Cassidy. We got together a few nights ago."

"Yes, I know who you are. Do you think I have a line up of hot sexy women calling me in the middle of the day?" Trent laughed as he cut her off. Her voice was so tentative and worried. He needed to make her realize he wasn't a player.

"Sorry. It's just... Never mind. I was just wondering if you wanted to do something sometime."

"Something? Sometime? Could you be a little more general? I'm not sure I can deal with all these details." Trent smirked. He loved teasing her and he could just imagine her scowling at the phone.

"I'm hanging up now." Two could play this teasing game, Erin thought in her head.

"No you're not. You want to meet me at the park on Ashbury?"

"You always this assertive?" Erin loved teasing Trent. She was so relaxed and calm around him.

"Yes. Red heads turn me on. I told you that at the beach the first time we met. Aren't you supposed to be writing your best selling novel?"

"Yeah. It's not working out. Why the park on Ashbury?"

Trent smiled. Erin intrigued him. She was sarcastic and funny, but sometimes, she was so quiet and diminutive. He wondered what had happened to her. He wondered if her physique was part of her issue. She wasn't exactly thin, but he'd rather have a handful of soft warm breasts against his body then some stick thin model. "I want to lie on the grass and look up at the clouds with you. Is that cheesy?"

"Totally. I'll meet you there in twenty minutes."

Trent got there first and waited against his car for Erin to arrive. He had changed clothing twice, worried about what would look nice on him. He finally decided on beige shorts and a black t-shirt. Trent's eyes lit up when Erin pulled into the parking lot. She was wearing a red summer dress and red hat.

"Hi Trent."

"Hi Erin. You look stunning. If you don't watch it, I might fondle you in the park."

Erin blushed again. She did that a lot around him. She still couldn't get used to the fact that he thought she was cute.

"You seem to have a thing about public sex. Do you need some therapy?" Erin had walked the few steps to the grass and sat down. She stretched her legs out in front of her and leaned back on her hands. The grass was soft and green.

Trent kneeled down in front of her and moved her legs apart. He firmly guided her back and wrapped her legs around his hips. His strong hands ran up her body, touching her in all the right places. When he got to the top of her dress, he dragged his finger along the frilly edge that cupped her breasts so nicely.

"I wouldn't exactly call it an obsession with public sex. It's more an obsession with you. Wherever you are, I want you. You just haven't been brave enough to bring me back to your place." Trent pressed his mouth against Erin's and slid his tongue into her mouth. It was an aggressive kiss. As he kissed her, he unzipped his shorts with one hand. He wasn't wearing boxers so his cock popped out immediately. His other hand was making circles against her chest, moving closer to her amazing nipples.

"Mmm." That was all Erin could say. She was totally lost in her own lust. His tongue was licking hers and he had pulled back so only their tongues touched. Erin's pussy was burning with desire. Her entire core was smoldering as he gently flicked the tip of his tongue against hers.

Trent pushed the skirt of her dress up and gasped. She wasn't wearing panties. Her pussy was perfectly framed by a few red curls and he could see the moisture clinging to those hairs. He rubbed his cock gently against her clit, watching it swell and protrude from her pussy lips.

"You drive me crazy Erin. You have no idea how sexy you are." Trent pushed his cock into her in one thrust while reaching his hand into her bra. He found her rock hard nipple and pinched it.

"Oh." Erin still couldn't respond. There she was, a thirty-year-old woman, being fucked in the field of the park in the middle of the day. Anyone could be watching. The police could arrest them. Even more, here she was being fucked by a hot and sexy guy who was younger than her. To top it off, he kept telling her she was sexy.

Trent watched as Erin squirmed and moaned. Her eyes were closed and were fluttering as she tried to catch her breath. Just as she gasped for air, he would ram into her again. He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and he just pushed harder. He wrapped his hands around her thighs and sat up a bit. He rocked her back and forth against his cock. Her breasts were swaying with the movement and he loved how her red hair was tangled in a mess against the green grass.

"Oh." Erin cried out again, but this time she was cumming. Her whole body shook and she gripped the grass for leverage. She arched her back, desperately wanting him deeper. Trent pulled her back harder and lay still until she had calmed down.

"Open your eyes baby." Trent whispered those words to her. He loved the look of a woman right after they climaxed. Erin's eyes fluttered and she opened them.


"Wow is right. If you were any hotter you'd be burning up." Trent grinned. It was a cheesy line, but he couldn't help make a joke. He was still hard though and wanted to continue.

"You haven't cum yet, Trent." Erin bit her lip. Her mind raced back to her last boyfriend. He would just fuck her until he came and then stop. If she hadn't cum by the time he did, she was out of luck. This was a totally new experience.

"I know. Come sit in my lap." Trent sat down and stretched his legs out. There were grass stains on his knees, but he didn't care. Erin climbed into his lap and felt him inside her again. He held her full hips and rocked back and forth. Trent needed to cum and loved using Erin's pussy to do that. Erin nuzzled his nose. She was smiling wide and Trent smiled back.

"Fuck!" Trent cried out as his cock exploded inside her. It was a violent orgasm and Trent dug his hands deep into her flesh. He held her tight against him, wanting to feel every inch of her pussy. Erin whimpered as she felt his warmth fill her.

Trent fell backwards on the grass. He had a big smile on his face.

"You are truly getting addicting Erin."

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