tagBDSMFrolicon Adventures Pt. 02

Frolicon Adventures Pt. 02


*Frolicon is held in Atlanta every year. This is a semi fiction account of what happened there...if you ask real nice, maybe I will tell you what happened, what is made up, and the bit of both. It is geeky, and kinky, and as sex positive as you can get. Check them out.*


You spend the next day in various classes and talks, sometimes together, sometimes not. Meeting polyamorous people, the kinky gamer, TENS units, body painting for beginners...you even take some notes. You meet him for lunch at the giant food court down the road, mingling with business people and tourists, smiling as people look puzzled at your badges. He slides a small box across the table to you. You look at him, then open it.

Resting on black cloth is a long length of silver chain, with crystals hanging from it. It fastens around your neck, he explains, with loops for your nipples, another fastener to go around your waist, and a small curved rod that you slip inside yourself. The effect allows your nude body to have glittering silver and flashing crystals suspended around your body, washing over your breasts, and outlining your sex.

"It will be perfect for the party tonight. If you like it, of course", he finishes.

It takes you a moment to find your voice, then you exclaim "Of COURSE I like it! I love it! I wish I could try it on now."

He looks around and smiles. "I wouldn't recommend that..."

He says there is something that you just MUST go with him to, about an hour later. You assumed it was another class, but instead he leads you back to the dungeon. Smiling, he greats a muscular woman just inside with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Kept it all safe and sound for you", she says, and gives you an evil grin, before walking away.

He leads you over to a suspension rig, set up to haul a person roughly 10 feet into the air by way of a large steel ring. Sitting there coiling some silvery rope is a handsome blonde man. He stands shakes your lovers hand, and looks you over.

"So I hear you wanted to try a suspension", he says. You grin and nod, speechless. He briefly goes over his experience, having been a rigger for over ten years. You half listen, trusting that your partner already felt secure in his abilities. You nod again when he asks if you are ready, and eagerly strip out of your cloths. He runs the rope around your body, under your arms, around and under your breasts, the tightness making you flush with anticipation.

He runs the rope around your waist, and around your hip joints. Lastly he runs it between your legs, spreading your lips, and making you gasp when he pulls it taunt. You look at him and bite your lip. His face is serious as he carefully guides the rope back and forth through a gleaming steel ring, then knots it. H looks over at your lover and nods, and they both grab the second rope attached to the ring and pull. Slowly you rise into the air, spinning slowly, to at least ten feet in the air. The tension on your breasts, and pressing against your clit makes you giddy, and you laugh out loud, looking down at all the people watching you.

Your brow furrows, however, when you see your partner digging in a bag. Because of the slow spin and dim lights, you can't tell which of his bags it is. Your concern deepens when you see he has removed a violet wand, and plugged it in, and put a long glass electrode in place. You glance down at the sparkling rope that is coiled around you, and suddenly it looks familiar. His conductive rope...

He grins up at you and touches the buzzing wand to the rope, and the length of it lights up like a line of stars. Everywhere it touches your skin, the electricity bites into you in a series of pinpricks. You yelp out loud, and see the crowd below gaping at the scene. The sting both teases your clit, and makes your muscles contract, rubbing the rope against you in ways that make you gasp. He gives you a moment, than touches the rope again. The blue flashes fill your eyes as they race up the rope, between your legs, over your breasts. You squeak and writhe in both pleasure and pain, gently rocking back and forth.

He spends a long time, touching the rope here first, then in another place, seeing what area makes different coils zap you. He sometimes stops to explain things to people in the crowd with questions, seemingly just long enough to allow you to relax before sending the sizzling energy back into you. You are panting, and the rope between the lips of your pussy is slick with your juices. The zaps and rubbing is not enough to allow you to cum, but enough to keep you on the edge.

At long last he puts the wand down, and you think your torment is over. Your relief is short lived, as he slides a metal probe into place, and fires the wand back up. Even from your height you can see the halo of purple lighting dance around the tip. He teases you, almost touching the metal to the rope, making you moan in anticipation. He moves around beneath you, and you think of a predator that has its prey treed and helpless.

Finally growing tired of the tease, he slowly touches the sparking metal to the cord, and your scream is in your throat before the contact is even made. The rope blazes with light as a much stronger shock crawls over your skin. Your hips buck against the rope, and the power of your muscle contractions combine with the now silky wet rope to push you over the edge. The feeling of floating combines with such a long time on the edge of orgasm to give you a headrush. You feel every muscle in your body contract and let go, the sounds below you distinct yet a blur. You go limp, moaning yet laughing, and you feel yourself lowered slowly down, coming to rest on the mat on the floor. Your partner is sitting next to you in an instant, putting your head in his lap, and stroking your hair. The rigger slowly unties you, coiling the rope next to your body. You can see his erection bulging in his pants from your angle, but he is wise enough to see you as unapproachable at the moment, and lets you bask in your aftergow. Your partner nods coolly to everyone wanting to talk about the scene, and remains mostly focused on you.

After some minutes, you nod weakly to him, and he helps you sit up.

"Bastard", you hiss at him, then smile.

"And you love it", he replies, and hands you your outfit.

You return to the room to recover as he goes to a few more classes. He promised, cautiously, to meet you at the dance party tonight. You understand that he would have happily allowed you to go solo, without question, and that how much you were asking that he go with you. The fact he agreed tells you more about his feelings than the body chain, or even just being here. Smiling, you shower, do your makeup, and put on your body chain. The loops fit around your nipples, making them stand erect. The two chains meet in a glittering loop around your waist, with fine chains making a "skirt" that end right above your sex. You look at yourself in the mirror, and can't help but grin.

You take the scented oils that you wear, and put a drop on your neck, under each breast, and a line below the chain on your waist. You toss on a robe, and head out the door. You don't have to search the crowd to find him; he is leaning against the wall by the door, just watching the people. You walk up to him, and shrug off the robe. You count the speechless look on his face as a victory. You kiss him, and head out to the dance floor.

You dance with men, women, couples. Nearly all of them offer you more, but either they don't feel right, or don't like the idea of your having a partner. You bask in the flashing lights, the smoke, the thudding base. Several long couches line the sides of the room, for those that need a break, and there is a lounge and full bar upstairs. Every time you look up, a sea of faces gaze down on the dancers, nearly all nude. You watch your lover, who alternates between just people watching, and talking to various people. You shake your head, amazed that the most introverted man you know also has an uncanny ability to meet people.

As you watch him, a slender pair of hands suddenly grip your waist. You spin around to come face to face with a tall woman. Her pale skin mirrors your own, and her eyes are dark and almond shaped. Her lips are such a deep red as to be almost purple-black. Her hair is long and dark, and swirls around her as she dances. She leans into you so you can hear her, and you can't help but flush as her nipples brush yours.

"I love your chain!"

"Thank you!", you have to shout to be heard over the music.

She inhales deeply, and says "And you smell delicious...". When she draws back, she is smiling, and you would swear her eyes are dilated to twice their previous look. You offer your lover a silent thanks for introducing you to the scented oils as you start to dance with her. She dances with a natural grace, and you are entranced by the play of the colored lights across her skin. As she moves around you, she runs her fingers along the length of the chains, the tip of her short fingernails brushing the bottom of your nipples, making you bite your lip. She notices your reaction, and moves closer, brushing her skin across yours more often, and for a longer period of time. Her finger tips run down the chains, long your torso, and around your waist. She meets your eyes as her hand moves down and slides through the chains that dangle barely above your sex. They swing back, caressing your skin like you imagine her fingers would.

As the song ends, she pulls you close and kisses you, her tongue darting into your mouth. She pulls your leg to her and grinds on it, and you can feel how wet she is. When your lips part, you have to remember to breathe.

"Are you alone...?" she asks. You shake your head and turn to point out your partner, just in time to see him high five a tiny blonde how is riding one man, and making out with a second on the couch. You saw them talking before, and you have a vague memory of them being friends.

The woman laughs, both at the scene, and perhaps the look on your face.

"'Do you two play well with others?", she asks.

You grin in answer, and take her by the hand, leading her off the dance floor to introduce them. To his credit, he takes care to look at her face, as opposed to her nude body. You step back, and let them talk, glancing over at the couch. The blonde is now on all fours, one companion fucking her from behind, while she works her mouth over the cock of the other. She meets your eyes for a fleeting moment, then returns to her pleasure. You bite your lip, and look back to see her laughing at something he said. She steps back to where you are, and cups her hand to your ear so you can hear.

"He's funny! I like him."

You take a deep breath, and say "Do you want to come back to our room...?"

"I thought you would never ask..."

You look up to see him already holding out your robe.

You walk to the elevator, feeling slightly self conscious. The two of them are chatting about books, as the doors slide shut. As soon as the do, she spins and buries her face in your neck, kissing and biting softly. You gasp and take her by the arms instinctively. Her hands slide under your robe, cupping your breast, and you see her glance up at him. You see him smile mildly at her, reflected in the mirrored ceiling, before he casually reaches a hand into your hair and pulls your head back, exposing your throat to her. Your moan is instinctive, and she steadies you before running her tongue down your flesh to the hollow at the base of your throat. Vaguely you feel the elevator slow to a stop, and she steps back from you. You are still fumbling with your robe as the doors slide open. A house keeper a few doors down eyes the three of you suspiciously as you pass her. He just smiles and nods at her, your companion carefully avoids looking at her, and you feel yourself flush to the roots of your hair. He takes his time opening the door to your room, as you glare at him. She giggles and presses herself into his back, cupping his ass with her hand. Finally the door beeps, and he opens it for the two of you, meeting your eyes with a grin.

She walks in, shrugging off her robe, then stopping dead at the site of your open bag of toys.

"Holy shit..."

"Yeah, we get that a lot."

Laughing, she walks over to him and kisses him deeply, holding out her hand to you as she does so. You take it, and she carefully searches your face before kissing you as well. Stepping away, she slides your robe off. "There", she mummers, "now we match."

She looks at him, and he nods. She takes you by the hand, and guides you to the bed. She kisses you again, running her hands through your hair, over your shoulders, down your back. For a moment, you simply bask in her touch, the softness of her lips, the slightly spicy taste of her mouth. You then let your hands explore her skin in return...running your fingertips over the curves of her body, cupping her ass, up her inner thighs. She moans into your mouth, and grinds her hips against you.

Stepping back, she grabs your shoulders, and pushes you back on the bed. Stepping forward, she uses her legs to spread your knees apart, and her eyes travel your body with a hunger that makes you shiver. Your fingers dig into the covers as she slowly drops to her knees. She kisses your legs, from ankles to inner thigh, slowly, each kiss ending with a tongue flick that promises more than most peoples words ever do. She pushes the jingling chains aside, fanning them out around your hips. As she works her way up your thigh, her dark eyes find yours. She pauses here, cheek against your inner thigh, just gazing at your pussy. You see her smiling, lipstick only slightly smudged, and her gaze is empowering, as opposed to making you self conscious. Slowly she slips into position over you, and lowers her lips to yours. Her first touch is a delicate kiss, soft and loving, that makes your body jerk. You can feel her lips curl into a smile at your reaction, and she gradually penetrates you with her tongue. You moan, and your hands find their way into her thick mane of hair.

She looks up at you, licking her lips, then drops her head back between your thighs. She alternates between sucking softly on your lips, and lapping at your clit, never long or hard enough to push you too far. Her hands grip your hips tightly, helping to control your desire to press your pussy against her face.

You lose track of time as it blends into a flow of pleasure. At last she stops, and looks up at you, her eyes burning. She releases your hips, and slides two fingers deep inside you. She watches your face as she finger fucks you, slowly at first, fingers curling to maximize your pleasure. Your moans are continuous now, and you notice her breathing is nearly as fast as yours. You pull her forward by the hair, her mouth meeting yours. She moans into your mouth as her fingers start to pick up speed. You pull back, crying out. She slides back down your body, and goes back to licking your clit, with desperate intensity.

Your orgasm is explosive, your hips bucking against her face. She moans in tandem with your cries, fingers slamming into you as she sucks your clit until your body subsides to shivering aftershocks and your cries fall to inarticulate words and whimpers. She climbs up the bed, across your body, and finds your mouth. Her face is slick with your juices and she tastes of you. Her fingers curl into yours as she grinds her pelvis into yours. Her mouth finds your neck, your breasts, your nipples. At last she stares up at you, panting.

You flip her on her back, and drop your head to her breasts. She gasps as your lips wrap around her nipple, then she cries out as you bite down softly. You kiss and bite your way up and down her body as she thrashes like an animal. The tip of one of your fingers traces the lips of her pussy, and her hips instantly rise off the bed. You laugh in delight, and spend a few minutes simply teasing her, playing her body like an instrument, her every cry a chorus, her ever twitch and spasm is percussion. By the time your game is done, the tip of your finger is damp, and she watches as you bring it to your mouth, tongue flicking out to taste her. She growls at your teasing smile.

You roll off her and slide up in the bed. Placing your finger by your mouth, you motion her to come to you, a sly smile on your face. She crawls forward like a cat, than plants a knee over each of your shoulders, lowering herself to your mouth. She moans again as your tongue penetrates her, and she leans forward, gripping the headboard tightly. She lets you tongue fuck her for a few minutes, before changing position, allowing you to wrap your lips around her clit. You suck on her, enjoying her half whispered encouragement. You watch her face, framed by her muscular legs, head thrown back, eyes half closed, running her hands up and down her body.

With one hand wrapped in your hair, she looks over her shoulder. You here her growl, her voice husky with pleasure, "Get over here". You here his chuckle in return, and a few moments later feel him get on the bed. You see his hands start to run over her flanks, start playing with her nipples. You lick faster as he, kissing her neck, pulls her head back. You feel his hardness, sliding over your clit, and you shiver. He shifts positions slightly, and enters you, and you moan into her. She cries out in return, one hand in your hair the other snaking around to run her fingers over the both of you as he slides in and out of your pussy. Your tongue matches his pace, and her sounds become guttural, lost in passion. He fucks you harder, and you feel him straining for control, cock throbbing inside you.

When she cums, her cries are different from yours, deeper, gasping for air. Her stomach muscles ripple like waves. Her hand frantically rubs your clit, as well as his cock, and he suddenly thrusts harder into you, and you feel him explode. She presses back into him, whispering "yes" over and over again. Your own orgasm is emotional, less intense than before, but sweeter, filling you with light. She falls off you, curling up into a fetal position, gasping. Still inside you, he lays down, lying his head into your shoulder, kissing your neck.

After a few moments, she sits up, and lies next to you both, running her fingers over both your skin.

"I am Amy, by the way", she says with a wink.

You all laugh together, and he lies between you. You talk of geek things, Game of Thrones, and gaming. She is from Virginia, and is in a poly relationship with a triad there. You excuse yourself to the bathroom, feeling pleased both physically and emotionally. Its nice to have someone that you can bond with, feel natural with, not feel judged with. And, you admit to your self as you look in the mirror, licking your lips, she tastes amazing. You notice that they have stopped talking, and smile to yourself, wondering who started what.

You open the door to see him lying on his back, and her mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking him slowly. You cock your head, admiring her technique. She slips her mouth off him with a pop.

"Don't stop on my account. It was a pretty picture."

"I like the taste of the two you together." She goes back to his cock, running her tongue up and down the length. You walk over to the toy bag, and pull out your leather strap-on, and start looking through the toys that fit it. You come down to the unicorn horn, or the feel-doe. Behind you the wet sounds of her mouth and his occasional moan distract the thinking part of your brain. At last you decide on the unicorn horn (the spiral feels amazing, and the green silicon matches the leather of the strap-on), and palm the most powerful mini vibe you have for good measure. With practiced ease, you buckle the straps around your waist, and slide into bed behind her. You slip your arms around her, kissing her shoulders, feeling the play of her muscles as her head bobs up and down his shaft. You slide back to your knees, and start to rub the tip of the horn around her pussy. She moans and looks back at you.

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