tagBDSMFrolicon Adventures Pt. 03

Frolicon Adventures Pt. 03


*Frolicon is held in Atlanta every year. This is a semi fiction account of what happened there...if you ask real nice, maybe I will tell you what happened, what is made up, and the bit of both. It is geeky, and kinky, and as sex positive as you can get. Check them out.*


After you dry off, you begin to assemble your costume. It starts with a white g-string, followed by two white leather straps that fit around your thighs, loosely supporting a white cloth. The fabric moves as you do, flashing the g-string as you walk. Next a string of glossy pearls goes around your waist, then thick silver wrist and ankle guards. A wide steel band slides up one thigh. He attaches the silver ring collar around your neck.

You both work to put on your "top", a series of straps that encircle your breasts, and fastens at the base of your neck. Another pair of straps, silver buckles shining, attach above and below your breasts, barely covering your nipples. A cloak made out of white fur then covers your back.

Lastly comes the gauzy mask, covering your eyes and nose, but leaving the crimson of your lips blazing below it. You worked hard to make the mask unbroken, but still allowing you to see to walk. It was like seeing through a fine white mist, but, with his help, you were confident you wouldn't break your neck.

He dresses, in contrast to you, in all black, a moving shadow in leather and silk. You wish you could have gotten him crimson instead, but the budget only goes so far. When he is ready, you slip into your white high heels, and nod to him. He looks you over, and smiles.

"You look...mythic."

At that, your nerves melt away. You toss your hair, and stride to the door, with all the confidence the character herself would possess. You hold your head up high, fostering an air of arrogance and danger. He walks quietly in front of you, allowing you to navigate, while appearing to be your major dormo. You pause briefly after stepping off the elevator, basking in the silence and stares, before walking through the throngs of "your people".

Although billed as a geek and kink event, the kink tends to overshadow the geek. There have been others in cosplay, but compared to Dragoncon, and the other purely geek events, they were few and far between. That fact, and the inherent fetish nature of the cosplay draws people to you, begging for a picture, or to pose with you. It also brings many offers to play, which, remaining in character, you simply sniff at, or snarl at, if they are too forceful. You walk the floor, posing and preening for an hour, before you pull him aside.

"My ankles are fucking killing me.."

He glances at his phone, and smiles. "Perfect timing. Follow me."

He leads you to the dungeon. As soon as you are inside, he takes off your shoes, which is a little slice of bliss. He also removes your mask, and you blink to adjust to the darker environment. He points over to a woman seated next to a massage table, a smaller table next to her. A metal case rests on it. You look at him, and walk over. She is pretty, with dark hair and glasses. Almost every inch of her is tattooed. She smiles up at you, and asks you to remove your cloak. You look at him again, and he nods. You look back at her, raising an eyebrow. She simply opens the case, revealing rows of needles, a sharps box to dispose of them in, and a bottle of skin cleaner. You gasp, both in shock, and in excitement. You had always been curious about needle play, but also a little afraid.

He comes up behind you, hands around your waist. "It is up to you love", he whispers in your ear, "I will be right here. And I trust her."

That makes you relax, and you allow him to slip the cloak from your shoulders. You lie face down on the table, and tense when you hear her stand up. She massages your back, slowly relaxing you.

"Stay as loose as you can..and this may be a little cold."

You flinch slightly as she washes your back down with the skin cleaner, and she giggles. You relax while it dries, enjoying the aches abating from your ankles, until you hear her snap on a pair of latex gloves. She comes over to you, and makes eye contact.

"I need you to tell me you are OK with this. I am VERY experienced, but its your body. And you can, of course, revoke consent at any time."

You smile, reassured simply by the fact she takes it so seriously. "Poke away."

You close your eyes and wait. Soon enough, she pinches your skin, and you feel the sharp bite of steel, sliding into, then out of, than back into your skin. You bite your lip at the sting and wait. She has paused, making sure you can handle it, then moves on about an inch lower than the last. Pinch, sting, breathe. After the fourth or fifth needle, the flood of endorphins has begun, and the stings have less pain, and only add to the pleasure. You feel like you are floating, and give a little moan each time she adds a needle.

You loose all track of time, and it takes you a moment to grasp that she is speaking to you again. You blink at her in a near sleep state, and she laughs.

"All done dear. Take a look."

She hold a mirror so you can see your back, and you marvel at the perfect spiderweb of white silk ribbons that connect to each needle. He smiles.

"I wanted to keep on theme."

You get up, and walk around, trying to clear your head. You still feel somewhat buzzed, with only a slight sting in your back. She tells you to step outside the dungeon, so you can get some pictures, and than come back for her to un-thread you. You smile, replacing your mask and heels. Your ankles instantly begin to ache, and you ruefully laugh that high heels you could wear on the street without a second glance are far more torturous than a needle corset.

You pose for your lover, stretching your arms above your head, and half glace to his camera. When he finishes, you are inundated by people wanting to take pictures with your back. Despite the crowd, you can't stop grinning. You get as many shots in as you can, before begging off.

He smirks at you. "You are going to be internet famous."

"Shut up."

Back in the dungeon, you apologize to the needle artist, who laughs it off.

"I figured as much. No problem, I was working on prepping my next canvas", pointing at a nervous looking young man. You grin at him, and slowly turn your back, both to show her work, and to allow her to begin to unlace you. Her skilled hands rapidly undo her ties, handing the shimmering lace to him. She pulls the sharps box over to you, and starts to pull the needles from your skin, one at a time, swiping the single drop of blood that wells up away with a paper towel. Each one is a new sting of pain and pleasure, leaving you mentally floating once more.

After ensuring that the pin holes are not bleeding, she hands you your cloak, hugs you, and motions her next prey to her table. You leave feeling wonderful, holding his hands..and carrying your high heels.

As you walk through the hall leading to the elevators, he suddenly grabs you, and shoves you into the photo booth that the con has set up, closing the door behind him. Pushing you against the wall, he drops to his knees, and pulls aside your g-string. His tongue knows your flesh well, and in seconds your head is pressing back against the wall, and you bite your lip in pleasure. He reaches back, and hits the button to activate the camera, and it flashes again and again as you moan. You are panting when the flashing stops, and he rises again. He readjusts your clothing as you growl with being so close. He turns, and retrieves the pictures, and you admire the image of your passion showing through, and perhaps highlighted, by the mask and outfit. As he leads you out of the booth, you plot doing the same to him, next year.

You are asleep as soon as you lay down to rest, setting your alarm for about a half hour before the darkroom party. You are to euphoric to have nerves about the party, until you wake up. Then you feel the concerns washing over you. You bite your lip, watching him decide what minimal outfit to wear. He just smiles, and suggests you simply wear your robe. You pace back and forth, nude, still feeling a slight pull from the needle marks. He lounges, almost mediating, in a pair of black scrub pants. When it comes time to leave, you toss the lanyard with your badge over your neck, throw on your silky robe, and nod to him. He slips the key card into his pocket, takes your hand, and guides you downstairs.

The party is being held in part of a ball room. People watch outside the room, counting to make sure there is not over attendance. A steady stream of party goers walks into the dimly lit alcove, and waiting in line allows you to be impressed by all the looks and body styles entering. Most everyone seems to have some degree of mental rush, and the line moves quickly. Once in the alcove, everyone entering the room must get nude, and remove anything that gives off even trace light. You wrap your badges, and his pants in your robe, and pass though the heavy black curtains that stop even the dimmest light from entering the room.

You walk into a room as black as a cave. He holds your hand, and guides you to the wall, allowing you a moment to gain your equilibrium.

"Holy shit!"

"Yeah, they are serious about it being a DARKroom party. You just have to let your other sense take over. When you are ready to move out on the floor, you just tell me."

You take a deep breath, close your eyes (you realize that you had been straining to peer into the darkness) and just let your other senses take control. You hear the low murmur of conversations, with much laughter. You hear the wet sounds of oral sex, and the slapping of bodies. Someone calls for a condom, and the room stewards somehow find them in the darkness. You start to pick out individual voices and moans, some of which are muffled by flesh. The smell of sex is heavy in the air, and as you relax, you feel your body respond to the mystery of it all.

You reach over, and run your hand over him, grasping his cock, and stroking him.

"I'm ready."

He takes your hand, and you start shuffling your feet, making your way to the center of the room. You have barely gone ten feet when you half kick a naked body.

"Oh I am SO sorry!" You hear your lover quietly snicker beside you.

A man's voice answers, "It cool. Hazard of being in here sweety".

You shuffle on, a touch more carefully.

Sticking to the walls of the room, you go around and approach the center of the room from the far side. Carefully feeling, the two of you find a nice open area, with soft mats on the floor. You kneel down, and touch and kiss, with the sounds around you buzzing in your ears. Soon enough a hand brushes yours, and a male voice says "Hi, who or what are you?"

Slightly confused by the question, you murmur your name.

"Great!" he says, and you feel his hand close around your wrist, and he attempts to tug you deeper into the room.

Your other hand wraps around your partner, and you pull back. "The fuck do you think you are doing?"

Annoyed, he pulls again. "We are here for play, right? Come play with me and my friends.."

You dig your nails into the underside of his arm, and he lets go. "I may be here to play..but that doesn't mean with YOU, and it doesn't mean you don't have to earn it!"

"Whatever bitch", he snarls, and you hear him move away, to some hazing by his friends.

"Damn straight", you mutter. You lover squeezes your hand. He is always there if you need back up, but he knows you well enough to let you handle things as much as you can. His support is almost like a set of armor, and you are stronger for it.

"Well done! Handled him like a pro, based on what I think is your first time..." A woman's voice, slow and Southern comes from a few feet away.

"Yep first timer. Its that obvious..?"

"Just a feel, based on experience. There are mostly good folk here, ones that care about what YOU want, consent. But there are always a few lemons."

The three of you chat for a while, eventually joined by a few other people, mostly men. It is light, and refreshing, and you find yourself wondering what they all look like..maybe what they feel like.

After a time, you find her lightly caressing your leg, and you are fairly sure she is touching him. You smile, even though she will never see it, when she asks what you knew was coming.

"You are a great girl, but I am mostly hetro. Your boy here, now he seems fun. Would you mind if we played?"

"Of course! I thought you would never ask!"

She gives your leg a squeeze, and you hear her shift positions. You listen to them kiss and touch, and you run your fingers over his legs in encouragement. You have watched him with many a woman in your time together, but not being able to watch is somehow more exciting, as your mind fills in the blanks. Soon enough, her deep moans fill the air, and your hand slides down to lightly touch your clit. You jump nearly out of your skin, when one of the men touches your shoulder.

"Would you like to play too? You tells us who, your limits. If not, its fine.." He is so cautious, yet hopeful, it makes you want to hug him. As her moans reach a new height *He is eating her out*, you think, and then you answer.

"I am willing to play with the three of you. Of course condoms. No anal. And if I say stop or no, that is it, no questions, no negotiations."

The trio falls all over themselves to agree..then..nothing. You can picture them sitting there, blinking in the dark, trying to figure out what to do now. You giggle, than move carefully so you are kneeling between the three of them. You let your hands wander..over chests, one smooth, one muscular, one with a slight patch of curly hair. You drop your hands over matching abdomens, then lower, reaching as if into a dark hole, that could harbor anything. Finally your hand closes around a cock..he is shorter than your lover's, but thick, wonderfully thick. Your other hand blindly searches, and finds a second cock, long and slender, slightly bent. You gently massage the flesh of the two, then search on, finding the third, nearly as thick as the first, but longer. The head feels massive in the dark, and you run your fingers over it.

You feel sets of lips on your shoulders and neck, and fingers running over you, hunting for your breasts. You moan as they find you, one hand cupping your breast, another teasing your nipple. He pinches a little hard, and you murmur a warning. He apologizes, and softens his touch, and you reward him by stroking his cock. You lean back into the one cupping your breasts, turning your head to kiss him. His lips are soft; you think he is young. He was already big, now he is almost huge, pressing into your buttocks. Another of your partners moves close and begins to suck the nipple of your free breast. Your third partner slips fingers inside you. He gasps at how wet you are, freezing for a moment before slowly working his fingers in and out of you. Beside you, you hear the sounds of your new friends mouth working your loves cock.

You slide back to your knees, putting you roughly at the triads height. You take his wrist, and guide his fingers out of you, before bending to take him in your mouth. Your tongue explores the wide head of his cock, and he moans for you. Turning, you take your next partner's cock, and he is wide enough to be nearly more than you can take easily. Your third partner has his hands on your hips, rubbing up and down. Even blind, you can sense his desire. Taking note of this, you slowly turn to him, reaching up to find his hair. You pull his head back, and first kiss, then bite his neck. You may want to be somewhat out of control...taken..but by your rules, not someone else's overwhelming desire.

Not that you are in much better shape physically or mentally. Your need pulses in your throat and in your pussy. You hear your new friend call out for a condom, and you distantly hope she rides him. When you hear the steward deliver hers, you call him over.

"You want a condom too?"

"Three, actually", you gasp, as hands..so many hands..slide over your skin.

There is a slight pause, and the foil wrappers are fumbled in your hands. "Have fun.."

You grunt an answer, and hand the condoms out. "You get to fuck me, one at a time. The other two, I will keep busy with my mouth. When you feel yourself getting ANYWHERE close, you pull out, and let the next take over. When you fuck me, you may cum, and when you do, you move over to let the next guy over. Are we agreed?"

They all readily agree, and the man you had bitten instantly bends you over. You reach back, and push him back.

"You last", you hiss, somewhere between seductive and threatening. He hesitates for just a moment, than moves around in front of you. You blindly reach out and slap one of the others on the chest. "You. Fuck me now."

While he fumbles around you, and fights to get the condom free of its wrapper, you listen to your partner fuck the southern belle. Her half words and moans are punctuated by the sound of flesh meeting flesh. She sounds soaked. He is silent, as he tends to be with people he has no real connection to, and you can picture him concentrating on her pleasure..and listening to you.

Finally you feel the condom wrapped cock poke at you, rubbing between your legs. Bighead. You groan as the wide head opens you up, and you sink forward on all fours. You almost forgot your other two partners, until the head of a cock pushes against your cheek, searching for your mouth. With a growl you take him in your hand, guiding him to your lips. It is your over eager suitor. You close your lips loosely, forcing him to penetrate you. The feeling merges with the one slipping in and out of your pussy, and you shudder. To his credit, he takes care not to fuck your mouth deeply enough to risk gagging you. You appreciate it, as you tend to save deep throating for people you are close to.

Bighead is aware of his anatomy, and fucks you shallow and slow, spreading you wide with each thrust. You build swiftly, and pop your other partner out of your mouth as you cry out in pleasure. Feeling you cum either pushes Bighead over the edge, or is the sign of your pleasure he was waiting for, because he starts to fuck you faster and harder, grunting with each thrust. You eagerly take the second man into your mouth this time, taking him deeper than he was before. As you moan around his cock, he suddenly pulls backwards, panting. You reach blindly, find the wide cock, and pull him into your mouth.

He is easier to take now, and you slide your lips over his girth, as his hand rests on the back of your head. You try to keep it light, because you feel Bighead building, pounding into your pussy. You cum again and again, body pulsing, gagged by the cock in your mouth. With a loud moan, you feel him throb inside you, then limply fall back, panting.

You give him two breaths, then look over your shoulder. "Tag out."

He takes care to control the used condom as he slides out of you. You moan a final time as the width of his cock stretches your lips as he pulls out. Thickcock takes position behind you, and you hear him rip open the foil. Your partner is still fucking the belle, taking care to control his speed. You do hear him making small sounds now, and you imagine he is holding back, to keep pace with you.

When Thickcock enters you, he does it on one hard thrust, and you nearly scream as you whole body flexes. He pounds you, and you have a string of explosive orgasms, barely having time to breathe. In mid gasp, Longcock grabs your chin, and starts thrusting into your mouth. You close your lips around him, both to take some control, and for the sensual feel of the thrusting. Thickcock pulls you back onto each thrust, and each time he does, the other cock pops out of your mouth, then re-enters you when you are pushed forward. Unbelievably, his cock swells even more as he gets closer, and you pound the mat beneath you as you cum, feeling like you have an unyielding bottle inside you. He all but roars as he cums, and you feel each pulse inside you, like a heartbeat. He slips out of you quickly, leaving you gasping and empty.

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