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My life began on the island of Isis in the west Midstream Sea. I was an only child. On February 14, my town's boardwalk and dock were filled with awaiting spectators. It was the first event on the mainland since the port was opened for big ships to come into city. Some brave souls could not wait for the first ship to arrive so they waited in their parked small sloops along the port gates. I was barely seven years old about to turn eight in March. I was standing on the docks with my mom waiting for my dad to return from a year long trip. I saw my dad first. I released her hand and run to my dad. My dad scooped me and lifted me in the air as he usually does and kissed me on the cheek.

"Dad, Dad, I missed you!"

I began pulling him by his sleeve.

"Dad, dad, mom is waiting for us! There she is!" I was pointing at her.

My mom was a stunning lady, very slim and tall. She had blue sky color eyes and radiant blonde hair. She saw us and run towards us. Her long hair floated freely in the air. My dad grabbed her and lifted her in the air.

"My lovelies, I missed you two soo much!"

He wrapped his arm around her and the other around me.

My dad loaded his luggage into our yacht. We headed home to our little island we owned. It is only 10 acres island we owned surrounded by forest and beautiful hills. My dad built me a water slide and gave me a horse for my fifth birthday. We had one stable with 3 horses, black, and two pure whites. One white horse was mine. Her name was Eve. My dad brought her for my 5th birthday. Eve was my responsibility. He used to tell me that I am a big girl and encouraged me to be responsible. I would ride my dad's black horse with him whenever he was around. My mom was a great mom and a wonderful wife.

We got to the house within an hour. My dad promised me before he left that he was going to give me a gift.

"Dad, what did you get me?" I asked.

"You will get your presents after dinner. Then your mommy and I will go to the town. You will stay with your nanny." He kissed me on the cheek and sent me to help mom with baking. My mom was baking an apple pie, my favorite desert. I was a sweet tooth. During quick snack time my dad was telling us stories about the people he run into. Later that day, before dinner, my dad and my mom sat outside on the bench sharing a bottle of wine he brought. I run outside. It was a very clear day after a few days of non-stop freezing rain.

"Lilly! Where are you running to??" my dad asked.

"To catch a rainbow, dad!" I yelled.

"Be careful, stay away from the cliff." My dad yelled.

We had a dinner a couple of hours later. Just before I went to bed my dad gave me a train set and helped me to put it together around my bed. My mom wasn't too happy. She thought I would slip and fall in the middle of a night if I got up. Just before my mom and dad went out on a date, he came to my room and read me a good night story. It was about the sailors; I did not hear the end of it because I fell asleep. My parents went out on a date in the city. I knew my dad would be home for a year. That is the last time when I saw my parents.

I woke up early in the morning; my nanny who was my best friend in the whole wide world was sitting on the bed and crying.

"What is wrong, Nanna?" I asked.

She hugged me and told me that my parents died as they were coming home. The coast guard and volunteers were looking for them for a few days. I cried for a week. My mom had no siblings but my dad had one sister, Lenora. She was one member of the family who resented my mom. I was too young to understand why. My world shattered. I was shipped out to my dad's sister, who lived on the mainland 3 hours away. The court granted the full custody to Aunt Lenora. My father's will was introduced in the courtroom. I was too young to understand what was going on. I distinctly remember a set of numbers being thrown in the court. I was supposed to marry this man who knew what the numbers meant. Thinking back I did try to understand why no one opened the big envelope. I was told by an attorney, I would have to reach 18 or be married at the age of 18.

My aunt changed my last name to my mom's maiden name, Casani, instead of Linneken, which was my dad's last name. We left the courthouse. My aunt Lenora pushed me into a car and ordered the driver to take us to the house. I thought she would be happy to have me there since she has no children of her own and I am the only surviving relative. I was so used to seeing people in my house for all festivals and holidays, people would have been properly dressed in elegant and exclusive gowns and suits I didn't see any other lifestyle.

I got into her house, which was very dark and cold. She instantly escorted me up the wooden step into the attic and locked me in there. I was carrying a little bag with clothes. I was not allowed to take my dad's present. The attic had cobwebs and a little window which was sealed. I tried to open but had no luck. One of the governesses of the house brought me linens and a pillow. I was ordered to go to sleep without dinner. I was hungry! I spent horrific two years at my auntie's house. I scrubbed, I was deprived from attending school, I was constantly punished and mentally abused. The only food I received was 200 grams 3 times a day. I would steal scraps from the kitchen. My aunt's husband was not fond of me either. He would not punish me just twice a week or once a week but constantly. He bullied and punished me for every little detail. Habitually out of fear I obeyed them both. I was doing house chores 16 hours a day. I was not allowed to go play outside. The only fresh air I would get if I would have to wash windows. I used to love reading. My dad would read for hours at a time. In the living room there was a huge wooden shelf. I hid behind the heavy long curtain and read one page at a time between the cleanings. One day my aunt found me reading.

She grabbed me by my back of my dress and threw me against the wall on the other side of the room.

"You disobedient rat, what were you doing behind the curtain? Destroying my books?" she yelled.

"I was reading, my dear aunt."

"Future whores like you do not deserve anything. Your fucking parents are dead, you have NOTHING! You hear me? NOTHING!!! I have been waiting for so long for this day."

She grabbed me again and dragged me to the room that was under the house. She opened the hatch and threw me there like I was dirty laundry and locked me in this cold room. I was shivering despite the fact it was summer. Eventually, a governess opened the hatch and dragged to the living room.

My aunt picked up a riding crop and lifted my chin.

"I have a surprise for you." She laughed ferociously like a beast. "You will be going to boarding school. Why didn't I think of that earlier?" she continued laughing. "

Girls, feed her with usual and take her upstairs. When Doctor Phillips comes, bring her here. We will have a little chat."

I went upstairs. I got locked in yet again. Later in the evening after the sunset, I heard the doorbell. My little heart was pounding and I was thinking "Here we go!"

I was let out. One governess grabbed me by two arms, lifted me and came down. I was screaming "LET ME GO!"

"Madam, as you requested."

She let me down easy, curtseyed and left.

My cheeks were glowing darker shade of pink, my heart was pounding and my hair strands were unattended. My aunt was sitting in her usual seat by the fireplace. "Get up, you little whore!" she said with such angry tone that sent shivers down my spine.

She introduced me to this gray hair old guy "Doctor Phillips, this disobedient whore I was mentioning you when we talked on the phone."

He made a signal for me to approach. I got up and approached him. He looked at me up and down then turned me around and asked "Mrs. Launa, how old is she?"

She replied "Nine, doctor"

"Kind of small for a nine year old."

"She does not work hard enough to earn her food."

"I see."

"Little girl, what is your name?"

"My name is Lillith Linneken, sir."

"DO NOT put your name next to your father's last name, you dirty whore!" my aunt yelled. "Her last name is Casani, her whore mother's name!"

"Lilly, are you a good child?"

I shrugged.

"Tell the doctor about your lazy ass!" My aunt continued yelling at me.

"That's too bad. I will have a talk with you, Lilly"

He pulled me closer to him and looked into my frightened eyes.

"Do you know what happens to naughty children?"

"They get punished." I replied

"That is right. That is why you are going to boarding school so we will teach you ladylike behavior."

"I am requesting if it is not too much trouble if the teachers will keep an extra strict eye on this wild animal. I do not want any responsibility for her in the future."

"That is your right, madam," doctor replied. "May I take her today with me?"

"Yes, take that whore with you and all the paperwork."

She got up and opened the safe and pulled out a huge envelope.

"Make sure she receives all punishments that she deserves."

"Yes, madam. Have a pleasant night." Doctor bowed, grabbed my hand and left the house with my hand in his. A car was awaiting us at the door with one man and one woman standing outside. All four of us got into the car and drove off along the shoreline. During the route, Doctor said, "Lilly, you will be in this boarding school which is an orphanage until you are 17-18 years old. You will be sold as a governess. Nothing will happen to you until you are sold. You will be studying exact the same classes as you would be in regular school except a few classes which are added to your curriculum."



We arrived after 7-hour drive to the boarding school. A woman immediately took me to the dorm room.

"Walk faster!" she yelled! "Alarm will go off at 7 am!"

She pushed me into 1 room 1 person room and locked the door. I looked around and found myself in cold room. There were a desk, a little lamp, a bed and a small closet. Without wasting my time, I went to bed. At 7 am, a very loud alarm went off. I jumped up and tried to open the door. It was locked from outside. Within minutes 2 guards came in and unlocked the door and ordered me to follow them. I walked as fast as I could. We entered administration room. Two guards pushed me there and closed the door. A woman was sitting behind her big desk.

"Good morning!" I greeted the woman.

"You must be Lillith." She started looking for my file.

"Yes, I am Lillith Linneken."

"My name is Headmistress Hilda. You will refer me as Headmistress Hilda. Is that clear?"

"Yes!" I answered.

"Yes, what?"

It was apparent she was getting agitated.

"Yes, Headmistress Hilda."

"Why do you have two different last names? Never mind, your last name will be as in the file -- Casani."

I sighed and replied, "Yes, Headmistress Hilda."

She opened a piece of paper which was folded in half and raised her head and asked "What are these numbers mean? Do you know this person?"

"I do not know what you mean, Headmistress"

"Save it. You will find out when you will reach 18 if you make it that far!" she laughed viciously. "Let's get down to business. You will study here until your 18th birthday, and then you will be sold to the highest bidder. That bidder may buy you at the substantial amount at 18 years old but you cannot be in sexual relationship with that person unless you are legally married or reach 19 whichever comes first. You will learn how to read, write, basic arithmetic, housekeeping, high-end service, dance, etc. You will have school 7 days a week. You are not allowed to wear anything but your school uniform, which will be given to you. You are not allowed to play with yourself. You are not allowed to be with another female sexually either. If you are caught masturbating, you will be severely punished. You will be taking showers every day. You will be punished everyday if you disobey. You will be also punished for receiving low grades."

I have never even heard of "masturbating" nor a term "playing with yourself" or what does it mean to be sexually with another girl.

Dr. Phillips entered the room. He greeted the headmistress "Good morning, Hilda! What do you think of this material?" he asked.

She replied "We will train her."

I was taken to the showers and ordered to wash myself and put on school uniform and went to my first class, which was writing. I was hungry to learn all my subjects. My father used to read with me books in the late evening. It made me miss him even more. My mom and I used to cook together waiting for my dad to come home from work. In the boarding school, I was doing very well in school. I participated in a lot of after school activities such as dancing and gymnastics despite the fact that I was in a very strict boarding school. My body began to develop around 12 years old. I was getting taller which made it very difficult to do the jumps, so my trainers prevented me from continuing gymnastics but I continued stretching and loved dancing with a ribbon on the gymnastics floor. I also spent my free time ballroom dancing and spent a lot of time in the library studying to avoid the trouble and troublemakers. I was hardly ever punished. Due to my behavior and grades I was moved to serving at the administration teas and coffees for potential buyers. Buyers loved to see their future purchases outside of the auction blocks. One day before my 18th birthday, I got called in to the office to discuss my future with Dr. Phillips.

"Good morning, Dr. Phillips!" I said as I entered his office.

"Sit down!" he said.

I sat on the chair.

"In precisely three weeks, as you know, you will be put up for an auction as a governess or unless someone who can explain what are those numbers, whatever they are, mean. You are aware of that, correct?"

I replied "Yes, Doctor!"

"Your behavior is excellent so are your grades. I have talked to a few potential buyers. None of them were interested in buying you because you are too good and well behaved. Nowadays, buyers want misbehaved so they can break the girl. There was one woman who said that she was interested but her bidding amount was too low. Anyway..."

He pulled out his school manual and began to read directly from it "Sexual acts aren't allowed on the school grounds unless they are granted by the administration. Potential buyers at the auction and presale preview will still want to check how tight the girl(s) is/are. A girl who is about to be auctioned off should expect to be examined as a routine unless she holds a certificate of virginity from pussy and her ass, and she will be fitted with chastity belt at the time of the auction."

He grinned. "Once we find a man or a woman to purchase you, we will give him/her a list of brief summary of your talents and what you had been trained in for. He or she might ask you questions about that. Be polite and show him or her respect; remember that he or she might end up owning you. Am I clear?"

"Yes, doctor!" I answered.

I was in disbelief. I did everything as I was told. About three weeks later, I receive my first memorable punishment. I got a D in sex education. I was summoned to receive my punishment at the office; I arrived to Dr. Phillips's office around noon.

"Dr. Phillips, I am here to receive my punishment. May I come in?"

He replied, "Perfect timing. Pull your skirt up and secure it, then pull your panties down to your knees, spread your legs, put your hands on the table and relax your ass."

I followed his instructions. He came around, took his crop whip and began whipping me. He caressed me ass and spanked it once on each cheek.

"Count to 50! After each spank say "I will study for the make up test." He raised his crop and hit my ass.

I screamed "One! I will study for the make up test!"

He hit me second time "Two! I will study for the make up test!"

My ass was burning after each spank, the pain got more acute as he progressed with my punishment. I thanked the headmaster at the end.

"We are not done." He said. "Sit down."

I sat on the edge of the chair

"This weekend there will be an auction party. Relax, you will not be sold but you will be serving drinks to the guests. You are not allowed to converse with people other than "What would you like?" Do you understand?"

"Yes, headmaster."

"Very good, you may go back to the classroom."

I got up.

"Thank you for your lesson, sir."

"One more thing, in your room you will find a pair of 6 inch stilettos. You will be wearing them until Thursday. You will be shown and tested on walking in them and carrying a tray of drinks."

"Thank you once again, headmaster."

I fixed myself and left.

Chapter 2

Friday Arrived.

I was called in along with 10 other girls. We were forced to be dressed in outfits given to us early in the morning (black short ruffled skirt, a open cup bra underneath red/black jacquard print accented with lace strapless corset, black lace boy short panties and sky high 6 inch stilettos.) People began arriving. I felt extremely uncomfortable wearing such provocative outfit and very sexy over the top make up but with a brave face I came out serving drinks and appetizers. Everything seemed to be going well. Men as well as women did not touch me. There were 20+ rooms in this house just outside of the boarding school. Buyers were welcomed to spend time with their new slaves they just bought off the auction. I saw a man in mid/upper 30s very elegantly dress standing around without a drink and smoking cigar while talking to someone. He glanced at me and gestured for me to come to him. I walked up to him and asked.

"Sir, may I serve you a drink?"

He looked at me very carefully and replied, "Double Scotch on the rocks. Take my drink to that room." He pointed at the room 3 doors down.

"Yes, sir."

When I returned with a drink, he said "Close the door." I closed the door and placed the drink on a small table. He was sitting in the chair still smoking his cigar.

"Will that be all?"

"No. Come here."

I walked up to him.

"Remove your make up"

"Sir, I am required to have makeup on."

"Remove it!"

I went to the bathroom and removed the make up and came back.

"What is your name, young slut?"

"Lillith, sir"

"Do you have a last name?"

"Casani, sir."

"Interesting. Do you go by another last name?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, sir, Linneken."

His eye wide opened.

"Where were you born?"

"On one of the Isis islands."

He got up without saying a word and called Headmaster on the phone.

Headmaster walked in.

"Mr. Ikonnen, what a pleasure finally meeting you. I have a lot of slaves to fit your taste. Is there a problem? Ms Casani, why did you remove your make up without my permission?" he asked.

"I made her do it. I would like to purchase this little thing."

"Mr. Ikonnen, as our VIP client, I would give her to you with no problems but you cannot purchase her because she came with a set of numbers, if that person does not come forward she will be put up for sale. She might be too boring for you. She is not quite rebellious as you like them. She is definitely exotic."

"I know about the numbers. If you open the envelope, you will see my name in there." He replied.

Headmaster picked up a phone and requested my file.

"You have an exquisite taste, my friend!" Headmaster exclaimed.

"Let's cut to the chase, how much do you want for her? Is she a virgin?"

"Yes, she is a virgin. She never masturbated either. Also, she never had been with another girl. We keep a close eye on girls here."

"Did she get punished a lot?"

"Not at all. She only received a few punishments in the last 10 years."

"Was she in your upper class training?"

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