tagHumor & SatireFrom a Finger To a Fist

From a Finger To a Fist


Rowena lay in the byre pulling her finger in and out of her slutty wet cunt. She had just finished milking one of the old Shorthorn cows and was now lying on the ground with her legs spread open to allow the gentle summer breeze blow up her skirt and softly tickle her neatly trimmed cunt. Her pussy juices were dripping like a leaking tap onto her silky smooth legs and Rowena vehemently yearned for a rugged man to lick them from her thighs and for his tongue to then journey all the way up to her hungry cunt.

Being a single mother to two infant daughters made it increasingly more difficult for Rowena to find time for fingering herself. However, this weekend, Tenequa and Tequila were spending time in the care of their respective fathers; so Rowena was adamant that in their absence, she would devote all her energy to poking her cunt. The horny harlot was gagging to be fucked, having not had a cock inside her, since been gangbanged at the knacker's camp by a legion of randy tinkers. She started fantasising about being penetrated by a monster prick and continued to drip, as her finger prodded away at her filthy cunt.

Her golden minge ruffled in the wind, as her clitoris became even more swollen with desire. She placed one hand over her tits and continued jabbing her cunt with the other. She gently squeezed her stiff nipples, causing droplets of milk to spurt out of her luscious breasts, as her middle finger continued to caress her vaginal lips. She entered another finger inside her and then another, before eventually fitting in all four. Once her cunt had accommodated all four fingers, she clenched a fist and started to fist herself.

She plunged her fist in and out of her saturated cunt, as she moaned with euphoric delight. Her juices continued to pour and half her arm was now buried in her unholy vagina. Rowena blissfully screeched and panted, as she started to come. She began honking on her nipples and started fisting herself even faster and harder. Her body couldn't help spasming out of control, as she reached an incredible climax. She withdrew her arm from inside herself and released a fountain of cunt juice onto the ground.

Now that her masturbation method had progressed from a finger to a fist, Rowena had reached a whole new level of self-fulfilment. Never before had she felt so appeased from pleasuring herself. The intensity of her climax had left her completely drained and Rowena was now barely able to move. She relaxed her head back onto the straw-covered surface and had almost dosed off to sleep, when she heard Trinity enter the shed next door.

Trinity had decided to pay a visit to the old chicken coop with the intention of seducing her schizophrenic husband. She was at her most fertile time of the month and despite Adam's catatonic state, she was still determined to conceive another baby with him. Adam had been restrained by a straitjacket for over six months now, and his feet were shackled to the wall of the old chicken coop, which Cathal and Abigail had converted into a padded cell, after they could no longer afford to keep him in the mental institute. He had remained unresponsive to those around him, since been released from the hospital and the entire family had given up all hope of him ever making a recovery.

After a brief spell of getting reacquainted with the deranged queer, Trinity removed her clothes and undid the zip of Adam's trousers to release his baby-making tool. She wrapped her legs around his head and rubbed the hairy wetness of her cunt in his face. Adam remained unreceptive to his wife's advances, causing her to rub a wad of her cunt juice on his cock, before pulling his foreskin back and forth in the hope of hardening his limp penis. In spite of all her best efforts, Adam failed to develop an erection, but Trinity refused to become disheartened and knew there had to be a way to arouse her husband.

At this stage, Father McDermott arrived in his Citroën Saxo to return Tenequa to her mother. He'd had enough of his bastard daughter for one weekend and couldn't wait to get the little brat off his hands. He knocked on the back door of the farmhouse, but no-one answered. Tenequa was fast asleep in the car, so he decided to have a look around the farm to see where everyone had got to. He could hear Trinity's voice coming from the chicken coop, causing him to wander over in curiosity. When he entered the coop, he was dismayed at the sight of Trinity pulling on the foreskin of his incarcerated ex-lover.

Naturally, Trinity was less than pleased by the presence of her former love-rival during such an intimate encounter with her estranged husband, but after some surmising, she saw a way for her to turn his arrival to her advantage. Her intense love for the cousin that she had married still burnt strong; even after all his homosexual affairs, schizophrenic episodes, attempted stabbings and arson attacks. She was prepared to do just about anything to conceive another child with the demented faggot, and within a few moments of gentle persuasion, she managed to enlist Father McDermott's assistance in her scheme to give her precious Caesar a younger brother or sister.

Father McDermott began to help by driving his tongue deep into Adam's arsehole, while Trinity continued working on his prick. Once his saliva had made Adam's anus adequately moist, he began to pull his middle finger in and out of his famished man-cunt. He was preparing him for an imminent rogering. Trinity could fell Adam's cock hardening in her hand and started to direct it towards her soaking cunt, as Father McDermott ploughed his stiff monster deep into Adam's anal passage.

Adam finally entered Trinity, moving deeper and deeper inside her, as Father McDermott plunged further and further into his gaping arsehole. He placed his hand on the back of Adam's head and started banging it against the wall, as he rammed his cock even deeper into his submissive anus. Trinity could feel Adam's prick continuing to harden, as the weight of the two men crushed her mercilessly. Father McDermott started thrusting his fat prick at a greater speed now, causing Adam to almost reach breaking point. Trinity could tell by the expression on her husband's face that he was about to come at any moment. Her cunt responded to the impending discharge, by an opulent build-up of her girly juices around his prick. She screamed with joy, as Adam shot his jism into her soaking pussy. After the ejaculation, Trinity remained pinned to the wall, unable to move, as Father McDermott continued rogering Adam.

The deviate priest took one last thrust at him from behind. He released his burning load into his gaping man-cunt, and as he did, he punched Adam's head with his furious fist, knocking him unconscious. Trinity screamed hysterically, as he fell to his feet. Her agonizing cries irritated Father McDermott, causing him to slap her brutally across the face.

All this commotion arose the attention of Rowena, who had just resumed fingering herself in the byre. She withdrew her finger from her cunt and ran speedily into the coop, where she was shocked to find her twin brother in such a lifeless state. Rowena and Adam may have had their differences in the past, but the protective instinct that one sibling feels for another overcame her, as she grabbed the pitchfork from the compost heap outside. She lunged at Father McDermott with her weapon of choice. His naked body sprinted from the coop down through the fields, as Rowena followed him in hot pursuit.

She chased her former lover down the front lane of the farm, before he stumbled to the ground. Rowena took another jive at him with the deadly pitchfork. She narrowly missed him, allowing Father McDermott to grab hold of her missile. He threw the pitchfork into the river, before grasping Rowena and slapping her viciously across the face. He forced her to the ground and began sucking on her nipples.

He then positioned his cock towards her mouth, as Rowena's tongue wrapped around the tip of his bulging prick. She licked the taste of her brother's arsehole off Father McDermott's enraged penis, before taking it deep into her wet eager throat. Her head moved up and down on his monster, which was becoming even more drenched in her saliva. She stuck her middle finger up his arsehole, causing his cock to swell up with burning spunk, which he then fired inside her juicy lips.

So while Father McDermott and Rowena were once again getting to know each other in a biblical sense, Adam was taking away to the hospital where he remained in a coma. Trinity, of course, was devastated at her husband's descent into the life of a comatose patient, but within a few weeks, she had cause for joy when she discovered that her audacious scheme had bore fruit and that she was now with child to Adam once more.

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