tagRomanceFrom Afar Ch. 01

From Afar Ch. 01


She walked into her lonely apartment. Ajax, her cat nuzzled her leg in his usual greeting. She headed to her cabinet and cabinet and poured herself a glass of wine, which she took in one gulp. In a daze she flopped down on her sofa, absent-mindedly stroking Ajax's head when he had climbed on her lap.

She was still reeling from the news. Sara Carey could hardly believe the news when she had heard it. Chad Green was going to have his rehabilitation in her clinic and she would be his caseworker. She didn't know how to react to this. All those years ago, she had loved him from afar, and he didn't even know that she was alive. Chad was a huge football star now, or at least was until that unfortunate incident on the field several months ago. She leaned back against the couch and remembered back to a time when she was a fourteen-year-old freshman in high school.

She was short and obese, her mousy brown hair hung limply in greasy clumps against her forehead. She wore braces, and had a terrible case of acne. She had been dubbed as scary Carey but some of the more cruel kids in school. Sara's only redeeming quality were her huge chocolate brown eyes. She was shy and kept to herself going through the mundane routine of high school when she really just wanted to end it all.

One day she had been in a bit of a daydream when she was on her way to class and ran right smack into a brick wall. He books went flying everywhere. The brick wall had turned out to be Chad Green, the school's golden boy. He was the big man on campus. Chad was a senior, and the star quarterback, track champion, and best all around. Sara had secretly had a crush on him since she had spied him in the halls. He was every teenage girl's fantasy will his blonde wavy mane, that was bit too long, his perfect white teeth that lit his entire face when he smile, the ice blue eyes, and the cute dimples that gave him a boyish look of mischief that melted many hearts.

He was around six and a half feet and very muscularly built. The best part about him in Sara's eyes was that he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, which was so rare in one so popular. Sara scrambled to pick her books up and he helped silently. When all her books were collected, he handed them over to her and gave that smile melted her heart. She blushed furiously, turning a bright pink.

"If you walk around like that you'll probably run into something a lot more solid next time," he scolded gently. He handed her books back, and walked off. She couldn't believe that he actually talked to her. Chad Green had talked to her! Sara walked on cloud nine that day, of course it meant nothing to him. Besides, his girlfriend was Clair Thomas, head cheerleader, best dressed and most beautiful. She was also an all around bitch. Sara could never understand why it seemed that nice guys always ended up with bitchy girlfriends.

Sara had the misfortune of having gym class with Clair, who went out of her way to laugh at the ugly fat girl. Sara was ashamed to take a shower after gym because her eyes would always stray to Clair's perfect, goddess-like body, and then look down at her squat body. She found ways to make sure she was the last one in and the first one out of the showers to avoid the ridicule that Clair inflicted. It just didn't seem fair that she had never done anything to this girl but yet she hated Sara for the simple fact that she was not pretty and popular like herself.

The salt on the wound for Sara was that she had Chad believing that she was all goodness and sunshine. Men were such idiots sometimes. That night in her bed, she tossed and turned, thinking about her run in with Chad. She felt hot and uncomfortable especially... down there. She pushed away her covers away from her body. Instinctively she pulled up her nightshirt and put her hand in her panties. She had never done anything like this before.

She knew about masturbation, had in fact just had a lecture about it in Sex Education class, but it was something that she didn't think she would be into, but here she was, trying to relieve the hot feeling in her vagina. She pulled her panties down to her waist and squeezed the outer lips roughly. She closed her eyes and moaned. If she imagined hard enough she could visualize that her hands were Chad's gently easing into the slit between her legs. Her fingers captured her throbbing clit, twisting and squeezing it, while she thrashed uncontrollably on the bed. She had to bite her lip to prevent herself from crying to loudly, as not to wake her parents.

She had never experienced such sensations before. She thought about what it would be like if Chad were lying next to her and as she thought this she slipped a finger into her wet sheath. She gasped slightly at the tightness and the slight discomfort, but as she work the finger in and out the pleasure overcame any discomfort. Her other hand slid up to one of her young breasts. Simultaneously playing with a nipple and fingering herself, she had her very first orgasm.

"Chad" she whispered in the dark as she convulsed with pleasure. She feel asleep soon after, with a smile on her face. From then on she followed Chad's career closely. She went to his every football, game and sometimes she like to imagine that he could actually see her in the stands and it inspired him to play better although she knew this was a foolish fantasy. She sometimes saw him in the halls and there was never a flicker of recognition in his eyes, which was a bit disappointing but he always smiled back when she smiles at him. Sara collected every news clipping that appeared in the local paper about him and put it in a special scrapbook. When he won an athletic scholarship at one of the top schools in the country, no one was prouder than Sara.

Of course it pained her that Clair followed him to that same school the following year when she graduated but there was nothing that could be done about that. Sara still kept tabs on his college career. She eventually went on to college herself and lost the fat and acne. Her braces came off and although she would never win and beauty pageants she was attractive when she put forth the effort to make herself so.

Sara became an avid Monday night football watcher when Chad became one of the top quarterbacks in the country, making millions. She knew that Chad was living the all-American dream, he had married his high school sweetheart Clair, and had a son. Sara was just happy knowing that Chad was happy. She knew that her love for him would never be returned, but that was okay; life was good.

She had a good job as a physiotherapist which she enjoyed. She dated occasionally but no one ever quite measured up and in the back of her head she knew it was because on Chad. Sometimes at night when she couldn't sleep, she would touch herself and think of him. That still gave her the same pleasure that it had ten years earlier, when she was fourteen.

She would never forget the day she had read the news in the paper about the tragic death of his wife and son in a car accident. Her heart ached for him. She took time off from work and immediately flew to where the funerals would be held. Of course the service was not open to the public, but she needed to be close to him in his time of needed to be close to him. She waited across the street during the funeral and as the procession came out, her eyes were on her beloved Chad who looked so torn apart. It had taken all of her will power not to rush over to him and throw herself in his arms.

She went back home that night and said a little prayer for him. Tragedy soon struck, two months later, when on the field, he was sacked so violently that the impact of the fall broke his neck. The first diagnosis was that he would never walk again, and Sara had cried herself to sleep that night, but weeks later after two operations, word was out that there was a chance for him to walk again, although his football career was over. Now here she sat not knowing how she would react seeing him face to face after so many years. One thing was certain, she would do anything in her power to make sure that he walked again. What else could she do? She loved him.

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