tagRomanceFrom Afar Ch. 10

From Afar Ch. 10


As Chad held his wife's sleeping form against his body, he reflected on the past year. Everything seemed so surreal now. Chad stroked and kissed Sara's hair causing a small sigh of content to escape her lips. She did not awaken, however. He thought of how lucky he was to have someone so special in his life. He would gladly take back any pain that he had caused her within the past year but he knew that he couldn't. The only thing that he could do however was to love her with all his might, which he certainly intended to do. Chad was going to shower her with so much love that she would never be in any doubt as to how he felt for her.

Chad was over the moon at the news of her pregnancy. Fearing that he would never have another chance at naturally fathering another child of his blood was a hard pill to swallow. He knew though, that it was probably worse for Sara considering how badly she wanted to have the first baby they had conceived together. Chad had been overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness when the doctor had originally informed them that Sara would probably not conceive again after that devastating miscarriage that she suffered. Chad had blamed himself.

Although his dreams included starting a family with Sara he was just pleased that his wife was okay. Sara had been so devastated about the miscarriage that she slowly began to withdraw into herself as if her spirit had died. It had taken them a while to work out their problems after that. Now that Sara was pregnant again it was like God smiling down on them letting them know that everything would be okay. Holding Sara close to him now, taking in the sweet scent of her, feeling her heartbeat next to his, Chad knew that it would be.

Chad couldn't exactly pinpoint when their problems had began but it seemed so far away now. From the moment that they exchanged vows, everything seemed perfect. Everything was right in his marriage and his career was heading into a new exciting direction. Chad still missed playing football but at least he was still apart of it, giving play-by-play commentary for a popular sports show. The media attention and sudden fame that seemed to have dropped into his lap was a bit overwhelming. The kind of attention that he was now receiving was nowhere near the amount that he received when he had just played football. After a while he was eating it up. Hell, he was only human. It felt good to be admired and as much as he hated to admit it now, his ego had gotten a little on the big side. Chad didn't realize that in the beginning, and as far as he was concerned all was right with the world. His career was reaching heights he never imagined it would and he had a happy loving wife. Or so he thought.

In the beginning Sara would accompany him wherever he had to make a television appearance and she seemed happy enough to do so. At night they would make love and each time would be like the first. He still couldn't get enough her scent, her taste, and the look on her face when her told her that he loved her. Soon, however, Sara became quiet and withdrawn. She started to make excuses for not traveling with him. She grew distant no longer wanting to make love as often and when they did she would turn her back to him afterwards. He could swear that he had caught he crying a few times and each time he would ask what the matter was and she would deny flat out that she had been crying at all. Sara didn't talk to him about what was going on in her life while he was away and she didn't seem to show any interest in his either.

Chad was hurt because he didn't know what was happening between them, and Sara was certainly not volunteering any reason for the changes that were happening between them. After the initial hurt, anger set in. What the hell was her problem? He hadn't done anything to deserve the treatment he was getting from her. He worshipped the ground she walked on but yet she treated him like a stranger in his own home.

Chad confronted her one night with his feelings when he had finally had enough. That was the night that he received some good news from his agent. When Chad came home he was so thrilled that he was practically bursting to share his news with his wife. Sara was in the garden pulling weeds. Gardening had become one of her hobbies. Sara was in her usual withdrawn state but Chad was so excited that he didn't take any notice. "Sara, why don't you finish up your gardening it's getting dark out and besides, I have some super news!" He exclaimed holding his hand out to her to help her up.

"What?" She asked ignoring his hand and really not even looking at him as she continued to pull weeds. She either didn't note his enthusiasm or really seem to care for that matter.

He sighed but went on anyway, somehow his news didn't seem so big anymore, "I've been offered a role for a movie! It's not a lead role mind you, but it's an opportunity for bigger and better things. Isn't that fantastic?" He bent down to kiss her but she pulled away from him. That was when he had finally snapped. "What is wrong with you?" he demanded angrily.

"Nothing, that's great news." She said sounding as if it were anything but.

Chad wanted to shake her he was so angry. "What the hell is with you? I mean you have been walking around this house looking right through me. You don't want to make love anymore and you don't want to come with me to the studio anymore. I thought you could at least conjure up enough emotion to be happy for me when I bring home news like this but you can't even pretend for my sake can you? I'm asking again, what is your damn problem lady?" he yelled with a tone he never thought he would use with Sara.

Instead of an explanation, Sara burst into tears. Chad felt like cutting out his tongue for making her cry. He had made a promise to himself to never make her cry but it was now broken. He felt like a first class asshole. He knelt down beside her and took her in his arms. "Sara, baby, whatever it is, we can work it out just please don't shut me out. I just wouldn't be able to stand that." He kissed he forehead in a comforting gesture.

"I'm pregnant Chad." She said simply.

It took him a moment to take it in, His chest swelled with pride at the thought of her carrying his child. "That's wonderful news darling. I thought you wanted children too." He said a bit confused that she didn't seem as happy about it as he did.

"I do," she sighed "But now you're a star and I'm not sure how this is going to affect us. You don't need someone dull like me. You would only become ashamed of me as time went on." Sara began to sob in earnest this time.

So that's what was bothering her. Chad hugged her tightly. "Don't let me hear you say that again. I love you, and there nothing more important to me than you and our child. You two will come before my career and you should know that. I made promises to you on our wedding day and I don't intend to break them now or ever. I am so happy about the baby, I can't even think of the appropriate words to express the joy that I feel. No one will ever take the place of my son in my heart but there is so much room in here to love more children." He said placing her hand over his heart.

Sara's eyes were filled with happy tears now. "Oh, Chad, I love you so much. Sometimes I just get so insecure and I get scared that you will get tired of me." She admitted.

"Never! You know I intended to take you out for a night on the town so that we could paint the town red but right now there's only one way I can think to celebrate." And with that he scooped her up in his arms and took her to the bedroom.

He slowly undressed her body, nibbling on her flesh as she moaned in delight. For the past few weeks Sara had held back in their loving making but tonight she didn't. She wanted to explore him as he did her as well. Her hands drifted over the hard muscled plains of his body. Sometimes it was hard to believe that she was married to this beautiful man with his godlike physique. In a swift move, she rolled over to be on top of him. "Sara, take it easy," he warned with concern for the baby.

"I won't break Chad, and neither will the baby, now lay back and enjoy." She assured. She kissed his lips gently at first and then dipped her tongue playfully between them tasting the slight flavor of mint. His tongue reached out to meet hers and retreated only to snake out once more. They kissed deeply and sensually. Sara placed kisses across his jaw to his neck, letting her tongue trail to the spot behind his ear that she knew drove him wild. Chad wiggled impatiently as Sara's tongue continued its unhurried exploration. Sara moved slowly down her husband's taunt body admiring the great shape that he was in. She touched her slightly parted lips to the hard discs of his nipple and gently nipped.

"Oh, baby," he moaned. She did it again taking her time this time gently sucking on the small nub. Sara gave the other nipple as much attention before moving further down his body. She kissed him until she got to his feet where she gently sucked and nipped his toes. She knew it drove him wild when she played with his feet.

When it seemed as if he couldn't take anymore of her teasing Chad sat up to reach for her but she playfully pushed him back down. "Not yet lover boy" she smiled wickedly. She pulled his legs slightly apart and settled between his thighs. She gently cupped his balls in her lands and began to suck them in her mouth. They were slightly salty and sweaty from his excitement but it was not an unpleasant taste. She loved tasting every bit of Chad. She felt his hands in her hair urging her head to the place he wanted her mouth the most. She didn't disappoint him. She began to lick his swollen cock, up and down as a child licking a Popsicle. Her velvety tongue against his member was driving him out of his mind. If she continued to tease him this way he felt that he would flip her over and screw her senseless but in the back of his mind he remembered the baby and held himself back.

Sara continued to tease as she circled the head with her tongue and fingers. Only when Chad emitted a high-pitched whimper from his lips did she take his shaft fully into her mouth. During the time that they had been married she had learned what pleased him the most. He loved it when she could get his cock all the way in her mouth, which was no easy feat since he was quite endowed. She slowly swallowed his cock over and over again until she felt a burst of warm liquid squirt into her mouth. She swallowed all that she could and what she couldn't catch dribbled down her chin. She looked him seductively in the eyes as she wiped his cum from her mouth and then licked it from her hand.

His cock remained as rigid as stone when she did that. Taking advantage of his arousal, Sara straddled him placing her dripping wetness over his rod. He filled all of her. He grasped her hips and moved her up and down. Somewhere along the lines he lost the thin line of control that he was hold on to. It just felt too damn good being inside her. "God yes!" she cried out in ecstasy. She arched her back taking his dick even deeper inside her. She rode him as wildly as the raging desire he felt himself. They continued on until it felt as if they would both literally burst. Only when they met their mutual climax did Sara collapse tiredly against Chad. They both lay in sweaty, satisfied heaps until they had caught their breaths.

"That was wonderful baby, but do you think that was wise?" he asked thinking about the baby in concern.

"Don't worry darling, babies, are tougher creatures than you think." She smiled knowingly. It was as if those words served as a foreshadowing to what was to come.

When the media found out that America's darling was to be in a movie every interviewer from Barbara Walters to Matt Lauer wanted a piece of Chad Green. He was a hot property. The movie hadn't even begun filming and already there was a major buzz, and not only because of Chad Green, but Bianca Devereux who was alleged to have had affairs with most of the men she played opposite was to star in the film as well.

Sara soon began to lose the confidence that she had regained once more. There was no way she could compete with someone as stunning as Bianca. The very thought of it gave her an anxiety more acute than before. She knew that she wouldn't be able to stand to see then together if she were to go with him to the filming of the movie in Europe. She used the baby as excuse for not going with him. At first Chad protested saying that he wanted her to be with him, but Sara finally convinced him that it would probably be best if she were close to her own physician if something were to happen, this being her first pregnancy and all. Chad seemed to buy it but he couldn't quite hide his disappointment. In the end he only really let her get her way because he didn't want to argue with her.

As the filming was underway, Chad became caught up in the glitz and glamour of making his first movie. He made sure to call Sara every night although sometimes it seemed as if she weren't happy to hear his voice. He shrugged it off thinking that perhaps she was preoccupied with baby stuff. Chad made friends with the crew and other actors on the set. That was how he met Bianca Devereux.

Bianca was already a young established actress who had once been slated as the new Sharon Stone with her sultry good looks and body to die for. It soon became obvious to the media that she was actually an original. She was a blonde bombshell who knew exactly how her looks affected men and had no problems using those looks to get what she wanted. Already she had developed a reputation for being difficult to work with but her talent greatly outweighed her diva like characteristics. Bianca for some reason took a liking to Chad and decided to take him under her wing giving him acting tips and talking to him in between scenes.

In the beginning he was flattered that this famous actress would actually want his company. He ignored the fact that the director himself had taken him aside and warned him about Bianca because he knew Chad was happily married. Chad had laughed by say, "Bianca's really very nice. I think she's misunderstood.' Chad shrugged off the director's advice. Even the leading man of the film Sam Jones had tried to warn him. Chad dismissed that as well.

Only when it was too late did he realize that he should have listened when he had the chance.

To Be Continued...

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