From Barbara to Barbie Pt. 2


He didn't underestimate his wife, the new Barbie. But he also thought that this would just be something fun for her to tell Susan. He didn't know that it was the conversation with Susan while he was sleeping that had helped to embolden her to make the call in the first place.

When she finished her hot bath, she sat down at the vanity, put rollers in her golden hair, touched up her nails and then carefully applied her makeup. She realized that she was taking extra care as she prepared for this late lunch with a man she really didn't know even though she had been intimate with him a few hours earlier. In the walk-in closet she selected a smart navy blue suit that she had bought on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills after her surgery. After she dressed, stepped into her heels and brushed her hair she was ready. She saw that she would be a few minutes late but wasn't that fashionable? she wondered.

"So you're really going to meet that guy?" Asked Gordon.

"I don't see what harm can come in just meeting him, can you?"

"I guess not." He realized that he didn't have any room to talk. "How long do you think you'll be?"

"An hour or so. Should we meet back here at, oh, say 3:30?" She asked.

"That's fine with me."

Chapter 3

Lenox Williams saw her before she saw him. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. The navy blue Chanel suit with the skirt just a tasteful few inches above her bare knees and the expensive Italian high heels were perfect. When she saw him, she broke into a smile of recognition and then walked toward him, taking strides as long as the tight skirt would permit. He noticed that nearly everyone still in the cafe at this hour starred at her as she approached the corner table. He stood to greet her and lightly kissed both of her cheeks.

He was wearing an expensive dark blue double-breasted suit with a crew neck burgundy silk T- shirt. His eyes, that she didn't know were bloodshot, were covered by dark glasses. She imagined that everyone in the cafe thought that she was, most likely, a model or an actress meeting with her agent or manager for an innocent late lunch. Then the irony of her unspoken thoughts caused Barbara to question her own motives for agreeing to this strange meeting, but she didn't have much time to question her motives.

"Sit down beautiful Barbie," he said as he pulled back the chair next to the one he had been sitting on. "It's so good to see you again. You look unbelievably gorgeous and, though I can't understand how, very refreshed."

"Thanks, I feel fine."

"I have to tell you Barbie, I haven't been able to stop thinking about last night, I guess I should say this morning, you were fantastic."

She turned six shades of red as this man she didn't really know complimented her, implicitly, on her sexual abilities. "Stop it Len, we're in public."

"Do you want to go somewhere more private?" He asked with a chuckle.

"That's not what I meant. I just meant that this isn't the place to talk about last night. Also, I'm kind of uncomfortable talking about that subject, not just here but anywhere."

"Why's that?" He wanted to know as he took her hand in his and leaned closer to her so she could answer more quietly.

"Can I have something to drink before we continue?"

"Of course, I'm sorry for not asking. Do you want something to eat also? What do you want to drink?"

"I'm not hungry and I'll have what you're having."

Lenox thought that was a good sign. Here was this beauty, in a small way, placing herself in his hands. He remembered that a few hours ago at the club, she didn't resist at all as he made arrangements for four of the men who worked at the club to join them in the private room. She had been as enthusiastic as humanly possible. He caught the attention of the waiter and ordered a J&B on the rocks for each of them. "So tell me, Barbie, why are you uncomfortable talking about what happened at the club?"

She looked around, leaned closer and said, "don't get the wrong idea about us, Len. That was the first time I've ever done anything like that?"

He laughed. "Are you telling me you were a virgin?"

"Stop it! You know what I meant. I meant I had never done anything like that with another man. We're a very straight couple from the mid-west, at least we were. I wasn't a virgin when we married but he was the first and only man for me until last night."

"Well, take it from someone who knows a great deal about these things, you were wonderful, the best ever for me," he said truthfully. It wasn't necessary for him to lie or exaggerate to her about his experience between the cheeks of her ass and what he saw Rash and the others do to her and what she, in return, did for all of them.

"Well, thanks, I guess that's a compliment," she said just before their drinks arrived. She would have ordered something fruity, less strong than straight scotch, which she thought of as a man's drink, but it was smoother than she expected and perfect for sipping slowly.

"What are your plans for tonight?" The handsome black man asked.

"We haven't made any plans. Why do you ask?"

He didn't answer her but reached in his side jacket pocket, took out something and then placed a small Nokia cell telephone on the table and pushed it towards her.

"What's this for? I already have a cell phone."

"Not like this one. This is a special phone, Barbie."

"What makes it so special?" She wanted to know.

"Well that phone is programmed to receive calls, voice mail and text messages only from my agencies and to place calls by pushing just one button back to them. You might think of it as an electronic link to my world."

Barbara wasn't surprised. She knew last night, and then when she was taking her bath, that sometime during their lunch--their liquid lunch--that this subject would come up. "What's that got to do with me? Why would I need to be in touch with your world?"

He smiled knowingly at her and said, "need, is the right word, Barbie. Of course you don't have to communicate with us but, after last night, I really think you need to. I've never seen a woman enjoy herself more at Le Trapeze than you did and I've seen a lot of women there. You were special, you are special." He swirled the cubes in his glass, took a sip of the amber liquid and said, "I couldn't count the number of times that you climaxed. And the men, well speaking for myself, you sucked me dry and drained every drop of my semen deep into your ass."

Barbara caught her breath. She knew that she was flushed, her heart was racing wildly and this talk was making her dampen her tiny panties. "Last night at the club with my husband was one thing, what you are suggesting is something else. My husband and I haven't even decided if we will ever go back to the club or participate in something like that in the future."

"Let me ask you something, Barbie. Does your husband know where you are?"

"Yes, I told him that we were meeting here. He's upstairs waiting for me."

"What did he have to say about us meeting?" Len asked.

"He didn't say anything."

"Well, in my experience, if he didn't tie you up and lock the door he is more than okay with the idea."

She knew that he was right. Gordon had told her himself that after the first time with Marlene, Marlene the call girl, he had thought of her doing the same thing. He had thought of her with other men. He didn't say a word to stop her from getting dressed to keep her appointment with Len. She sensed that for both of them this weekend was to be a trial period. A time where they could test their respective limits. Susan had told her that if she had the same opportunity she would jump at the chance. "You may be right about my husband," she admitted, "but I seriously doubt that men would be interested in someone my age."

"You're wrong about that. I can tell you that most men aren't interested in the twenty-year-old, they'd much rather be with a woman in her late twenties or earlier thirties."

So he thought she was at least a decade younger than she was. That was very flattering. She didn't see any need to correct him. She picked up the cell phone and said, "I'm not saying that I want to use this cell phone but if I did, how would it work?" Then she placed the small phone back on the table.

"I understand, but if you were to take the phone with you, then you would merely wait for it to ring. One of my girls who works the phones would tell you the name of the client, the hotel he is staying at and his room number. If he wants a certain type of date she would tell you about that. You would tell her where you are and she would estimate how long it would take for you to get to the client's location. When you arrive at the hotel you would call the client from the house phone and then go directly to his room."

This was more than she wanted to know. But another part of her thought that this must have been what it was like for Gordon and Marlene, at least the first time they were together, except that Marlene dealt directly with her clients and not through an agency. "What would I wear?"

"What you have on is almost perfect. There's just one thing though, your legs are bare, you should always wear stockings and a black garter belt, never wear panties. The garter belt sort of frames the merchandise and drives guys wild. It's entirely up to you, but most guys love a bald pussy. Also, never wear a bra and you sure don't need one anyway. It wouldn't hurt if you put your hair up until you were in the room, then you could let it down. Plain glasses from a drug store would make you look more like a business woman, a hotel guest. We can't be too careful in this business."

"What about the . . . oh, this is difficult, what about the services?"

"Honey, last night I saw you suck and swallow and get fucked in the pussy and the ass. Unless you're into golden showers or S&M or B&D then what you did last night is about the full range of straight menu services."

"I meant the charges," she explained softly as she looked down at the table.

"Three bills, $300, is the minimum for an outcall. It's entirely up to you, but you should be able to get more for anal and with your looks and enthusiasm a big tip, maybe a c note or more. I can't tell you that part because I won't be there. You'll have to rely on your womanly instincts." He pushed the phone a few inches closer to her glass.

It's funny, she thought, I can thank him for the drink, stand up and leave and return to my husband and the safety of our room, or I can take the telephone and wait for it to ring. She sipped from her glass, then set it down on the white linen table cloth and slowly moved her delicate hand to the phone and picked it up.

Success! Len thought to himself as he smiled at his conquest. "It's still early Barbie. You probably won't get a call until 7:00 or so. When you get to the client's room you ask if he's a cop. After you settle on the money, you press "1" and the phone will automatically call the agency. If he's paying by credit card, the agency will take care of it and let you know that it was approved in just a minute or two. Tell the agency that you're in the room, how long you expect to stay there and that everything's okay. Then, it's best to tell the client to get comfortable and ask if you can use his bathroom. He knows, almost always, that getting comfortable means getting undressed. In the bathroom take off everything but your stockings, garter belt and heels." He chuckled then said, "There's not much coaching I can give you for what happens when you come back in the room but you sure don't need any coaching. When you finish you press "1" again and tell the agency you're available. Obviously, if you haven't called by the appropriate time, then they'll call you. We have a good system that really works. Any questions?"

"Not that I can think of." She didn't have a clue what questions to ask. He'd already told her more, and in greater detail, than she thought was necessary.

He reached into his pocket and discreetly placed something under his big black hand and slid it towards her, "take these and never, never do anything without protection."

When he lifted his hand she saw that it was a package containing a dozen lubricated condoms. She quickly put the package on her lap, looked around the room, and hoped that no one saw what he had passed to her. "I guess that's it then," she said.

"There's one other thing, if you press "2" the phone dials me directly. If you get into trouble or things get slow and you're lonely, press "2." "

She slipped the phone and package of condoms into her clutch bag. They stood, embraced and walked out of the cafe. He walked quickly to the entrance and she walked to the elevator lobby.

Chapter 4

Gordon couldn't remember when an hour had elapsed more ponderously. He told housekeeping to come back later, then he took a shower, slipped on a pair of khakis and tried to watch Saturday afternoon television. His mind, however, was not on the television but on this incredible creature who had emerged from years of not caring about her appearance to the point that it had nearly ended whatever sex life they once had. All of that was in the past. The present was more than he could have expected. Last night, Barbara took to the club like a duck to water and he couldn't have been more surprised that she was interested in meeting Len and hearing what he had to say. The fact that she had taken special care before she left for her meeting with the black man, did not go unnoticed.

It seemed like several hours had passed, though he knew it had only been an hour, when he heard the gentle knocking on the door. "How'd it go?" He asked.

"Fine. We didn't have anything to eat, just a drink and some conversation."

"That's what I meant, how did the conversation go?"

"He has these escort agencies and he wants me work for him tonight and see how it goes."

"What did you tell him?"

She didn't answer but opened her purse, took out the cell phone and the package of condoms and dropped them on the bed. Then she unbuttoned her jacket slipped it off her shoulders, reached behind her and deftly unhooked her sheer bra. She stepped out of her heels, unzipped the skirt and let it drop. Her panties, with a moist gusset, were added to the pile of clothing. "I'm going to rest for a while, Len said not to expect a call until after 7:00 that should give me three hours before I have to get ready. Care to join me?" She asked seductively as she patted the bed..

Gordon had been with two other women since he had made love with his wife, the Asian upstairs at the club and Rash's wife in one of the private rooms. If his count was correct, Barbara had been with six different men and Rash twice. Their lips joined, husband and wife were connecting. He tasted the residue of scotch and smelled it on her breath. This was new too, he didn't know she drank scotch. Their warm bodies touched from shoulder to toe. He broke the kiss and locked his lips around one of her hard nipples. It was, of course, familiar but almost undetectably different. Just a fraction thicker, a centimeter longer, a degree harder than he could remember. Also, judging by her reaction as she held his head, it was more sensitive than in the past. He switched breasts and found that they still matched perfectly in size and sensitivity. Then, his hand touched her pubis and she parted her legs. His fingers gently rubbed the area between her thighs and then, with his index finger, he parted her soaking folds. He teased the swollen lips and then touched her sensitive clit. She recoiled from his touch as if she had been touched by the tip of an electric cattle prod. Instantly, she experienced her first orgasm of the day, at least in the daylight and in their room.

Why can't I be satisfied with this? She asked herself. Gordon was a caring, accomplished lover. As handsome, intelligent and charming as any man she had ever known. She stopped thinking because her feelings had taken over as he scooted down her body, placed his mouth on her vagina and began to lick and nip and suck from her clit to her anus. When he took the little nub between his lips and sucked as hard as he dared, she began a non-stop climax that ended with her begging him, just like she had begged Len and Rash at the club. "Oh . . . Oh honey, that feels soooo good but now you've got to fuck me . . . fill me up . . . please, please put it in . . . don't make me wait."

He didn't make her wait. He plunged into the vagina that he had been in thousands of times before. This time, he knew that the same flesh that was surrounding his pulsing shaft had surrounded five black penises, Rash's giant shaft, countless fingers and several different tongues. Nonetheless, it felt wonderful, maybe more wonderful than ever before. His thoughts, however, didn't help him prolong his own climax, they had just the opposite stimulating effect. Within minutes he announced, "here it comes baby . . . I can't hold off any longer . . . ahhhhh . . . oh shit." As he stiffened and emptied his balls of their fresh semen.

"No baby, please wait . . . hold on . . . ahhh." But she felt that it was too late. She should have helped pace them rather than meet him thrust for thrust in a frantic race to the finish line of his climax. She wanted this time to last longer and be more special for them but she also knew that it would a couple of hours before he could recover and be ready for more.

It didn't take long for them to fall into an exhausted sleep in each others arms.

Barbara heard a sound that was unfamiliar. Was she dreaming, she asked herself, as the sound persisted until she became fully awake from her nap. Then she knew what it was, it was the ringing of the cell phone that Len had given her. She, cleared her throat, pushed the green talk button and said, "hello."

"Hi Barbie, this is Myrna. There's a mister Porter at the Helmsley Palace that would like some company. Do you have something you can write on?"

"What time is it?"

"It's a few minutes after 5:00," said Myrna.

"I didn't expect you to call for another couple of hours."

"Len said you would be ready and for some reason we're busier than usual. We really need you. Do you have something to write with?"

"Hang on," she said as she walked to the desk, grabbed a pencil and a note pad. "Go on."

"Mr. William Porter, he's in room 767 at the Helmsley Palace, that's near Sak's Fifth Avenue. He's okay, a regular with our agency. Where are you now and how long will it take for you to get there?"

"I'm at the Carlyle but I have to get ready, say 45 minutes."

"Okay, Barbie, I'll tell him you'll be there about a quarter to six." Then she was gone.

Gordon had been listening to the conversation. In forty-five minutes, his wife would be doing what Marlene had done with him. She would go to a man's room. The man would give her money and she would have sex with someone she had never met and for whom she had no feelings. He knew that before she could leave their room, however, she would have to remove the deposit he had left inside her body before they fell asleep.

Barbara didn't know that the sound of the cell phone had also awakened Gordon. As she walked into the bathroom and ran her second tub of the afternoon she assumed he was still asleep. How fast things were moving, she thought. While the tub was filling she went to the dresser and removed a pair of black stockings and a black garter belt that she had bought in Beverly Hills. When she bought them she had naughty thoughts of how Gordon would react to her change from pantihose to stockings. Now, the reaction would come from William Porter. Who was William Porter? How old was he? What did he look like? Thinking like Susan, she couldn't help but wonder, how big was his cock, the cock that would be inside her body in about an hour? The thought caused her body cavity, involuntarily, to become moist in anticipation.

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