From Barbara to Barbie


Susan was a beautiful bride. But a dozen years later, after three children, life had taken a toll. She gained weight. She too let herself go. Sex, that had been so important to her, lost its importance. Susan wasn't married to an understanding husband. Her husband demanded that she lose the weight or she would lose him. The pounds didn't go away but he did. She was divorced with three small children to raise. The alimony and child support helped but they weren't enough. She needed to go to work, both to earn money and to get out of the house. She found a job at a small company that gave her a chance to reenter the work place. She started with filing and helping out in a small office where she became more conscious of her weight, her clothes and her appearance. She began to see herself through the eyes of her co- workers and she didn't like what they saw.

The office staff was pretty much a party crowd. While she couldn't join them for drinks because she had to rush home to the kids, sometimes she wished that she could. She vowed to get back in shape and drop the weight but that proved to be harder than she thought it would be.

She watched what she ate. She walked to work everyday when the weather permitted. In three months she had lost nearly thirty pounds then she reached a plateau. She would never again have worn a size six if she hadn't started dating Steve. Steve saw the potential in her. After their third date he asked her come up to his apartment. No sooner had the door closed behind them than he took her in his arms and kissed her. She longed for the affection. It had been a long time since her divorce and Steve was the first man to hold her and make her feel like a woman again. When he cupped her breast she grabbed his wrist and said, "stop."

"What the fuck do you mean stop? Let's get something straight right now Susan. I like you a lot. Girls that I like a lot I fuck a lot. If that's not okay with you say the word and I'll have you back at your place in a flash."

"You just don't understand Steve. It's been a long time for me and . . . and . . . well, I don't want you to see my flabby body."

"Baby, I've noticed that you've lost some weight. There's still some to go but I know that within a few months you'll look great again." He kissed her, looked into her eyes and said, "I want you to do it for me. Get skinny for me Susan. Make me and every man who sees you want to stick his dick in your snatch."

Susan told Barbara that he did make love to her that night. Though he was crude he became her inspiration. She wanted him to touch firm hard smooth flesh not lumpy, mushy flesh. The last time that Barbara had visited Susan, she was indeed a size six. She admitted that she fucked Steve and other men. She was pretty, maybe prettier than she had ever been. She was also very promiscuous. She and Steve didn't love each other but they needed each other in the most basic way. He was free to be with other women, she was free to be with whomever she wanted to be with. .

Barbara told Gordon everything Susan had revealed--she never could keep a secret from him. When she told him about Susan's new life he called Susan a slut, a whore, a tramp a pin cushion. He told Barbara that he didn't want her to see Susan anymore. She was a bad influence. And so they drifted apart.

"Call her." It wasn't a suggestion. He knew that Susan fucked anything in pants. He knew that she was like Marlene, in some ways, and even like Nancy from Le Trapeze. He also knew that she had successfully completed the arduous round trip from being a swan to becoming an ugly duckling and back to being a swan again.

The next day Barbara did call Susan. They talked for more than an hour. Susan suggested that she start out, like she had, and get down to a manageable weight level before she even considered plastic surgery. She thought that a trip to the beauty salon the next day might do wonders. But it wasn't until she got to the end of the conversation that she confirmed her own method of taking off the last, the most important pounds, and how to keep them off. "Barb, if you get yourself a boyfriend, the pounds will just melt away, I promise. You'd be thinking of him seeing you naked for the first time. Believe me, there's nothing like a new man, a different man. You'd envision a flat tummy, a tight tush, tiny wasp-like waist. I know it's the only thing that really worked for me, trust me. If I hadn't started dating Steve, today I would weigh more than I ever did before. He kept my juices flowing and that helped me keep my resolve."

That night she shared the details of her conversation with Susan with her husband. When she got to the boyfriend part he smiled and said, "she's probably right."

"What're you saying? I thought you'd be pissed." Then she thought for a minute. "Gordon, you're trim. You're in better shape today than when I met you. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Of course not. All I meant was that if having an affair would help you, then I won't stand in your way or ever throw it up to you."

Chapter 6

The next day was a new beginning for Barbara. She threw away her stash of candy. She emptied the cupboards of cake mixes and the freezer of ice cream. She walked a mile but it wasn't easy. That night she was famished from cutting her intake of food by two-thirds. When she stood on the scale at the end of the first week of her new routine, she was pleased to see that she weighed seven pounds less than the week before.

Every day she called Susan and reported on her progress. Susan reported to Barbara on her own progress in trying to fuck every man on the planet. She never ended a conversation without reminding Barbara that the best motivation was picturing herself undressing in front of a new lover.

After three months, unbelievably, she had lost more than thirty-five pounds. When she looked down she saw her feet for the first time in years, not her tummy. She now had a standing weekly appointment at the beauty salon. Every week was the full treatment, hair, nails and makeup. It was costing Gordon a small fortune but that's what he wanted. They had urged her to go blonde, well dark blonde. Her hairdo now resembled Diane Sawyer's, only a shade or two darker. It just touched her shoulders. It was loose, carefree and sexy. It was lustrous, shiny and healthy.

She went back to contact lenses and found the new ones more comfortable than when she used to wear them. Her dentist had whitened her teeth three shades and had, almost instantly, eliminated the effects of decades of coffee, red wine and soda drinking.

She hadn't changed her wardrobe. She had promised herself that there would be no intermediate sizes purchased. Until she could fit into a size eight again, what she already had in her closet would just have to do. She was now walking two miles twice each day and swimming several times a week. She thought that maybe it was time to kick her program into high gear.

That night she and Gordon talked about two weeks at a spa for her. His partner's trophy wives were spa goers. After checking out several places, he made arrangements for her to spend two weeks at La Costa in California. She flew into San Diego and was met at the airport. The women in the spa program had ground floor rooms around the pool. The regimen was intended for one purpose only, to make the person the very best that they could be in two short weeks. Up early, 800 calorie diets and personal exercise programs that tested each guest's limits. A break everyday for a massage, a visit to the beauty salon and a half hour naked in a tanning bed was the pampering that kept them going. Her walking had evolved into jogging. The distance had increased from two miles twice a day to three and a half miles twice a day. By the end of the first week she had firmed up and lost another ten pounds.

She didn't know that Gordon had planned a surprise for her. The first day of her second week, a new person had joined the group. It was Susan. Gordon had paid for the week at the spa, her transportation and arranged for someone to take care of her kids. It must have cost him a small fortune.

One night they were in Barbara's room reminiscing when out of the blue Susan asked, "Barb, do you remember the first time you went all the way with Gordon?"

"I'll never forget it, of course I do. Why do you ask?"

"What was so special about that night?"

Barbara thought this must be some kind of a trick question. "Well, giving myself completely to someone that I love."

"That's pure horseshit! Let me tell you what made it so special. It was something you hadn't done before. It was something that was new, different. You had been raised, like me, to think that it's wrong to screw before your marriage, so fucking Gordon before your wedding day was also forbidden. All of that made the first time with him incredibly exciting." She paused then continued. "Guess what my friend? I get to do that, to recapture those very same feelings once or twice a week."

"Let's face it Susan, you're a shameless slut."

Susan laughed, but didn't disagree. "You got me Barb. Seriously, there isn't anything else like wondering what your date will look like when he gets naked. How big will his cock be? Will he be a good lover? Will he be anxious to eat at the Y club or will he be a priss?" Will he cum in two seconds like a rabbit or will he have you begging him to stop after an hour? What will he taste like?"

"I don't see it like that. For some of us, Susan, one first time is enough for a lifetime."

Susan shook her head in disagreement. "No my friend, variety is the spice of life. Big men, little men. Tall men, short men, White men, black men, yellow men, brown men. Circumcised, un-circumcised. No Barb you just can't get it all in a single package." She let this sink in before she went on. "Once is not enough. And, guess what, the same thing applies to men. Don't kid yourself, they think the same way. Even Gordon, he's a man, he must wonder about a woman he finds attractive, what will she look like naked? Will she be a good lover? What will her boobs look like? Will she swallow? Will she just lay there like a princess or will she fuck like a mink?"

"Believe me Susan, Gordon's enough for me or any woman. I guess I'm just a one man woman."

"Oh, I'll admit that Gordon's a hunk, I wouldn't mind having a go at him myself."

"Gordon's not like that. He doesn't play around."

"My God, Barb, he's a man and you're a woman. You're no different than any of us. You've been married forever. I seriously doubt that the thrill of being with him the first time is still there every time. In fact, I know it's not. Think about it, if you were with a new man, when you got behind a closed door you'd be thrilled and excited beyond words, as you exposed your body slowly, inch by inch and watched his reaction. As his throbbing cock juts out from his body because he wants to plant it in what is being revealed to his eyes."

"Susan I think that there's something even more special about a relationship as it matures and you feel comfortable with your mate."

"Boring, boring! I think that's crap. You must have been reading a book or something. In the real world, there's not much good about routine, if you ask me. What about anticipation? The anticipation of spreading your legs and welcoming a strange cock inside you. There's nothing like that first time. Unfortunately, you can only have one first time per man. Seconds and thirds and so on are great, but there's only one first time."

"Look, let's agree to disagree, okay?" Said Barbara.

"You don't have to agree with me. I just think you're missing something. I know that no man is enough for a sexually healthy woman. Think about it, we're built different. I doubt that you can look me in the eye and tell me that when Gordon's done for the night you're completely satisfied. I'll just bet that there are times, maybe not in the last few years after you gained all that weight and let yourself go, but before, when you longed for more, much more, more than any one man is capable of giving a woman."

"Let me get this straight. Are you saying that not only do you sleep with different men, but sometimes you're with more than one at a time?" Asked Barbara.

"You got it. The very best times are when Steve brings home a friend or two. There's plenty for everybody. Always a hard fresh cock. And Barbara, don't knock it until you've tried it."

"I'm not knocking it or condemning your lifestyle, Susan. I'm happy that you're happy. For me, I'm sure that now that I've lost most the weight and I feel a lot better about myself, things will be better between Gordon and me. I don't want other men, I don't need other men and Gordon wouldn't want me to have other men." She couldn't help but remember Gordon's willingness for her to have an affair if she thought that would help and wondered what he was thinking.

By the end of her stay at La Costa she weighed in at 135 pounds. The beauty salon had improved upon the color and style of her hair. Her body was tan, her complexion improved. Body wraps and exfoliation treatments had helped to make her, once again, nearly a fox. She looked far better than she had in several years but she wasn't the total fox that Troy had seen in the photo on the piano.

The lines around her eyes, the puffy pads beneath her eyes, the varicose veins on the backs of her legs and the loose skin on her stomach wouldn't disappear with exercise or diet. The attention of a skilled surgeon was required. The director of the spa had recommended a surgeon in Beverly Hills and had called to make an introduction. Gordon encouraged her to get it done.

At the airport in San Diego, Susan and Barbara hugged each other and parted. Susan flew home and Barbara took the short flight to Los Angeles. She had been booked into a small exclusive Beverly Hills hotel whose clients had one thing in common, they were all plastic surgery patients. The surgery only took less than three hours, the painful and unpleasant recovery at the hotel would take another week. When Barbara awakened after her surgery she was in her hotel room. She felt like she had been hit by a truck. Every inch of her body ached. Her face, abdomen and legs were covered by thick bandages. She had the face lift, her eyes done, a tummy tuck, and varicose vein removal that she had planned on but Dr. Shalman had urged her to also have lipo- suction as well. He told her that he would remove five to ten pounds of fat and be able to shape her hips, thighs and buttocks and return them to how they had been ten years earlier. He seemed to know what he was doing and had impeccable credentials--she had seen many of his patients on the big movie screen and on the covers of fashion magazines--so she agreed to the full treatment. That first long uncomfortable night she wondered if she had made the right decision.

Two days later she was sure she had made the wrong decision. When the bandages were removed she looked like she had been in a fight with Mike Tyson and lost. Her face was swollen and covered with greenish, ghastly bruises. But, as the good doctor had assured her, the face healed better and more quickly than any part of the body. By the time she was ready to check out of the specialty hotel, the bruises were nearly gone. Most of the micro sutures had been removed, others would dissolve. With heavy makeup, the fine red scars and the fading bruises were almost invisible. Her tummy and abdomen were healing too. He encouraged her to be careful and return to her exercise program slowly. No sit-ups, ab crunches or vigorous jogging for another week.

It had been nearly four months since she had sobbed on Gordon's shoulder and they had agreed to do whatever was necessary to bring back the old Barbara. She now weighed 126 pounds. Men noticed her and smiled at her hoping for a smile in return. On Rodeo Drive, she splurged. She found that a size eight fit her perfectly so she filled a new suitcase with purchases.

Gordon was waiting for her at O'hare when she cleared the secure gate area. "My God, Babs, let me look at you. You're beautiful." He didn't see the tears of happiness that spilled over her eye lids because her eyes were covered by big dark sunglasses as they would be for a few more days until the last of the swelling and discoloration completely disappeared.

Chapter 7

That night he had arranged for a candle-lit dinner in their dinning room. He had ordered from her favorite restaurant and heated up the hot dishes by carefully following the micro wave instructions the chef had written. Bouquets of roses were in the living room, the dining room and their bedroom. After the delicious meal they walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom. Barbara had vowed to never wear a nightgown or pajamas to bed again. She went in the closet to get ready for bed. As Gordon slipped naked under the covers and waited for her, he couldn't help but think of the first time in New York as he anxiously awaited for Marlene to step out of the bathroom.

When Barbara walked into the room, she stopped and posed for her husband. He had been so supportive. He had encouraged her, paid for the visit to the spa and Susan's stay as well. He had paid for the plastic surgery. It was time for him to see just what he had purchased. She turned and put her hand on her hip. He was surprised to see that she wasn't completely nude because she was wearing high heels. He couldn't remember a time when she had come to bed like that. If he had been able to hear the late night discussions at La Costa between Barbara and Susan he would have known where the idea came from. There were other suggestions that Susan had made that would soon become apparent. If anything, Barbara was more beautiful than Marlene, he realized. He knew that she was older than Marlene but tonight she sure didn't look it. She was a little taller, a little sexier a little hotter.

"Baby, you look so sexy. I need you so much, look at me." He threw back the covers barring his body and his rock hard cock.

"Is all of that for me?" She teased.

"Only for you." Then a wave of guilt came over him because it--his cock-- hadn't been exclusively hers, at least it hadn't been lately. While she was in California he had been with Marlene in New York and an Hispanic woman whose name he didn't even know at Le Trapeze. He knew that he wasn't any better than his partners. His recriminations were quickly replaced by other feelings as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

They kissed. While their lips and tongues were engaged, their hands explored each other as if for the first time. His fingers touched her breasts, breasts that hadn't needed the attention of a surgeon's scalpel. Natural full, perfect. Breasts that loved to be fondled and kissed. Breasts that were capped by nipples that seemed larger and harder than ever before. His fingers could feel the ribs beneath her skin. It had been years since he was able to feel the cage of her torso. She certainly wasn't skinny but there wasn't an unneeded ounce of fat on her upper body. Her tummy was again the tummy that he remembered the first time they had fucked in this bedroom. She winced when he rubbed her abdomen too hard and he realized that it must still be tender. He reminded himself that he would have to be more careful.

Barbara loved to feel his hard cock. As she gripped it in her hand and stroked it she wondered if she would do what Susan said she should do? Could she actually take it in her mouth and work it until he spewed and then swallow every drop of his cum? She loved to suck him but she had never swallowed or even let him cum in her mouth. Maybe tonight, she thought.

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