tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom Darkness Ch. 01

From Darkness Ch. 01



This will be my first attempt at writing a story and as such, there might be some inconsistencies in the storyline, as I have no experience in writing fiction beyond occasional musings.

By no means, will this be a short story and as such, if you are looking for a quickie you should probably look elsewhere.

Everyone in the story is 18 years or older.


From darkness

Chapter 1

Subchapter 1


My dreams have always been intense but I have never been able to remember them and this night was no different. I wake up bathed in my own sweat as I usually do with no memory of what had frightened me yet I am terrified. Taking deep breaths, I whisper my mantra to myself "I am the master of myself" repeatedly until I have calmed down enough to think about what the day holds for me. As best as I can tell I am, an absolutely insignificant young man and my life had been about as exciting as an orphan can have and today will be pretty much like every other day.

Life at the orphanage was never easy and especially not for a shy kid and the main reason for my difficulties is another kid. Brian Kincaid, big, burly and boisterous who relentlessly picks on the one person I consider a friend as well as on myself. Julia is very much like me in the way that she shies away from all conflict and really does not like other people very much. She is also tiny and barely stands 5" tall to my own 6"2.

My usual morning's starts out at the cantina where I pick out my table and sit down next to Julia who, as she always does, is already there picking away at the more edible parts of her breakfast. I am not much of a morning person and as such, conversation is limited to the usual small talk about nothing at all. Soon enough half of my own breakfast is gone and I decide that I feel just about disgusted enough with today's fare when Brian shows up at our table, picks up my plate and smears the content of it into Julia's face in an attempt to rile me. While most people would complain about the randomness of such an action. It is really is just Brian being Brian.

One of his favorite pastimes is to see just how far he can push me and this about does it. Yet something still holds me back just enough to avoid being smacked around by him once again. Despite my rage at the injustice of it, I remain seated and feel embarrassed about my inaction. Julia however, is simply having none of that, she stands up, cleans off her face and kicks him in the shins to my utter amazement. This is not like Julia at all and I feel even more ashamed about my own inaction. However, her being tiny this action simply stuns him briefly and he turns his attention away from me and stares incredulously at her for a few seconds.

The silence is simply deafening as Brian tries to process what just happened. Having someone actually not taking his shit seems to have somewhat flabbergasted him. A few long moments tick by before he seems to realize that he will lose face with his cronies if he does not respond appropriately. Brian being enormous simply picks Julia up, throws her down onto the floor, and smashes his boot down directly into her chest to my despair.

Something happens to me just then as he has finally managed to push me further than my own tight inhibitions have allowed me to go. I throw myself at him with all the pent up rage 10 years of bullying can instill in someone and as I throw my very best punch at his face. Something bursts free at finally having let go of my rage, I feel a fierce joy inside of me, and then something happens. Something changes and something cruel and twisted takes control of me and then there is darkness.

Subchapter two

Taking stock.

Upon wakening, I can feel a wrongness inside of me. It is hard to describe but I feel very different, more alive. The first thing I notice is that everything is bright. So bright that my eyes hurt at the glare of it. Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes and calm myself down to give my eyes time to adjust. Several long moments pass by, I reopen my eyes and I notice that everything is clearer than it used to be and I can see farther. The second thing I notice is that I am most definitely not in the orphanage anymore but rather in the middle of a cornfield and there is a distinct metallic smell. Investigating further, I see that there are dark stains on my clothes. Taking a deep breath, I try to logic up where I am and what these stains are. Deciding to give them a sniff I realize that what I smelled earlier is the stains, and it smells like blood. Why do I have dried blood all over my clothes while standing in a cornfield with no memory of how I got here? Another deep breath is required and in that silence, I can hear something whispering at me. To sum up my predicament, I am somehow in a field in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea how I got here. Being a normally calm person I am very much aware that I have no memory of what has transpired since that horrible moment in the cantina, I do not know what time of day it is, and I realize I do not even know what day it is. How long have I been out, what caused it, and where IS that whispering coming from?

As far as I can tell, I am nowhere near the orphanage and not in any place, I recognize. As such, my first order of business will be to find out where and when I am. Looking around I see no apparent difference so I head east as I can see the sun is still moving upwards, either I have lost a little more than an hour. A full day or several days. I really have no way of knowing as I have neither phone or a watch or anything like that on me. In fact, I am just wearing my jeans and a shitty t-shirt that really should not be able to keep me warm in February but it seems to be fine.

As I make my way east'ish I ponder that I do not seem to be freezing even though I can see frosty rime on the fields. I also seem to have a much more fluid movement and I am seemingly tireless. What actually happened to me after Brian... Damn Julia! I had completely forgotten about her and I find that I barely care. This is much more disturbing to me than the fact that I do not seem to be freezing and that my body seems much more developed than it was. Why do I not care? She was my friend and the fact that she got hurt badly and I do not know what has happened to her barely registers for me. Again, I can hear the whispers just at the edge of my consciousness.

I find a stream and clean up as best as I can and find that I have a powerful thirst. Seeing as I seem impervious to the cold I decide to dive headfirst into the stream because that just seems to be the easiest way to clean off the grime if the cold does not hurt me. Before I dive, I take a glance into the clear water though and see my reflection for the first time. It is a stranger looking back at me. It is still me but I seem to have aged several years. Even stranger is the eyes that stare back at me. Intense black eyes where I had green eyes last I checked.

Shrugging off the physical changes until I find a better way to check it out more properly, I dive into the water headfirst. Just what the doctor ordered. You know that feeling when you have been camping for a few days and you come home and take a nice hot nearly scalding shower where the grime just pours off you. This was much better than that. It was invigorating and I found I had an abundance of energy as I climbed out of the stream with the water simply steaming off my soaked clothes. In a matter of minutes the clothes was simply drying from the heat my body generated, a handy little feature and something that bore closer inspection when I had a possibility.

I headed further east and soon found a road and as everyone knows, a road eventually leads to somewhere and I headed down it contemplating what exactly had happened to me. A few cars passed me by but no one wanted to pick up a bedraggled stranger and who could really blame them. Eventually something that had a phone and maybe even possibly an internet connection would appear and soon enough a roadside diner appeared in the far distance and I decided to have a run at it. 30 minutes later and barely breaking a sweat, I arrived at it and went inside. Greeted with a hearty hello I asked the cute waitress if she had a phone or possibly an internet connection I could borrow for a few minutes and with classic southern hospitality, she told me to feel free.

Sitting down I booted up the old computer, typed in 'Philips orphanage', and was utterly shocked by the amount of news coverage. Apparently, 4 days ago, there had been a horrendous firestorm at the orphanage and the Marshalls was at a complete loss to understand it how it had happened. Breathing a sigh of relief, I smile to myself before realizing what I was doing. Sixty people had died, amongst them most likely Julia and Brian and everyone else and here I was feeling relieved about there not being any sort of connection to me? What had happened to me? Moreover, why was everyone that had witnessed it dead? More worryingly, why was I GLAD? Looking for more information it became clear that the fire had apparently started in the cantina kitchen and spread explosively catching everyone off guard. Quickly logging off I asked the waitress for directions to a nearby store that sold some clothes, she smiled at told me to just follow the road, and within the day, Glendale would appear.

Subchapter 3

Moving on, with complications

Having gotten instructions on finding a new wardrobe at the store in the next town over I headed out. Gnawing at my at my own seeming inability to drum up any sort of compassion for Julia the miles quickly went by. Arriving in the glorious town of Glendale, I immediately started looking for a place to rob. Clothes do not buy themselves, moving up in the world is somewhat difficult when you look like something the cat dragged in, and you have no money. This was a surprisingly easy task as I figured the first place I get to is most likely as good as the next. I decided that an extremely simple approach would be best so I simply walked up to the nice looking house on the edge of town and rang the doorbell. After a few moments, a rather stunning woman opened the door and smiled inquiringly at me.

"Hi there, I'm here to rob you" I told her. Her eyes widened as I moved forward with blinding speed grabbing her left arm and clamping my hand over her mouth with my right hand before she could even react. Bulldozing my way inside I shut the door with my foot. Turning her around, I pushed her into the house and whispered softly in her ear "Is there anyone else here with you?" She slowly shook her head. "Now, Behave" I commanded and released my hold on her.

She seemed to be taking being robbed extremely well all things considered as she turned around and stared at me. There was fear there in her eyes certainly but there was definitely something else too. Had I just randomly stumbled into a fantasy of hers? I decided to go with the insistent whispering to follow my instincts on this one. I gave her my smile and she actually blushed as I very openly studied her. She was a small thing, barely 5" tall with raven black hair, some very tight jeans and a tank top with a pair of breasts that definitely seemed to be out of proportion to the rest of her. I realized that now I should probably have a new name so I would not be associated with the orphanage at some point and introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Kale, This will be as easy or hard as you want it to be, do you have a spare stash of cash somewhere, keep in mind, I will know if you lie. Now, do a little spin for me." I commanded.

She blushed at the tone but did as she was bid before responding. "I'm Cathy and there is no money here for you to take."

I smile at her little lie and moved forward "I told you that I will know when you lie. Now I will have to punish you" I closed the distance between us and clamped my hand across her mouth again before she could scream and push her backwards into the wall. "Where can I find a towel, I breath at her" and her wide eyes darted to a cupboard on her right. Maneuvering her towards it without removing my hand from her mouth, I grabbed a towel and tied it around her mouth as a gag. Somehow, she still does not appear to be scared. This earns her another of my smiles and that seems to both terrify and excite her.

Smiling down at her I took a step closer to her and spun her around while simultaneously moving my right arm around her and grab her throat lightly, just to get my point across while my hand moves slowly from her left hip to her stomach in small circling motions before moving it upwards and grabbed her right breast hard. Cathy moans into the gag as I bite down gently on her neck and I store that tidbit of information down for later.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a scissor on the table and I move her towards it slowly never taking my hands of her throat and grab the scissor with my left hand. Cathy barely registers it as I scissor my way through the back of the tank top and rip it off her with my left hand. She definitely notices that and squeals into the gag but I slightly tighten my grip on her throat and she quiets down again, getting the point immediately. Improvising as I go I move her around to have her facing me again and this time I can see pure lust her in eyes but also more than a little fear at what she sees in mine which in turn stokes the fire inside of me further.

"Now Cathy. I think I've had my point across and I hope you will be honest with me this time?" I speak slowly and quietly to her. "Now, can you be a good girl and not scream while I remove the gag and then tell me if you have any money here?" She nods and I remove the towel slowly while staring into her eyes.

"The money is in the safe but I cannot get into it. I do not remember the password, my husband usually handles the money," she whispers. A wholly unacceptable answer in my estimation and I put the gag back on her.

"While it might be true that the money is in the safe and you cannot remember the password and your husband handles the money." I whisper to her. "It is not true however that you cannot get the password from your husband I will need to punish you again, this time more severely for another lie" Grabbing her by the throat, I drag her back to the cupboard, get more towels before picking her up easily, and carry her through the kitchen to explore the rest of the house with her hanging over my right shoulder.

I found just what I was looking for in the guest bedroom. A bed with bedposts. Smiling to myself, I shrugged her off my shoulder, tossed the towels on the bed, got another good grip around her throat and turned her around again. I took a solid grip on her left hip and pulled back sharply so her ass was grounding up against my erection, which forced a groan out of her. Smiling I moved my left hand to her bare stomach trailing butterflies over it with the lightest of touches before moving upwards and taking her nipple between my finger and giving it a slight twist while simultaneously tightening my grip on her throat and biting down at the crevice between her left shoulder and her neck. This started her buckling her ass against my cock while moaning loudly into the towel. Before she could realize what happened I moved my left hand away from her nipple and unbuttoned her jeans in a quick rip, which forced a squeal out of her. That was quickly silenced as she could feel my left hand on the top of her panties slowly moving up and down between the line and her belly button tracing small circles everywhere.

Toying with her I moved my hand around that little sensitive area for a good long minute until I could feel she was getting frustrated so I moving my hand away and back upwards slowly ever widening circles until I reached her previously ungroped left breast which I found to a shame. Slight circles around the breast slowly closing in on the nipple had her sighing softly until I grabbed the nipple hard and twisted which forced her to squeal again into the gag in pleasure and pain.

Before Cathy could respond, I threw her face down into the bed and sat on her back, grabbed one of the nearly forgotten towels and bound her left wrist tightly to the bedpost. She realized what was happening as I grabbed her right wrist and affixed it just as tightly. Smiling to myself, I grabbed her hair at her roots and whispered in her ears that she should stop moving. When she did not I pulled her hair roughly and she stop moving immediately. I whispered again that my words were to be treated as commands and not suggestions and she practically shivered beneath me at that. Moving backwards, I got the first real glimpse of the magnificent globules that would await me once I got rid of those tight jeans.

Getting rid of the pants took some doing. In the end, it required that I released Cathy from the command of not moving before they slid right off and what a sight it was. Two perfect size buns that was as firm as they were inviting. Getting off the bed, I stopped to admire my handiwork with Cathy following my every movement out of the corner of her eye. I gave her another of my smiles and for the first time I could see a slight twitch at the corner of her mouth as she caught herself smiling back. That just would not do.

I went back behind the bed out of her line of sight and her a slight look around, not as much because I was interested in what else than Cathy the house had to offer at this point but more so that she would not know what I was up to. Deciding that enough was enough I took off my shirt and shrugged off my jeans and went to retrieve my property from around Cathy's hips. They had obstructed my view quite enough. Cathy took in a deep breath as she felt my fingers around her panties before I slowly dragged them down her legs. They were drenched with her juices. Finally both naked I sat down behind her knees and enjoyed the view once more. The smell of her was intoxicating and my slow slow seduction of her nearly crumbled in my absolute desire to ravish her.

Slowly I moved upwards dragged my cock up inside her legs so she could feel me approaching all the way before leaning into her I whispered in her ear: "I will fuck you to within an inch of your life the second your hang up the phone with your husband with the password for the safe."

She actually gasped at that. This was the most shocked she had been the whole hour since I had rang her doorbell and told her I was here to rob her. I produced the phone, opened the tab, found a contact named 'hubby', opened it up, and looked inquisitively at her.

She shook her head as I moved my left hand unseen behind her and swatted her left ass cheek lightly forcing a moan from her and raised my eyebrows at her. She still shook her head and I swapped her right ass cheek hard, and she moaned loudly into the gag. Taking a deep breath, she looked up on me and nodded. I removed the gag and looked her straight in the eye as I plunged my dick deep into her mouth quickly and at the same time I plunged two fingers inside of her soaked pussy forcing her to choke and scream and cum at the same time. Never mind she used a tiny bit of teeth, it was the most satisfying moment of my life until that point. For Cathy however it was mind-blowing. Taken so utterly unaware in her supremely heightened state she came from almost nothing. Letting her calm down a bit I closed down the phone and smiled down at her: "Open your mouth" I commanded. To my immense satisfaction, she did and I took a firm grip on her neck and started fucking her mouth slowly at first before picking up speed stroke by stroke until I was right at the brink of release, and then I stopped. She looked up at me with confusion knowing I was right there until I said "Now blow me like you were born to do nothing else" and I just held my dick out for her to give a proper blowjob. She was simply amazing, her tongue rolling over my dick slowly before pulling back and attaching her lips around the head of my cock sucking for the life of her trying to get my sperm down her throat and when I came it was in powerful waves that spattered the back of her throat as fast as she could swallow.

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