tagRomanceFrom Duchess to Concubine Ch. 02

From Duchess to Concubine Ch. 02


After donning their proffered robe, Mona followed her ladies in waiting to the bath chamber. Mona marveled again how quickly she had adjusted to these new women. She was compelled to exercise and then bathed, shaved and dressed. Bt now there were concubines dresses for her in each of the three colors. Each one color was repeated several times so that Mona would always look fresh. Mona severely mourned the loss of her old wardrobe. To be constantly exposed like this would take some time to get used to.

Mona was led to the dining hall where a light meal was waiting for her. As a precaution her meal had been pre-cut for her. She was permitted only a spoon. Mona thought that safety measure was ridiculous. Despite her loss of position and prestige, she had no desire to harm herself or others. She felt that in some way she was insurance for Rikard's life. Were she to kill herself or attempt to assassinate King Peter, she had no doubt that an immediate aftermath would be the execution of her, now former, husband. Mona gazed at her rings once more. They represented a past that was like a heaven lost.

Presently King Peter entered the dining hall. As she had been instructed Mona immediately slid off her chair and knelt, back ramrod strait, until the king recognized her.

"Ah I see that you are learning, my sweet concubine. On your feet then come here and kiss me."

Mona did as instructed, slightly appalled with herself for actually desiring a kiss from the King. At the same time Mona realized that she needed to open her heart to him. Not just because it would make chores like kissing him so much easier but also because she so wanted to believe Peter's words of affection towards her were sincere.

I have some business to attend to but I will expect you at the royal bed chamber in an hour. I will be taking you every chance I can get for the rest of the week. On Sunday my queen and brother arrive from Herin and your role will change slightly.

"Queen?" said Mona.

Peter threw his head back and laughed. "Surely you did not think me a bachelor! Queen Elise and Prince Aaron and their entourage will be taking up temporary residence in this castle. Queen Elise is great with child, the midwives are sure that it will be a male heir. If he is born on this soil he can be legitimately named as Duke of Remnia. I can crown him when he turns five with my brother serving as regent until my son comes into adulthood.

Mona was stunned "But, your Excellency you promised that Remnia's next king would be one of its own people."

"And by being born here he shall be one of its people." Peter sneered. " Surely you did not think that I would let such a fine prize as this kingdom slip from my grasp? On paper Remnia will be independent but in fact and deed this nation, just like yourself, will be kept in bondage. I DO feel a great deal of affection for you Mona but you will always be my concubine. I may as well tell you this unpleasant truth as well. I reserve thee right to loan your charms to others, perhaps to seal a treaty or as a token of friendship with rival realms."

King Peter's words struck Mona like a thunderbolt.

"I am to be shared?"

"Oh I don't expect it will happen too often but it IS part of your duties as my concubine. Of course I can offer you am alternative. I could sell you to a pig farmer or a tanner. You would lose all the rights you now have. Before you are sold however You will have the pleasure of witnessing Rikard's emasculation. If I take his balls he will be compelled to wander the countryside wearing a dress. I will knock his teeth out and force him to suck off my officers. Oh the years until his trial by my son will be a glorious hell for him."

Mona gasped. "You are every inch the beast Rickard said you are!"

"Mona, as your own body has let you know when we made love that I am also a man of gentility and kindness. So long as you are an obedient concubine Rickard will be kept chaste and in confinement. His only menace will be boredom. If you are exceptionally well behaved I will allow you to select a whore for him on his birthday and he will will be permitted her companionship. He is only fit for whores now and that very very sparingly. Remember, had your former husband not attacked my kingdom he would still have his country, his power, and his duchess. Now he exists only at my whim. It is because I DO care for you that he has received any favor at all. In reality I should simply have executed him once he was captured but he is useful to me alive, Especially as your affection for him makes you more compliant and amenable to my entreaties. To be blunt my charming concubine, your succulent quim is the only thing keeping him alive. Decide that you do not want my affections, decide that you will no longer enthusiastically enjoy our couplings and I will dispose of both of you!"

With that Peter excused himself and exited the hall. Mona returned to her chair and broke out in piteous tears. Mona cried for some time. In her mind she mulled over her options again and again they came up with a single answer. She had to accept King Peter's affections if she wanted an kind of life for herself or for poor Rikard. "I have to learn to love Peter completely and without equivocation." She thought to herself. She was still caught up in that revelry when a lady in waiting informed her that it was time to retreat to the royal bedchamber to please King Peter.

Mona was hardly in the mood but she tried to make herself feel enthusiastic. She liked the tender side of King Peter and would prefer to see that side of him as much as possible. She took a detour to wash her face and smooth out her brief dress. She plastered a smile on her face as she entered the bed chamber.

King Peter was waiting by the bed, dressed in regal yet simple attire. He commanded Mona to undress him. Mona did so, again amazed at what the sight of Peter's muscular flesh and large penis had on her. Involuntarily she felt herself moisten and her breath caught in her throat. If Mona would have been honest with herself she would have acknowledged that Peter was the very sort of man she dreamed about in her adolescence. When a young princess, Mona used to steal away to gaze at the muscular gardeners and landscapers toiling away with their shirts off on hot days. She simply could not get enough of that activity. It led to her being disciplined by her father and mother yet still she would sneak off. That it caused her to be moist and for her heart to beat faster was a puzzlement to her at that young age. Now Mona was feeling the same thing while gazing at King Peter's spectacular specimen of manhood and she detested herself for it.

After the King's spectacular naked form was revealed he began undressing Mona. Again his touch was like the charge of static electricity. Mona realized that while she had very good reasons for despising King Peter, her body craved him very much. Because it offered the path of least resistance, Mona decided to follow the leading of her body. She responded to Peter's touch and began kissing him all over.

Before she realized what was happening she was one her knees savoring the taste of his massive cock. Peter gently held her head as he came and encouraged Mona to swallow every drop. To Mona's surprise, she did just that. It did not revile her as much as she expected it would.

Peter bent down, picked up Mona and carried her to the bed. This time it was he who kissed her all over. Peter's gifted tongue and hands began working on Mona's shaven sex. The sensation was overwhelming. Her orgasm was massive and caused her whole body to weaken. Peter snuggled close to her and said, "Mona you are practically a goddess. Making love to you is to know heaven's touch." Mona heard herself thank the King and then, thoroughly spent, she drifted off to sleep.

It was well past evening when Mona awoke. She was alone in the bed and in the bedchamber. Her clothes still strewn where Peter had cast them off. One of the king's guards looked in on her. Noticing that she was awake, the ladies in waiting were summoned. The women arrived with a fresh change of clothes and dressed Mona where she was. It was dinner time so Mona was led to the dining hall.

King Peter was already at the table dining with Remnia's most prominent general. Mona knew him well. The general's eyes hungrily devoured Mona's body head to toe. Mona was instructed to take a seat to the left of King Peter. Another pre-cut meal was placed before her. Mona realized that she was very hungry. When given permission to eat by the King, Mona did so. As she ate she listened to the conversation between the King and general Wessen.

"I have no intention of reorganizing the Remnian army or interfering with its generals provided that you remain loyal to me." Said the king.

"With the gifts you have bestowed, that will not be a problem. I can even get them to accept your son, should your Queen Elise deliver one, as the new Duke of Remnia. The only problem with that is that it puts Rikard's trial too far in the future. Remnia lost two divisions in Rikard's foolhardy frontal assault. We only followed him because he was our Duke. We understand that you did what you had to do. You did what any king would have done. My fellow generals and I also appreciate the fact that you showed great mercy to our army and minimized casualties wherever and whenever you could. We thought that Rikard would see how foolish his plan was and retreat with honor but instead he charged ahead. To be blunt the army wants revenge. Under the laws of Remnia, the Duke is commander in chief of the armed forces he can be put to court martial and punished by the military.

We are agreed that he has forfeited any right to the throne. To be honest we are so angry that we want the end of his bloodline. The populace is war weary now but in a few years time they may recall Rikard with fondness and make a move to have him restored to the throne. To forestall this the army wants him tried, humiliated and executed. All we need is your approval and a trial can be convened in a few months."

King Peter took a deep breath and replied. "I will seriously consider it. It does make little sense to keep Rikard alive." Peter looked at Mona and said "He has a certain value to me now living but I certainly don't want to deal with a popular move to restore him to the throne. I do like the idea of a military trial however. That way even if Rikard were left alive the fact that he could never again be permitted to command the military would forestall a popular movement to restore him. If he can't command the army then he can hardly be expected to rule the country now can he?"

Mona ate in stunned silence. There was no hope now of Rikard ever being Duke again, further, if she was reading the King's expression correctly her willingness in the bedchamber were all that were keeping him from harm. It was just as Peter said.

The days passed for Mona quickly. Peter took her when ever the opportunity presented itself. Mona felt herself yielding to Peter's caresses and gentle words. He constantly praised Mona, complimented her beauty. Further he often said that she was causing stirrings in his heart. He sounded most sincere. At night she felt secure wrapped in his powerful arms and she found that serving him became more and more pleasurable with each new session of lovemaking.

The Queen and the King's brother were due to arrive any time now. Mona and Peter were snuggling in bed when Peter held Mona's left hand. He fingered her wedding band and engagement ring and said.

"If you make me a present of these I will give you something very special in exchange."

Mona looked at her rings. "But they represent the love between Rikard and myself. If I take them off that love symbolically ends." "Mona you are a divorced woman, the church has given you to me as little more than a slave. Besides do you REALLY think Rikard cares about you now?"

"Of course he does!" replied Mona

"Oh Mona, you are so sweet and innocent which makes your beauty that much more overpowering. You are a smart woman but there is much you need to learn."

The lady's in waiting were summoned and Mona was dressed and wrapped in an elegant robe.

"Follow me." Said Peter. "We are going to the tower. It is time that you had your eyes opened."

In velvet slippers, Mona trailed Peter up the winding steps of the tower at last they stopped at the door of the highest and last cell of the tower. Cells like this one were meant for the hardest cases or the greatest traitors. A huge oaken door blocked the entrance of the cell. Within the door was a second door. This was opened to reveal bars. Peter nodded to the guard and the guard announced.

"Your wife is here prisoner."

Rikard's face appeared behind the bars. He looked haggard and needed a haircut and a shave. He did not return Mona's smile.

"What do you want whore?" Rikard spat.

"Rikard! That is no way to speak to the woman you love!"

"The guards told me everything. You ARE sleeping with that vile slime Peter are you not?"

"Only to preserve your life and to see to your well being."

"You should have slit your troat rather than take that rascal to bed. I would rather have seen this castle razed and a manure pit erected in its place than to live with the knowledge that my bride had chosen to sleep with my worst enemy. You are a slut and a whore. For God-sakes let Peter have his will with me. I prefer to face my fate as a man rather than live at the mercy of a woman's quim!"

"Rikard how can you be so cruel?"

"Guard, notice she denies nothing! At least my jailers have been honest with me." Rikard spoke into the darkness beyond Mona.

"Rikard I love you!"

"Hardly, had you truly loved me you would have had the royal guards fight to the last man and you and your ladies in waiting would have taken your lives by poison or sword point as the castle was overrun. You chose the path of the coward and the harlot. Do you expect me to be grateful for being permitted to live as a naked, chaste animal in my own castle? I curse you and damn you. Sleep with Peter! Fuck his brains out! Embrace the harlot you are!"

Then Rikard took a long look at Mona. He spat at her and announced

"You are a wicked, sinful woman. I hope you enjoy being the king's whore. Why don't you go all the way and bear him a bastard! Had you loved me you would have taken your life. The fact that you are still alive proves to me that you never loved me and never respected what I stood for. What ever we did have ended the moment that foul deviant Peter entered this castle unmolested. You gave the order for the guards to stand down for that I hope you die in a hideous awful manner. Perhaps in childbirth when you bear the bastard Peter will no doubt fill you with. The happiest news my jailers could bring me now is your death or my own death warrant. I renounce you! I despise you!"

With that Mona burst into tears and Peter, in the shadows, signaled the guard to close the cell bar door. The rest of Rikard's foul tirade was muffled by the oak door. Gently Peter draped and Arm about Mona and led her to the bedchamber. Her sobbing was virtually uncontrollable. In an act of sympathy, Peter took off Mona's robe and undressed her. He set her down in bed and let her cry herself to sleep.

Mona awoke very early in the morning. Peter had evidently slept elsewhere for his side of the bed was unruffled. Mona felt like a completely different woman. Rikard's words hat cut deeply into her psyche. During the night when her tears had passed she reappraised Peter and realized that he was treating her as well as he possibly could. She could never be his queen but as a concubine she had certain rights and privileges. She did not like the idea that she might be shared with other men but as long as she was returned to Peter she supposed that she could tolerate even that.

In a way that the church pronouncement had not, Rikard's words had caused her to consider her marriage over. For the first time she considered herself divorced. With that her new status it only made sense to draw closer to Peter.

The ladies in waiting were summoned and Mona was exercised, shaved and dressed for the day. Mona slid the rings off her left hand and set off to find Peter. She found him in the throne room where he was supervising the details of the welcome for the Queen and his brother, Prince Aaron.

Mona waited patiently on her knees until Peter was ready for an audience with her. At last he motioned her forward.

"You look as lovely as always, Mona. It is nice to see you smile after last night's tears."

"Thank you your Excellency."

She open her hand and proffered her rings. "I can't imagine why you want them but they no longer symbolize what I thought they did. I present them to you."

King Peter bowed and swept up the rings. He kissed Mona's finger where the white mark encircled it.

"Thank you Mona. You are as wise as you are beautiful."

Several hours later Mona was sitting next to Peter on her throne as the King's relatives arrived. Her ladies in waiting had outdone themselves in styling her hair and applying makeup. Mona honestly could not recall when she looked more beautiful. Not even on her wedding day.

Mona heard the wagons pull up outside the castle. A red carpet was laid out and heralds entered the throne room.

"Presenting his Excellency Prince Aaron."

Mona was struck by the resemblance between the King and his brother. He was obviously younger but just as tall and broad and handsome. He was clean shaven in contrast to his brother. Aaron made his way to Peter's throne, climbed the steps and kissed Peter's ring. Then he stood at the foot of Mona's throne, blushed, and bowed deeply. One of Aaron's attendants presented him with a small box and he in turn set it at the foot of Mona's throne.

"A gift for my brother's fair concubine." He bowed again and then made his way to the temporary throne that was set up for his use.

With a flourish the heralds blew some triumphant notes on their horns and a litter bearing the Queen was carried into the throne room by a group of burly men. The Queen was reclining in a yellow flowing dress. Mona noticed that her stomach was huge with child and that Queen Elise was very beautiful indeed. She had long flaxen hair, shining green eyes, an aquiline nose, a lovely complexion, and large breasts.

Because of her condition the king stepped down from his throne to offer his bride his cygnet ring. After that duty was dispensed with Queen Elise was presented to Mona. The women eyed each other with suspicion and then Mona did as she had been previously instructed. With dignity and poise she rose from her throne, bowed low before the queen and then approached her. Then they kissed each other briefly on the lips before Mona returned to her throne.

Peter then announced. "This is my Queen she is to be obeyed as if she were me. Only my words can counterman hers."

In a short while the official greeting for Peter's relatives was at an end. Mona was redressed in black for the formal state dinner that was to follow this evening. Mona loved the contrast of the black with her porcelain skin. For dinner she would sit to the left of the king while Queen Elise sat on the right. Aaron sat opposite of her brother. Aaron thought that he was surreptitiously staring at Mona, but his actions were quite obvious. Whenever Mona and Aaron's eyes met however, Aaron flushed and immediately looked at the floor.

Mona was aware at how brief her garment was but she was getting used to the stares and ogling from everyone from the waiters to foreign dignitaries. Peter was equally solicitous of his queen and his concubine. Queen Elise's eyes shot Mona daggers all night long.

Mona enjoyed the dinner a great deal. She felt as if a burden had been lifted from her. She looked at the ring finger on her left hand and felt, instead of loss, peace. She made her way to the bedchamber. Mona now had the opportunity to open Aaron's gift. Under the ornate wrapping was a note. Mona read,"Greetings fair Mona I trust that you are settling in to your new role. I treasure my brother and it is my sincere wish that you come to treasure him as well. I hope by this gift that we start out on the right foot together. I believe my brother will appreciate the gift as well. Sincerely Prince Aaron."

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