tagBDSMFrom Easy Street to a Hard Road Ch. 04

From Easy Street to a Hard Road Ch. 04

bybelted and teased©

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If you have not read the previous portions of the "Easy Street" and "From Easy Street to a Hard Road series, you may wish to do so.


I began to stir first. Well, maybe that's not entirely accurate. Donna and the others were well sated and sleeping soundly. My cock kept waking me up as it tried in vain to burst through its plastic prison. It felt as if someone with a very tight grip was squeezing "Mr. Happy" mercilessly. The "A" ring that fit around behind my balls was pulled against them with increasing pressure the more my cock tried to become erect. As you can probably imagine, sleep wasn't likely.

I finally got up and went down stairs to the kitchen. I began to make some coffee, standing at the counter watching it brew. After a few minutes I felt familiar arms wrap themselves around my midsection from behind. Donna pressed herself against my back, resting her head on my shoulder. I held her hands in mine and squeezed them with affection. My cock, which had finally become flaccid, grew as much as it could within its prison, straining in vain for erection. She relaxed her grip on me, I turned to face her and we resumed our embrace. Our eyes met and we kissed tenderly. She caressed my chest, lightly tracing the muscles with her fingernails. She let her right hand wander down to my manhood, teasing my exposed balls. Without looking up at me she asked, "Are you doing ok?"

I hesitated momentarily, enjoying her attentions. "I'm ok. I really, really need to cum, but I'm ok."

"Good. Because the adventure has just begun, lover." With that she darted her tongue into my left ear, the sucked on the lobe. "You and I are going out tonight."

We sat savoring our coffee, talking about how our experiences to date made each of us feel. After a few minutes Donna escorted me upstairs and we showered together. She had a key to my cage fastened around her neck by a gold chain. Before we got into the shower she leaned down and unlocked my cage. As she gently removed the plastic encompassing my tortured cock, it quickly sprang to life. In a heartbeat I was as hard as a rock! I never would have thought it could have felt so damn good to have an erection. Fully engorged, I thought the flesh would split from my cock as the pressure continued unrestrained. Donna laughed mischievously as "Mr. Happy" bobbed and throbbed with a mind of his own.

We lathered each other up and washed each other lovingly. God, she felt so good! Her large succulent breasts never ceased to amaze me as I felt their weight in my hands and enjoyed the texture of them at my fingertips. Her silver dollar sized, dark brown areola and eraser like nipples always made me want to caress them with my lips and tongue. I firmly massaged her magnificent ass with my hands, causing her to moan softly with pleasure. My heart skipped a beat as I ran my fingers into the valley of that sweet bum, cleansing her tight brown hole before rubbing across her warm pussy with the flat of my hand. She ground herself against my hand, "uummmm.........damn......".

Then she turned and lathered me up, cleaning me thoroughly. When she reached my frustrated cock, she bathed him tenderly, careful to clean him completely without allowing me enough sensations to allow me an orgasm. My cock was a deep purple color, and swelled to a seemingly new girth. I whimpered with wanton need, but tried to behave myself.

Donna stood and we kissed, letting the jets of water from the shower rinse the soap from our bodies. She pulled away from the kiss, smiled as she looked into my eyes, then gently pushed down on my shoulders until I was on my knees facing her sex. Rivulets of water ran down my face as I began to tongue her sweet, tasty nether lips. Donna held my hands against her hips with hers, making sure that I wasn't tempted to use them on myself while I danced my tongue across her swollen clit. My cock throbbed and bounced between my legs as I kissed, sucked, and tongued her to an intense orgasm. She released one of my hands so that she could interlace my hair amidst her fingers, squeezing firmly as she cried out softly while she came.

After we toweled each other off Donna had me clean my cage thoroughly while she fixed her hair and applied her make-up. Once we were finished there was an obvious dilemma. Mr. Happy showed no signs of softening, and certainly wasn't fitting back into his prison in his current condition. Donna looked at my crotch as if contemplating for a moment then led me into the bedroom. She instructed me to sit in a wooden chair in a corner of our room, then handcuffed my wrists together behind the back of the chair. She then strode naked out of the room.

I sat there quietly, unable to resist being a little voyeuristic as I watched Terry and Susan, still asleep on the bed. The covers had long been kicked off because of the heat we had generated amongst each other earlier. I had been on a sexual high for so long, I couldn't focus on anything but Susan's beautiful feminine form. Terry lay on his back and she was lying on her side, her left leg thrown across his midsection. One of her firm breasts lay partially upon his chest and I was fascinated by the gentle curve as her buttocks melded into her thighs and long legs. I wasn't losing this erection with this view that was for damn sure. Precum was sliding slowly from the head of my cock, making its way down to my balls, then pooling on the chair beneath me.

Donna came back into the room carrying an ice pack. She looked at my condition, then glanced at the bed and laughed quietly, placing her finger to her lips and saying, "sshhh". She pulled my buttocks forward a bit so that my crotch was as flat as it was going to be with me sitting in the chair. She then placed the ice pack on Mr. Happy, went to the dresser and got a blindfold. She placed the blindfold around my eyes, whispering in my ear, "You'll never lose that big purple hard on if you keep looking at them, you little pervert." She kissed me gently before moving away, to where I don't know. I had to chuckle to myself. She'd called me a pervert, but not in a bad way, almost conspiratorially.

It took awhile, but the ice finally worked, leaving me flaccid. I felt Donna remove the ice pack and pull and tug on my cock and balls until my cage was back in place. She had lubed him up with baby oil to make sure he slid in easily, and could move about within his cage once it was secured. I heard the padlock click shut, then felt Donna's fingertips caressing my exposed balls as she signed with satisfaction. She removed the blindfold now that I was once again her prisoner; "I'll be back in a bit, baby. Don't go away."

I sat there, again savoring the view of Susan's body, the rise and fall of her breasts with her breathing, the gentle curves of her body. I felt the now familiar feeling of my cock trying in vain to harden, only to be gripped firmly by its prison. I watched the events that unfolded before me, not just aroused, but fascinated at how they came about.

They were both asleep. But in her sleep, Susan's left leg slid down Terry's midsection until it came into contact with his flaccid cock. Once the satiny flesh of her thigh came into contact with it, his member seemed to have a life and mind of its own. At first it rolled over to the other side of his groin. Then it slowly began to harden. I know this isn't what was actually occurring, but as it grew it looked for the entire world as if his cock was trying to reach up, seeking the feminine flesh that had awakened it. Soon it succeeded, tapping its head against Susan's leg. Not realizing that she had put these events in motion in the first place, she groaned softly in her sleep, gently moving her leg up and down Terry's stomach, caressing him with her flesh. I was so fucking jealous as his cock reached its full tumescence. I was even more envious when she slowly awoke, her hand moving gently down his body to confirm that a raging hard on awaited her. She moved like a cat as she slid over him, straddling his midsection and placing his straining cock to the soft lips of her sex. I wanted to close my eyes, but couldn't as I watched her slide herself slowly onto him, obviously savoring the sensations. As she struck bottom her back arched and she ground her hips against him. From my position I could only see his legs and her beautiful backside. I saw his hands reach up and caress her sides, then move to her front, playing across those breasts I had been lusting over just moments before.

It was apparent that they were unaware of my presence in the room. I shifted in my seat, trying in vain to find some comfort for my neglected cock. Susan slowly began sliding up and down Terry's member. I watched in fascination as it moved like a piston, glistening with her juices as her lips gripped its girth. She rotated that big, firm ass as she fucked him. She almost let his member slip out of her, gently teasing her own clit with the throbbing head. Then she cried out in ecstasy and began pounding herself ravenously upon him. God, I wanted that to be me she was fucking so frantically! Her cries drove me to distraction as she came, and came, and came again. She slid him all the way inside of her sex and ground herself around is cock, letting out short, frantic whimpers as she experienced and prolonged orgasm. Then I heard Terry groan, "Oh, fuck. FUCK, YES....." His balls had tightened up and his ass clenched and I envisioned his very happy cock shooting jet after jet of cum into her grasping cunt. Sweat poured from their bodies, and from mine, just for different reasons.

Finally they came down from their orgasms and Susan lay down across Terry's chest. This gave me a perfect view of her backside, the lips of her stretched lips holding firmly to his still hard cock. As he began to soften his cum began to drip slowly out of her and down his own cock. Damn I wished I as him at that moment. About ten minutes went by while they kissed and whispered to each other. Susan slowly disengaged from him and stood. That is when she realized that I had been restrained in the corner and watched the entire thing. She smiled at me sympathetically as she observed my tortured cock dripping precum from the tip of its cage. Terry sat up on the bed and saw me also, shaking is head and grinning.

It seems Susan's sympathy was not as heartfelt as her needs. She walked over to me and without saying a word leaned my chair back until I was laying on my back, my legs hanging helplessly off the end of the chair's seat, my cock hanging away from my body. Now the precum dripped from my cage onto my stomach and chest. Susan lowered herself onto my face and I inhaled her now familiar scent greedily. I could see the firm muscles of her belly rolling gently, then tasted copious amounts of hers and Terry's cum sliding into my mouth. As I swallowed and bathed her sweet sex with my tongue, it occurred to me that my servitude had reached a new point. Susan had not even spoken to me as she used me. Maybe I'm sick, but my cock throbbed even harder at the thought.

It wasn't long before she grasped my hair with her fingers and cried out in another orgasm, caressing my face with her tender sex. Damn it felt good.

After she recovered she stood and wordlessly indicated for Terry to lift me back up. Terry came over and picked my chair up. I was thankful that he didn't decide to use me for clean up duty this time when he walked into the bathroom. Susan followed him and after a few minutes they both walked past me out of the bedroom.

I sat there for about fifteen minutes until they all entered the room again. Donna regarded me momentarily and said in mock disgust, "I can't leave you alone for even a few minutes. Here I clean you up and then tie you down so that you can't get into trouble. When I come back your face looks like a glazed donut." We all got a good laugh out of that. "After I release you, I want you to go wash up. Susan and Terry are going home now. After you wash up, we'll get dressed for our night out."

As Donna got the key to the handcuffs and unlocked my wrists, Susan gave me a deep, passionate kiss, then thanked me for the good time. Terry gripped my shoulder and said, "See ya next time, buddy."

When I came back into the bedroom after washing my face, the others were dressed and gone. Donna sat against the headboard, a coy look in her eyes. I looked down on the bed at her feet, realizing that my outfit for night awaited me. Oh, shit. My heart almost stopped.

"Where are we going that I can wear something like this?" My voice had broken as if I was in puberty.

Donna merely grinned and motioned with her eyes for me to get dressed.

To be continued...

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