tagLetters & TranscriptsFrom Friend to Lover? Ch. 02

From Friend to Lover? Ch. 02


This is from a second letter to a worker I have become infatuated with...


Hey Smiley -- Yes this is another letter. Although I have not even mailed the first letter yet I have more ramblings I have to jot down. As much as I want to express my feelings towards you I realize that considering we are both married that wouldn't be the smart thing to do, plus the fact that we work together could make things really uncomfortable if you don't share the same lustful thoughts that I do.

With that in mind I am not really sure where to start or which order this will come out so please bear with me. I guess that I will start with lunch today; I didn't feel the same electricity I did when we went out last week. But what I do know is that I did feel my dick starting to grow. Even though there was nothing sexual or off-color about any of our conversation I just know that after spending a little more than hour with you I was so turned on that I could feel some pre-jizz had oozed out of my cock and finding its way to my boxer briefs. If I was anywhere but work I think I would have snuck away to finish the job.

While talking about today I wouldn't be honest with myself if I didn't mention when we were at the eye doctors so you could get some new contacts. Although I wasn't in the same room when you were trying on your contact lenses I caught a glimpse of you looking into the mirror. Seeing the way your hair fell along your neck, while still seeing your pretty face in the mirror gave me the urge to walk up behind you and brush your hair away and start to ravage your neck, sucking and kissing. Visualized that you would turn to meet my lips while I cup and caress your breasts. You would then stand to face me so we could continue our game of tonsil hockey. As these thoughts raged we actually made eye contact via the mirror which was the hightlight of my day.

I guess that this would be as good of a place as any to put in that I have to admit that I think my feelings have gone from friends to sexual to infatuation. I find myself thinking about you in a sexual manner almost constantly. While in bed with my wife the other night we were "trying" to have relations. The reason I say "trying" is that sex with my wife seems to be chore and there is not nearly enough pleasure for the effort attached to it. However the other night during our struggles I envisioned you laying underneath me gazing at me with your eyes I get lost in every time I look at you. Before I knew it I was rock hard keeping my thoughts on you and at the same time praying that I didn't blurt your name out. Although my wife knows nothing about you saying your name would be one mistake that would be hard to recover from.

There have been more than a few mornings, thoughts you wash over me while I am in the shower. As I start to lather the soap I see you standing in front of me with the water spilling of your perky tits and the joy I would have of making sure they were fully clean. I move slightly as to let you turn to face the shower to wash and rinse your hair. Welcoming the view I see me placing my growing cock against your ass, knowing your phobia of anal sex. Before I know it reality sets in as I discover that you unfortunately are not there with me but I am instead in full stroke, masturbating to relieve some of the pressure you have created for me.

Not knowing if they will ever be fulfilled I have already started to work on my fantasy list. There are certain things that I have thought of in the past but now that I know you I have come to realize that I want these things to happen with you. Not sure what your feelings are on water sports and that is not something that can be mentioned in causal conversation. The first golden fantasy has you standing over me, not a stitch of clothing on either one of us. It starts with a slight trickle of golden fluid sneaking out and before to long it is a full on gusher of pee bouncing pouring from your between legs. The warm rain is turning me on as it bounces off my chest. I try to maneuver, without losing sight of this vision, so that I get a taste of your golden liquid. Your face is a beautiful shade of red from you being flushed with embarrassment and turned on at the same time.

My next fantasy takes place with you lying down your back and my face nestled between your legs. As I am going to town licking your delicious pussy I reach up grabbing you by the hips and begin to tickle you. I do this because I know how extremely tickling you are and your squirming moves your pussy all over my face. Before too long you try to pull yourself away because the urge to piss has you ready to burst. As you tell me that you have to pee I explain that I want you to squirt your pee and cum all over my face. As you begin to explode I pull away slightly only to have you grab the back of my head of pull me closer to you letting me taste your sweet & salty nectar.

It is funny, as I sit here nibbling on a Mike & Ike candy I can't help but wonder if this is it would be like to nibble your nipple. I don't mean does your nip taste like fruit candy but are your nipples long and round? Are they a little hard but fun nibble? Are they sensitive and do you even like them nibbled? Or are you one that would rather have the licked and sucked? I am turned on by the freckling affect you have and that is from the little I have seen when you wear the right clothes. I want to see your tits in their glory! Do they hang or are they pert and at attention? Would you be self conscious and cup them by crossing your arms or are you proud of them and would stick your shoulders back to thrust them forward?

In any case I only have one more thought to share before I end this letter. This last thought is the simplest of them all. All I really want at this time would be a simple hug coupled with a quick tongue twisting kiss. Nothing too long, perhaps a minute or two but a kiss that would bring a smile to my face and one that I can draw my mind to during unhappy times. I hope in my heart that you share at least some if not all of the feelings/emotions I have expressed to you. Lustfully yours!!

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