tagLoving WivesFrom Good Girl to Grand Slam

From Good Girl to Grand Slam


I met my wife in a way that was pretty common in my era. I was walking across campus at the University of Colorado in February and noticed a girl with a very cute smile walking in the other direction. Only her face was visible in the hooded parka but one glance was enough to pique my interest. I watched for her in subsequent days as I headed for that class and spotted her on two or three occasions. My initial impressions were confirmed. Without the parka hood her blonde hair and pretty face hinted she was one of Colorado's finest. As we were walking in opposite directions and I didn't know where she was coming from or going to, there was no obvious way to meet her without attempting to introduce myself. For all I knew she was married, but she was worth an attempt.

"Can I buy you a hot chocolate or coffee?" I offered one day.

She politely thanked me, and said, "No I'm headed to class."

"Maybe another time." she offered as she continued on her way.

About two months later she tapped me on the arm at the student union and said, "Can I swap that coffee for a Coke?" Fortunately she was not married or dating seriously and after visiting an hour consented to a first date two weeks hence. No cell phones in the early 1980's, no tweeting, no texting, no Facebook, we actually got to know each other by going out and hanging out together. Without her parka, the rest of Julie lived up to the high standards of her face and hair. She was 5'7" tall and I guessed 120 pounds. She was strong and lean but feminine. With Swedish and Norwegian parents, she was quite a sight. I was surprised she wasn't taken as she certainly attracted everyone's attention. At the time I would've described her breasts as more than a mouthful but slightly less than a handful but then again I'm 6'3" with good size hands. As I subsequently learned, she nicely filled out a 34B, bra and did wonders for a size 6 dress, or skirt and blouse, or shorts or pants or anything else she wore.

Julie was a sophomore and I was a senior. We were both busy with school but managed to see each other a few times a week. This was 1980s style dating where good girls took their time getting to know young men and it wasn't uncommon to have a few dates before that first kiss and a few more before "making out". The following fall when I was in grad school and Julie was a junior we were exclusive and enjoyed each other but at Julie's insistence we were not sexually active. The following year as I was finishing my MBA and Julie was nearing graduation, I had met the family and proven my serious interest and Julie finally surrendered her resistance. Perhaps it was a good thing. I might never have gotten out of bed to study had Julie accommodated my male desires sooner.

To her parents displeasure we lived together the following year but I softened the family's disappointment with a Christmas engagement and June wedding. I felt stunningly lucky and looked forward to a future shared with Julie. Our relationship was fantastic and the sex was good. Don't misunderstand - Julie was gorgeous - model quality - and we were very much in love - but she remained, even after marriage, somewhat reserved when it came to sex. There was love but not much lust, there was intimacy but not hot fucking.

Julie's conservative upbringing stifled her spontaneity and her enthusiasm for anything nontraditional. Julie wasn't a prude, unbeknownst to her mother who blamed me for taking her virginity, she had lost it as a freshman with the help of several margaritas at a sorority party and she had a three-month relationship end abruptly as a sophomore after she accommodated her suitor's desires only to be quickly dumped after his conquest was completed. Between her mother's influence and some bad experiences, Julie struggled with letting go and enjoying sex.

Early in the marriage we were anxious to get our careers established and wanted to postpone having children. This meant birth control and Julie was afraid of birth control pills which left us using a host of alternative methods none of which enhance spontaneity and all of which dampened both the romance and lustfulness.

After a few years we've decided it was time to start a family and for 7 months sex was much more fun. That was followed by a year of various tests and doctor visits as we explored the reasons why two otherwise healthy young folks couldn't conceive. The next two years sex became more of a job and mission - careful attention to timing, temperatures, pills, and ultimately doctors' visits and shots. So much for jumping Julie in the kitchen, taking her from behind over the back of the couch, or a quickie in the car. Even the seldom offered blow jobs were postponed in the interest of "enhancing sperm volume".

Gifts of sexy lingerie and clothes from Valentines, anniversaries and birthdays, accumulated in the bottom drawer. Sex toys and tasteful pornography were tolerated on special occasions. I was understanding but definitely disappointed.

With the help of doctors, we were ultimately

blessed with beautiful twin daughters - and life was good but extremely tiring and demanding with little time or energy for bedroom antics. We settled into a once a week routine about 20 years younger than I had anticipated that happening. At least the birth control and fertility issues were behind us as we were content with the existing family and Julie heeded the doctor's advice about not having any more kids and had her tubes tied.

Fall 2001 was life-changing for Julie. First she had a cancer scare which fortunately was a false alarm, then her 39th birthday which coupled with the girls turning 13 - now teenagers, signaled that time marches on. Then, most devastating, her mother was killed in an auto accident at age 63, just months after she retired from teaching. Julie took it very hard and there was a gloom in the house for several months.

Then one Friday evening when returning from work Julie mentioned that the girls were keeping grandpa company for the weekend. She walked out of the bedroom wearing a short skirt that I hadn't seen in probably 15 years, and a very sheer black blouse that had sat in her sexy clothes drawer for years. It probably still had the store tags on it from when I bought it. Under the blouse was a black satiny camisole with the bra and camisole straps providing a sexy tease through the sheer blouse. Julie had a smile on her face and more makeup than she usually wore as she announced we were going to dinner. I started to ask her what was going on but quickly stopped, not wanting to discourage her actions.

It's the sexiest I'd seen Julie look in years and she grinned as I stared at her, obviously pleased with the effect her outfit had on me. As she walked toward me she asked if Frank, her pet name for my cock, and I were ready to take her to dinner.

I responded, "Frank is definitely ready when you dress like that but he is thinking past dinner."

We ended up at a delightful Italian restaurant we had never tried before. Julie sat on the same side of the booth and occasionally checked on Frank to make sure he was not getting bored with the conversation. I teased Julie about the effect she was having not only on Frank but also the waiter who was giving us particularly good service and using his utmost charm on Julie. Julie seemed to enjoy the attention and the confirmation that she could still attract younger men. I teased her about being a hot MILF then had to explain what MILF meant to her. Julie definitely hadn't kept up with the times.

I told her she should go to the ladies room and remove the Camisole and see how long it took the waiter to notice. She giggled at the suggestion but then looked at me and said, "You don't believe I'd be willing to do it do you?"

I laughed back and said, "You've only had one drink, not a chance in a million."

Without hesitating Julie excused herself. A few minutes later she walked proudly across the dining room and returned to our table. A black lace push-up bra cradled what had matured into beautiful 36C cup breasts. Her ample cleavage was teasingly apparent through the sheer blouse as was the lace embroidered pattern on the bra cups. Julie's long blonde hair slightly camouflaged and distracted attention from the sheer blouse. She turned to me and undid one more blouse button exposing even more cleavage before saying, "My camisole is in my purse along with my panties."

I practically spit out the bite of chicken fettuccine I was eating as Julie's unprecedented behavior stunned me. I recovered and said, "This is a delicious dinner and I'm really looking forward to desert." and simultaneously slid my hand up her leg to discover what I had presumed were pantyhose were thigh high stockings.

Julie was hardly back at the table when the waiter returned to check on things. He noticed. Julie blushed as he eyed her revealing blouse and cleavage display while asking her if her dinner was okay. A few minutes later another waiter came by and refilled our water glasses. I told Julie that the help was coming by to check out the MILF.

"Don't be silly." She said.

I was cracking up a moment later when the third waiter came by with fresh breadsticks. When he scurried off Julie grabbed my package with her hand under the table and chastised me for getting so much pleasure from seeing her blush when the men came by to check her out. I told her I hadn't had so much fun in years and, as I'm sure she noticed, I found it very exciting when she was a sexual person for me and anyone else that happened to be around.

We finished our dinner and proceeded to pay and exit the restaurant. As we drove home, I managed to unbutton an additional button on Julie's blouse and was able to pull one breast from her bra to fondle as I drove. Julie was massaging my erection and laughing about how obvious the wait staff was in their efforts to check her out.

Once inside the house, clothes littered the hallway as we rushed to the bedroom. My first order of business was to feast on Julie's pussy for dessert. She was unbelievably hot and aroused from the night's events. I had her thrashing and moaning like crazy within five minutes and convulsing in a huge orgasm five minutes after that.

Julie hadn't been much of a fan of oral sex but given her mood that night I took a chance and placed my cock on her lips. With no reservations she opened wide and was soon being faced fucked more aggressively than she'd ever experienced. Rather than complaining, she responded by fondling my balls and wiggling her index finger into my anus. The predictable result was her swallowing a huge load of hot sperm within moments. After a lengthy rest and cuddling session

I recovered and mounted Julie missionary style. I slipped into her hot box and began pounding her and watched her boobs shake with each thrust. Julie's eyes were closed and she was making soft moaning and grunting sounds as I pounded away. Having come earlier in the evening I had great stamina as I slammed away. As I trusted to full depth, I teased Julie, "I left a note for our waiter with the house address and an invitation for him to come over to get a better look at you after his shift ends - he can take over when I'm done here."

Julie's response was to gasp for breath and began to shudder as I pounded even harder. She quickly erupted with her second orgasm of the evening before we both collapsed then lay still till we fell asleep.

I let Julie sleep late the next morning and when she finally came downstairs she blushed saying, "That was quite a night."

My quick response was, "I certainly enjoyed it, you seem to, and I know the wait staff at the restaurant did. That was quite a treat. I couldn't believe how hard you came when I teased you about the waiter coming over."

"You're one to talk," Julie said, "You were as hard as a rock and awful excited when you knew the waiter was checking me out."

As the weekend progressed I began to reflect on the usual, unprecedented evening with the woman I had known nearly 20 years. I was trying to figure out why the sudden change. Yes, I briefly wondered if this was guilt sex due to an affair or dalliance but I found such a prospect virtually impossible to comprehend. But then again Julie wearing a see-through blouse in public and swallowing after a hard face fucking were also thoughts that had hereto for been restricted to fantasies. I knew she was reading a book on female sexuality for a summer school course she was taking - maybe that had motivated her. Sunday evening I again mentioned how much I enjoyed her dressing sexy for our Friday night date. She commented, "Yes it was fun, and I didn't need to worry about my mother or someone she knows seeing me in the sexy outfit."

Later that week as I was driving to a meeting and thinking about our Friday night date, Julie's reference to not worrying about her mother got me to thinking. I decided to call the counselor that had worked with Julie and me when we went through our fertility treatments to ask him if the passing of Julie's mother last winter could explain her more open-minded attitude about sex. The counselor referred me to a colleague who was kind enough to take my call. After hearing my story the counselor confirmed that in fact someone with a strict or judgmental mother could indeed feel a certain liberation when the mother passed - no longer concerned that their behaviors would be judged or criticized, and women do have midlife crises and Julie could be influenced by a book - all could be factors in Julie's behavior. She offered to meet with either or both of us if I thought it was important. I assured her that her answer was very helpful and that I rather enjoyed the change in behavior. Her parting advice was to enjoy the new Julie but don't hesitate to call if things get out of hand.

That last comment sent a tingle through me as I contemplated the possibility that Julie's new interest in sex could lead to problems. I had always had a much more liberal attitude towards sex than Julie and had been the instigator of many attempts to add slightly kinky elements to our sex life - most unsuccessfully I might add - but even my wildest fantasies were bounded by safe sex and mutual consent. The prospect of Julie crossing those lines sent a nervous chill through me.

With two young active kids in the house and two employed parents, weekly routines were highly scheduled leaving Julie and I little chance to talk say nothing of pursue romantic dates. On Thursday night when Julie hinted she'd be in bed waiting for me when I was done watching the news I was delighted to take advantage of the opportunity. While hardly the sign of a nymphomaniac lusting for sex, nonetheless, it was a proactive gesture that had long been absent from Julie's bedtime routine.

A smidgen of the new wild side was apparent on Saturday as well. Julie had some work to do on her flower garden in the backyard and dressed in a pair of cutoffs and a bikini top. I'd swear she shortened the short shorts another 2 inches and bikini top came from the bottom of the drawer - one she'd had for at least 15 years and was a tight fit when she was a 34B but was now delightfully challenged trying to cover much of her 36C breasts. I complimented her on her work clothes and cautioned her not to go in the front yard for fear she would cause an accident by distracting drivers on the road. That evening Julie came to bed wearing a red baby doll nightgown also resurrected from her long ignored drawer of Valentines gifts.

Over the next several weeks the heightened level of romance and sex continued. Julie seemed to take pleasure in surprising me with her sexy outfits and positive attitude towards sex.And I wasn't patronizing her when I responded with enthusiasm.

Opportunities to be alone for any extended period of time without the kids didn't present themselves often but when they did our routine gravitated toward Julie dressing in a provocative outfit where both she and I got a kick out of her garnering the attention of other males. She seemed to enjoy the affirmation of her sex appeal and showing her off never failed to get me revved up for hot sex when we got home. My favorite routine was to see Julie's garter straps and stocking tops peeking out from under a short skirt and aroused nipples notably visible pressed against her blouse or dress top. Julie repeatedly mentioned how much fun it was to feel free to be a sexy woman. I had been calling her my hot MILF since that first evening.

We were always careful to be well away from home in locations where no one would recognize us and Julie had vetoed my attempts to have her sit at a bar alone so that someone could approach her. I was enjoying the new Julie so much that I was reluctant to talk to her about her change in attitude and any specific desires she might have.

Finally, the day after a particularly exciting date it was time to sit down and talk. We had been out to dinner and ended up in a piano bar for a drink afterwards. Julie was wearing a short skirt and satin blouse. She was braless and her nipples were noticeably visible when aroused and pressed against her blouse. She was wearing stockings with garters which were regularly visible peeking out from under her skirt when she was seated. We were seated side-by-side watching the piano player and nursing our drinks when two men at the table about 10 feet away noticed Julie. When they caught her attention they smiled, nodded and raised their drinks.

Julie blushed. I whispered in her ear that they were probably fantasizing about taking the MILF back to the room to check out those breasts up close and personal. I continued talking about the guys speculating on how well endowed they were and what they would do with Julie if they got her in their room. Julie was trembling and her nipples were clearly aroused leaving very noticeable bulges in her satin blouse.

My hand was on Julie's leg. I pulled her legs slightly toward me and whispered in her ear that she should give the men a little better look at the stocking tops and garter straps. The men must have noticed as the waiter arrived with a fresh round of drinks complements of their table. I whispered in Julie's ear that she should unbutton her blouse more. She paused, took a large gulp of her new drink, and then discreetly undid an additional button and then another.

With the tight blouse now unbuttoned to below mid-breast level the gentlemen were treated to an expansive view of her cleavage and from my side view her braless breast was generously visible. The gentleman smiled as Julie blushed and I pulled her legs further apart. Not long afterwards the gentleman settled their tab and walked to our table. It was obvious they were aroused from the bulges in their slacks. One man stared down at Julie's cleavage from his improved vantage point while the other leaned forward for an even better view and whispered a thank you for the evening's entertainment.

Five minutes later Julie was laying in the backseat of our minivan in the bar's parking lot with my six inch cock pounding her pussy and my hands mauling her breasts. Julie's arousal was obvious as she was soaking wet and steamy hot with her engorged nipples enjoying the tactile attention.

My MILF rode home topless cringing anxiously as we drove through each well lite intersection. Twice more that night Frank unloaded, once on Julie's tits on the living room floor and a final time in our bed as I aroused Julie with stories about how the gentlemen from the club would have loved to follow us home and help me satisfy the MILF.

The next day we talked. And on and off for several weeks. I told her how much I was enjoying the change in our sex life and how happy it made me to see her enjoy not just accommodate sex. I also explained that I was originally a little nervous that is was guilt sex or a sign of some other more serious mood change. I even told her of the call to the doctor and the doctor's thoughts on the possible reasons for the change. Julie was intrigued with the hypothesis and on reflection over a few days agreed that those factors were most probably true. She also recognized that I had been frustrated with the sex, or lack of it, in our relationship and her mourning period had been a burden on me and she wanted to make me happy as well.

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