tagGroup SexFrom Heaven to Hell

From Heaven to Hell


Kevin's life was perfect. He had a good job at a well-funded lab, he had just purchased his first house, and most importantly of all, he was married to the perfect woman. Yumi was young and gorgeous, standing around 5'2" with jet black hair that had a single purple lock of hair running down the side of her face. She had a slim frame, c-cup breasts, a flat stomach, and a figure that would make any man drool. She was fond of hip hop dancing and it kept her in excellent condition. They had the same hobbies, the same friends, and did almost everything together.

Like himself, Yumi was fresh out of college, although she hadn't found a job yet. She had a degree in anthropology, but any job she took would separate them. Luckily, he had scored a gig that was more than sufficient to support them both. He was a little jealous that she got to hang out with their friends way more than he did, since most of them either hadn't graduated yet or hadn't found jobs, but she made up for it by doing most of the chores and making sure dinner was ready when he got home. She never complained about him drinking or about anything really... his life was ideal.

But his whole world came crashing down in a single accidental moment at his friend Dan's house. Dan was single and liked it that way, he never had any trouble finding company for the night. They hung out at his house pretty frequently, being friends all the way back from middle school. They were actually waiting for others to show up when it happened.

They had shown up before everyone else and Yumi was watching Television while Dan had gone out to pick up some booze before the others arrived. Kevin was bored and was in the kitchen when he noticed Dan's laptop on the table. With nothing better to do he opened it up and decided to look through his friend's music in his media player app. Upon opening the app, however, something caught his eye in a big way. There were a number of playlists under Videos with girls' names. One of those names was Yumi.

Kevin had actually clicked on the playlist out of curiosity, thinking that his friend had collected videos of a pornstar with the same name as his wife. There was only a single video in the playlist, and it was HIS Yumi that appeared on the screen. The video was obviously shot from Kevin's phone and showed another friend, Tom, passed out on the chair while Dan sat on the couch watching Yumi dance. She was describing the dance moves as she danced for him and Kevin thought that he knew when this was. A couple of weeks prior Dan and Yumi had been discussing her dancing when Kevin had been up for making a beer run. He remembered Tom also being passed out at the time and knew that it had to have been that night. So, Dan must have asked Yumi to show him some of her dance moves as soon as Kevin had left. That was a pretty shady move and made just plain creepy by the fact that he recorded it.

The video didn't stop there, however. Kevin watched as his friend complimented his wife in admiration, "Jesus Christ, those are some sexy moves. So that's how you keep your body looking so incredible, huh?" Yumi blushed at that, and awkwardly reached for her beer to take another drink, probably because she didn't know how to react. Her face was flushed from the booze and the dancing. With Tom in the chair the only place to sit was beside Dan, so she plopped down beside him. Dan seemed disappointed, "Aww, so that's the end of the show, huh?"

She laughed awkwardly and took another drink. Dan broke the awkwardness easily, "Hey, there's no need to feel odd, we've been friends forever, right? You're a beautiful girl, it's just a fact, and with those dance skills I'm left to wonder why on Earth you don't pursue a career in dancing? You could probably get a lot of money modelling as well."

Kevin watched as his wife perked up a bit, laughing lightly, "Even if I were really good enough for that, I'm not nearly tall enough to be a model," she told him in a serious tone, "And anyway I'm not interested in anything that will force Kevin and I to spend much time apart."

Dan waved one hand at her dismissively, "Oh you guys are just in that newlywed phase, and there are lots of types of modelling. Why do you think every guy you went to school with has been chasing you since they hit puberty? Trust me, you could get plenty of work."

She seemed genuinely surprised at this, although what he had said was actually quite true. Dan glanced at her out of the side of his eye and feigned disbelief, although in her inebriated state it was unlikely that Yumi realized that it wasn't genuine. "You've got to be kidding me! There is no way you didn't notice. Why do you think so many people from high school won't talk to Kevin anymore? We were all after you and that lucky bastard got you all to himself."

Yumi looked confused and replied in a quiet tone, "Am I really that desirable? Guys just try to get in the pants of any girl they can at that age, don't they?" She looked down at he feet shyly, perhaps nervous about the answer to the question. She didn't notice Dan sliding closer to her.

Dan gestured at her body, drawing her attention back up again, "Are you kidding? Just look at you." The figure, the breasts, the abs, the butt, those very very toned legs of yours." He placed one hand on the exposed skin of her thigh. She was wearing short shorts. "That skin, so smooth and perfect, you're like a vision from a dream." His hand started slowly playing over her skin as he spoke.

Yumi stared into his eyes, her eyes glazed over as if in a daze. Dan leaned forward and kissed her. It was a gentle kiss at first, but it went on some time and grew in passion. It lasted maybe a minute in total and a good half of it clearly involved tongue. Kevin was shocked. Yumi didn't look shocked at all, however. She pulled away from the kiss slowly, looking down and not meeting Dan's gaze as she hesitantly told him, "Dan... I love Kevin, and I would never do anything to hurt him."

Dan's reply was smooth, "Oh come on, Yumi, you think Dan is going to get mad about a kiss? Besides which, humans aren't made to be monogamous. We've all spoken about that before, even Kevin knows it. I'm sure you two can live together and be a perfect family, but Kevin's going to want to fuck other girls as well. You have any idea how many guys cheat on their wives? You two should just be open about it and you'll both be happier for the honesty."

That was a twisting of the conversations they had engaged in on the topic, but Yumi didn't argue the point, she seemed very confused. She glanced at Dan out of the corner of her eye, her red cheeks looked like they were going to burn a hole in her face. "Maybe someday he and I will discuss that. That's between he and I, though. If... if you want I can use my mouth for you, though."

Dan seemed as surprised as Kevin felt. He probably hadn't thought that this would work. No more words were spoken as she undid his pants and pulled out his penis. He had to lift his hips up off of the couch in order for her to get it out, as he was already hard as a rock. Yumi let out a "Wow" as she exposed him. Dan was a good measure larger than Kevin in both length and girth. Kevin didn't feel insecure, however, as Amy expressed discomfort even with his cock sometimes. She was quite small and tight and he had no doubt whatsoever that he kept her fully satisfied. But if that were the case, why was she playing with another man's dick? It had to be the alcohol.

She took him into her mouth immediately and started using her lips to fuck him. She couldn't even get half of him in her mouth and she gagged on it from time to time, but Dan was obviously extremely excited and was already panting heavily. She used her hand to stroke the rest of his exposed shaft while she sucked on him. It only took about two minutes before he was grunting and gasped out at her, "Oh fuck, I'm about to cum"

She did something then that she had never done for Kevin. As Dan thrust his hips off of the couch uncontrollably she held on for dear life, keeping him in her mouth as he came. He saw her cheeks puff up and then she swallowed noisily, making a small choking sound that seemed to indicate she had very nearly spit it all out. She let him finish unloading in her mouth before she swallowed again and started slowly sucking on his head again. Dan shivered involuntarily as she did so. She finally released him and licked the entire length of his cock several times as it shrunk down. The video screen went black.

Kevin sat there in shock for a minute, just staring at the screen. What the fuck? Finally, he shut down the laptop, snapped it closed, and went back to the couch to sit beside his wife. He tried to drop hints with his attitude that he was angry about something, but she was in a great mood and soon his anger melted. It was Dan he was really pissed off at, but he didn't know what to do about it, how to let them know that he knew what had happened. He didn't figure out how to approach it before Dan got back, however.

He kept himself between Dan and his wife for the entire night and steered the conversation well away from anything erotic. He also blocked any attempts at giving his wife alcohol, insisting that she could decide whether or not she wanted to drink herself. His behavior didn't go completely unnoticed, but other than a couple of raised eyebrows, no one seemed to care much.

They left the party sooner than they usually did. Yumi was always horny when she drank, so they went into foreplay almost immediately. During sex he dropped many hints that he wanted her to swallow his cum, but she repeatedly refused. He tried to be more insistent about it, but she got irritated instead and told him in no uncertain terms that it was gross and she wasn't going to do it. He settled for cumming on her stomach as he always did.

Kevin never did figure out how to deal with his newfound knowledge. Over the next couple of weeks he just kept a careful watch. He realized, however, that he had to know how far Yumi was willing to go. He felt like he didn't really know her and that bothered him greatly. She didn't even seem to notice and this made it worse. He tried to make a lame excuse when it was his weekend to host a get together, but Yumi, oblivious, shot down his attempt.

And so he found himself irritated and worried, wondering who he could trust and what kind of woman Yumi really was while sitting in the living room. Dan was there, which was the main source of his irritation. Tom and Frank had also shown up. All single guys, only one girl. Every eye that he noticed on his wife irritated him and he soon found himself drinking far more than he should. The rate of his own consumption seemed to egg the others on and soon everyone was plastered, but none as drunk as he. He laid back on the couch with Amy to his right and Tom to his left and closed his eyes.

He was just irritated and trying to block out the noise, but he seemed to have dozed off. He awakened to Frank's voice calling to him in a fairly loud tone, "KEV! HEY KEV!?" And then to the others more softly, "Oh man guys, he's out like a light. He really hammered them away tonight." They all laughed. Kevin just stayed in the same position without shifting or revealing that he was awake at all, hoping they would just leave him alone.

After several more checks to make sure he was really passed out, they all laughed and really did leave him alone, but they turned their mirth on Yumi instead, laughing and teasing her. "Oh shit, Yumi, looks like you're gonna be lonely tonight!" That was Tom's voice, he was not exactly a subtle guy.

Dan was as subtle as always, however, and he cut through the laughter by calling out to her, "Hey Yume, come sit over here, you don't want to disturb your husband." Kevin heard his wife get up and move over to the love seat where Dan was sitting. Suddenly apprehensive, he decided that he had to know who he had married. Letting himself fall over into the vacated seat in as natural a way as possible he lay down on the couch, bending his knees and bringing his feet up against Tom. In this position he was able to crack his eyes open a little without anyone being able to see thanks to the dim light and the couch cushion he had managed to slide into a position that helped block his face.

Tom laughed, "Oh shit, dude, he's just making himself comfortable, look at him go." He got up and moved over to the loveseat, "Come on, make some room, I'm not sitting on Frank's lap." And he squeezed down on the other side of Yumi, sandwiching her uncomfortably between the two men. Nothing else seemed to happen for a while and Kevin was starting to fear that he was about to doze off for real.

Finally, Yumi started to sigh and move her head around in a circle. "Ooh, that feels good," she cooed sexily. Kevin looked closer and realized that Dan had slid his hand behind her and had been rubbing her back. She moved around more, clearly enjoying the massage.

Frank looked uncomfortable, watching her with wide eyes. Kevin could understand why, she never behaved like this and it was kind of erotic. Dan put a hand on her shoulder and gently applied pressure to turn her while saying in a confident tone, "Here spin around and I can get at your back better." She obeyed, turning to face Frank and putting one leg under her on the small love seat. In the cramped space this put her breasts against his shoulder and he turned to avoid the awkwardness of the position. This put him facing her instead which was also awkward, but he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

She was stilling oohing and aahing at the attention that Dan was giving her. Her eyes were closed and she didn't appear to know that Frank was gaping at her openly. Dan now had both hands up the back of her shirt, massaging her back and shoulders. Her shirt slowly rose up as he worked on her until the bottom half of her red bra was exposed. Frank continued to stare. Kevin hadn't been able to see Tom, but now he came into view, walking over to the coffee table in front of the love seat quietly and sitting down on the edge, slightly behind Yumi, also watching the show. Dan's hands didn't stay on her back. Little by little he started sliding them around her sides and to her abs. After about ten minutes of working her over this way he slid his hands down the back of her skirt as well, massaging the top of her buttocks.

Yumi's eyes didn't open at any point during the massage. Kevin wondered if she knew the others were watching and didn't want to acknowledge it. Dan leaned forward while his hands slid up her sides and kissed her softly on the shoulder before saying softly, "Hey Yume... why don't you give us some of what I got the other day? We're all close friends here, after all." Kevin couldn't believe that he was doing this in his own house and with him supposedly passed out on the couch just a couple of meters away. Yumi was just quiet for a while.

She never responded to him, either. Instead she slid smoothly to the floor and turned towards Dan, down on her knees. Her body blocked his view, but soon Dan's large dick popped out into view and she started giving him the same treatment as last time. Dan smiled stupidly and looked each of his friends in the eye. Frank and Tom both gaped at him in amazement. Tom wasted no time in exposing his own cock and walking around to Yumi's left side. "How's mine compare, Yume?" He japed at her, smiling.

Yumi glanced over at it, exclaiming honestly, "Wow, Tom, that thing is huge. I didn't even know that they came that big! Kevin had to agree, Tom had a truly massive cock, as long as Yumi's forearm and as big around as her fist! By then Frank had become comfortable enough to expose his on the other side of her face. He touched her cheek with it and she turned to look at it, exclaiming "Wow, Frank, yours is as big as Dan's! Who knew you guys were hiding these things."

She started working on their cocks then. She continued with Dan first, fucking as much of his length as she could with her mouth while she stroked the other two cocks awkwardly to either side. She made wet sounds as she slurped him in and out of her mouth for a couple of minutes. After she nearly gagged on it she gave it a long lick from base to head and turned towards Frank, taking him into her mouth in the same way. She didn't even seem to notice Tom reaching down and unlatching her bra. He didn't have to try hard, as her shirt was still pulled halfway up her torso.

Frank oohed and aahed in a parody of her getting her massage earlier as she sucked him off and this ended up making her laugh. She seemed totally relaxed as she laughed light heartedly and slapped his thigh before turning to Tom. As she turned, Frank reached down and pulled off her shirt and bra in a smooth movement. She lifted her arms up without resisting at all as he did so. She was now exposed between the three men, her glorious breasts on full display and her skirt up around her waist.

She couldn't fit much of Tom's monster into her mouth, so she used both hands to stroke him while sucking on the head. She settled into a rhythm of sucking on the head and twirling her tongue around it as she jacked him off rapidly with both hands wrapped around his member. Frank crouched down and reached around her from behind, fondling her breasts as she did so. Dan crouched down as well, but his hand went down under her raised skirt, causing her to gasp for a second when his fingers found her clit.

They spent what seemed like forever like that, but it was probably more like 15 minutes. She pulled back and looked up into Tom's eyes, saying to him in the sexist tone he had ever heard her use, "What's wrong, Tom, am I not sexy enough to get you off?" Tom shuddered at her voice and laughed.

"Are you kidding? You're the hottest thing I've ever seen, just takes a lot to get me off. How about you give up some of that pussy, hmm? I promise you won't be disappointed." He winked at her when he said it.

She looked concerned for the first time at that, replying nervously, "But Kevin.... And I don't think I can take anything nearly that big, I don't even think I can take Dan or Frank!" She looked at him with fear in her eyes. Kevin wondered if the fear was for breaking their marriage vows or for worry about it hurting.

Dan sat himself down on the love seat and gestured to her, "Come on, get up here. Don't worry about it, I promise it'll be fine, pussies are made to be fucked and stretch way more than you realize. There is no way Kevin will ever even know we were in there." What did he say?!... Jesus Christ, they all intended to fuck her and she intended to let them. She was already climbing up onto the love seat, peeling her panties off and dropping them on the floor as she went.

Kevin noticed Dan's phone then, sitting on the coffee table. It had a little stand and was in the perfect position to record the action. Dan had to have prepared it sometime before all of this started. How conniving was this son of a bitch? He didn't consider it long as he watched his wife climb up and prepare to take another man's dick for the first time in her life.

Yumi's breasts swayed sexily as she positioned herself, her face worried. Tom stood up and kissed her, which distracted her as Dan started working himself into her pussy. The head didn't even get all of the way in despite her weight pushing her down onto it. Dan grabbed his cock and started rubbing it back and forth rapidly, making sure to flick it across her clit as well as her pussy lips. Soon he was coated in her juices, his dick shining in the soft light of the room as he worked the head into her tightness.

Kevin couldn't even believe it was able to fit. Yumi expressed discomfort with even him sometimes and yet he had already worked 1/3 of it into her within seconds. Tom pulled back from his kiss, letting their tongues twist around each other between their open mouths. This kiss broke with a gasp when Dan managed to get about halfway into her. Her eyes were wide in shock and she simply said "Oh Wow"

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