tagTransgender & CrossdressersFrom Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 04

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 04


This story contains extreme fantasies of Fem Domme, watersports, cock sucking, forced bi, if these aspects are likely to upset you please do not read on.


Pete had been taken in by Rachel his ex-employee, encouraged along the way, with a little titillation, a lot of flirting and confessions of her bisexuality. She'd used her submissive Claire to help with the con job and had taken Pete a little deeper with each passing hour. For a married man he had admitted way too much and allowed himself to be taken further along the submissive road than he should have allowed. As Rachel had brought him into her web, he was now completely trapped and she was taking him deeper and deeper. She could easily blackmail him now.

Now here he was fully dressed as a latex fetish slut, locked into the cloths with padlocks and descending into sissy slutdom at Rachel and Claires hands.

After only a few breaths for their slut, Claire replaced the rebreather. She'd only taken it off to allow a few breaths for Amber so that when it was replaced the impact of the Pig Sweat would be even greater on their Sissy slut.

Claire had taken over fucking Amber with the 10 inch dildo, sometimes rotating it, then slamming in all 10 inches before withdrawing it with accompanying suction noises. Then pushing it 6 inches in and rapidly moving it only 3 inches or so in and out as fast as she possibly could. The simple aim to open the pussy as much as possible as their slut took on her massive dose of poppers.

Claire attacked Ambers pussy as though it were a science project she wanted an A+ for, she was trying every technique she could think of, every type of stroke to stretch and open Ambers pussy wider and wider. Not only was Claire loving doing it, the element of torture appealed to her, Ambers moans and groans of which there were many were making Claire drip with excitement.

"Fuck Amber, your pussy really can take some punishment, this is like being in a hard core anal, porn movie back here, you dirty little fucking slut. Your clit wouldn't even touch the sides of a pussy this open." Claire was amused by the constant humiliation of Pete or Amber as she now was. Constantly reminding her that she was no longer a man and had only a clit and pussy to please men with along with her slutty mouth now.

Rachel was at Ambers ear, stroking her back and neck. She pulled the rebreather off Ambers mouth leaving it over her nose.

"Now baby, have you ever had a proper Sissygasm? One where you've not touched your clit at all?"

Amber shook her head, as much as the collar would allow, "No Mistress Rachel I haven't, I've never had one of those, but I have read about them and seen them in porn films." Amber said it with real regret, a deep regret, she knew it would make her more of a Sissy if she could have one finally. She longed to have a real anal Sissygasm.

"Ooooohhh, you poor baby girl, I bet you'd just love to have a proper one and be a real Sissy wouldn't you? Would tonight be good?"

"God yes please Mistress Rachel, please make me have an anal Sissygasm, that would be wonderful, it would be perfect, please let me have one, I beg you."

"Well then, you need to truly commit to cock, Amber. This is no longer something you need to be forced to do, is it? You need them and want them don't you baby?"

"Yes Mistress I need cocks, I want cocks"

"That's my girl, I particularly like the way you said cocks not cock, you see you're already progressing. You know deep inside your soul that one cock will only make you hunger for more, that the only thing that can satiate your hunger for a little while, is to be fed cock after cock after cock, especially big black cocks." Rachel stated this and Amber simply soaked in the words, accepting the hypnotic conditioning like a good Sissy slut should.

"You have to commit to big cocks, to the biggest black cocks. You'll no longer suck anything less than 8 inches, you need bigger cocks, you love huge cocks, you commit to big cocks. Repeat it Sissy."

Ambers mind was hazy, open to suggestion, her clit on fire, her pussy being remorselessly reamed, her pain receptors sparking throughout her body, pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain, inextricably linked. Her clit still on fire from the tiger balm. "I need big cocks, I love big cocks, I commit to big cocks Mistress."

"That's it Slut, now add "I commit to big black cocks."

"Agrgggggggghhhhhh" the reaming was getting to her. "Now slut repeat it for your Mistress."

"I need big fucking black cocks, I love to worship big black cocks, I commit to big black cocks Mistress, I commit to big black cocks and to sucking their superior Black men's seed from them."

Rachel then put her hand over Ambers mouth and moved the rebreather to the side, as Claire really slammed into her even harder than before. Rachel had a the bottle of fresh pig sweat open and held it to Ambers nostril, closing the other one with her thumb.

"Amber screamed silently into her Mistresses hand, breathing in huge hits of raw Pig Sweat poppers. The rebreather gave a constant stream but this short burst was more intense and topped the level up even further, taking Sissy Amber to a new level of horniness and haze.

As Rachel removed her hand from Ambers mouth she asked again.

"What do you commit to Amber?"

"Unnnnggggg I commit to big black cocks, to sucking huge black cocks, to worshipping black cocks and drinking cum and piss from big black cocks."

"That's better Amber, remember you have wanted to do this in the past and you've just been too weak to go through with it, too pathetic to follow your true Sissy destiny." Again the pause as Amber wallowed in a Pig Sweat heaven as she was fucked over and over again."

"Don't ever let that happen again, will you?" Rachel paused to let this next instruction sink in.

Amber blurted out the answer, she never wanted to let her Mistress down again, "I won't ever let that happen again, I promise Mistress Rachel, I won't let you down, I promise. I won't ever refuse a big black cock Mistress. "

"Remember, I have released you mentally to be the proper Sissy cock sucking whore, you long and need to be. You need big black cocks in both your holes to be satisfied. Your only pleasure will come from pleasuring me and pleasuring big cocks for your my pleasure."

"I'm your cock sucking whore Mistress Rachel, I need big cocks in both my holes Mistress, fuck I need them so bad, please make me suck real black cocks Mistress. I want to please you and suck some big hot black cocks."

"You pledge yourself to pleasing me and sucking big black cocks slut?"

"Yes Mistress I pledge my worthless Sissy body to please you Mistress Rachel, in each and every way I can and to suck any big cocks you put in front of me, please feed me Mistress. Make me you cock sucking white Sissy whore."

Rachel refitted the rebreather bag to Ambers very flushed face. She knew Amber was away with the pig fairies, zoned out and completely suggestible. But even in Rachel's wildest plans she hadn't expected this until much later. Ambers progress was extreme and very pleasing, but was it all too quick to stick.

As Claire continued to fuck Ambers pussy, stretching it a little further with each thrust, Rachel whispered to her. "What do you think, is she really ready, it's been so fast."

"Fuck yes Miss, hell she's ready, ripe for the picking. When she just begged you to find her cocks to suck, she really, truly meant it and I think she wants it right now."

"Miss if you get the boys in now and they truly fuck her mind and holes up and we get it all in lovely dirty, juicy, lubed, close-ups. She'll have no choice whatsoever. She'll either have worked through her blockage completely, to genuinely embrace the cocksucker within, just for you, or you'll have so much to blackmail her with, she'll suck any cock you command. She's fucked either way."

"I know you're right, but I really want the element of choice erased from her mind, gone completely, so that she knows it's gone forever, so that she never ever questions my orders no matter how extreme."

"Then ask her what she'll do to please you, if you get her some real big black cocks to serve right now."

"I love the way you think Claire, fuck you're nearly as fucked up as I am." She leaned into Amber and took the rebreather off again. Ambers head wasn't so much spinning, as in free fall now, descending further and further into the rabbit hole of Sissy whorishness.

Rachel bent to Ambers ear, "Now Amber tell me again, what do you most desire, right at this very moment? What would make you complete as a Sissy for me now?"

Immediately Amber moaned and said "Please bring me huge cocks to suck for you now Mistress, let me show you I can be your best cock sucker ever, feed me loads of proper mens cum, please Mistress, I beg you, pleassssseeee, I neeeed to have black cock nowwwwwwwwwwww. Please give me have a Sissygasm."

"Now Amber, you do know that if I get cocks for you, as you've just begged me to, right here, right now, there will be no backing out at all, you'll be forced if necessary and forced very painfully."

"Yes Mistress Rachel, but I promise, I won't need to be forced, I really need some cocks, I really want cocks, I crave big black cocks, it's an itch inside me that has to be scratched. Please Mistress I need to be fed huge loads of piss and cum, please let me have it all, I'm begging you. Let me show you the whore I have become for you."

"Are you sure Amber, this is your very last chance to back out, your very last chance, make sure you are completely ready."

"I commit to big black cocks Mistress, I commit to please you completely, I need cocks, I crave cum and piss, I need to be a cock whore for you, I want it now please, please, please, please, please, I beg you Mistress, make me your dirty fucking Sissy cock whore..."

"As you wish slut." Rachel refitted the rebreather and said "I'll take over on the dildo, you ring Curtis and Max and tell them I need them for the project tonight, right now, just as soon as they can possibly get here and we'll likely need them tomorrow too."

"Fucking brilliant Miss, I'll do it right now. Fuck this is so exciting, I'm dripping wet."

"Your always dripping wet you dirty little bitch, now make the phone call and let's get this sissy mind fucked, ass and throat fucked."

Claire left the room to ring to the two guys who Rachel had briefed earlier in the evening, the moment she thought that she might be able to turn Pete for the first time. Experience had taught her to strike while the iron was hot.

Rachel was working the dildo hard, almost raping Ambers pussy, lube and juices everywhere, pouring more lube on the ensure perfect slickness of her whores cunt. She pushed the dildo in all ten inches and then reached over for the roll of duct tape, holding the dildo in with her hip, whilst she ripped off a large piece of tape, then she taped the dildo in place deep in Ambers slutty pussy.

She bent down and whispered in Ambers ear, "Claire and I have to go out for a little while, I'm leaving you here, but one of my male friends will probably come over, then you can become the black cock whore you begged to be?" Again she lifted the rebreather off Ambers face allowing her to talk.

"But Mistress Rachel I thought you'd be here when any guys are here, please can you stay to help me Mistress Rachel, pleeeassssseee, I beg you be here for your slut."

"Shut up bitch, I said we're going out, now be what you just begged me to allow you to be, don't whine, I'll be back later, let's see if you've pleased him by then. By God you'd better."

"Yes Mistress Rachel, I will I promise. Is he big?"

Rachel wasn't sure if it was fear in her voice or wonder mixed with hope.

"His cock is simply magnificent, it's a stunning ten inches of ebony man meat, thicker than the dildo you have lodged in your dirty, slutty, pussy now bitch, he's a mouthful and a pussy full. And he's desperate to cum deep inside you Sissy and to fill you up to the brim with his black seed." The rebreather was put back in place sinking her deeper into her stupor.

Claire came back in. Rachel shushed her and they left for the other room to watch the monitors.

"Before I forget Claire, pop back in and strap the Hitachi wand to the end of the dildo and turn it on full, Amber will be a gibbering wreck by the time the boys get here and it should help open her a little more to take on the monster cocks that are on their way. Tell Amber we're leaving right now for a while and we want her to please whoever comes in while we're out. How soon will the boys be here?"

"They said ten mins max, they had both thought with your powers of persuasion that it would likely be tonight. Curtis said neither of them have had release for a week, those bulls balls will be full with more cum that Amber can drink, she'll drown in it."

"As you know Claire, what really matters is that they both love to fully mind fuck and break in new sissies completely. They'll take our dirty little Amber into a new level of sluttiness."

Claire walked back into the room, set the Hitachi up and before she turned it on, she whispered in Ambers ear.

"Keep breathing in through your nose baby, fill your brain with your lovely Pig Sweat, take on as much as you possibly can to get ready for the cocks you'll be feeling soon. Please, please don't let Miss Rachel down, I beg you, she'd be so angry and sad. I really don't want to see her so sad. It's up to you Amber."

"I promise I won't let her down Miss Claire." Even with the rebreather on, Claire could make out what she was saying.

"That's a good girl, be the cock whore you've always longed to be, I know you can do it slut. Remember commit fully and totally to cocks, it's your destiny to be a truly dirty cock whore." She pulled the rebreather off Ambers mouth so she only got hits when she breathed in through her nose. Then she turned on the Hitachi on full and left.

She walked down the hall and opened and closed the outside door loudly, not that she thought the noise would register with their fucked up, poppered up slut, but worth it just in case.

As Claire got back to the other room, Rachel was plainly excited and seemed a little nervous.

"This is so early to be putting Amber in this serious a situation, I hope she copes." Rachel for once sounded a little worried.

"Miss Rachel, you know sissies better than anyone, this one was always ripe for the picking especially after she admitted so many more experiences than we expected. Your first assessment of her suitability was based on pure potential, but once we knew she'd been to a sauna and been fucked by a complete stranger, we needed to reassess her potential.

"Remember she actually asked for bareback, for goodness sake in one of those sessions. Only a true whore does that, what was it she said, I wanted to taste the cock to please my cyber Mistress. She's a whore in the making Miss. She swallowed a full load that night to please her Mistress."

Rachel looked thoughtful, Claire carried on.

"She's totally ready I'm sure of it. I think in the next 15 minutes you'll see her with a throat full of cock moaning like the whore she really was born to be." Claire was ramming home her point.

"I hope you're right Claire."

Rachel reclined in a chair and said "I need my mind taking off this for a few minutes little one."

"Yes Miss." Claire knelt in front of the Rachel's opened legs and began to gently kiss and lick around her pussy, taking her time to build up the pleasure. She sucked one of her fingers coating it liberally in saliva and began to work her hand between Rachel's ample buttocks, Rachel raising her ass from the chair to allow access to her puckered hole. Carefully Claire eased two fingers into Rachel's moist asshole, eliciting a moan of pure pleasure from her Miss. It seemed relatively wet Claire thought, the sweat making a sheen of lubrication.

She worked two fingers in and out, making sure she pulled Rachel's quim towards her mouth, gently but forcefully working on Rachel's clit. The moans were loud and Claire wondered if Amber would be able to hear. But turning her head she could see Amber, her head resting in the collar over the edge of the fucking bench.. She was breathing in heavily, large wracking sobs of breaths, still taking on more poppers with her eyes firmly closed. What was she dreaming of Claire thought, fuck I hope it's big black cocks, that's for sure, because she's in for some of those shortly, lucky bitch.

As Rachel neared an orgasm, there was a knock at the door "Fucckkkkk come in." Was all Rachel could get out.

Curtis walked in first, 6" 2" 35, athletic, black, with a supremely confident manner, Max who followed him in was even darker, heavy set and only 5 11", he seemed a little more shy than his friend.

"Well look at you two, now that is a lovely sight to get me in the mood for some serious Sissy fucking." Curtis almost purred as he said this to the two girls.

"Fuck off Curtis, I needed a little release. Now take a look at the monitor, that's what you two are here for. I want complete and utter subjugation, the whole works, how does that sound?"

"Ahhhhhh a fat white piggy sissy slut, fuck just the way I like my white bois, they love the humiliation from their black superiors, Sissy got much of a cock?" he couldn't see from the angle of the cameras.

"No just a very small clit to humiliate and torture. It's coated in deep heat at the moment so be a little careful, we wouldn't want you getting that on your beautiful rod, would we?"

Claire turned her head from Rachel's pussy and added "Have a close look when you go in guys, you'll love the cage, it's miniscule, the smallest One Mistress has, it's a work of art, transforming a cock into a mini clit."

Rachel had a small shuddering orgasm as Claire licked as many of the juices as possible, Rachel dipped two fingers into her own pussy and as she stood next to Curtis she reached up and he licked the two fingers.

"That's for you after you do my slut C."

"Fuck you taste good tonight Rach. So what are the rules for this bitch."

"Bareback all the time, as much piss and cum as can be forcibly fed to her, soak her in it, so that she truly craves more Black cum. I want her begging for more by the end of it. She's so suggestible at the moment and she needs to be fed soon. I really want you to work on that suggestibility, use the "itch" idea we spoke about and plant it in her mind when she cums. I want her to have the idea of an itch that can only be scratched by Black cocks and Black cum."

Rachel paused, "I want as much ass to mouth as possible as well, she's clean but the juices still make a Sissy feel dirty and humiliated as she should."

"Cock as deep down her throat as you can force it, she's not that experienced but I know you are. Total face fucking until hopefully you're balls deep, although I know that's a big ask. Spit roasting would be good if you're up for that Max, I'd love her to have her first Sissygasm fucked out of her whilst she's being spit roasted without any stimulation at all to her clit."

"That's always a major turning point for a sissy I find. Use her as your urinal, there's a funnel in there. If you want a break just put that on her and fill it with piss for her to re-cycle."

"One thing I do think though, after the initial face fucking whilst she's still in bondage, it'd be interesting to free her completely and offer her the chance to leave if she wants to. Just to make sure she makes the right choice. I want to know I own her mind and for her to absolutely accept that I own her soul."

"If however she stupidly chooses to leave, restrain her again, beat her and fuck her completely senseless, make her pay for the idiocy of her decision, if necessary."

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