tagErotic HorrorFrom Her to Eternity

From Her to Eternity


The phone rang. Travis looked at the number. It was his girlfriend, Barbara.

"Hello, hon."

"Can you come over right away? We need to talk."

I hate when women use that phrase, Travis thought. It never means anything good.

"Sure. I'll be by in 15."

Travis headed over. Barbara opened the door and ushered him in.

"I feel it's time for us to move on from each other."


"Nothing you did. I just get bored easily. I've never had a relationship last long."

"So what can I do to make you un-bored?"

"Nothing. It's just my nature. I can't ever settle down. But I'll tell you what. One of my friends, Kira, has been crushing on you. I'll give you her number."

Barbara jotted a phone number down on a Post-It.

"Call after 7 p.m. She works days."

"So, that's it? We're finished because you're `bored'?"

"Kira desperately wants to fuck... er, `meet'... you."

"Okay, okay."

Travis stalked back to his car, fuming. But that evening, after a meal and some time to calm down, he dialed the number Barbara had given him.

"Kira speaking."

"My name is Travis. Barbara gave -"

"Oh, she's `bored' again? The only reason I'm friends with her is that she has good taste in men and never has the sense to hold onto them. I know where your house is because Barbara told me last night. May I come by on Saturday evening?"

"Sure. How's 7:30?"

"Sounds good. And don't bother with a `date'. Be lying naked in your bed and leave the front door unlocked."

"Um... what do you look like? So I know it's you?"

"I'm five-foot-eight, naturally blonde, slim, C-cup breasts, and have a tattoo of the Mona Lisa on my right ass cheek. A leftover from a drunken dare in college."

"So if someone else comes in, the fact they don't have the tattoo will be a dead giveaway."

"Yes. It's very distinctive. One more thing. I'm a bit kinky. I like to blindfold men after I let them see my glorious naked body. I find that having sex with a man who knows what I look like naked but can't actually see me during the act is an incredible turn on for me."

"Sounds great, Kira. See you at 7:30 on Saturday."

Travis was, as instructed, lying naked in his bed Saturday evening. At 7:29, he heard his front door open, then close, and the click of it being locked. There was a rustle of clothing being removed, and a naked, five-foot-eight, slim blonde with C-cup breasts walked into the bedroom. She slowly turned around, and he saw a tattoo of the Mona Lisa on her right ass cheek.

"Welcome to my home, Kira."

"I took the liberty of locking the door. We wouldn't want anyone else to interrupt us."

"A wise decision." Travis pulled back the covers. "Will you join me in the bed?"

Kira smiled. "It would be my pleasure."

The blonde climbed into the bed and without preamble, planted her lips against those of Travis. The two of them kissed and their tongues wrestled. Finally, they broke for air.

"You're a good kisser, Kira."

"So are you, Travis."

Kira moved her lips to Travis's neck, and he shivered. The blonde kissed her way to his chest and nipped lightly at his nipples.

"Ooooh. Kira..."

She popped back up and silenced him with another deep tongue-kiss. Her hand ran its way down his flank and then moved to his thigh.

Travis broke his lips from Kira's and kissed down her body towards her chest. She let out a soft moan. His tongue traced a path along her cleavage, and she shuddered.

When Travis began softly suckling her nipple, she let out a contented sigh and wrapped one arm around him, holding him in place against her chest. Her hand found his cock and stroked it gently. It quickly stiffened to its full length.

Travis maneuvered his hand to tease her slit. Her moans became more intense.

"I think you're ready for me to fuck you," Kira observed, her eyes locked onto his erection.

Travis unlocked his mouth from her nipple. "I won't say no."

"Close your eyes for a moment while I blindfold you," Kira purred.

Remembering Kira's proclivities, Travis obediently closed his eyes. He felt something wrap around from the back of his head and then cover his eyes.

"Good. You may open them now if you like."

Travis did open his eyes, but could see absolutely nothing. He decided he may as well leave them closed. He felt Kira shift her body, and then his cock was enveloped by something warm and wet. Kira didn't move up and down, but he felt her tightening and loosening around his cock. It was a wonderful feeling.

"Just lie still and let me do all the work."

Travis was already laying on his back. He thought Kira's suggestion to be very reasonable.

"I like how you think."

Travis felt what seemed like Kira's finger against his lips. "Ssssh, honey. You still seem a little tense. I think I'll coat your body with a relaxing oil while we make love."

A coolness did seem to start slowly spreading over Travis's skin as Kira slowly eased up and down on his cock. His body and mind started shutting down, his energy focused on the wonderful way Kira was making him feel.

Kira, as soon as Travis had closed his eyes, had assumed her true form. The slime-girl had wrapped a pseudopod around the back of Travis's head and covered his eyes.

The coolness spreading down Travis's legs was actually her body covering his skin. The chemicals she was injecting into him as she slowly dissolved his muscle tissue and bones rendered the process painless. Barbara had flowed in underneath the door and was doing the same to Travis's upper body. The two slime-girls, best of friends, always shared their prey.

Kira's pseudopod acting as a "blindfold" had by now dissolved away Travis's ears, so the human could not hear the two women talking.

"Good choice, Barbara. He tastes wonderful."

Barbara, who had just finished enveloping Travis's arms and face and was happily consuming the flesh and bone, replied, "Thank you, Kira."

Travis, unable to realize what was happening because of the anaesthetizing effects of the girls' bodies, was enjoying Kira's rhythmical motions on his cock. His balls were starting to fill. He wanted to warn Kira, but for some reason he just didn't have the oomph to actually speak. That must be some amazing relaxing oil she rubbed on me, he thought.

"He's close to cumming in me," Kira giggled.

"It's almost a shame to eat him," Barbara responded. "He always made me feel wonderful and tried to make sure he put my pleasure above his own." She started to dissolve Travis's brain and internal organs, having saved those for last so that his body could ejaculate. Human sperm was a delicacy she could not deny Kira.

The remnants of Travis's consciousness were now entirely concentrated in his sexual organs. The rest of him felt like it no longer existed. His cock throbbed and pulsed with excitement. Kira, he thought, you have no idea how good you are...

His sperm burst from his balls and shot up his cock. I hope she's okay with this, was his final thought. Hot jets of sperm squirted into the slime-girl's body. She continued flexing her "muscles" around his cock until every last drop of sperm was extracted, then dissolved his cock and balls as Barbara finished with his brain and internal organs. No trace of Travis was left.

The girls re-formed into human shapes.

"It's a great way for them to go out. All pleasure and no pain."

"And we only need one every six months or so. Where should we move to next, and what identities should we use?"

"You pick this time."

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