tagMind ControlFrom Humble Beginnings

From Humble Beginnings


Harold peered through the glass, hunched over the wheel as he drove through the downpour. His hands guided the rust spotted car through the storm uneasily, and as his vehicle rattled to a halt at a stop sign, He sighed and looked up at himself in the mirror. A tired man in his 30's with hazel eyes glared back.

"Right," Harold mumbled as he picked up his list of address off the pizza stacked on his passenger seat. "Time to get to work." He was proud of his job, and didn't care what other people thought about him. Once he might have held higher career aspirations, but that was before the accident. The memory brought back a twinge of phantom pain, and Harold unconsciously rubbed the scars on his left leg. The crash had left him in need of a leg brace, but the pain wasn't the worst part of that memory. Waking up 4 years later and finding himself with no remaining family and a heap of medical bills took the cake. Still, life goes on, and Harold never considered himself a bitter man.

Putting his foot on the gas, Harold decided to start his run on the outskirts of town. A few minutes later he had already made his first delivery, a young couple with a small child whose eyes were affixed on his leg with an undisguised look of horror and curiosity. The brace never hurt the tips.

Harold continued on his run, heading into downtown. The rain began to let up and he rolled down his windows, enjoying the scent of the fresh evening. Traffic had died down, and the street lights were illuminated as the sun dipped behind the skyscrapers. Harold turned past a deserted parking lot and stopped waiting for the traffic light, appreciating the quiet that could seldom be found in the middle of the city.

A flash in the parking lot caught his eye, and Harold looked to see a pretty girl in her 20's standing next to a heavy set man who was holding what looked like a cell phone up to her eyes. Her face was frozen in a dopy grin and her gaze was clearly locked on the man's phone. She swayed gently to an invisible breeze, her slim frame seeming weightless in her yellow dress.

Harold thought that the man looked to be in his 60's, and clearly didn't take care of himself. He was overweight, balding, and wearing stained sweatpants. Harold watched as the man leaned over her, whispering. Harold considered the scene strange, however living downtown himself he had witnessed far stranger. He was just above to depart when the man dropped the phone with a muffled grunt.

As he watched, the man fell to a knee and clutched his chest. The girl continued staring into space with that same grin, apparently oblivious to the scene before her. The man dropped his phone which briefly flashed light in strange patterns before going blank.

Fearing some kind of medical emergency, Harold quickly put his car into gear and drove alongside the couple. Slowly extracting himself, he watched the man slump over, and Harold began to hobble toward him.

"Hello? Do you need help?" Asked Harold as he approached. Something about this scene was not right, and he was painfully aware that he wasn't going to be able to carry this man back to the car.

The man, curled at the girl's feet, gave no response and continued gasping and shuddering. The girl continued to pay him no mind as Harold reached down to feel the clammy skin. Just as he touched him, the man gave one last shuddering breath and fell silent.

"Help me! Call an ambulance!" shouted Harold. In response, the girl blinked and looked down at him before calmly turning away and walking out of the parking lot. Harold considered the man at his feet, reaching for the phone he had dropped, his own having been broken months ago. The phone was larger than normal, and not a brand that Harold had seen before.

"Must be some Chinese model," muttered Harold under his breath. It had a single button on the side with a large screen that was slightly curved. Pressing it, the device flashed yellow, and two glowing dots appeared. The words "Primed" appeared briefly, followed by "subject exposure in 3...2...1." The device began emitting more strange light patterns and Harold began to feel light headed.

Harold was startled back into reality by the sound of an ambulance approaching. He wondered briefly who had called it, before absent mindedly slipping the device into his back pocket as the crew soon arrived. Harold waved them down, grimly noting that the man had not started breathing again.

The man was quickly loaded onto a stretcher, however Harold could tell that the workers were just going through the motions at this point. He explained to Ambulance crew that he was just a bystander, and they waved him on. As he got back into his car, he looked at his clock, startled to see that he had been there for 20 minutes. Sitting down he felt the device in his back pocket too late, and as he struggled to stand to give it to the ambulance crew, they sped away.

Harold finished his remaining deliveries in a daze. The tips were terrible due to his time delay, and he rather dejectedly returned back to the shop. Frank's pizza was a typically greasy small pizza joint, and his boss Frank seemed to fit the stereotype of a fat, disliked small business owner.

He hadn't even managed to get out of his car before the front door flew open and Frank bellowed out

"It took you long enough! This is what I get for being a good guy and hiring a cripple!"

Frank stood in the doorway with his too small white shirt barely covering his large hairy belly. His arms waved threateningly, and he furiously grabbed his jacket from a hangar near the door.

"I can't fucking deal with you right now, I really can't. You have no idea how much money I lost tonight because of you. I'm going home. Close up the shop, and I'm not paying overtime!"

Without another word Frank slammed the front door and disappeared back inside.

"What a jackass," Harold muttered under his breath. Despite his boss' obvious displeasure, Harold was actually happier knowing that he was going to close shop, that meant that he would get to spend time with Jasmine.

Jasmine was Harold's daughter who worked there part time. Of Middle Eastern descent, she definitely got her looks from her mother's side, and always wore tight jeans that showed off her great ass. Jasmine had always been kind to Harold, who at least attempted to mask her pity for him. He had a feeling that if it wasn't for Jasmine, he wouldn't have his job. Harold, who secretly fantasized about her 20 year old body on a regular basis, didn't care about her pitying him, as the eye candy of her bending over cleaning was entirely worth it.

He pushed past the front door and hung up his jacket. Grabbing a broom, Harold started sweeping up the cluttered restaurant, listening to Frank rant in the back room. A slam shook the building, and Harold breathed a sigh of relief as this meant that Frank had left out the back door.

About halfway through his cleanup, Jasmine walked into the front with a bottle of sanitizer and a rag. Harold was happy to note that tonight she was wearing his favorite pair of pants.

"Hey Jasmine," said Harold, briefly glancing up before looking back down again.

"Hey Harold, I'm so sorry for what my Dad said, he doesn't mean it, money has been stressing him out lately," replied Jasmine, biting her lip. She was clearly uncomfortable, but Harold appreciated the gesture.

"It's ok Jasmine, thanks for that, you wouldn't believe the day I've had," groaned Harold, trying to play it up.

Jasmine flashed him a knowing smile.

"Tell me about it, you should have seen my chemistry prof. chew me out the other day. Why were you so late by the way?" she replied.

Just then Harold remembered the strange device in his back pocket.

"Because of this thing," he said, showing it to her.

"I found an old guy holding it up to a some girl who seemed to be really interested in it, but all I can get it to do is flash lights at me." Harold pressed the button on the side to show her.

"It's probably just a lame phone app, although I can't say I've seen that phone before." Jasmine replied sounding interested.

Jasmine walked closer and Harold waited for the device to display the countdown before holding it up to her. White light flashed out across her face. Harold watched her eyes glaze over in the span of a few seconds. The light patterns continued and slowly she smiled, her face slowly taking the form of that same dopy grin he had witnessed with the other girl.

"Uuuh Jasmine? What are you doing?" Asked Harold alarmed, pulling the device away.

Jasmine continued staring into space, but replied in a sleepy tone "waiting to be told what to do." Her voice seemed far off, as if she were talking in her sleep.

"Yeah ok Jasmine, as if you'd listen to what I have to say," Joked Harold. She was clearly just humouring him, although it was unlike her.

"If that's the case, then why don't you finish cleaning up this place for me?"

Jasmine blinked, and stopped grinning. She picked up Harold's broom that was leaning against a wall and started sweeping up without another word. This was strange behaviour for Jasmine, she hated sweeping the floors and always looked for an excuse not to do it. Slowly the realization that he had picked up more than a phone from the strange man dawned on him.

"Hey Jasmine," said Harold, "jump up and down."

Jasmine didn't stop cleaning but looked up at him with a strange look on her face.

"Why would I do that?" she replied, obviously creeped out that he would say such a thing.

"Alright, time for another try," thought Harold as he pressed the button on the device again.

This time Jasmine's eyes seemed to glaze over much faster. As soon as she started grinning Harold turned off the device and watched her. She just stood there, swaying slightly, gazing at the spot where the screen had been.

"Hmm.. so it seems that she will stay that way until given an instruction," thought Harold, nervously looking around to make sure that no one was peering into the shop from the outside. He hurried around the restaurant, closing all of the blinds. Frank was too cheap for a video system, and this time Harold was thankful for it as he had another idea.

"Ok Jasmine, I want you to finish cleaning up the shop, but this time i want you to take off your jeans before you get started." Harold cringed when there was no response, but a few seconds later Jasmine blinked, stopped smiling, and calmly unbuttoned her pants. She slid them down to reveal a perfect ass covered only with a plain black thong. Picking up her broom, she began to clean once again.

Harold's eyes were bulging as he followed her every move. Thankfully she seemed oblivious to his stares, and efficiently finished sweeping up. Harold watched her bend over to scrub a few spots on the floor, and began to wonder just how far he could take this. With his eyes glued on her, Harold realized that the strange man must have been using this device to get women into bed with him. The power of the thing was immense. He needed to test it out more, but felt guilty using it on Jasmine.

His uncomfortably tight pants weighing heavily on his decision, Harold held the device up to Jasmine once more. "Just this once, the world owes me that much," he thought, considering his next instructions carefully.

As soon as she was under, Harold said "Ok Jasmine, you have decided that because of my injury I haven't been getting enough sex. You will now happily satisfy any sexual urges that I have without question when we are alone. When we are apart or with anyone else, you will act normally and not recall what we get up too when we are by ourselves."

Harold decided to leave it as that for now and lowered the device. This time Jasmine continued staring space for almost a full minute. He was just about to start panicking when Jasmine blinked, looked around, then grinned at him.

"You know Harold, I'm not wearing any pants, you shouldn't be either," said Jasmine in a sultry voice as she put her hands on his belt. Harold was in heaven as she lowered herself, efficiently unbuckling his pants and undoing his fly. His member quickly popped straight up, almost ridiculously, however Jasmine eyed it hungrily and took it into her mouth.

Pure animal lust took over Harold, and he moaned in pleasure. There is something to be said about having your boss' daughter suck you off in the middle of your place of work. It took no time at all for him to blow his load into her mouth, gasping at Jasmine to swallow it. Jasmine complied, and as He leaned back against a counter in ecstasy, she stood up, wiping her mouth and smiling at him.

"It looked like you needed that", she pouted, "but I bet you won't leave a girl to finish herself off." With that she removed her top and bra in one fluid motion, revealing a perky set of A cups that Harold couldn't take his eyes off of. He was already hardening again and this time sat in a nearby chair, grunting "get on top of me."

Jasmine took a few extra seconds to lower her thong with both hands while facing away from him, bending over and revealing a neatly shaved pussy. She quickly turned and straddled him, Harold noticed that she was sopping wet before she grabbed his cock and stuffed it inside of her. She threw her head back in a moan, thrusting her tits into his astonished face. It was too much for Harold who until very recently, had been a virgin.

A short while later, Harold started to orgasm and gasped "cum for me." Immediately Jasmines pussy tightened around his shaft, and she shrieked in pleasure, bucking against him wildly. Her tight cunt continued throbbing against his cock for almost half a minute, sucking every last drop out of him. Eventually she quieted down and lowered her eyes to him.

"Harold that was amazing," she moaned, bringing her lips to his. When he didn't resist she gave him a sly grin. "My boyfriend always hates it when I kiss him after sucking him off, but I see you're sweet enough to know a girl needs a smooch after being fucked."

With that she stood up and began to get dressed. Harold, who didn't know that Jasmine has a boyfriend began to get nervous. They hadn't used protection, what if she got pregnant? Sensing his unease, She giggled, pulling on her jeans. "It's alright, I'm on the pill, Dave wouldn't have sex with me unless I was on it."

Feeling relieved, Harold stood up and began the awkward practice of putting on his pants. By the time he had completed his task Jasmine had almost finished closing shop for the night. They made small talk as usual, and when it was time to say goodbye Jasmine gave him a passionate kiss that made him want to take her again right there. Harold resisted that idea however, he had begun to feel guilty about taking advantage of her. He resolved not to use her in that way any more, and locked the front door behind them as they stepped out.

A passerby in front of the shop caught his attention, and Jasmine stiffened toward him somewhat, merely saying "bye," before hopping in her Ford. Harold drove home in a daze, his mind trying to comprehend what had just occurred. A short time later he was opening the door to his crummy apartment. He collapsed onto his bed without even taking off his clothes, a satisfied smile on his face with the thought of what was to come.

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