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From Man To Slave


I might look normal, but deep inside, I have a dark secret. Most people in town know me as the geeky guy who always hangs around outside the courtroom.

My name is Eugene, I'm just a 23 year old law student with a passion for my future career. However, things have changed for me in the last few months, and my future might not turn out as planned.

Five months ago is when it all started, sitting in class taking notes & paying careful attention not to miss anything. There was just one problem. For the first time I could not concentrate on anything happening in class and found my self staring at the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

Anastasia is her name, a new student from Europe who has joined my classes. From the moment she walked through the door I struggled to take my eyes off her. Never have I seen such beauty.

5'9" tall, long slender legs and a upper body that would make most models sick to their stomache.

Why has she got this effect on me, I'm not the type to be easily distracted. For the rest of the day all I could think about is Anastasia and why is it when I think about her my heart starts racing? Is it possible that I might have experienced love at first sight? No, can't be, I have to clear my thoughts.

The next few days were all the same, all I could do was think about Anastasia. However the strange feelings I was experiencing got stronger and I found my self masturbating at night thinking about her. Images of her body lying on top me in the most extreme positions flooded through mind for many nights. It reached the point where I would feel myself in class while staring at her three seats away from me.

It was a Wednesday morning and my classes were canceled for day. I was well aware about the upcoming dead line for my thesis so I decided I should spend some time at the library where I wouldn't have any distractions. Struggling to put pen on paper, I could feel that somebody was watching me. I looked around but didn't notice anybody looking my way. Suddenly out of nowhere, Anastasia stood in front of me, I felt a uneasy tightening in my pants as my heart starting racing.

She pulled out the chair across from me, asking may she join me. Never have I stuttered in my life, but this time the simple words, "yes, of course you may", just wouldn't come out my mouth. I was truly overwhelmed by her beauty. She had the most astounding deep blue eyes, long black hair which curled over her shoulders. I couldn't stop staring at her. She Introduced herself to me.

"I'm Anastasia, recently moved here from Italy. I'm just a average girl, looking for more out of life".

I was still totally in awe by her beauty and couldn't help staring at her breasts, perfectly round and voluptuous. She noticed this and started blushing while trying to cover up with long black hair.

"I was wondering if you could help me catch up with some of the work I've missed, you could come around to my place over the weekend" she asked. My mind went blank, is it possible that she just asked me to come to her place, how would I cope with that knowing that I have these feelings for her, but I couldn't resist, I needed to see more of her and agreed to meet her on Friday night.

Friday was a particularly long day, knowing that I would have to contain myself when meeting with Anastasia. All I thought about the whole day was how do I keep myself in check. Before I left my apartment I decided to masturbate again, couldn't get the image of Anastasia out of my mind.

I finally got into my car to drive to her apartment. She stayed about 11miles away, in the new upmarket apartment complex built at the end of town. I arrived and took a look around the gardens as I walked to her door. I was struggling with the thoughts in my head and decided to take it easy and just focus on helping her. After ringing the bell, it felt like hours before she opened the door.

There she was, looking as beautiful as ever, but I couldn't help notice she was wearing no bra under her semi translucent white blouse. Instantly I felt that familiar tightening in my jean.

"Hi, how u doing? Please come in, make yourself at home. Can I get u something to drink?"

Thanks, a coffee would be great, I replied.

I couldn't help notice most of the furnishings in the apartment were very medieval but it did look rather amazing in the modern surrounding.

She returned from the kitchen and we sat in the lounge area where I was trying my utmost not to stare at her breasts.

We had a good chat about random stuff and she explained to me that her sister was coming over from Italy to spend some time with her. I asked what she needed my help with, and she replied, "not much, it's just a few questions I got" she got up & walked to another room, the door was closed and she motioned to me to follow.

As we approached the door, she said I should close my eyes as she had a surprise for me. She led me in and closed the door behind us.

"Keep your eyes closed, I think you going to like this surprise.

Suddenly I felt something cold wrap around my left wrist, I quickly opened my eyes to see Anastasia standing before me stark naked while wrapping the the cuff around my right wrist. Then she pushed me to the floor, ripped my jean off & pulled out a chain tying it to my ankles. I was completely helpless now, but somehow, I got the extremely familiar heart racing sensation I've been experiencing every time I saw her.

Is it possible that I was enjoying this

Laying there on the floor I looked up to the ceiling and saw the most elaborate arrangement of chains and hoists suspended from above. She slowly crawled over me, and whispered in my ear.

" Tonight you will give yourself to me, and in return I'll give you something special"

Special, what does she mean special, is she crazy, all I know is that this is the most freaky thing I've experienced.

She lay on top of me and I felt my erection getting harder as her breasts rubbed over my chest. She kissed me in my neck, and sucked very softly on my ear lobes. I could feel her moist pussy rubbing against my leg, dripping her juices around my cock. "You can't deny this is what you been dreaming about, I know you want this", she said to me.

She slipped down to my cock with her mouth, taking it in as deep as she could, bitting gently at the tip. The feeling was intense but I was enjoying it.

She stopped for a moment, getting up to reach for a chain hanging from the ceiling. She tied it to my legs, which were already tied in a chain and hoisted my legs into the air, raising my entire body from the ground. I felt the blood rushing to head as she continued giving me a blow job. Slowly and gently she sucked my throbbing cock, nibbling the tip in between the stokes of her mouth. I could feel my self blacking out from the blood flowing to my head & suddenly everything went black.

When I woke up again, I was laying on what appeared to be a stone table, some sort of marble or granite stone. It was cold and uncomfortable, and still I had cuffs around my wrists and chains around my ankles. Where is Anastasia I wondered and more importantly how long was I passed out.

She appeared again through the door, the smell of her wet pussy filled the air and I could see her nipples were as hard as diamonds.

She came over to me slowly, very seductively and leaned over to me. "Welcome back, wasn't expecting you to black out like that, but we not done yet" she whispered. She got on top me again and forced my cock into her pussy. I could feel how I instantly got hard, never have I been this excited. As she forced it in she let out a moan, but none like I've ever heard, sounded like a shriek, but it was a shriek of pleasure.

The pace was fast, and it was her that was in control. She was riding me like a some sort of carnival ride. All the time she was sucking on my neck and whispering in my ear, "you are mine now".

Feeling helpless with the restraints I had no choice but to be submissive. The feelings were sensational, the feeling of her tight pussy sliding around my cock while her sweat was dripping on my chest. It was something that I couldn't comprehend at the time and why was I enjoying this so much while being tied up and helpless.

In a matter of minutes, she had already experienced multiple orgasms and I felt my self reaching the point of ejaculating. Suddenly, she stopped and pulled away. Whispering in my hear, "That's all you getting for now".

Before leaving the room, she untied my legs and put a thick leather collar around my neck. " I'll see you soon", she said as the door slammed behind her.

Here I was, laying on some strange table like object, wrists tied up, collar around my neck. What was Anastasia's plans with me, when would she return I wondered.

Hours passed, and my back started aching from laying on the strange stone, however I couldn't resist the feeling of being so helpless, it felt good.

When Anastasia returned, she was fully clothed & brought me some water to drink. "You did well, I'm very surprised, tonight you will meet my sister, Gina, her plane arrives at 5pm" she said.

While she was loosening the restraints around my wrists, I couldn't believe it was Saturday already, had I been here the whole night? But then the strangest thing happened

She took of the collar around my neck and climbed on top of me again, holding my hands down behind my head. "I said, in return I would give you something special, now is your time, you become one of us". As she said this, she lowered her head to my neck. I felt a spine chilling pain surging through my neck muscles, what was happening? What was this pain?

She raised her head, her chin covered in blood dripping from her mouth, her teeth red from blood of my neck. This was a sight resembling something from a horror movie, her long fangs dripping blood onto my bare chest. She was indeed a vampire, and she had bitten me. I felt extreme pain rushing through my body, nothing like I've ever felt before, it was intense enough to make me faint.

When I woke up again, I was laying on a bed, soft satin sheets wrapping my naked body. Wondering where i was, I tried to get up, but my legs were tied to the bed posts. Had I dreamt the whole vampire thing, I thought to my self, but the red blood stain on the pillow confirmed my fears. It was true, I had been bitten by a vampire.

I heard footsteps outside the room, coming closer to the door. As the door opened, my heart started raving again, fearing what would happen next. Would this be the end for me.

Through the door came a tall, fair skinned blonde lady, looking very similar to Anastasia. She looked over to me and got a strange smile on her face. "You must be the chosen, one, Anastasia has told me much about you". I couldn't help noticing that she was indeed a very attractive woman. "I'm Gina, Anastasia's sister, I'm sure you must have many questions right now but I'm in need of some pleasure", she said as she slipped out of the long dress she was wearing, exposing her naked body.

Again I started to fell extremely aroused and instantly got a erection. She slipped into bed next to me and threw the sheets off the bed. I knew instantly that this was going to be a rough ride as she grabbed onto my cock. Whispering into my ear, "I need you to please me, make me beg for more", she slowly let go of my cock and lay still next to me.

My fast beating heart was silenced by the throbbing of my cock. I rolled over to lay between her legs, taking in the beautiful smell emanating from her moist pussy. Reaching for her breasts with my left hand I slowly started caressing her clit, rubbing gently & teasingly. As she let out a soft moan, she started begging me, "Stick your tongue in my pussy, stick it in now". Willingly I obliged, thrusting my tongue in as far as possible, the taste of her pussy driving me to please her. The moaning was probably loud enough to wake the dead, but it was urging me to please her the way she wanted.

I heard footsteps behind me, then suddenly the chains around my legs were loosened. I had a sense of freedom but I continued to please her, slipping my tongue into her. Her body was begging for more.

Anastasia got on to the bed beside us, completely naked and looking at me. "Leave Gina, please me", she exclaimed. Pulling me over to her side, rolling me onto my back. She got on top of me as she did the previous night. This time however, I took control, thrusting my cock deep inside her tight moist pussy. Gina reached over to Anastasia and started fondling her breasts, while grabbing my right hand to rub her clit. Not long till Anastasia reached orgasm, she let out a loud moan and jumped off me. "Gina needs more, give it to her" she screamed.

At this stage Gina was standing next to the bed. I got up and grabbed her closer, pushing her to the bed, to expose her tight ass. Grabbing get ass cheeks I slid my cock up her crack, thrusting away. She was sweating and her body quivering, but she still needed more. After awhile she collapsed on the bed, turned over and said, "stick it my pussy". I forced my cock inside her, pushing it deep, she was tight, exactly like her sister.

Thrusting my cock in & out, I could feel every muscle in her body shaking. "Faster, Faster", Gina screamed. Her pussy juices gushing all over the bed. I could feel I was reaching ejaculation, but did my best to keep it going. She let out a deep, loud groan as she orgasmed, her pussy lips clamping my cock inside. I couldn't hold my self any longer, I had to cum inside her now. I collapsed on top of her letting out a long deep breath.

Anastasia got on the bed and lay beside us, "Told you he was the chosen one, the only one for us", she said to Gina. What did she mean, "The chosen one", what were their plans with me I wondered.

Gina & Anastasia got off the bed and walked out the room, locking the door behind them, I was still lifeless, shocked & fearful. Couldn't stop thinking about what has happened.

Several hours later, Gina unlocked the door, "come join us in the living room, we have much to talk about, your clothes are in the bedside cabinet" she said.

As I got into the living room, Anastasia leapt up and showed me to sit beside her on the big couch.

"We are vampires, I'm sure that you have figured that out. We have chosen you to be our pleasure slave. You may continue with your normal life, however, when we need you, you shall obey our needs and oblige. I told you in return I would give you something special, and I have. You are now one of us, a vampire, and you will have eternal life".

I wasn't sure how to respond, in a way I was overjoyed but also fearful.

Gina said jokingly, "Don't worry about garlic, sunlight and all the other crazy things they say about vampires, none of that is true. You are one of us, welcome".

Now, 5 months after all this began, I'm sitting in a court, following a trial as part of my studies. I see Anastasia & Gina at least once a week to satisfy their needs.......

My phone is vibrating in my pocket, it's a message from Anastasia.........

Guess its time for me to go, these girls get upset when I keep them waiting

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