tagMind ControlFrom My Lips

From My Lips

byThe Gentle Man©

I watch you from a distance. You are unaware that I am around. I admire the way your clothes hug your body, the curve of your ass, the swell of your breasts. I watch you as you walk casually down the street, pausing once in a while to look through the shop windows. You move gracefully with a causal sensuality. My eyes move over your body, caressing your soft curves.

I smile as I see that you have begun to feel my gaze and your body starts to respond. Your skin tingles, your nipples stiffen, your pussy moistens. You look around but you do not see me. I smile again and continue to watch you and to caress your body with my eyes. You feel my presence stronger now. Your nipples begin to ache as you think about my lips and teeth on them. Perhaps you are remembering when I last sucked them to hardness and flicked them with my tongue as you lay tied spread eagle to the bed – naked and at my mercy. You become warm and flushed and the blush spreads from your face to your neck and down into your blouse where it stains the tops of your breasts with a red warmth. You try to walk down the street without giving away your condition, but the rubbing together of your thighs only makes you more aware of the growing wetness between your legs. Your clit has begun to swell and the dampness of your panties is cool against its heat. You find yourself having to stifle a moan. Again, you pause and look around, but I am well hidden. You move on trying to ignore the growing arousal and the increasing sense of my presence that you feel.

You stop at the corner and wait for the light to change so you can cross the street. Other people gather around you and wait as well. You are acutely aware of the bodies around you and you are sure that they can feel the arousal coursing through yours. The press of them against you as the crowd grows only heightens your feelings. You close your eyes and remember the night at that house when I led you to the basement and secured you to the table. Remember how it felt to be helpless and surrounded by other people, all of them touching and kissing you? You moan softly at them memory and the heat between your legs grows stronger. Opening your eyes, you glance at the faces of the other people, certain they can feel your arousal as well and smell your scent. But, oddly, no one seems to notice.

You are puzzled by this because you feel the sensations so strong. The surface of your skin is warm and sensitive. The brushing of your clothes against it as you move sends chills throughout your body. The warmth between your legs has become an ache and you clench your fists to keep your fingers from moving there. Again, you look around, certain that I am somewhere nearby. I move back into the shadows more to avoid your eyes but still I watch you. I imagine the pressure you feel building in the pit of your stomach. From my vantage point I can see that you are breathing heavily and your face is flushed. I smile and quietly move through the crowd, closer to you.

I approach you slowly, savoring the sight of your body trembling slightly. You start as the crowd of bodies around you jostles against you as the light changes. I follow as you move uncertainly on shaky legs to cross the intersection. The movement of your clothes against your skin acts as fuel to the fire building within you. Your nipples are straining against your blouse and you know it has become obvious because of the looks you are now receiving from men and women as they pass you. You are sure that they will soon be able to see the wetness running down your thighs from your soaked panties. You are panting slightly but not from the walking but from the arousal that is taking over your body.

At the entrance to an alley you stop and place your hand on the corner of the building for support. At that moment I make my move, sliding up behind you suddenly. I place one hand on the small of your back and push you into the alley, covering your mouth with my other hand. Your gasp is muffled and your body stiffens as I push you against the wall of the building. I am close behind you pressing my hard cock between the cheeks of your ass. My breath is hot on your neck and as the words enter your ear, you feel the tension that has been building inside of you burst into a million white sparks of light as the dam breaks and cum flows from your pussy soaking your panties thoroughly and runs down the insides of your thighs. You are unable, unwilling to stop it. The words have taken you there and they echo in your head as the waves wash over you, "Cum for Me Now!"

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