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Note: Most people who are drunk will not get an erection and please stipulate that it is possible when you read this story.

Joe had been down and out for a long time now and I decided to call him over to spend some time with me in California. I am Jason and am married to a mega beautiful babe called Juliet. We met five years ago and have been inseparable since.

It has been an eventful 5 years and although we had our shares of disagreement and fights we were better than most couples in our circle. There had been rumours that she had been stepping out on me but they were just that - rumours.

Joe is a fine specimen of a human. He is god fearing and honest man. I have yet to meet a man more loyal and more honourable than my buddy Joe. He would not sway from the path of good no matter what. When he got the opportunity he volunteered for a yearlong work with our church mission in Kenya. He was just back from Kenya and was almost suicidal.

At 6 feet he was a handsome man who had the most beautiful eyes and an innocent smile. When we were younger we had every girl in the school and at the uni throwing themself at him. He was a monogamous man and never treated a woman badly. We could trust our girlfriends to sleep in the same bed with him, not that it happened.

So, it was on the third day of his visit to our place that I woke up in the morning and found him sitting in the living room crying. Juliet was sitting beside him looking visibly disturbed. She had taken a liking to him the moment he came and was taking really good care of him. I walked up to him, sat down beside him and put my arms around him. He needed all my support in these hours of crisis.

"I cannot take this. I cannot believe that I am in a situation like this." he wailed. Juliet got up and started pacing the length of the room.

"Don't be so distraught." I said, "Nothing you have ever done in this life time deserves this beating that you are giving yourself."

"I am so sorry. I was drunk and passed out. Juliet slipped into my bed and had sex with me. I was too far gone to prevent it from happening. I am so sorry I broke your trust. You are the closest thing to a brother I have and now I cannot look you in the eyes. I have destroyed your life." he broke down and sobbed like a baby.

I shot one look in the direction of my faithless wife. She was trying hard to behave as if she was not there but not only was she there but suddenly there was also this elephant this room.

"So I guess the rumours were true about you being a whore." All of a sudden I was angry beyond words. Not only had she fucked Joe she had effectively ended any chance of his massive depression going away before his last breath.

"Why did you not tell her?" Joe asked me between sobs.

"I had no idea it would become relevant in such a manner." I seriously had no idea that my omission would come back to bite my wife on the ass.

Suddenly Juliet was all ears.

"What did you not tell me." She made her presence felt (she was standing beside the elephant)

"While in Kenya Joe was helping out at a clinic and once he gave his blood in an emergency to a 5 year old road trauma patient. The needle that was used on him was contaminated and he has full blown AIDS now." I spoke as I tried to hold Jim close.

"How could you keep such huge a news from me?" Julie said as she flopped on the sofa. Her face was white as she slowly came to terms with the fact that she had committed suicide and not adultery last night.

"I had no idea that you were going to fuck my drunk passed out friend." I said, "From now on I will..."

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by Anonymous

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by ju8streading02/20/18

divorce would cost too much. just let her die

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by Anonymous12/05/17

Great job.


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by Anonymous10/30/17


What I like is that even though it is very unlikely that she got the virus she is in a world of fear and pain until she knows for sure. She gets some punishment whether she caught something or not.

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by Anonymous04/08/17


We can only hope the slut contracted the virus. Then our hero can divorce her and accuse her of attempted murder upon himself because she was sleeping around beforehand no coming back to his bed so shemore...

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