tagLoving WivesFrom Russia with Love Part DVA 02

From Russia with Love Part DVA 02


Author's ed. notes:

This story is part 2 of 3 and does not stand alone. Please read part 1, "From Russia with Love, Part Dva, 1 of 3."

For the best read, go back to the first story in this series, "From Russia with Love." I strongly recommend you read that first. The primary characters and story theme are developed there.

This is one of my longest stories, but stick with it; there is a lot of erotic action – a lot!

Authors standing note:

My stories are long – two and three-parters. They are usually slow burners with the hot sex in later chapters – but worth the read and worth the wait, in my humble opinion. Please enjoy.



As we all stood, I grabbed my towel and threw it over my shoulder. Jan followed suit and placed hers around her neck. Sandy and Tom both paused for a moment.

I explained, "Don't worry. The staff will completely ignore you. But if you're not comfortable, please go ahead."

Tom didn't want to feel like a sissy, and being told about how big his penis was, he decided to show some bravado and threw the towel over his shoulder.

Sandy fully intended to wrap her towel around her when she picked it up, but seeing she would be the only one covered, she reluctantly put it around her neck like Jan.

She thought, "At least my breasts are covered...Oh my! My pubic mound is completely exposed!"

I was behind Sandy (by design) and leaned in and whispered, "Sandy you have nothing to be ashamed of either. You have an amazing body, quite beautiful, something to be proud of."

Suddenly she felt her whole body get hot – from the inside, and she was shocked to feel herself get moist – for the second time here, without physical stimulation.

Without speaking, Jan and I were apparently on the same page. She intentionally got in front of Tom as we exited the sauna, forcing him to watch her magnificent ass gyrate all the way to the showers.

When we came out of the sauna, an older female attendant asked whether we wanted the Jacuzzi tub after our showers. If so, she would get one prepared for us. I said yes and informed the others, "We're going to take showers to rinse off the sweat and cool down then go to the hot tub to relax before our massages.

Using the playbook that Viktor and Elsa used, when we got to the shower, Jan planned on getting both me and Tom fully erect, for obvious reasons. As Tom and I positioned ourselves at two rain heads, Jan laid back, keeping Sandy with her.

She leaned over and conspiratorially whispered, "We're going to wash the men first and we'll take that opportunity to get them hard so we can see them both in 'all their glory,' okay?"

Sandy hesitated, but it meant she would get to see James fully erect. Her vagina lightly spasmed. She was shocked by that. What was going on with her body?

She quickly answered, "Okay, if you think that's alright."

Jan added, "Hey, their men, they'll love it, and frankly, I think it will be fun for us!"

Sandy nodded her head and grinned slightly.

"Got the water ready, honey," Jan asked.

I saw that Jan had hung back to whisper something to Sandy, so I had occupied Tom with the features of the shower room.

"Just the way you like it babe, not to hot, not too cold," I replied.

"Ohhh, I feel just like Goldilocks," Jan joked, then to Sandy, "Oh, wait, you're Goldilocks!" she laughed and we all joined her.

Getting under the shower she purred, "Oh that's wonderful. Honey, how about I do you first, then you can do me?" I don't think her phrasing was accidental.

"That sounds lovely, sweetie."

As she went to work, she had me turn around and face the wall, starting on my back. As I turned, I saw Sandy mimicking Jan. Jeez, that guy had a damn big chest and upper body for his size. I knew that had to be a turn on for Jan.

When she got to my buttocks, she rubbed across my anus and then between my legs and fondled my balls. Sandy, eyes wide, followed suit. Tom's body lurched and his cock started rising immediately. He had an odd look on his face. Seconds later that look changed as Jan reached for and started lathering my penis. Sandy didn't hesitate to follow. Tom was stunned, but his dick was game and rapidly swelled.

Jan, who had been slightly leaning around to reach my dick, moved around to my right side and slightly in front. I didn't see, but she made a motion with her hand directing Sandy to move around to the left of Tom and in the same position so they were looking at each other and could see both of our erections. Then Jan started very slowly jacking me. When I felt her start stroking me, I stole a glance to my left to see if Sandy was following suit. She was, and as I looked, I saw Tom's eyes pop open wide and simultaneously, his dick go rock hard.

Jan, with a little awe in her voice, said to Sandy, "Wow, your man is packin!"

"Just goes to show those stories about how a man's penis is related to the size of his feet or his hands or whatever, well, it's just bull."

"Tom you have the second biggest cock I've ever seen!" She finished and laughed, kind of giddily. Giddily, really.

Tom was speechless, almost, "Uh, Uh, thanks, m...Jan."

And the young man did have a large penis, close to eight inches and pretty thick. Good thing we were under a shower, I suspected Jan was probably leaking, just thinking about it.

Jan and Sandy had continued to slowly stroke us. I was pretty firm but not hard, and I wasn't going to get that way; the soap was starting to irritate me a bit, and I told Jan.

Tom spoke up too, "Yeah, honey, that's making me a little sore."

My wife said, "Shoot, I wanted to get James fully erect so you could see."

She paused a beat then added, "Oh, I know what would do it, but it would probably embarrass you, hmm..."

Sandy was curious, "Well, um, maybe it would be okay. We sure have done a lot I would have never thought we would. What do you want to do?"

Jan replied, "Oh, I was going to perform felatio. That will get him there."

Sandy's mouth dropped open and her lips moved like she was trying to form words. After a moment, she managed, "Uh, um, do you really think that is okay? I mean, in here, in the showers?"

I was very reticent about the path Jan was taking, but...

She quickly answered, "Oh, the staff won't come in while we're here, and I haven't seen anybody else using the spa right now. Besides, it won't take a minute. I have a pretty good technique."

She continued, "Hey, this is an opportunity for you to see how to do something you probably haven't tried. And I do it a certain way because James is so long that I can only get his big cockhead in my mouth. And with Tom's ample length, I think this should work well on him, too."

Without waiting for anybody to answer, she said, "Watch!" and having rinsed the soap off me, promptly popped my cockhead in her mouth then placed one small hand at the base of my shaft and stacked the other above it. Then she began sliding her hands up and down my shaft and moving her mouth up and down my cockhead in unison. It took me about 30 seconds to get fully erect.

Before I blew, I said, "That'll do hon, or I'll have an accident here."

She pulled her mouth off me and holding my cock, remarked, "See, now he's fully erect!"

Sandy was staring, eyes locked on my cock and its big bulbous head. That was the biggest difference between Tom and me, the size of my head. I was probably a tad thicker and a bit longer, too.

"Well, Sandy, what do you think?" Jan asked spritely.

I don't think Jan's question registered at first, but then she answered, "Oh, uh, well this is the first, um, penis I've seen, um, you know, in real life, I mean besides Tom's and it's pretty big, too, especially the um, the, um..."

Jan helped her, "The head. Oh yeah. That thing feels like a baseball in your pussy!" She giggled, then added, "What did you think of my felatio technique? Is that something you think you could use?"

Sandy was slow to reply, "Well, I haven't actually done that yet, um, felatio. I, um, have only, you know, used my hands." She looked embarrassed to admit that.

Jan put her at ease. "Hey that's okay. You are just starting out. If you want, later we can show you some things that will help both of you, but only if you want and are comfortable with it. James and I really like you guys and if we can help you get off to a good start, well we would be happy to."

Sandy had stood and was holding Tom's left arm. Tom was staring at the wall, I think in sensory overload.

Sandy answered sincerely, "I can't believe you did that, I mean that in a good way. That was, well, eye-opening for me."

Jan engaged Tom, worried he was freaking out, "Tom are you okay. I hope you're not upset. It was amazing for me to see you, well your penis like that. It's impressive and you have an amazing body. Sandy's very lucky. And you know, James could show you some things that will help you please your wife, if you are cool with it."

She didn't know it, but Jan used the key word to bring Tom around.

"Uh, yeah, I uh, well, I want to be able to do things that will make Sandy happy, and you guys know all this stuff, so I guess it would be pretty cool to learn some things."

I spoke up, "And neither of you have to worry. If you're uncomfortable at any time, with anything, we will stop. Okay?"

Sandy spoke first, "Yes, I think that sounds good. But, so you know, I am really nervous. I know I shouldn't be. And don't get me wrong, I do trust you and all."

She continued, "And I never thought this would happen or that I would ever say it, but I am actually getting use to us being without clothes, and around you with no clothes. It's sort of liberating!" She grinned. She was having a good time.

Tom added, "Yeah, me too. I never thought about it, but now that we've done this, it's pretty cool. I feel like we could go somewhere like this and not feel out of place."

I said, "You guys are terrific and I do hope we can help you, not only with sex questions, but with any questions you might have. Jan and I have found our way to a very happy place in our marriage and have been through a lot of challenging experiences. But hey, how about a nice relaxing soak?"

As we exited the showers, I noticed both Sandy and Tom were more relaxed in their posture and more casual in the way they carried themselves. An attendant gave us new towels and led us to the hot tub, I ordered a pitcher of Mimosas and several bottles of water and informed the attendant we would like our massages in about 30 minutes.

After looking at Sandy's and Jan's beautiful nude bodies, and getting an abbreviated blow job, I about had blue-balls. It was nice to relax in the hot, bubbling water and not see their bodies. All of us downed some cold water to rehydrate then sipped Mimosas until it was time for our massages.

When we got to the massage room, the head masseuse met us and started to ask in English if we had any preferences. I quickly instructed her in Russian that the women would like masseurs and the men would like masseuses, and we wanted Scandinavian-style massages. She confirmed that everything would be as we wished. I explained to Sandy and Tom that the massages would be mostly done with us on our stomachs and that we would turn over for continued massaging of the fronts of our legs and arms, but that they would not be massaged in any inappropriate areas and that when we laid on our backs, our private parts would be covered.

When the masseurs and the other masseuse entered, both Tom and Sandy were surprised; they didn't expect the men. Sandy and Jan had been sitting on their tables facing each other and talking. Sandy turned red and quickly laid down, obviously not comfortable with male strangers seeing her nude. She was soon put at ease when one of the masseurs took a small towel and laid it across her buttocks.

The massages were uneventful but fabulous. (No French swap this time!) I felt like a limp noodle afterwards – and finally, pretty much was limp. When we were done, I suggested we go rinse off and change for a late lunch.


When Tommy and Sandy got back to the room, Sandy started as soon as the door closed.

"Tom, that was amazing. I can't believe we did that. I was naked. You were naked. They were naked. But, it really felt okay. Is that crazy?"

"No, honey. I'm not sure how it happened. At first, I almost freaked out, but I tried really hard to stay cool. Then I got really comfortable. And you were amazing. You were super cool. I think we handled it very well. I can't believe how much we have already learned on this vacation."

Sandy agreed, "Really, and when we first found out we were coming here, we thought we would be bored and not enjoy it."

Tom laughed, "It certainly hasn't been boring."

"That's for sure," Sandy replied. But something else was on her mind, something she wasn't sure how to approach or how Tom would react.

"Um, Tom, what did you think of Jan's body? Isn't she beautiful?"

Tom was afraid to answer honestly and hedged a little, "Yeah, she's pretty, especially for an older woman."

"Oh, come on Thomas, she's beautiful and you are attracted to her. It's okay. I mean it. Look, I'll say it first, I think James is a very handsome man, charming, and, well...he is exciting..." Her voice trailed off then she challenged Tom, "Okay, I told the truth, your turn...the truth."

"Jeez, Sandy. Well, yeah...Okay, I love you and only you, but Jan really gets me, um, worked up. I'm sorry. I feel bad about..."

Sandy cut him off, "It's okay honey. I really think it's okay. Look, we're being honest here. We have to be or I think things could go wrong...bad. But if we're honest, I think everything will be okay...And I think it's okay that Jan excites you and James excites me."

She hadn't intended to say it quite that strong, but too late, so she forged ahead, "Look, we both know we can learn a lot from them, but I think we have to deal with what is going to happen and well, what to expect and what we can handle."

Tom weakly offered, "Um, yeah. I was thinking about that..."

Sandy pursued her thought, "I'm pretty sure they are going to do stuff in front of us, you know, serious..."

"You mean have sex, right?" Tom felt weak in the knees but excited. He had seen porn and just the thought of Jan...oh crap, erection. He was facing Sandy and couldn't hide it; it happened too fast; he turned red.

Sandy immediately saw Tom's "hard-on." That's what it was called. And she knew what caused it. He was imagining the same thing she was and it was having a similar effect on her.

"Tommy, it's okay. I mean that. Look, I'm excited thinking about it, too. And I think I could handle it...if you were okay too. If we want to learn..."

"Yeah, we have to be mature, cool, right?" Tom contributed.

Sandy moved to the next level, "Right. And Tommy, we may have to do things to. What if, just like in college, we have to demonstrate, you know, that we got the lesson, understood...Tommy, they may expect...we may have to perform...stuff. And, I think...I can. Can you?"


Tom was frozen, so was his cock. It lurched in his pants. He didn't understand why. The thought of having sex in front of someone else terrified him. But it absolutely turned him on. Sandy had been waiting for him to answer, but a little smile just came to her face; she was looking at his penis.

"I think I got your answer, honey. Look, I think it's like today. We were scared about the spa and I almost lost it in the sauna, but now it all seems like nothing. I think that's how it can be. Okay?"

"Um, yeah. You think we could do that if they want us to? I guess I could if you could. Do you think they will want us to?"

"I don't know, Tommy, but I want us to be ready before we do this. I don't want to mess up or not be prepared. And, yes, with Jan and James, I think I feel safe...to well do it, if that's needed...or whatever."

Tom was queasy, but he didn't want to be a wimp.

"Yeah, right. We can do this."

Sandy let the other shoe drop – a very big shoe, "Okay...Now, one more thing we need to consider. Tommy, honey, what if they want to...well, do like Jan did today, only like, well say she wanted to do that to you to demonstrate...that kind of thing?" she finished rapidly.

Tom's dick nearly ripped his pants' leg.

He stuttered, "Th-them, us? Uh-uh to-together?"

Sandy had it settled in her mind, now she had to help Tom get there.

"Honey, how do you think that older couple taught them so much?"

She let it hang there a moment.

"Now, Thomas, this is where I need you to think hard about what I ask and be very honest with your answer, okay?"

Oh no! She just played the "Thomas" card. That always meant it was super serious. When he asked her to marry him, she answered with "Yes, Thomas, of course."

"Okay," he replied softly.

"Honey, if Jan wanted to show you things, even say, how to do something with me, but to do it with her first so you had it right, would you be okay..."

"Oh. Ohhh! Holy Crap!" Tom thought. He finally got it – and he was sure his dick just tore the leg out of his pants.

"Tommy? Please, this is important. Could you, you know?"

"Sandy, I um...if that's what...do you think they...I mean, yeah I guess, but wouldn't that be wrong if..."

Sandy thought quickly, "Tom we have a chance to start out right, to make our sex lives great. I've talked to several of my married friends and most of them aren't happy with their husbands, you know, in the bedroom. And they don't know what to do about it. One girlfriend said her husband left for three days, just because she tried to say something about how he was doing something in bed. You guys can be pretty touchy in that area."

Tom admitted, "Yeah, and my buddies who never had sex with anyone else before getting married, they all wished they had. And I know we're already married, but..."

Sandy quickly added, "I don't think it will be wrong as long as we love each other and agree. It wouldn't be like cheating..."

"No, you're right, I think...I just...You'd be okay if Jan did, we did...something?"

Sandy replied, "I love you more than I know how to say. You are my husband, my best friend...my soulmate. And if it means we won't end up like our friends; if it means it will make our marriage better; if it means we'll have...more fun, enjoy sex more, I can handle it. And Thomas, it means I could have to do something with James, too." She rushed her next statement, "It's just going to be this one time. I think we can and should take advantage of this. I can't imagine ever having this kind of opportunity again, not with people like Jan and James."

Tom's mind was immediately filled with images of Sandy with James. He couldn't imagine that actually happening, but his dick got harder thinking about it. What was up with that? But of course, there was the other thing...Jan.

"Um, well. I um, Sandy, are you sure about this?

"I'm sure. I'm scared, but I'm sure. I think we should at least see if it goes there and if it is, well, necessary. And, if either one of us decides we can't go through with it, then we stop. Like they said, if we get uncomfortable, we can stop at any time."

Tom couldn't stop thinking about Jan, "Okay. I guess we need to be adult about this. Okay. But Sandy, how do we know what they will expect, and well, I don't want to have the wrong idea..."

"I think we talk to them and just ask what they want to do, want us to do and see what they're comfortable with. So there's no misunderstandings or surprises, I think we just ask."

"Just ask?" Tom was unsettled.

Sandy wasn't, "It's okay honey; I'll handle that part. Oh crap, we gotta get ready for lunch!"

When we met at the dining room, we all walked in together, and Tom and Sandy automatically went to opposite sides of the table. I looked at Jan and raised an eyebrow. She answered with a slight smile. Tom had another tight polo shirt on – no surprise.

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