tagLoving WivesFrom Russia with Love Part DVA 03

From Russia with Love Part DVA 03


Author's ed. notes:

This story is part 3 of 3 and does not stand alone. Please read parts 1 and 2 of "From Russia with Love, Part Dva."

For the best read, go back to the first story in this series, "From Russia with Love." I strongly recommend you read that first. The primary characters and story theme are developed there.

This is one of my longest stories, but stick with it; there is a lot of erotic action – a lot!

Authors standing note:

My stories are long – two and three-parters. They are usually slow burners with the hot sex in later chapters – but worth the read and worth the wait, in my humble opinion. Please enjoy.



Jan put in, with urgency in her voice, sincere or feigned, I didn't know. "Tom, are you ready, now's the time? This is going to be so hot. You'll need to jack-off. I would do it but I'll be busy taking care of myself. Okay honey, show Tom how to do the missionary position on your knees. We'll start there."

I understood what Jan was doing and hoped Tom could handle this. I didn't want him beating the crap out of me!

"Okay Sandy, Jan is right, you're about the most prepared you can get. I'm not hardly any bigger than Tom, but my head is kind of big."

I was trying to phrase it in a palatable way for him. "I'm going to go slow. I'm going to slide my knees up around your hips and you wrap your legs around my waist. I will slowly enter you. If you tense up, I'll wait till you relax then continue entering you.

Tom, no matter how wet Sandy is, if you always enter her in steps, it will give her time to adjust and it won't hurt her." I wanted him to feel engaged, and it was good instruction. In my periphery, I could see him nodding. I could also see his hand holding his hard shaft.

Jan was now talking to him, but I didn't hear much, except, "When he pushes in her, start stroking yourself slowly. Try to time your orgasm with hers. That's wild!"

Damn, Jan was good. I went to work. I scooted her up and propped her up against the headboard with more pillows in a modified missionary position so she could watch better. I partially leaned over her, bracing myself with one hand and grabbing my cock, I pressed the head against her diminutive vagina. It was wet and hot and open, but not that open. I pressed and moved my cockhead slightly up and down against her sex. Sandy's body jerked when my cock contacted her now distended clit. Next, I lined up on her vagina and gently but firmly pushed, held it there, then backed off a little and pressed and held it there again. Sandy's eyes were wide, but she was slightly nodding her head in the affirmative. I pushed harder and wiggled the head a little as I kept up the pressure. My cockhead popped into her incredibly tight vagina.

I almost came. I hadn't been in a pussy that tight since Jan and I were first together, before our son was born. I was in heaven.

Sandy had responded with, "Ugh, oh, oh, ooph, fuck!" I paused but she urged me with her heals, and her voice.

"Unh, un huh, oh, yes, you can go deeper, okay, deeper!"

I heard Jan, "See, that's good, you should talk to each other. That can help and it's okay to get a little raunchy, too!" Jan, who was fingering and jilling herself, added, "Oh shit, this is so hot, I don't know how long I'll last."

I heard Tom grunt, "Yeah, me too."

I kept pushing in until I was almost buried in Sandy's vagina before I felt her cervix. She was deeper than Jan. I pushed a little more. Sandy quietly exclaimed, "Ughh, oh yeah, that's good, yeah, go ahead." I pushed till our pubic bones pressed together; the feeling was divine. I slowly stroked out till my head approached her opening, she shuddered and pulled me back in forcefully with her hands and heals. She was staring at my cock moving in and out of her tight hole, pulling her small vaginal lips back and forth. I was watching her face and taking in her firm mounds with those lovely fat nipples. I could feel her vagina pulsing around my shaft, she was going to cum quick. I started stroking in earnest. She was vigorously nodding her head and starting to buck her hips up. Her lithe, muscular body was driving me crazy; her tightly clenching vagina, and the lust in her eyes were all pushing me towards my own orgasm.

There was no way I was cumming before her. I closed my eyes and focused on stroking faster as she urged me on, now bucking furiously under me. Soon I was rapidly thrusting into her small body, which was shaking crazily.

As I pounded her, she started chanting, "Ye-ess, oh-oh-oh Fu-uu-uck, har-der, fu-uck me-ee har-ar-der!"

I went crazy slamming into her. I felt something wet hit my back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tom with his ass off the chair, jerking his dick in a blur, spewing cum all over, including on me.

"Ja-ames, your co-ock, oh...ugh-ugh, big, fu-ucking...cock! Fuck-ing Cock! Agh-h-h-h, ah-h-h-h, OH SHIT! FUCK! FUCK! FU-U-U-UCK...!"

She exploded, jerking, spasming, and swearing. She was a damn quick learner. I felt the semen, boiling up in my balls and instead of burying myself in her and riding out her orgasm I just kept pounding, beyond the point where I had any control. Rapid fire, I rammed into her hot, tight hole and exploded, shooting load after load of hot semen deep into her spasming cunt.

She never stopped cursing or bucking and shouted, "FUCK, I'm cu-cu-cum-ming...a-a-ag-again! Oh, shit, Ah-ah-hhh-hhh! Oh-oh-oh..."

I finally stopped shooting and jerking in orgasm and let my still hard cock slide out of her, followed by a gush of cum and fluids. Sandy dropped her legs, and I rolled onto my side, lying next to the left side of her body. I was lightheaded and huffing, sucking in oxygen. Sandy's chest was rapidly rising up and down, her firm, young breasts riding proudly with no flattening at all and her big nipples were swollen and sticking up. Her sleek little body was covered in a sheen of sweat, and she was staring at me with a dreamy smile on her face, eyes wide and nostrils flaring with her hard breathing. I was surprised to see Jan between Tom's legs, obviously performing energetic felatio on him.

When she realized we were done, she pulled off him and turned, "Scoot over and make room, I can't wait, I need pounded – training on the fly!" She hollered, laughing.

Seeing the mess we made, she veered and pulled Tom after her, heading around to the other side of the bed, his big, now fully hard erection bouncing and swaying. He had recovered amazingly fast – youth!

Jan pushed him onto the bed on his back.

"Okay big boy, I'm riding you cowgirl! All you gotta do, is hang on!"

She swung a leg across his hips, grabbed his shaft and pushed the head into her vagina, paused, then started sliding down his long, fat pole. She almost completely flattened out on him but was held slightly off his crotch by her muscular legs.

"Oh I love a big fat cock. Now, hold still till I get a good rhythm going, when I...umm, ohhh, you feel good. I can feel you swelling...Ungh! When I start climaxing you can pound up into me. Whatever you do, don't cum till I do." She started sliding up and down with her hands behind her, bracing herself on his powerfully-built legs. He could see as we all could, her pussy lips clinging to his thick, veiny cock as she rode him.

"Play with my tits, squeeze my nipples and twist them, gently. When I cum, you can damn near rip them off!"

With a big grin, Tom said, loudly, "Yes Ma'am!" And chortled a little.

"Oooh that was hot, young man. Ughh, oh-oh yeah, Oh it's not gonna take long! Oh, how old are you, at least, oh fuck, oh, umm, good, uh at least eighteen I hope?"

"Oh, yes ma'am! Just barely, and ma'am, your pussy's amazing!" Tom replied, falling into the role play. Smart boy!

Jan was fully into it, her big tits bouncing up and down, riding the young stud, pumping him as fast as she could. Watching her big firm ass slapping against his legs and his big cock sliding in and out of her, I regained a full erection.

"Sandy have you ever done doggy-style?" I quickly asked, with the intention of guiding her onto her knees.

"No, but I'm ready!" And she was up and on her hands and knees before I could blink. "Take me James, fuck my young little pussy the way she's fucking my husband!"


I placed my cock at her now gaping entrance and started to push in. She shoved back, impaling herself on me.

"Oh mister, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

"Who's the student and who's the teacher?" I thought briefly.

"You bet, you naughty little slut!" I went crazy. I grabbed her slim hips and started pounding against her firm, muscular ass, jerking her butt into me as I pounded her. She started grunting and panting.

Next to us I heard my wife yell, "Now, Boy! Fuck me hard with your fat, young cock!"

We both turned our heads in time to see Tom grab my wife's shapely hips and start slamming into her. She threw herself forward, smashing her fat tits on his massive chest and hung on as he rammed her at lightning speed. In less than a minute she was screaming and swearing and shaking in orgasm. My sweet little red-haired pixie of a wife was becoming quite the fowl-mouthed little slut! Naughty little pixie!

When Sandy saw her husband start ramming my wife, she exploded in her fifth orgasm in under two hours. I was rock hard and now in for the long haul. I froze in her and let her cum. She dropped her chest to the bed and continued jerking her body up and down with her spasms.

"Oh, fuck James. I came again. I can't believe it. Oh, crazy, crazy wonderful! My stomach muscles are cramping!" She laughed, and I felt her intentionally squeeze me hard with her vaginal muscles. She softly said, "You fill me so full, lo... Can I say lover?"

"Absolutely, lover!"

Of course, we're having this conversation with the bed radically shaking, Jan yelling and Tom grunting and growling.

Jan arched her back up and screamed, "No-ow! Fill me-ee! Fi-ill my cunt wi-ith your lo-o-o-ad, you fu-uck-ing stud!"

Tom jerked up, lifting his ass off the bed, buried his cock in my wife and starting shooting in her, rapidly clinching and releasing his powerful ass muscles while shooting ropes of his semen deep into her tight pussy. Jan, pressed into Tom's chest and hung on tightly as she spasmed and jerked in orgasm. Finally, Tom dropped his ass to the bed. Jan disengaged, and drug her breasts over his big pecs and engaged him in a hot, soul kiss. Cum and pussy juice were leaking out of her gaping twat onto his stomach. The whole scene was erotic.

When my wife yelled, "Fill my cunt," I realized I was still ensconced in Sandy's vagina, which was still clinging tightly to my cock. I quickly went back to pounding her pussy hard and fast, and almost as an afterthought, I drug a finger through the juices around my cock and pushed it in her tight little anus.

She went crazy and started yelping and cussing again, "Oh-ohh ye-es-ss-ss! Cra-azy, fu-uck-in-ing cra-azy, ughh, fu-uck me-ee-ee-ee!" she squealed.

As her body slammed into mine, I felt my cock ramming into her cervix and her already tight vagina clamping down on me. I lasted about 30 seconds and screamed I was cumming.


I exploded, slamming against her tight ass, pounding her rapid-fire. And cumming in big, powerful spurts, I filled her spasming vagina.

Finally, spent, I slid my still hard dick out of her with a slurping thwap sound and rolled off her to the left. Almost simultaneously, Jan slid off Tom and lay between him and Sandy.

When I extricated myself from Sandy, she remarked, "Oh, jeez, I feel so empty!" After a moment's pause, she started laughing and looked at me, eyes wide.

"I can't believe what I said. I mean, oh gosh! It just, it just came out. It just seemed right. Honest, I never thought of my dad that way, I..."

"Hey,'' I stopped her, "It was perfect. You almost made me blow the end off my dick! But it was perfect. Good role playing is a great way to enhance lovemaking. It can really add to the eroticism, help keep things spiced up!"

She grinned, "I can see that. We're going to do that a lot...and I hope you know, you and Jan are going to be in our fantasies a lot!"

Next to us, Jan was still coming down from her intense orgasm.

Still breathing heavily, she remarked to Tom, "Oh, damn, umm, mm, mmm. A+ my young stud, I mean student!"

Still trying to calm my own breathing down, I managed to suggest, "Why don't we get refreshed and have a good meal and afterwards, Sandy, you can see if that 'young stud' of a husband of yours is 'up' to filling that void you feel, and I'll see if this hot lady here has a round or two left in her."

Jan groused, "A round or two, my ass! We'll see who passes out first – DADDY!"

We exploded with laughter!

I ordered room service, and to back up my joke from earlier, I answered the door with a towel around my neck. The same, middle-aged female attendant pushed a heavily laden cart through the door and asked if she should set things up as before and I confirmed that would be fine. After setting the table, the woman asked if everything was satisfactory, and I assured her it was and again thanked her.

Then I slyly asked, "Are you enjoying your evening, I hope your work isn't too mundane?"

Just as slyly, she answered back, "No, it is a pleasant evening, and the work 'tonight' is quite enjoyable, sir!"

I grinned and tipped her well. She gave a subtle smile as she left.

After enjoying a nice meal and a pleasant respite, we talked about how the training was going. Sandy and Tom were both ecstatic and grateful, but really, maybe not as grateful as Jan and me!

Jan suggested we clean up again, and thought we should start with Tom and Sandy performing felatio and cunnilingus on each other. I suggested that after that, Jan and I would demonstrate several different positions for intercourse.

The masturbation training went well, but Tom, who had already cum several times was not climaxing with felatio, so Jan demonstrated to Sandy how to perform a prostate massage while giving head, then young Tom had no trouble climaxing. The big news is that Sandy not only performed felatio for the first time, but that she gallantly swallowed his cum with only a modicum of gagging and choking. As for Tom performing cunnilingus, he took to it like a duck to water, and poor Sandy, who had already cum six times or more, had another gut-wrenching orgasm.


I had fallen asleep cuddled up to my hot, curvy little wife, but awoke, wife missing and bladder beckoning. I roused up and noticed the room was getting light from rays of sun seeping in around the drapes. I looked around and saw Tom passed out on the other side of the bed. I staggered towards the doorway to the living room and was greeted by the sounds of a female voice.

"Ohhh, oh gosh, oh yes, yessss, oh damn, that's so, oh yes..."

Sandy was sitting in a big arm chair, hands gripping the arms like if she let go, she would launch into space – and she might have. Her lithe, muscular legs were wrapped around my wife's head. Jan had a hold of Sandy's hips and her mouth was attacking her blond bush with gusto. Sandy's head was thrown back and her incredible, firm mounds were delightfully jiggling with the trembling of her body – what a sight!

My eyes focused on my wife's impossibly perfect ass and her beautiful vulva which were pointed straight at me. I wanted to immediately bury my quickly hardening pole in that sweet, little hole. But I realized that would be very difficult on the floor. My legs were too long, hers too short. It was at that moment that Sandy opened her eyes and saw me. She immediately nodded and motioned me over.

I walked up and bent down to kiss her, but she had a different idea, and grabbed my erection and pulled me to her mouth then started jacking and sucking me, breathing hard through her nose. Meanwhile, Jan brought a hand up and started jilling Sandy's clit. Sandy grunted and her hips jerked in response.

"Oh shit!" I heard behind me. Tom had awakened. I could only imagine how stunned and aroused he was at the scene he encountered! I turned and looked at him and back down at my wife. Tom was fairly short. It would work.

I pointed at my wife's big ass, "Tom, get busy!"

My wife, now realizing I was there, looked up, gave me a "wet" smile, and turned her attention back to Sandy!

Tom crossed the room lightning fast and dropped behind my wife. He placed his knees outside hers and scooched up, placing his hands on her plump buttocks.

"Uh, Jan, this okay...?"

Before he could finish, Jan lifted off Sandy's pussy, partially turning back towards Tom and growled, "Fuck me! Push it in and get busy, but with steady strokes. Try not to jar me too much till your wife cums."

Tom, eyes as big as saucers, grasped Jan's hips and pushed his long, fat cock into her tight hole until his pelvis pressed up against her big buttocks. I saw him shudder and then slowly pull back out, then stroke back in, slowly and methodically, as instructed.

Sandy watched wide-eyed, too, as the scene developed in front of her. Without taking her eyes off the point where Tom's cock was pumping my wife's vagina. Sandy began jacking me with more intensity and was sucking firmly on my big knob. I started pumping in short, gentle, but urgent strokes, into Sandy's warm, moist, sucking mouth, which was a little deeper than Jan's. I was actually hitting the back of her throat with some force, but in response, she only continued to bob her head back and forth in a quickening rhythm and breathing rapidly through her nose, nostrils flaring. The scene was too erotic. Sandy's mouth and technique were incredible.

Tom was now stroking faster, but very purposefully, and Jan was jilling and licking Sandy's pussy like crazy. Sandy's hips were jerking radically in response.

Then she came. Jerking her mouth off my cock, she screamed, "OH FUCK YES! SUCK ME!" Jan immediately stopped jilling Sandy's clit and clamped her lips around the petite nub and started sucking it like a lollipop. I saw her take her left hand, fold three of her fingers together and shove them, carefully, but forcefully into Sandy's wide open, sopping wet vagina.

Sandy screamed, "OH, JAN, HONEY-Y-Y-Y! YES, YES, YES! Ughhh, un-un-un-un..." She climaxed like a rocket going off, then still shaking, jerking and moaning, she turned back and took my cock back in her mouth. I couldn't believe she had the presence of mind to do that. But breathing rapidly, chest heaving, still shaking, she never-the-less attacked my cock again – with ferocity, sucking hard and bobbing her head, rapidly.

I grabbed handfuls of her silky, blond hair, and started rapidly humping back into her, forcefully and repeatedly smacking the back of her throat. She didn't stop sucking for a second.

As soon as Sandy climaxed, my wife, grasping Sandy's hips, pulled forward and placed her head on Sandy's lower stomach and mound, and yelled, "FUCK ME NOW, TOMMY BOY!"

He responded by immediately ramming his big cock into my wife with everything he had. Rapid fire, he slammed into her, jerking her back into him, her big, firm rump slapping against him. B-d-d-d-d-d-d-d, like a machine he fucked her! She clung to Sandy and grunted in unison to the fucking she was receiving.

"Un-un-un-un-un, ugh-ugh-gh-gh-gh, f-f-fu-u-u-uck-k-k..."

Tom yelled, "CUM-M-M-MING!" And immediately started shooting his hot load into my wife's tight, spasming vagina.

That sent me. "SANDY, CUMMING!" She quickly turned her upper body a little and grabbed my butt cheeks with both hands, letting go of my shaft. At the same time, she quickly and slightly nodded her head, acknowledging me, and redoubled her efforts at sucking my cockhead. I quickly grabbed my shaft and started rapidly jacking it, careful not to hit her mouth too forcefully.

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