tagRomanceFrom Sperm Donor to Father Ch. 03

From Sperm Donor to Father Ch. 03


I awoke the next morning with Mel’s cuddled-up beside me with her arm over my side.

I lay there for a moment thinking that I could get used to this and then I looked at the clock. We had slept a little later than usual and only had about an hour to get dressed, packed and check-out. I woke Mel with a kiss and said that we had to hurry.

Given the morning traffic we left a little late really, but luckily made the final check-in just in time. The flight was uneventful in fact Mel fell asleep for part of the journey.

During the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel I noticed how dry and barren parts of the island were, which surprised me. It seemed that there was a complete contrast between the middle areas of the island and the coastal areas. The area around the coast was generally lush and green compared to dry and dusty when you moved in land by more than a few hundred yards.

The hotel was wonderful, surrounded by lush plants and trees with had a very spacious and “airy” feel to it. We checked in quickly. In fact it took us about 15 minutes flat from arriving at the hotel to diving into the pool. The unpacking could wait and did. We spent the first couple of hours lounging in the pool and sampling a couple of cocktails.

That first night we had a long meal and drink while watching a local reggae group, we both getting well into the holiday mood.

When we returned to our room, instead of heading for the bed Mel pulled me into the bathroom, I looked at her, smiled, and asked "What’s on your mind?"

She kissed me tenderly on the lips, smiled, and said "There’s something else I haven’t done for a long while. Join me”. Mel quickly stripped and jumped into the shower, turning on the water and adjusting it to a sensuously warm flow. Needless to say I wasn’t far behind her.

As she stood under the spray, I slowly soaped down her slender body, rubbing over her soft skin. After I washed her neck and shoulders, I leisurely proceeded to her firm breasts, spending an extra amount of time there as she tenderly massaged my shoulders as the water cascaded over our bodies. I slowly worked my way down lower, softly soaping her pubic region as she kneaded my shoulders and back more forcefully. I gently rubbed over her inner thighs, and she murmured softly. I kissed her tenderly, running my tongue along her lips.

Mel whispered for me to turn around, and she slowly soaped my back and then rubbed her breasts against me. I was then told to turn around and she did the same to my chest before reaching down and caressing my cock and balls.

When she had built up a good lather around my cock she turned slowly around and then guided my cock between the cheeks of her ass. “Be gentle” was all she said as she motioned me to enter her.

I softly kissed on her back as I reached around to cup her breasts and slowly eased the head of my hard cock into her ass. Mel panted sharply as I entered her. I held it there for a moment continuing to caress her breasts. Mel then started to push back and I took it as my sign to push my stiff member all the way in. I then slowly withdrew until only the head remained inside of her, and then thrust into her deeply again.

She moaned loudly each time I thrust into her tight butt, I reached around gently played with her sensitive clit. She started to meet my thrusts, as I eased one and then two fingers into her soft folds. Eventually Mel began to wail loudly and then bucked in the throes of an orgasm. I drove my cock into her ass with increased speed and then with one final thrust, I buried my cock to the hilt, and pumped my load into her ass.

Mel stood up straight pulling ass off me and slowly turned around, wrapping her arms tightly around me. "That was better than I remember" she said to me, a flushed look upon her face, and kissed me passionately, driving her tongue into my mouth.

"You can say that again" I replied.

We slowly dried ourselves off and made our way to bed.


The week in Antigua was truly memorable. Mel and I tried our hands at all the different water-sports. I particularly liked the waterskiing, not that I was any good at it.

On Thursday we decided to hire a car for a couple of days. We drove into St John’s and predictably ended-up looking at some of the tax-free shops around the main harbour. Mel wanted to buy her and George some earrings. I offered to give her a pearl necklace when we got back to the hotel! But she was set on the earrings. We had lunch in St John’s and then went to Nelson’s Dockyard.

On Friday we went out in the car again. We decided to make a day of it and drive around some of the less developed parts of the island. Around mid-morning we were going down one road (actually more of a dirt track) and it brought us out to a little rocky cove. There was a small strip of sand, no more than about 30 feet, surrounded on both sides by large rocks. We got out of the car and had a walk around. We were totally alone.

“Fancy a dip” I asked.

“I didn’t bring my costume” Mel replied.

“Neither did I” I replied

Mel looked around to check that nobody could see us “OK” she said stripping off.

I stripped-off and followed Mel into the water collapsing down into it and letting the water rush over my body. After a brief water-fight, we met and kissed as the waves came in around us.

”Shall we” Mel said running her hand down between my legs and grabbing my rapidly stiffening cock.

“I’ve never done it in the ocean before” I replied, reaching behind her and grabbing her ass.

“We both started using our hands on each other, kissing frantically”

Mel shivered in delight as one of my fingers spread her lips and came into contact with her pulsing clit. It teased it with small, firm, circular strokes as I pressed myself more insistently against her. Suddenly Mel moved away, pulling me with her toward the rocks on one side.

Mel sat on a smooth rock roughly at hip level, facing me, leaning back against another stone. Reaching up, I stroked my hands across her chest, teasing each nipple, then moving down her abdomen. I soon found her clit again, rubbing it gently yet firmly. I teased her for a while before slipping the head of my cock into her soft, hungry pussy.

Mel wrapped her legs around my waist, trying to pull me in deeper as I started to fuck her. I reached down to continue stroking her clit with the large pad of my thumb as I stroked in and out. We continued our long slow fuck until Mel gasped loudly, begging me to fill her, as she clenched her legs hard around me in orgasm.

Seeing Mel orgasm, made me lose it and I gave a deep final thrust before filling her depths with my seed. Mel wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long passionate kiss as I stood there still joined to her, with the waves still cascading on the rocks around us.


Saturday was a lazy day and centred around the pool and poolside bar. At lunchtime, not only did they have a cocktails happy hour and food, but they also had Crab-racing.

For those who have never seen crab racing; they have a chalk circle drawn on the floor and the crabs are kept under an up-turned bucket in the middle of the circle. When they lift-off the bucket, the first crab to walk out of the circle wins. Each crab has a different colour painted on its back and bets were taken by the bar staff on each race.

Mel suggested our own private bet. The loser had to give the winner a massage. Luckily my crab won.

Later that afternoon Mel treated me to a wonderful massage. Of course after the massage the inevitable massage of my cock by Mel’s pussy followed. Mel climbed on top and took a long slow ride on my cock until we both came and rolled over for an afternoon nap.

In the evenings we soon developed a routine. We would walk hand-in-hand along the beach watching the sun go down and then go back and change for dinner. The whole atmosphere was very romantic although neither of us said so. The dinners were usually eaten by candle-light and it was all starting to get to me. It didn't help when some people asked if we were there on our honeymoon. One couple even commented that they were sure it wouldn’t be long because we looked so good together.


On Sunday we decided to take a long walk along the beach to a hotel further along the coast. Another couple had recommended it the previous evening, they said that it was a good 3 hour walk but there were plenty of places to stop if you wanted.

I bought a little ruck-sack bag from the hotel shop, we packed a couple of things and then set-off along the beach. The walk along the beach was very nice. We walked hand-in-hand with our feet in the edge of the water. It was a hot day but the cool breeze coming off the sea made it very pleasant.

Mel was wearing her black thong bikini, at my request. She was attracting a lot of admiring looks as we walked past people, especially her tight ass looked particularly hot with only the thin string nestled between her cheeks.

The beach was by no means crowded but about 30 minutes later we did pass a busy area and one group of about 10 blokes. They all saw us coming and were watching Mel intently as we passed. Mel was very aware of their looks and blushed bright red as we walked passed them.

About ten minutes later we came to a rocky headland and had to either climb over the rocks or head slightly inland along a pathway. We took the pathway. It took us through a lush area slightly wooded area.


"I've always fancied doing it against a palm tree" Mel said. "How about you?"

"Anywhere you want” I replied

Then before I could say anything else Mel covered my mouth with hers and we began to kiss passionately. Her hands went straight to my trunks as I grabbed the cheeks of her ass with mine.

“All those men leering at me has got me so horny” Mel said “Fuck me now” she continued fishing out my cock from my trunks.

I turned her around and guided her so that she was pressed forward against the palm tree. I quickly pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and slid a finger between her pussy lips feeling her juices running freely.

"You are ready for this aren't you?” I teased.

“Uh huh. Mel responded. “Please fuck me! I need it now!" she moaned pushing her ass back toward me.

I withdrew my finger and pressed my cock against her. I thrust inside in one movement, feeling the tightness of her pussy gripping my tool.

Mel was so aroused that she immediately pushed back and urged me to fuck her hard. I had probably only given about 5 or 6 strokes when Mel gasped in orgasm. Her hands gripped the tree tightly as she shook in my hands.

I continued to pound into her. My balls finally tightened and with a final thrust I shot my thick creamy cum into her.

I collapsed forward against Mel and we just stood there supported by the tree for a few moments, breathing deeply and holding each other.

"That was incredible!" Mel murmured.

When we got around to the beach on the other side we went in for a quick dip to cool down and clean ourselves off.

We eventually got to the hotel, had lunch and then took another stroll back again. I couldn’t help feeling very proud and lucky as we walked back along the beach together.


On our last night in Antigua we had dinner at a neighbouring hotel that had a restaurant built on a little pier sticking out from the beach. The table we were at had a view down into the water, which was lit-up below us. We were able to see a fish drawn-in by the lights.

While we were eating, I glanced up and noticed Mel just staring at me. She smiled when I looked up but nothing was said.

During the meal I told her that this was our last night and that we would be flying to our next destination the following day.

Mel was sorry to be leaving Antigua but then very excited when I told her we were going to Disney World.

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