tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom Terra Ch. 03

From Terra Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story includes MF Non-Human sex and some bondage. Enjoy!


Chryssa curled up in her new bed, eyes wide as she looked around at her surroundings. Although she knew that she was being used as chattel, that she should be angered at the degradation of her body... she was also in the nicest room she'd ever seen in her life. The bed was soft and big, there were big windows that she could see out of - although they did not open. A large mirror at one end of the room. Her furnishings included a couch, some kind of padded bench and a large, plush armchair. She even had her own bathroom with a huge tub, equipped with water jets.

If she had been less innocent, she would have recognized the sexual use of all her furnishings, but even for that they were very nice.

* * * * * *

The next morning she was awakened very early by Matron, the intimidating female lumbered around the room, pulling open the curtains.

"Up, up," she snapped, "You have new customer already, time to get up."

Chryssa gasped, a customer already? She felt completely unready for all these changes in her life, everything had been like a whirlwind around her... anger at this treatment boiled inside of her... but as long as the slave collar was enclosed around her neck there was nothing she could do.

Matron came over and pulled Chryssa up by her arm, pushing her towards the bathing you, "Make yourself presentable, you have fifteen minutes."

Stumbling into the room, Chryssa caught sight of herself in the mirror, hair tumbling around her face, lips parted, wide eyes framed by heavy lashes... she snarled at her reflection. She'd always known she was beautiful, but now that beauty had become almost a punishment, it was the reason she was in this situation. Still, in some ways life in a pleasure house had to be better than her other options... slaving away in a mine on some distant asteroid or being forced to fight in the Gladiator Rings... She supposed that in some way she ought to feel grateful.

So far everything had felt good... although, she was very afraid that she was losing part of herself. It was like a devil's bargain... resistance would mean punishment and possibly being sent away to a worser fate... acceptance meant...

"Hurry up!" Matron's strident voice interrupted her reflections. Hurriedly Chryssa splashed water onto her face and brushed her teeth, using the spray on cosmetics that were provided. Although she'd never had the money for them before, they were made to be idiot-proof and so she had no trouble.

Looking at herself in the mirror, her black rimmed eyes and pouty red lips, she realized she looked extremely seductive. Exactly the way a whore in a pleasure house should look.

Tears brimmed in her eyes as she bit her lip.

"Come out here," Matron ordered. Chryssa hurried out of the bathroom to find Matron standing by her bed, ropes in her hands, "Come over here and lie on the bed."

Extremely anxious now, Chryssa obeyed. Matron pulled Chryssa's wrist up towards the bedpost and started to wrap Bindu Chains around it... Chryssa whimpered in nervousness, "Why do I need to be tied up?"

"It's what the customer likes," Matron replied, her voice completely indifferent to Chryssa's fate.

Chryssa moaned as Matron tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, leaving her completely open and vulnerable. She quivered with fear, even as Matron pressed the syringe with an aphrodisiac to her arm. There was no chance of escape, Bindu Chains felt soft, but they left absolutely no room for movement, and once locked down only the antidote could dissolve them. Lastly, Matron popped a gag into Chryssa's mouth.

The aphrodisiac coursed through her, arousing her even as she shook with trepidation... as Matron left the room her nipples were already hardening, and she could feel her pussy getting wet as the door opened again. She gasped when she saw the customer, understanding why he might prefer his females tied down...

He was huge, at least 8 feet tall, and built like a rock with a round bald head and pointed teeth like a shark. Even with the aphrodisiac running through her system she might have run out of fear... especially when he pulled off his clothes and she saw his cock. It was long and pink and covered with bumps and seemed to move on its own, twisting back and forth and up and down in front of him. Obscene and frightening; Chryssa screamed against the gag, pulling against the Bindu Chains in spite of herself.

The alien laughed and strode forward, rubbing his cock so that only the head was twitching around in different directions, Chryssa's body strained against her bonds as the alien knelt between her spread thighs. With rough hands he squeezed the flesh of her legs, kneading it as he worked his hands up her body and to her breasts. The aphrodisiac conflicted her as he rubbed her nipples, grinning at the confusion on her face.

When he leaned forward she could feel his dick slapping against each of her thighs as it moved spasmadically and she groaned behind the gag, pulling on her arms to attempt to pull her lower body away from him. The alien ignored her movement and leaned forward to suck one pert nipple into his mouth. Chryssa gasped with fear as the tender bud brushed by his sharp teeth... they were closed enough to tingle against her skin but not enough to actually hurt... still the idea that his jaws might close down around her skin filled her with terror.

Something rubbed against her pussy and she twitched, making her nipple brush against the jagged teeth and she immediately stopped moving as he began to push a very large digit into her pussy. Chryssa moaned, her inner walls spasming around the alien's body part, she felt relief that it was not his cock but she was still frightened and disgusted, despite her body's heavy arousal.

The alien pulled away from her nipple and moved his frightening mouth to her pussy, removing his digit from her body. Chryssa gasped as his heavy, textured tongue swiped a line up her pussy... it felt amazing. She moaned, writhing as his flexible tongue twisted and licked all around her pussy, and then screamed into the gag with pleasure as it actually began to push up into her. The long, heavy tongue flicked her insides, rubbing her pussy walls, and she closed her eyes and just gave into the sensations.

Her body pulled against the bonds now, but not because she was trying to get away, but because she wanted to pull the alien's head further into her. The tongue was fucking her like a cock would, only much more flexible, and it felt amazing... the thought occurred to her that perhaps this is what that huge moving penis would feel like... and suddenly it was not nearly so repulsive.

That was her last coherent thought before her orgasm swept over her, making her jerk against the Bindu chains as she thrashed in ecstasy, heady pleasure tingling along every nerve of her body. The tongue inside of her withdrew and the alien's strange moving cock pushed against her pussy. It took him a couple of tries, because she was so tight and because his cock was so excited and moving so much...

And then it was pushing into her, twitching and lashing against her pussy walls. Chryssa was both uncomfortable and elated... the cock was huge and the little bumps all along its surface rubbed against the inside of her pussy in the most fantastic way... but she felt so stretched. Not to mention that the way his dick moved inside her felt both good and disturbing...

The alien groaned, speaking in a strange language that fell on her ears like a waterfall as he pushed all the way into her tightness. She gasped, shuddering as he pushed home, that strange moving cock filling up her entire pussy and jerking around inside of her. The alien did not thrust, it just remained pushed all the way inside of her... all of the fucking was going on inside Chryssa's body.

She shuddered as the dick bunched up and pistoned forward, all on its own, pushing against the walls of her pussy and burying itself inside of her. It searched around, almost with a mind of its own as her pussy gripped and convulsed around it. Every time it bunched up, before it would push forward deep inside her, she would groan because it accumulated a lot of girth at the entrance to her pussy... and then would stab deep inside of her, making her shake and jerk at the unexpected movement.

There was no rhythm, nothing for her to follow... nothing but the movement inside of her, like a writhing thick tentacle that found a way to touch every part of her insides. And it felt amazing.

Chryssa had no idea how long they lay like that, the alien on top of her with his eyes closed, completely still as his penis moved wildly inside her body. She just knew that her orgasm kept building and building, yet it was so hard for her to get off without the familiar thrusting motion... her body strained as she broke out into a sweat, desperate for a climax, and the cock jerked inside of her.

The alien grunted and pushed upwards, shoving himself just that tiny amount deeper, and as he did so his body rubbed against her pussy lips and clit. That was all the stimulation Chryssa needed to push her over the edge, and she screamed triumph behind the gag, her body shaking and her pussy spasming, gripping the cock inside of her. It fought the tensions of her body, trying to keep up her movement as her pussy bore down on it more and more, her orgasm making her muscles ripple but also clench.

And then the cock vibrated frantically inside of her, spilling alien seed into her pussy as the alien made a strange whining noise on top of her. It's cock was sticking straight into her body and shaking with tiny movements, almost as though it was a very large vibrator, and Chryssa twisted with renewed passion as another orgasm shook her being.

The alien groaned and rested on top of her, very heavy but she was still able to breathe. Not that she'd have been able to pull away anyway. Inside of her the cock lay dormant, but still thick and long; it didn't lose any of its size, just its movement. She panted as they lay like that, feeling dizzy from the strange sex and her fantastic orgasms...

And then she felt it... movement inside of her. The alien made a strange, low rumbling noise as the cock inside her started to twitch to life again... and Chryssa moaned, her pussy trembling... it looked like she was in for a very long first day at the Pleasure House Exotica.

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