tagSci-Fi & FantasyFrom Terra Ch. 16

From Terra Ch. 16


"Three? You've been with THREE other males since I last saw you?" Lord Plath sounded infuriated, which made absolutely no sense to Chryssa.

She glared at him, more than a little annoyed that her nice relaxing bath had just been interrupted just so he could yell at her for doing her job. "Exactly how do you think a whorehouse works, my lord?" she asked, snapping back at him. "I'm trying to work off a debt, remember? Why do you care so much? How many of the females have YOU fucked in the past few days?"


The growling answer stumped her for a moment and she blinked. Only for a moment, though, and then she realized he was still being unreasonable. "Okay, well it's not exactly how you earn your money, is it?" His irrational behavior was kind of confusing, until she realized that part of her was relieved he hadn't been with any other females, and she suddenly had an inkling of what the problem was. "Are you jealous?"

The Licken put her down, although her kept his hands on her waist and his glower hadn't gotten any softer. "House Exotica's females don't usually have clients every day. Or twice a day."

"I've been told I'm special," Chryssa said, smiling sweetly up at him. Actually, she was kind of happy to see him. Okay, more than kind of.

"You're being abused." The uncompromising expression on his face was actually kind of sweet when he put it that way. On the other hand, it would have been a lot sweeter if he'd said that HE thought she was special, too. "Are you too stupid to realize that?"

Sweetness factor eradicated. Chryssa scowled.

"I just said I needed a break, didn't I?" She poked him in the chest. Hard. "I'm not an idiot. I'll speak up for myself when I think I need to."

"So you'll tell me no, but not any of the others?" The angry growl in his voice had her exasperation rising again. What kind of answer did he want from her? She couldn't figure him out, so she just went with her usual route: honesty.

"I said I needed a break before I knew who you were. Are YOU too stupid to realize that? I didn't need a break before, I was enjoying myself, but I'm -"

She was about to tell him how worn out she was, but the Licken lord's face had hardened to stone and suddenly she found herself pitching forward. The alien tucked her under his arm so that her upper body was hanging down and facing the back of his legs. The clip holding up her hair was loosening its hold so that her hair was starting to fall down around her face. His arm was like a vise around her waist and he shifted his leg so that it was in front of hers, holding her in place.


Chryssa shrieked as his hard hand came down on her backside, alternating between her ass cheeks. The blows stung and burned, and she could tell he wasn't holding back at all.

"You will not speak to me so disrespectfully."


She howled, squirming, unable to get away from the strong alien's grip. Her butt felt like it was on fire as his large hand covered most of her cheek with every swat. Kicking her legs did nothing, and neither did trying to get loose. Tears were already sparking in her eyes and her creamy skin was quickly turning bright pink under the steady assault.

"You said it to me first!"

SMACK! SMACK! Chryssa pushed at his hands on her waist, uselessly.

"You were pleased that you were overworked." The disapproving tone of voice he used just made her want to kick him. He wasn't an elder dammit, he was just a client! Who was he to lecture her? "That is stupid."

"I never said that!" If she could just swing her upper body a little bit closer to his leg, she'd be able to bite him, but the effort was just making her dizzy and her butt was starting to really hurt. Tears blurred her vision and she whimpered as he landed two blows to her sit-spots. "Stop it! Let me go!"

To her surprise, he pulled her back up to her feet. Her head tilted back, she looked up at him, blinking the tears away. Her vision hadn't quite cleared, so it was another shock when he suddenly lifted her up and she found herself pressed between him and the wall, the head of his cock pushing against her pussy.

Despite her tears, his lips found hers, kissing her fiercely. Her body had reacted to the spanking, even though it had hurt, and she was wet enough for the fat head of his cock to push into her. The buzzing sensation made her juices flow, making her sore channel slick in preparation for him. She moaned against his mouth, her fingers digging into his shoulders, as he pushed in deep. Although she'd started to feel better while she was soaking in the tub, her inner muscles were still sore from fucking Brik earlier.

Lord Plath's large cock stretched her, making her ache uncomfortably, and yet it felt so good too. She was always amazed at how flexible and accommodating her body could be.

One arm wrapped around her waist, just above her hips, to hold her lower body away from the wall so that he could fuck her more easily, the other was like a suction cup on her breast, pressing her into the wall for leverage. Chryssa's pussy spamsed as he plundered her body with tongue and cock, his steady thrusts going deep with her legs wrapped around his body. There was something urgent about his thrusts.

For someone who was upset she was being abused, he certainly seemed intent on abusing her himself.

Not that she was stopping him. As sore as her pussy was, her body thrilled to having him inside of her again. He was back so soon... and she knew that was as unusual as her client schedule. The strength of him, as he held her against the wall, fucking her so good and deep, was a huge turn on. Chryssa didn't worry for one second that he would drop her.

When his lips lifted from hers, he moved his mouth to her throat, sucking on the delicate skin there. Little painful bites that made her writhe with pleasure on his cock.

"You need a keeper," he murmured, licking just beneath her earlobe. "Someone to watch over you, and fuck you often like the little cock-hungry slut you are."

Chryssa moaned in agreement. Anything he said right now would sound good, but especially the fucking her often part. She was a cock-hungry slut... especially for him. If it had been anyone else at her door - a stranger or one of the other aliens she'd already fucked - she wouldn't have had any trouble sending them away. But with Lord Plath... she didn't want to. It was an uncomfortable thought, because she knew she didn't exactly have any choices like that, but it was true all the same.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she tried to move back against him, her pussy clamping down around his cock. Tomorrow she would be more sore than ever, but it would be worth it. She arched, trying to press her clit more firmly against his body, needing the pressure and the friction as heat and pleasure spiraled in her core. The buzzing length of his cock was going so deep, and she was so tight around him in this position, that it nearly took her breath away.

Pain flared on her shoulder, right where it met her neck, and she screamed, rearing slightly, even as her pussy convulsed. He'd bitten her! Pushing at him, she struggled slightly, but she couldn't let go of him with her legs or she risked dropping to the floor. Not that he budged an inch anyway.

"Whey did you do that?" she cried out, putting one hand over the sensitive spot. It seemed to throb under her palm. Lord Plath's eyes glowed with the silver fire she'd grown so used to.

"Because I could."

Angered, Chryssa lashed out at him, trying to hit him, but he just grabbed her wrists and held them above her head with one hand. The hand that had been squeezing her breast. She whimpered as he slowed his thrusts, lowering his head to suck her nipple into his mouth and bite down on it. The ache on her neck was already fading, somehow melding into the pleasure that was racing along her veins.

She was pinned against the wall, impaled on his cock, and even though she should be righteously pissed at him, she was too needy to be mad. The needs of her body, as usual, had outweighed the needs of her mind. Chryssa didn't care that he thought her a cock-hungry slut, she knew that's what she'd become. She wanted the ecstasy, the passion, and she would take it from where she could get it.

Although, some small part of her admitted that she did particularly enjoy Lord Plath's brand of passion, and that she was secretly delighted by both the protectiveness and jealousy he'd displayed tonight. Less delighted with the biting, but at least it hadn't hurt for very long.

His head lifted, eyes staring straight into hers as her nipples and pussy throbbed, her orgasm approaching. "Who am I, little Terran? Who is fucking you right now?"

"You are" she said, gasping it out as she writhed for him, her legs tightening around his waist as she tried to draw him in deeper.

"I want to hear you say my name." The growl in his voice sent a shiver straight down to her pussy, his lips pressing against her neck, teeth scraping over the delicate skin. Her breasts were mashed against his hard chest, the wall behind her unyielding against her shoulder blades. Rough thrusts filled her pussy, the buzzing rings on his cock making the walls of her channel throb.

"ZYANDER!" She screamed his name as she came, half-sobbing from the intense ecstasy that ripped through her.

The growling, groaning sound he made was barely audible as white noise filled her ears, explosions of rapture wracking her body. It felt like her pussy had tightened down to the point where it was almost painful for his cock to move inside of her, but that discomfort only made her climax more intense. Chryssa's head knocked against the wall, making her cry out again, but it didn't matter... she was too wrapped up in her passion to really feel it.

Strong, hard thrusts pounded into her mercilessly, stretching her cunt over and over as it spasmed. The rasp of his body against her swollen clit had her writhing against him, rubbing herself on him.

Hot liquid streamed into her, making her cry out again as the heat filled her. Her orgasm rolled around her, rising and receding along with the vibrations of his cock and making her whimper with the overwhelming bliss of it all.

Slowly, he slid out of her, and she winced a bit, her pussy twinging in protest. Not because he was removing himself, but because she was now twice as sore as she had been.

"I'm sorry, little Terran," he murmured, lifting her in his arms, as he saw her wince. He carried her over to her bed, laying her on it, and Chryssa flopped, exhausted. She hadn't even opened her eyes since he'd lifted her in his arms, content to just let him take control over the situation. Her body ached. If he wanted to pick her up and carry her around, who was she to argue? "I let my temper get the better of me."

Chryssa wiggled a few fingers in the direction of his voice. "I'm fine. Just tired. Go away now, please. Want sleep."

The soft chuckle that greeted her ears was welcome. Sometimes she never knew what was going to amuse him or what was going to anger him. Strange to already be figuring that out when she'd only met the male three times, but apparently she'd been keeping track.

Soft fingers stroked her hair. "Sleep, little Terran. I must go talk to Matron."

She was already out by the time he passed through the door.

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