tagNovels and NovellasFrom the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 19

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 19


SPENCER GRADUALLY OPENS HIS EYES AS he tries to let his eyes adjust to the sting of the lighting. Surprisingly his head isn't vibrating with pain like he'd expect so he figures he must have been out for quite some time. Careful not to make any sudden movements in case he is being monitored, he flexes his wrists and finds that he isn't bound in any sort of way.

Gradually after several long minutes his eyes have completely adjust to the lighting of the room and he takes in his surroundings. The room he has been placed in appears to be a very lush penthouse suite, of where he isn't sure, but he does have a few ideas. He is about to begin running through a list of possible hotels when the room's door opens up.

"Good morning Spence," a very familiar voice filters through.

Spencer looks up and smirks just as Angela Veris walks into the room followed by another very attractive woman and a man he is all too familiar with, Gerard Kloser or more known as...

"Delgrious, I thought you were dead."

"Fancy that too," the man says. "You can't keep a good demon down I suppose," he says with a grin.

"You haven't killed me," Spencer says looking straight at Delgrious. "What is it you plan to do with me?"

The demon laughs. "As much as I'd like this to be my decision I have no part of this."

"I find that very hard to believe."

"Oh it's very true," Angela says. "He is only here for his own personal amusement. As a matter of fact, not even Tancheres knows that we have you."

"You know, that's a name I keep hearing a lot," Spencer says.

"And it is one you won't need to worry about much here soon," the other woman says.

Spencer turns his head to regard the woman and this time he looks at her with a different regard. There is something about this woman that catches his eye in a different light, something vaguely familiar about her.

"I'll leave you ladies alone," Delgrious says. "I have some business I must attend to."

Neither of the women acknowledges the demon as he exits the room and closes the door. Instead both their attentions are focused on the man still on the bed like two predatory animals stalking their prey.

"Tancheres is merely a means to the ends," the woman says as she nears Spencer.

He begins to feel a strange sensation envelope over him. It's like nothing he has ever felt before but at the same time it is very familiar. The feeling of the woman being a demon comes to mind but only vaguely as if it were wrong to think of it that way.

He shakes his head trying to clear away the fogginess that is threatening to take over. He casts a look over at Angela who is sitting at the edge of the bed, though he can't recall seeing her making any movement. "What the fuck is going on?" he asks and the words almost seem foreign to him.

"Where are my manners?" Angela says smiling. "I completely forgot to make introductions. This is your daughter, Aurelia."

"My daughter?" he asks. And then the familiarity of her comes to him. She looks so much like Samantha its incredible. "But what's going on?"

"Something extraordinary," Aurelia answers as she crawls onto the bed.

Spencer feels and alluring feeling to get closer to his daughter but something deeper warns him away and he crawls back from her advances. "How is it possible if Sam only died a few months ago?"

"My mother's situation was rather unique and special. When mother was reborn I was also reborn and when Julie Brannon killed her it released in me the final step needed to complete the cycle."

The words were reaching his ears but they were filtering in like he was at a distance. He begins to search for something, anything deep down to use against whatever was pulling him down but he needed more time and answers.

"What cycle?" he asks finding it harder concentrate on what he wanted to concentrate on.

Aurelia suddenly sits up and spreads her arms out wide and Spencer feels a little of her influence lift. "To become an Avatar," she answers with a wide grin. "I am the first of an extinct race that will begin again. We were God's chosen until he created the Valkyrie. It was my ancestors undoing in creating the foul demon race that destroyed us. Now I will begin anew take back what is ours."

"Good luck on that one," Spencer says with a chuckle. "Last I checked there were a shit load more demons than there are of you."

Aurelia's face scrunches. "Come now father, don't be foolish. The demons are not a concern. I am more powerful than any of my ancestors ever were. I'm not even concerned about the Valkyrie, but even I cannot do it alone."

"And what does that have to do with me?" Spencer asks. "If you think I'm going to produce anymore children for you with her," he says pointing toward Angela, "then you can forget about it."

Aurelia's face returns to its normal beauty and that strange feeling suddenly sweeps over Spencer. "You've got it all wrong father. She is here for our entertainment. It is me you will be impregnating."

"Wha—" he begins and then instantly falls speechless.

It brings a smile to Aurelia's face. "I think you got the reaction you were expecting," Angela says giggling.

"You see father," Aurelia says ignoring the young human. "I need you because you're my father and because of your Second Sight. Long ago the Valkyrie had sex with humans resulting in humans having the Second Sight ability giving them the edge over demons. Imagine a new race of the Avatar equal to me. And it begins here with our union."

Spencer is ready to object when a sudden wave a heat envelops him. In a flash it covers him then just as quickly disappears. When it subsides he is lying naked with an unquenchable thirst for his daughter.

As Aurelia crawls closer toward Spencer her clothing slowly dissolves off her body revealing a luscious set of breasts. Spencer sits up to move toward her and is stopped as she places her hand on his chest.

She climbs off the bed and walks over to a chair in the corner of the room and holds up a finger and signals for him to come over to her. He fully submits to her even though somewhere in the recesses of his mind it screams for him to fight, though unsuccessfully.

Climbing onto the chair, she rears her ass up toward him. Like a lust filled fanatic, Spencer stands behind her with his cock in hand. He bends his knees so he can get in her.

When she feels his cockhead against her pussy, she starts to push back, getting him in her quicker. He moves slowly, pulling her hips toward him and pushing his forward. For some reason in his mind he wanted to take this slow and make it special.

But why?

A wave of emotion pulses through him flooding his mind and suddenly it doesn't matter. He starts to slowly pump his hips back and forth steadily increasing his speed. Her breath becomes ragged quickly and she encourages him to fuck her hard.

As he pounds his hips into her she pushes back against him and in no time he feels his balls tensing. A few seconds later he cums, gasping loudly, his cum shooting deep into her as he grabs her hips to pull her in tighter.

Spencer removes his cock and quickly takes his place on the chair as Aurelia steps off. She sits down on his lap, facing him. He immediately has his hands around her waist and starts kissing her, first on the mouth then on her neck. Her moans sound exquisite and Spencer feels his cock getting harder.

She starts to ride him. With his hands free, he explores her entire upper body, giving special attention to her breasts. Moaning louder when her caresses her breasts she rides her pelvic bone hard against his.

The feeling of his cock entering and exiting her warm pussy while her juices run down his shaft is extremely delightful. The easiness with which he moves in her and the lack of real friction is like being teased while fucking.

She felt the heat build in her pussy as her orgasm rushes toward her. Aurelia hangs her head back with her arms around his neck and she howls when her orgasm envelopes her. Her pussy sends all possible pleasures to her head. She clasps tightly on his cock, riding him to extend her continuing climax.

Aurelia rides the wave of her climax to its maximum grinding her hips, fucking Spencer with just the forward and backward movements of her hips. She kisses him tenderly, her lips softly upon his. Her tongue caresses his and dances a tender dance in his mouth. Holding the kiss as gentle and tender as she can, she twists her hips to increase the motion she is making on his cock.

Slowly they build toward their climax, sweat running down their bodies and their minds focused on each other. Spencer feels so at easy with her. Her body flows against him as if made for just that purpose.

The smiles she flashes him pass through his mind, her incredible sexy figure rocking on him and riding his cock. The happiness it gives him only leads to one conclusion for Spencer is it is meant to be.

As soon as he realizes that, he cums hard, so hard it almost hurts and he cries out in joy.

Aurelia is so close that when Spencer reacts so intensely to his orgasm, she breaks as well. Tears flows down his face as they fuck each other harder during their mutual climax. Not a single word leaves their lips. They just looked at each other and feel the need.

A little later Spencer wakes up next to his daughter on the bed, dried and naked. He doesn't know how long they have spent fucking, but he knows it has been for the most worthy of causes. Angela had left some time earlier having gotten bored with watching since Aurelia wouldn't let her join in the fun.

He looks over at his daughter, at her beautiful face and ever so slowly he enters her and when he is in as deep as he can, he lays down on top of her, resting on his elbows.

Kissing her softly he feels her arms and legs wrap around him, her eyes only for him. With a slow pace he starts to fuck her, not trusting hard, only pressing down when their pubic bones meet.

Every glance and gasp is shared, their eyes lock on each other. For half an hour they keep it up. Already close, Spencer cums when she clamps down on him, her pussy grips his cock tightly. His orgasm triggers Aurelia's and together they cum.

They lay still for a while, Spencer still deep in her, enjoying their moment. Then reversing their positions in a roll, Spencer stays buried in her even when she pulls her knees up. Sitting on his cock now, Aurelia places her hands on his chest and smiles at him.

Spencer licks his lips and reaches for her breasts as she starts to ride him. First only up and down but soon she starts to twist her hips and ride him in every direction.

His hands play with her lush breasts, teasing her nipples and when able, lick and suck them. Aurelia soon feels her climax approach and increases the speed and force with which she rides him.

"I am so close," she whispers "Come with me father, cum with me."

Spencer is nearing his orgasm like his daughter, their bodies almost in sync.

"Oh fuck!" Aurelia exclaims and cums hard, still riding his cock for all she is worth.

A few seconds later Spencer follows her example and shoots his cum in her. She feels his cock pulse and release its cum in her, causing a small after orgasm. When his cock stops shooting she stops riding it.

She sits straight on top of him and looks at his face, sweaty and happy. "Your seed has taken root father and soon the Avatar will rise again."

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