tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFrom the Curtains

From the Curtains


Melanie lifted the blinds of her bedroom window and looked outside. Another sunny day, she thought -- perfect weather for taking care of the flower garden in the pool area by the patio.

Melanie had lived alone for about 5 years now in the house she inherited when her parents passed away. At 28, she still had her slim figure and swam daily to keep her "swimmer's body. While she had no problems attracting companions, she seemed to enjoy her quiet time at home more often, cherishing her privacy.

The house was the perfect refuge. On both sides of the property, a ten-foot high hedge blocked her neighbors' view and the only house that had a clear view from the back was the two-story colonial that was over 100 feet away. And those neighbors, whom she had never even met, used it as a vacation place and were rarely ever home.

She slipped on panties, bra, t-shirt, shorts and sandals, grabbed a towel from the closet and headed out to the patio. Outside, the sky was clear and blue and the sun was shining brightly. After about 30 minutes of weeding her garden, she was beginning to feel the heat.

Something about being out in the sun always aroused. Maybe it was the warmth of the fabric on her breasts, or the gentle rays slowly darkening her skin. She always felt sexy when she had a tan, and even sexier when she had no tan lines.

She stood up for a second and looked over at the two-story colonial. As always, the curtains on the windows were closed and there was no sign that anyone was home. She wondered if anyone really lived there. Dropping down behind the flowers again, certain that there was no one who could see her, she slipped off her t-shirt, folded it neatly and laid it down on the patio.

A soft breeze on her moist skin cooled her off a little, but then it occurred to her that even a short amount of exposure would give her a tan line, spoiling her look when she wore halter tops with tight shorts. She took down one side of her bra. Then, she took down the other. Still not comfortable, she undid the clasp on her bra, taking it off completely, placing it down upon her t-shirt.

The warm sun's rays felt so good on her breasts. In another life, she must have been a nudist. Maybe in this life she was, too. On hot summer nights she rarely wore clothes around the house. She loved the feeling of being free and unencumbered.

After a few more minutes of topless digging in the garden, beads of perspiration began dripping from her exposed skin onto her shorts. At the same time, the cool, bubbling waters of the pool were beginning to look more and more inviting.

She stood up again, her heart racing, slipping off her shorts, standing there wearing only her thong panties. She walked over to the steps leading into the pool. Momentarily standing by the edge, she felt the sun's warm rays all over her exposed body. They felt so good! She wanted to dive right into the water. Then, she realized her bottom was covered.

No tan lines, she thought, slipping off her panties, tossing them aside. The sun now engulfed her naked body, giving her a rush. Her nipples firmed. She felt a moistness gushing between her legs.

Slowly, she stepped down to the first step, feeling the water on her feet and ankles. The water temperature was perfect – not too hot and not too cold. She stepped on to the second step and slowly eased her way into the water.

Standing in the shallow end of the pool, she felt her nipples harden even more. She began to pinch them, gently. The sun gently bathed them in an amber glow and the warmth felt wonderful. She continued to rub them, spreading the warmth throughout her body. As the feeling took control of her, she dipped her hand into the cool water, sliding one finger, then two fingers, and then three inside her.

Snapping out of her reveries, she looked around at both sides of the property. Seeing no one, she relaxed, sitting on the top step of the pool, her legs extended fully into the water. She rolled around, letting the sun bathe her buttocks in warmth, then turned over, sitting face forward again.

She slid her bottom over to the pool jets, feeling the pulsing sensation on one nipple, then the other. She moved her body around, positioning herself so that the jet's stream hit her directly on her clit. She rode the jet up and down, stifling a moan as she came. She sat back on the steps, allowing the sun's rays to envelope her body once more.

She looked up at the windows of two-story house in the back.

She thought she saw a curtain move.

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