tagGay MaleFrom the Frying Pan into the Fire 01

From the Frying Pan into the Fire 01



Brad was in bed with one of his lovers when the telephone rang. He was annoyed because he was buried balls deep in his lover's ass. Brad rolled over to get the phone and as he did his cock slipped out of a shapely ass. "Hello," he said into the phone clearly disturbed by the interruption.

"Brad, hi it's David. Sorry to bother you but I need some help and advice."

Brad covered the mouthpiece and whispered, "It's my older brother."

"Hey David, what's up? Is everyone okay?"

"Well yes and no. I mean we are all fine but I have a problem at home and I could use your help."

"Shoot, how can I help?"

"You know my youngest son Brent."

"Yes, he's 18 now isn't he?"

"Yes he turned 18 last October. He is planning to go to the community college in the fall and live at home but now I can't allow that."

"Why not, what's going on."

"I just learned he is gay. I mean I walked in on him and two of his friends. Brent was sucking one cock and getting fucked with the other. I couldn't believe it. I raised hell and chased the other boys out but I know that his behavior will continue. I just can't have him in the house having sex with his gay friends."

"Wow, what do you want me to do. How can I help?"

"I was wondering if he could stay with you this summer and work at the resort."

Brad, who was only six years older than his nephew Brent thought about it. He quickly recalled what Brent looked like and that he liked him. "I'm okay with that as long as he is ready to work. Right now we are renting mountain bikes and wakeboards. Once ski season begins, we will be very busy and I can always use help in the rental department."

"I don't know where things will go after the summer but I felt a change of scenery might help. Are you still seeing that blonde Vicki?"

"Yes, Vicki and I hook up time to time. I am also dating a girl named Dawn occasionally."

"I knew it you cock hound. Maybe being around you and the good looking women you bed will make a difference in Brent's outlook."

"I can't guarantee that but if he wants to work here he is more than welcome. If things work out he could go to the nearby college here and still work at the resort. Let me know what you decide and I can pick him up at the airport."

"Thanks bro, you are a life saver. I haven't broken the news to my wife yet so I will sell it as Brent's idea."

"Okay, bye David."

Brad hung up the phone and turned to his lover. "That was my oldest brother. He caught his son in a threesome with two other guys. I didn't know Brent was gay but apparently he has chosen that life style. My brother asked if he could stay with me and work at the resort."

"Does your brother know that you are bisexual?"

"No, he does not have a clue. Now where were we Josh?"

"You were balls deep in my ass but by the looks of your cock it seems I have some work to do."

Josh lowered his mouth to Brad's soft cock and within minutes had it hard again. Josh then rolled to his side and guided Brad's cock back into his ass. Brad pressed forward and eased his impressive cock into Josh's curvy ass. Josh guided Brad's hand to his cock and Brad stroked his lover as he fucked him slowly. They continued in that position until they both ejaculated, Josh on the bed sheets coating Brad's hand and Brad deep in Josh's bowels.

"Do you mind if I stay here tonight?" Josh asked.

"No it's cool. Dawn won't be in until noon tomorrow. I'll look forward to fucking your hot ass again in the morning," Brad told him.


Brad Jennings was the picture of health and fitness. He was 24 years old and he was the manager of a small resort in the Midwest. Once Brad graduated from college he knew that he wanted to manage a resort and one day own one. He was an avid Alpine skier and he worked out religiously. He rode mountain bikes, swam, wake boarded and hiked. His 6'1" frame carried 185 pounds nicely and he was chiseled. The ladies went gaga over him and he enjoyed his single status.

Brad's number two guy working at the resort was Josh a California surfer type with blonde hair that covered his ears and neck. Josh was a good looking 23 year old who stood at 5'7" and weighed a fit 150 pounds. He too had a slender fit body although he was not as muscular as Brad. Josh was admittedly gay but he didn't flaunt it and he didn't come on to the customers. Josh had an ass on him that most women would kill for and from behind he looked like a female. Josh had a virtually hairless body with shapely legs and a curvy bottom.

Two of the women who worked at the resort during the ski season were Vicki and Dawn. Vicki was a petite blonde with small titties and a cute ass. Dawn was a long hair brunette with a 34-6-35 figures. Both women were fit and very pretty. Brad was banging both of them and they seemed fine with it as none of them were looking for a permanent relationship. Dawn and Vicki took turns staying the night with Brad. The one thing that Brad was denied with them was anal sex.

Brad had dated a girl in college who loved anal foreplay and sex and she had taught Brad everything. He became addicted to her ass and he missed her when they graduated. Vicki and Dawn wanted nothing to do with anal sex. In fact they only performed oral sex to get brad had and they never got him off with their mouths. That's where Josh came in and he filled the void of anal and oral sex in Brad's life.

Brent Jennings, David's son had always known that he was gay even before he had sex. He never looked at girls the same way that the other guys did. He never came across gay as his mannerisms were very normal. Brent was 5'8" and weighed 160 pounds. He could be called pretty rather than handsome and he had a feminine figure. He had very little body hair, nice looking legs and a killer ass. He wore his light brown hair long over his ears covering the nape of his neck.

Brent's first gay encounter came on the weekend of his 18th birthday. His second cousin Robby had come to town for the party and stayed at the house. Brent had twin beds in his room and Robby stayed in one of them. Once the lights were out Robby came over to Brent's bed and got in it with him. Brent remembered that night forever. It started out with Robby asking if Brent jerked off a lot. Then Robby took out his own cock and began stroking it and encouraged Brent to do the same. The room was dimly lit with a night light but both 18 years olds good see each other jerking off.

Robby took a hold of Brent's cock and stroked it. He encouraged Brent to take his cock and stroke it. Brent held a cock different than his own for the first time in his life and he liked it. Brent and Robby continued to jerk each other off until Robby took it to the next step. Robby turned Brent to his side and snuggled up to him as he reached around and took a hold of Brent's cock. Brent felt as if a lightening bolt passed through his body when he felt his cousin's naked body against his own. Brent cooed again as a strange hand enveloped his cock. Robby then began to slowly stroke his cousin's cock. Robby's own cock was still rock hard and he pressed it into his cousin's buttocks. Robby maneuvered his cock so that it rested between Brent's ass cheeks and then he began to move as if he was fucking Brent. All the while Robby continued to jerk off Brent's cock. Brent lay frozen as his cousin's cock nestled between Brent's buttocks. He couldn't believe how big Robby's cock felt but then he had never felt one other than his own.

Brent started to feel his orgasm building and he agreed that Robby was right; it did feel better to have someone else jerking on his cock. Brent's body stiffened and then he released a torrent of cum. It shot out of his cock and hit his chest and abs as well as dousing the bed sheets. Robby kept jerking his cousin's cock until every drop of semen was squeezed from Brent's shaft. Robby was still moving his hips and his cock slid between Brent's butt cheeks. Brent was impressed with Robby's cock and he was surprised how good it felt sliding between the cheeks of his ass. Brent had relaxed now and he awaited his cousin's ejaculation.

Robby's body went rigid as he ejaculated and Brent felt the cock throb and pulsate in the crack of his ass. Then Brent felt the warm cum hit the back of his body as it shot out of Robby's cock. Robby's cumming seemed endless and Brent was covered in cum. Both of them stayed hard in spite of their intense orgasms and then Robby turned Brent toward him. Robby reached down between them and he took both cocks in his hand and jerked them off together. When Robby was satisfied that Brent was close to cumming again, Robby rolled over on his side and guided Brent's cock between his buttocks.

Brent loved the feel of his cock between Robby's ass cheeks as their bodies pressed together. Robby then guided Brent's hand so that Brent could grasp Robby's cock. Brent slid his cock between Robby's buns as he jerked Robby off. Both of them came again and this time Brent's cum splattered on Robby's back. Remarkably the two of them remained hard and they gave each other a hand job until they ejaculated for third time that night.

Robby whispered to his cousin, "That's enough for tonight I have a lot more to show you tomorrow."

Robby then made his way back to his own bed and shortly thereafter they both fell asleep. Brent dozed off in the cum soaked bed thinking about what Robby had done to him and what Robby had said about tomorrow. Brent wondered what else Robby was going to teach him.


Robby got out of bed first and went in to take his shower. When he finished showering he was drying off when he stared at his cousin Brent standing at the sink naked brushing his teeth. Robby looked at his cousin's well toned body and his round shapely ass. Brent like Robby was tanned golden brown except for their asses and pubes. They had tan lines that actually accentuated their curvy asses against the tanned bodies. Robby felt that familiar tingle in his loins. Brent's parents had left to do some shopping so Robby knew that he and Brent were alone in the house. Brent noticed Robby's naked body and he felt chills run through his body as he thought about what they did last night. Brent was embarrassed but excited at the same time as he wondered what would happen next. Brent didn't have to wait long to find out.

Robby was the more assertive of the two so it was natural for him to make the first move. He hung up the towel and stepped from the shower. Instead of moving to his own sink he moved behind his cousin. Robby let his hand graze over Brent's shapely buttock. Robby felt a sensation move through his body like an electric charge and his cock became erect at the touch of his cousin's ass. Brent's buttocks tightened at the touch as he too felt electricity run through his body. Robby caressed Brent's ass again and Brent's cock sprung to attention.

Robby stepped up close to his cousin and wrapped his arms around his chest and nuzzled his neck. Brent felt Robby's erect cock pressed against his ass and he sighed deeply. Robby's hands moved down Brent's chest over his abs and covered his pubes. Robby took Brent's cock in one hand and cupped Brent's balls in the other as Robby's cock nestled in to the crack of Brent's ass. Brent groaned as Robby stroked his cock and fondled his testicles.

Robby then turned Brent around to face him and kissed him deeply. As their tongues dueled as they kissed, Robby reached down and grabbed both their erect cocks in one hand and stroked them together. They stayed like that for several minutes until Robby dropped down on his knees and took his cousin's cock in his mouth. For the first time in his life Brent had his cock in someone's mouth. Robby sucked on Brent for a short while before he stood up and spoke.

"Do you like that?" Robby asked.

Brent answered with his eyes closed and hissed, "Yes!"

"Now whatever I do for you, you must do for me, agreed?" Brent just nodded his head as he was anxious for Robby to suck him again.

"Good, now let's go back to bed where we can suck each other," Robby whispered.

They went back to the bedroom and they both got in Robby's bed this time. Robby showed Brent how to move into a 69 position and they lay on their sides. Robby took Brent's cock back into his mouth and Brent followed Robby's lead. The two of them sucked cock and for Brent it was his first time. They relished the feeling of the soft mushroom heads in their mouths. They took the cocks as deep in their mouths as they were comfortable doing as they made love to each other. Robby grabbed Brent's ass cheeks and held them as he sucked Brent's cock. Brent copied every move that Robby made and soon they were both sucking cock and fondling each other's ass.

Robby moved a finger between Brent's ass cheeks and tickled his anus and again Brent did the same thing to his cousin. Brent felt a surge pass through his loins and his testicles tightened signaling that he was about to cum. Then he felt his cum travel from his scrotum through his cock and blast into his cousins' mouth. Robby just held on to Brent's ass and swallowed Brent's load as it shot into his mouth. Robby then rubbed his cousin's balls as he drank down every drop of his cousin's cum. Brent was in ecstasy as he enjoyed his ejaculation into another boy's mouth for the first time in his life.

Brent had stopped sucking Robby's cock briefly as he savored the moment of cumming in his cousin's mouth but then at Robby's urging he resumed sucking Robby's cock. Robby shot his load shortly thereafter and flooded Brent's mouth with cum. Brent did just as his cousin had done and swallowed as fast as he tried to capture every drop of Robby's cum. However, Brent was not prepared for the volume and force of Robby's ejaculation. He pulled Robby's cock from his mouth and closed his eyes as Robby's cum shot all over his face. When Robby had ceased shooting, Brent took Robby's cock back in his mouth. They continued to hold to each other and suck each other in the 69 position. They were both so turned on that they remained hard. They could have cum again in each other's mouth but Robby wanted to take it to the next step.

"I want to fuck you Brent," Robby whispered to his cousin, "And then I want you to fuck me."

"I don't know Robby. I'm scared!" Brent rasped.

"There's nothing to be scared about. I have been fucked many times and I love it. At first it will be a little uncomfortable but then you will really like it," Robby said trying to put his cousin at ease.

The two beautiful second cousins separated from their 69 position and Robby told Brent to get on all fours. Brent did as he was told and positioned himself on all fours. Brent was still leery of the anal penetration and he looked back over his shoulder with trepidation at his cousin.

"Don't worry Brent, I will grease you up good before I fuck you," Robby said trying to sound reassuring.

Robby played with Brent's ass a long time as he loved fingering his cousins bung-hole and caressing his shapely ass. Brent stayed hard throughout the ass fucking foreplay and at one time he thought that he might cum again. It was just then that Robby told him to turn over. Brent lifted his legs and placed them on Robby's shoulders as Robby directed.

"I want to see the expression on your face when I fuck you and take your virginity," an excited Robby said in a raspy voice.

Robby placed the head of his cock at Brent's ass and pressed forward testing his cousin's asshole. Brent could feel the pressure and although it wasn't yet unpleasant, he feared the pain to come. Brent's relaxed orgasmic state and his horniness took over and he let Robby have his way. Robby added more lubricant to his cock as he pulled back and rubbed the head of his cock around Brent's asshole. Every few seconds Robby would push inside Brent and then pull back out stretching him a little wider each time. It was quite a turn-on for Robby watching his pretty cousin with his legs raised and spread. Robby's next thrust was with a purpose and Brent felt pain as his cousin's cock pushed passed his sphincter.

"Oh shit that hurts, stop!" Brent screamed out.

"It's natural for it to hurt at first but the pain will go away shortly. Try to relax and don't fight it," Robby said.

Robby remained inside him and did not move allowing Brent to adjust. The pain did not go away and Brent asked him to pull out for a moment and Robby did. The pain went away but Brent felt a void in his ass and his erotic desire took over. Brent wrapped his ankles around Robby's ass and pulled him back. Robby's cock re-entered Brent's ass and pushed passed his sphincter again without as much pain this time. Robby stopped once again and remained still for a moment and waited for Brent's reaction. The feeling of pain was replaced by desire and Brent rotated his hips and arched his back to get Robby further inside him.

Brent's body opened up to his cousin and he felt Robby's cock stretch him open to new dimensions. Robby's cock slid in and out of Brent slowly until he had finally buried all 6+ inches in Brent's ass. Brent could feel his cousin's balls resting on his ass. Brent couldn't believe what a wonderful feeling it was to have Robby completely inside him. Robby pulled out a little and then he stopped and pushed back inside. The feeling was fantastic and Brent began to rotate his hips again. Then Robby pulled almost all of the way out and then plunged inside fucking his cousin senseless. Brent moaned in response to Robby's pounding and they began to make love. Robby leaned over him and Brent wrapped his legs around him, hooking his ankles together and they began rocking and moving beautifully together. Brent was being fucked for the first time and he loved it.

Robby was fucking Brent hard and he reveled in each thrust. Brent looked down and watched his balls and erect cock bounce around as Robby fucked him. Brent soon felt another buildup in his balls. Robby began to moan louder and louder, and fucked harder and faster. Brent felt Robby's cock swell in his rectum as Robby rose up on his knees. Brent knew that he was close and he began to pump his own cock with his hand. Robby grunted and Brent felt hot cum fill his ass. Brent pumped his cock harder in search of his own release. When he came, he shot his own cum all over his chest, abs and pubes. Robby had filled Brent up with his cum but he remained hard and continued to fuck his ass. Robby pushed his cum around in Brent's ass and some of it escaped and wet the bed. Due to Robby's horniness and his youthful recuperative powers he continued to fuck Brent until he came again. Brent's asshole was overflowing with cum.

Robby collapsed on top of his cousin and then they kissed. Robby lay on top of Brent with all of his weight resting on him. Brent wrapped his legs around Robby and he reveled in the feeling of his cousin's big cock growing soft inside him. They stayed in each other's arms for a long time and no words were spoken. They just held each other, kissed and ran their hands over each other. Robby's cock softened and slipped from Brent's ass and it felt like a plug had just been pulled from Brent's asshole. Cum ran out of Brent's ass onto the bed and he felt the cool air caress his no longer virgin asshole.

"Brent I want you to fuck me now. Would you like to fuck me?" Robby asked.

"Oh yes!" Brent gasped.

Robby got on all fours and handed his cousin the lube. "Put plenty of that stuff on your cock and in my ass."

Brent knelt behind Robby and he began to caress his cousin's beautiful ass. Brent for the first time noticed that Robby's body was delicate, hairless and flawless. Brent couldn't believe how much Robby looked like a girl from behind with his shapely curvy ass in the air and then Brent guessed that he looked the same way. Brent put an ample amount of lotion in his hands and rubbed it all around Robby's bung hole. Then Brent inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Robby for his cock. As he sawed his fingers in and out of Robby's anus Brent was getting turned on by the thought of burying his cock in his cousin's shapely ass. He moved closer to Robby and lined up the head of his cock with Robby's anal opening and began to ease it into to him.

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