tagNonHumanFrom the Moon - Deleted Scenes Pt. 01

From the Moon - Deleted Scenes Pt. 01


// Author's Note: These stories revolves around a Cat race, called the Felus, who

// approached Earth from the Moon. These are the "deleted scenes" from what is an

// otherwise M rated story.


// This scene starts with Rachelle Winter trying out for a US college football team.



"OK Winter, you've made the team, I'll send Jim with some paperwork before the end of the week. Go hit the showers. The cheerleader's shower is across over there somewhere." He turned to his assistant.

"Sir?" Rachelle asked.


"If I'm part of the team, shouldn't I shower with the team?"

Coach Mathews and his assistant looked blankly at each other, "I don't think ..."

"Coach, I can take care of myself and if I'm going to play with this team, they are going to need to get past my gender."

The Coach considered this, "Maybe, but I still don't think ..."

"Your concern is noted Coach, but it needs to be done." as Rachelle walked off to the team's change room.

Coach Mathews shrugged, his mind already focusing on his new line-up. His assistant coach focused on the retreating slender form, bemused the Coach had agreed. Then the Coach simply said, "In five minutes, go and listen at the door for screams."

Jim smiled, and thought, 'Coach knows what he's doing. Does she?'

The stadium's team facilities were accessed by a concrete ramp down from the field.

Rachelle walked down the ramp, straight into the locker room. Several players quickly covered up, others continued in whatever dressed state they were in. All watched her as she selected an empty locker to one side and started unpacking her bag.

Showers stopped as players came out to watch, whatever was going to happen.

A burly black line blocker wearing only a towel was the first the talk after sidling up and leaning casually on the lockers.

"Miss, you play OK, but this is the Men's locker room. I'm OK if you want some action but Coach is gonna freak if he finds you here."

Rachelle removed her gloves, and then her shoulder pads. Her slender form covered by a simple cotton t-shirt which was soaked through with sweat.

She smiled and moved closer to the line blocker, "Let's get a few things clear." She looked up at the taller player and gave a half glance to those around her.

Her hands moved with blurring speed catching the blocker around the throat, and the other grabbing his bicep. Slowly lifting the 220lb blocker off the ground by a couple of inches, with one hand. Clicking her thumb, a retractable claw extended. She smiled wider, exposing two pairs of sharp incisors, practically fangs.

"I'm not Miss. I am Rachelle or Winter." She looked slowly around the room. "When I want action, I'll come looking for it, not the other way 'round. Any unwanted attention will receive a sharp warning, if continued, it could be fatal."

She slowly lowered the player and withdrew her claw, then let go of him, who watched her warily as he rubbed his throat.

Her demeanour changed and she was smiling gently again. She moved back to her locker as if nothing had happened and continued to undress.

Confused whoops and cat calls greeted her as she quickly became naked. Her slender but athletic frame was almost hairless, her pale skin unmarked, except for a small snowflake shaped electric blue tattoo on the inside of her well-shaped and perky left breast.

Half a head shorter than most of the other players, she walked through a group of players to the towels and headed for the showers. Her sweat soaked hair showing her pointed ears and those watching her taunt ass only had to look up slightly to see the stub of her severed tail. She looked mostly human, and that was near enough for most of the confused but undaunted, players who quickly joined her in the communal showers.

Rachelle moved calmly to a central shower, the middle of six shower heads across the white tiled wall, with two sets of three opposite. Those unoccupied were quickly filled with those that followed. Others stood and watched, nominally waiting for a free shower.

Hot water poured over her shoulders and she closed her eyes as she let out a sensual sigh as the tension eased from her tightly wound body. Her hands moved up and down her body in a slow tempo to an unheard melody as the water continued to caress her.

It was too much for a young offensive linesman who moved from a nearby shower, his erection leading him directly towards the naked alien who continued to shower. She opened her eyes and closed her mouth as he got close. Claws extended from her thumbs.

She looked up and down at his not unimpressive physique. "What's your name?"

"I'm little Tim" He paused as her sharp looking claws went towards his manhood.

"Nothing little about you Tim, but if you get any closer," She shook her head and flicked her claws together in a pincer movement.

Tim took a step back, the threat of dismemberment suddenly seeming very real.

"I will remember the name, possibly for some time in future. Just not now." Rachelle closed her eyes as if to dismiss him from her sight as she took a half step back to submerge herself once more beneath the running water. Warm water poured into her open mouth as she tilted her face towards the stream. She closed her mouth now full of water, tilting her head forward. She opened her eyes as water streamed down her face, watching the eyes of most of the team on her. She smiled as she swallowed. A second later the water stopped as she had turned it off behind her back.

She walked forward and took a towel from an outstretched hand. She quickly and efficiently dried herself, in contrast to her longer shower. She did however steadily scan the men around her, evaluating with an almost predatory grin, exposing a fang in the process.

"Thank you for having me," she paused, "On your team."

Then she had stopped and walked back to her locker and started to dress. Almost as magic, once dressed she lost much of her attention.

Coach Mathews stood in the doorway as she left. "Well played Winter," And then to the room, "Ok, good practice, we're going to have an updated playbook by Friday. Pick it up from my office before Friday's practice. First game is Saturday week, so make sure you all know the new plays by then."

Groans filled the room.


It was early evening, it was still warm, despite being just past dusk, as was common in summer. The Library was well used, but not busy. Andy walked past the rows of books searching and then finding Rachelle at a table, a dozen large tomes arranged open at various pages in front of her.

"You weren't kidding about the medicine." he stage whispered across from the pile of books.

"It's bio-chemistry now. I couldn't study medicine and still play football. And besides CSU has crap medical facilities and a middling to high bio chemistry."

"I'm just studying ..." Andy began.

"Business. Carol told me, at the same time as she told me I should stay clear of you." Rachelle interrupted coolly.

"Err, she and I, um, didn't break up very well."

"She was quite informative. Roaming eyes, roving hands and something about her sister?"

Andy paled, "Err, well I ..." his stage whisper stumbled.

"I had the choice between shacking up with you exclusively for my time on the team, or at least yours, given you're a senior, and thus use your leadership to keep the rest of the team at bay. But Andy, whatever my intent, you are incapable of not straying."

"Hey..." Andy complained, his raised voice drawing nearby attention.

"So my only option was as a friend. I'm not very good at friends or partners, so it's likely friends with benefits."

Andy gave his more charming smile and raised an eyebrow.

"So my conditions: No jealousy, no strings and no bragging. Don't come knocking on my door while you're still with someone else. Better yet, let me do the knocking. Break one, it's a warning, two and it will be painful, and over."

"I may be in love." declared Andy.

"And I don't do romance. It will be sex, or no sex, but always friendship on and off the field. Deal?"


Rachelle began packing her books, "Let's go."


"I believe you offered something 'long, hard and up the middle'."

Andy didn't need to be told twice.

A rapid walk with a little small talk got the couple from the Library to what Andy presumed was Rachelle's dorm. A mid-sized building with about twenty apartments spread across three floors. Andy let himself be led to the side of the building.

'In through the window?' Andy thought to himself.

Rachelle turned to him and passionately kissed him without discussion.

Andy whilst surprised was quickly recovering, though his head was kept in place by Rachelle's firm grip. A group of students walked by, not noticing the couple in the half shadows.

'Is she embarrassed by me?' Andy smirked, as he was again led, to what appeared to be fire escape. A normally impossible leap for anyone not on the basketball team, Rachelle gracefully leapt up and pulled down the ladder.

Andy would have liked to follow and watch Rachelle climb the ladder but was thrust to the front. Once on the first floor landing, Rachelle led them upstairs to the top floor, where she used her access pass to open the door. The bright fluorescent lights of the hallway contrasted strongly to outside, but if it slowed Rachelle she didn't show it. Andy covered his eyes and whilst he knew they took the second door on the left, he never saw the number.

"Lights, dim," Rachelle commanded in a husky voice, as she closed the door behind Andy. The room's darkness lit, but not as brightly as the corridor.

Rachelle's demeanour changed, she seemed to relax and her earlier haste, vanished.

She half looked over her shoulder, "Did you want a drink of ..." she began, before Andy interrupted her with a kiss.

Maintaining their kiss and with an increasing sense of urgency, they began undressing each other, whilst still moving through to the bedroom, behind a curtain. They landed heavily on the low mattress, Rachelle on top, almost breathing Andy's lost breath back into him.

Rachelle pulled away from Andy's kiss, but only because she was fighting to get his jeans down, having already undone them and his belt. 'Fast hands' he thought.

Andy's jeans were only mid-thigh when she roughly positioned and impaled herself on him in one thrust. She wasn't just warm, she was hot, like fever hot inside and so wet that despite her tightness, he entered her easily. Then suddenly, she was slowing him down. All her frantic urgency to get him inside her was replaced with stretching and slow grinding, as if a switch had been flicked.

Andy took the opportunity to start exploring her body with his hands as he matched her slow circular movements. Her skin was silky smooth, but just below the surface were tightly coiled muscles, from her thighs to her abs, from her back into her shoulders.

Andy wasn't sure how he felt about so many muscles, even in such a pretty package, so moved his hands to her breasts, soft yet perky. Rachelle responded with a throaty purr and her pace increased, as did her tightness.

It was almost too much for Andy, despite his experience. He prided himself on making sure his partners came before he did. He bent upwards and playfully bit her nipples, as much to increase her pleasure as to change the angle and pressure on her grinding to give him some respite. Rachelle arched her neck and let out a primal growl, she shoved him back on the mattress and her sharp teeth bit into Andy's shoulder as he came inside her, while she continued to grind through her own orgasm. The pain in his shoulder was intense as she bit him, but then it all seemed to blur with the pleasure of the afterglow. So intense was the release, he almost felt like sleeping while still inside this incredible alien on top of him.

There was a lapping sound in his ear which raised his thoughts from slumber. 'Lapping?' he thought.

He tried to turn his head, but Rachelle kept him in place. She sat up, blood stained lips visible even in the dim light. "Stay still, I got a little carried away and I'm healing you. Let me finish so you don't lose too much blood." She lowered her face back to his neck.

"What?" Andy tried to move, but was pinned.

"Sssh," Rachelle cooed in his ear, "I'm not finished yet. And neither are you."

She began massaging his cock with the inside of her pussy, his semi hardness being dispelled despite his growing panic about her bite. Her ministrations at his shoulder must have ended as she ran her tongue down his chest despite their coupled status and released his arms.

His hand moved to the wound and found tenderness, but no wound. He brought his hand into view and there wasn't so much as a drop of blood on it.

"My healing is quite good. Don't let it distract you. I shouldn't lose control again."

Something in the back of Andy's head screamed it wasn't safe to be with this creature, fear crept into his thoughts even whilst she again began a slow circular grind with her impossibly tight muscles. His libido screamed in his head to do something, to take control and banish those thoughts that were going to interrupt the best sex he'd ever had.

He rolled them over into a missionary position. 'More control,' he thought, hoping to dispel his own fears. They built up speed and Rachelle locked her ankles around Andy in a near vice like grip, again causing Andy concern at her strength and power and he was brought back from the edge. Rachelle had no distractions and was enjoying the practised expertise of her partner. As she came, Andy watched her face, as she grabbed the edges of the pillow rather than potentially injure him with her claws. Her mouth open, exposing too many teeth all looking particularly sharp. Her head to the side showed her pointed Felus ears, almost elven and so very not human.

'What am I doing?' Andy thought, pulling out as soon as he was able after Rachelle's legs relaxed. He lay his head on the adjacent pillow and stared at the ceiling as he caught his breath. Rachelle rested her head on his chest and he heard her soft purring. So calming and peaceful, Andy wondered where his fears had come from.

'I've always liked cats.' He thought to himself, as he drifted into sleep.

Some unknown time later, it was still only partially lit in the curtained bedroom area, Andy awoke. He was spooning Rachelle who was asleep and purring softly. A duvet partially covered their legs and torso, but Andy could see much of the naked alien beside him. She didn't look strong and dangerous now, she looked soft and delicate. He ran his fingers along her naked skin, so soft, so pale, as if it had never seen the sun.

Andy wondered to himself, as he continued to caress her, 'Aren't they from the moon? Shouldn't she have more fur?'

Rachelle's purring increased in volume and she snuggled deeper into his arms.

Andy continued his exploration, stopping suddenly when he realised he was being watched. Rachelle's eyes were half open, almost lazily. They opened wider as he stopped. Then she was moving, twisting on the spot to face him, hands to the sides of his face and began kissing him.

'So fluid,' Andy marvelled momentarily till he was absorbed in the kiss. His hands continued their journey around her body and she purred throatily through the kiss. Gone were the muscles just below the surface, only soft pools of purring molten cat.

Time again moved strangely as they didn't rush but moved with purpose. She was again facing away from him, now grinding her athletic behind and most of her supple form against him. Kneeling, he brought her up to her knees and positioned himself behind her. He explored her sex with his fingers and found her almost familiar heat, though not as wet as their first time. Rachelle pushed back towards him, but he wasn't in position to enter her. She fumbled with his cock, almost clumsily, to try and push it into her.

'Maybe she isn't so experienced?' a momentary thought came to Andy. He took control and guided himself into her.

Gone was the urgency, they just were, as they almost lazily coupled in the wee small hours of the night. Seeking and finding pleasure in each other. Large and small movements, fast and slow, they built themselves up and slowed, holding themselves on a plateau of pleasure in the now. Eventually they collapsed and sleep again took them.

Andy woke and rolled over. He was in the middle of a low queen sized bed with a dishevelled duvet, Rachelle was no longer there. Smells of cooking came from the kitchenette.

Andy got up, put on his jeans and pulled aside a curtain. Rachelle was standing in an apron, cooking what appeared to be a very large omelette, the hairless stub of her tail, twitched above her naked behind.

"You can cook?" Andy asked.

"I eat a lot, especially protein."

"You don't look it."

"Fast metabolism, dense muscle ..." she watched his eyes move between the food and the glimpses of nakedness around the apron, quickly realising he wasn't really listening

"... and never mind. Oh, I can make some more?" she offered.

"That wasn't for both of us?

"As I said, I eat a lot. If you listen more, I will have to repeat myself less."

Andy laughed, "Now you sound like Dr Anderson."

Rachelle shrugged at the unknown name and sat to eat.

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