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Frosty the Snowman


So we all know how it goes. Children laugh and play in the snow every year, making snow angels and snow men. Most of its fun and games until a grown women enters the mix and she stumbles upon that magic silk hat. And drunkenly becomes a play thing of one Frosty the snowman.I hope you like this story.

In 2015 a cute, drunken, 21 year-old red head stumbled upon a silk hat in the Christmas decorations she was given by her parents. Feeling the schnapps in the peppermint patty coco she had made she decided to go build a snow man and dress him up all traditional just like the song says.

Forgetting to change she stumbled out into the 9in of snow carrying her spiked coco and wearing the see through Christmas leggings she only wore around the house and a tight low cut sweater.

After a good hour and a half of humming Frosty the Snowman to herself she was finished. She stood back to admire her work when she had an idea. Giggling to herself she giggled as she crafted a huge 12 in cock of snow! She then attached it to her snow man and sat back on a bench to admire the snow stud with his foot long dong.

Feeling slightly aroused and cold she slowly slipped her fingers into her pussy to warm up a bit. Slowly she began teasing her clit and moaning. She also freed one of her snowglobe sized breasts and began to punch her already perky nipples. Imagining his huge icicle filling her up over and over, and his pipe stuffed up her ass she brought herself closer and closer to climax. She had never tried that before but she had always wanted to. She quickly wore herself out and passed out due to all of the booze. Her hand was still in her pants and her silky white breast with a very erect rose colored nipple was out for all passerbyers to see. She really was a vision.

As the clock struck midnight Frosty came to life! He slowly stretched his frozen stuff limbs when he became aware of a new addition to his snowy self he had never before been given. He looked down in awe of the magnificent cock the young lady in front of him had crafted. He stood in amazement at the sight in front of him, unsure what to do and as he looked he slowly grew a huge erection as stiff as the icecicles hanging from the roof behind him. Tring to wake her he shook her. Making her boobs dance. But he couldn't wake her. Shaking her he realized her hand was in her pants in the hot spot between her legs and arousal grew even more in his new icy appendage, suddenly he had a marvelous idea. Smelling the booze on her he grinned as he realized she wouldn't wake up for at least a few hours, which was just perfect for his chilling plan.

He shook her again to be sure she wouldn't wake, but this time he shook her by her large breasts and he tugged at her exposed nipple. He then took off his scarf and tied her hands, just in case. Bending her over the bench he put his ice rod into her mouth, and pounded back and forth as far as it would go. It just wouldn't fit, and he needed more! So instead he went to her ass end and pulled down her skin tight legging. Exposing a tidy pussy trimmed in red hair, and a tight ass hole. "I love red!" he thought to himself as he jammed that pole 10 inches in! The stretch suddenly woke her, nothing could escape her lips before he acted quickly and knocked her out with his broomstick. This only turned him on more. He began thrusting faster and faster filling her completely with his cock. When he suddenly had an even more evil idea.

With an excited look in his eye he took the pipe from his mouth and shoved it into her virgin ass. It made her pussy even tighter! It didn't take long for him to approach his finish. He suddenly took his cock out of her red abused pussy and shot fluffy white snow all over her belly.

Feeling relieved he untied her hands but left her slumped over with her pants at her knees and with a pipe up her ass to remember him by. Wrapping his scarf around his neck he assumed the position of an ordinary snowman.

She soon woke up. Dazed confused and cold. She had he ass in the air with a pipe in her no longer virgin hole. Surprised she removed it, pulled her pants up and put her freezing boob back in her sweater and sat on the bench giggle to herself as she saw the huge ice cock she had bestowed upon the snowman in front of her.

Vaguely she remembered him ramming it into her repeatedly. Thinking this ridiculous she wrote it off as a drunken wet dream, although she couldn't believe she put a pipe up her ass.

Confused she stumbled inside. Sore and stretched she closed the door and as she did frosty said "see you tomorrow red velvet" with an evil knowing glare..

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