It all started in college, when I discovered I had a special gift. Up until then I had had my fair of conquests, but nothing in comparison to what was to come. I was in the fourth row in a psychology lecture fantasising about anything and everything I would do to my professor when it happened. I can now only imagine that I had been concentrating so hard, that I had stopped time. When the noises of the lecture had stopped I quickly looked up to see the entire class was still, I looked outside and saw motionless cars in the street and birds stuck in the air. Initially with innocent enough ideas I jumped to my feet to see more of this amazing and impossible situation, but as I was leaving the lecture hall all of my fantasies came back to me. I looked around to see my frozen class mates, at least half of them female and five or six of them very beautiful with sexy bodies to match. I then turned to Ms Mitchell my professor, she was older than I was, about 35 I think but looked no older 25.

She leant on her desk standing around 5"8 with tied back shoulder length blond hair. Ms Mitchell was facing the class wearing a tight light blue shirt, which showed off her ample breasts, at a guess Id say 34C. Below this she wore a short dark blue skirt and no tights, as it was summer. Over the lasts few weeks I had enjoyed watching this particular skirt ride up her thighs as she move around whilst leaning on her desk, once even glimpsing some black underwear. A

nyway it didn't matter what I had seen before I now realised as I could view as much as I wanted of anyone whilst I had them stuck in time. I walked over to the desk getting a hard on just thinking about what I could do. I acted quickly from now on as I had no Idea how long I could make this last. I began to rub her breasts through her shirt and continued to cover every inch of her body with my probing hands. I began to kiss her but only a little so as not to disturb he make-up for when I awoke her from her present state. I then started to slide my left hand further up her right leg, up and under her skirt whilst I undid her shirt with my right. I pulled down her panties and let the shirt drop to the floor, I kissed her chest for what must have been 5 minutes until I eventually decided to remove her bra and go about what I had been waiting for. To give her a hard fucking.

With the bra removed I began sucking her nipples and pushed her skirt around her waist, I then knelt down and began to lick her pussy to add the lubrication which I knew she couldn’t provide. Once wet enough I stood back up placing my rock hard 7" cock at her lips and began to kiss her again whilst kneading her breasts. Then I entered her pushing in over half my cock in the first thrust with the feeling of all my classmates watching only making me hornier. I knew they couldn’t see me but it was still like they were watching me fuck teacher. This was such a turn on I began to ride her harder than I had anyone before, squeezing her whole body to mine as I used her.

After continuing this for barely 2 minutes I knew I was about to come, I didn’t even care about using her this way as I let shot after shot of warm sticky cum deep inside her pussy. Coming back to my senses I pulled out of her, with my cock covered in cum, I knew I couldn’t leave her like this for when I brought her back around and so I decided to clean her up.

Before I could do this though I had to clean my self up, I stood on her desk straddling her and pushed my cock into her mouth. I then wiped the cum off my penis using her mouth. This made hard instantly but I knew I could fuck her mouth any time I wanted so instead of pushing myself down her throat I decided to withdraw. Jumping back to the ground I picked up her clothes, firstly using her own panties to wipe the cum from her pussy, I then put them back on her. One by one I put back each item of clothes until she stood looking exactly as she had before I had started except for perhaps looking slightly flustered and her hair was more of a mess now.

I ran back to my seat and neatened myself up zipped up my fly and hoped know one would know of my power or of what Id done with it. Knowing if they didn’t I could do this to anyone whenever I wanted. I sat back down, clenched my hands as I had when it happened and concentrated on the world moving again and Ms Mitchell continuing with the lesson, instantly the lesson was alive again. It was also very loud compared to the previous silence, everything was back to normal but suddenly Ms Mitchell stopped. I was worried, but the pause only lasted a split second so no one noticed but me. I then saw how hot and bothered she was but also an unmistakable grin on her face, I realised she had just orgasmed.

What I had done had effected her. Perfectly she would mistake my cum on her panties for her own, although bemused by the apparently unstimulated orgasm she didn’t know any wrong doing had occurred and after a second or two she just apologised for the pause and got on with lecture. I was so happy, not only had I satisfied myself, I also pleasured the person I was fucking and I could get away with it. I knew then and there I would be using this talent very frequently.

To be continued...

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