tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrozen in Time Ch. 02

Frozen in Time Ch. 02


Chapter 02 Lorena

The events and names are all fictional and made up.

My name is Joshua Gutierrez, 28, but I liked being called Josh, and I find myself in a very peculiar situation. For starters, I'm in a strange house, in a strange bedroom, and with a college girl I've been lusting after for some time.

Her name is Lorena, 20 years old, a Hispanic girl with an amazing toned body, long wavy black hair going past her shoulders, a pair of firm 32Cs and the nicest roundest ass you could imagine.

My pants were already off, and she was leaning up against me, eager to have me inside her. And... we were the only ones that could move as the world around us was frozen in time, literally.

I met this strange guy named Rob who had the ability to freeze time by saying 'Time Freeze Now' and turning everything back to normal by saying 'Time Un-Freeze Now'.

However, he could only do this 10 times, and on the last time he has to pass this ability to someone else. Now this power was mine, and when the woman I choose is frozen in time, she will do whatever I say, and will answer anything she is asked truthfully regardless of if she wants to or not.

Rob also fancied Lorena and used this power to fuck her, right in front of me. She even took us to her house and led us right to her bedroom. She was to believe he was the kind of guy she always fantasized about, and she released all her hidden desires upon him. Now that he had his fun, he left the room so that I could start using this new power with her.

I still wasn't sure this was all real or just a dream, but here I was. And there she was. Looking at me, and waiting for me to take her. Under Rob's suggestion, she now saw me as some guy from her college that she had always fantasized about, and she was more than willing to act them out.

"Wow..." I finally said to break the silence, "This is so amazing... I can't believe this is actually happening... You really are so very beautiful Lorena... so perfect.."

She smiled and slid her hand down my leg, getting a nice grip on my cock. I already had her suck my cock before, while she was riding Rob no less, and even though I shot a load into her mouth, I was already starting to get hard again in her hand. "Mmmm... you're nice too... you're getting hard already..."

I smiled at her, "You really like my cock, don't you? You loved sucking on it, didn't you Lorena?"

She smiled, "Mmmm yeah... but now I want you to fuck me baby..."

I wondered who she was thinking about during all of this. I was too curious and decided to ask, "Lorena... who am I? What's my name, sweetheart?"

She replied, "Sean of course. Who else would you be?" She started stroking my cock, not wanting my strange line of questioning to ruin the mood.

"Oh... that's nice..." I wondered who the hell this Sean guy was. Probably some popular kid everyone at her college wanted or something. Either way, I didn't want that to ruin the mood and wanted to try out this new power I had.

"Um... ok... well Lorena, you can call me Josh, ok?"

She looked at me puzzled, "Um... ok Sean.. but why..?"

"Just um... just do what I say Lorena. From now on you will call me Josh, and you will see me as I am. But you will desire me the same way you want this Sean guy, ok?"

Lorena's facial expression changed a little but she continued to stroke my cock, "Oh Josh... I've been wanting this with you so bad.... Just take me with your hard cock..."

That was a lot better and I moved in to kiss her. I was slightly caught off guard by her sudden embrace as she kissed back intensely. It seemed everything worked as she forced her tongue in my mouth and started playing with mine. I returned the kiss, locking with her lips and wrestling her tongue as my hands reached down to feel those sexy tits in my hand. I decided to forget overthinking the situation and just have my way with her.

I broke from her lips to kiss down her body. She moaned intensely as I took her breasts in my mouth, sucking hard on her nipples. She gasped and moaned as I took turns, sucking her left nipple and then her right. She eventually pulled me on top of her. It was clear she didn't want to waste any more time on the foreplay and wanted to get down to it. "Fuck me Josh.... Just fuck me now... I want your hard cock inside me..."

This was sweet music to my ears, hearing this once-nameless college girl I would check out as we randomly crossed paths every day home from work, now begging for me to fuck her in her very own bedroom. I took off my shirt, now being completely naked, and sat up in front of her. Taking hold of my cock, which was now throbbing and eager to slam into her, I looked down at her as she stared at me with lustful eyes. Lorena quickly spread her legs, doing whatever she could to make it easier for me. Her eyes pleaded with me to take her, and that's all I needed to proceed.

Lorena let out a gasping moan as I pushed the head of my thick shaft inside her tight wet pussy, which was already dripping with anticipation. I couldn't help but moan as well, "Oh fuck... you're so hot, it almost burns..." I couldn't believe how incredible it felt. If I thought it was blissful to be in her mouth, entering her sweet cunt almost knocked my senses into heaven.

I couldn't stop moaning as I slid my hard cock in and out of her, feeling her tightness massage my head each time. She moaned loudly and gripped onto the bed sheets as she allowed herself to take my full length, "Ugghh!!! Ohhhhhhh.... I can feel how fuckin hard and thick you are inside me Josh... I can feel how your cock is throbbing in my pussy..... oh fuck..."

I couldn't control myself. I wanted to do this nice and slow to make it last, but I just started to pound into her. She yelled for me to go harder, loving every moment of it. Her legs wrapped themselves around me, letting me know that she wasn't letting go until I was done with her.

I breathed harder as I rammed my full length inside her, losing myself the insane pleasure that was rocking both of us. She started thrusting back, showing me how much she was loving this, "Ughhhh oh god.... Fuck me Josh.... Fuck me as hard as you can.. don't hold back baby!!!"

It felt like a dream to hear her say such things, it only got me harder and more eager to keep pounding into her. I was determined to make her cum all over my cock. I lowered myself onto her and she quickly grabbed me, pulling me onto her lips with savage hunger.

Our tongues would fight it out as we continued to thrust and grind against each other, rocking her bed. Her hands roamed across my back and I felt her nails dig into my back a little. Lorena had totally lost herself to her own desires and was thrusting against me with the desperate need to cum.

I could only moan and breathe hard, her tongue was still rolling around in my mouth as I kept thrusting into her. I could feel myself getting close, but didn't want to cum inside her. She thrashed her hips against me, finally let go of my mouth so she could cry out, "Oh fuck... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum baby... don't stop... so close..."

I kept pumping harder into her, noting how her moans and whimpers were getting faster and more high pitched. Her nails clawed into my back as she clenched her body intensely, moaning loudly as her climax suddenly hit her hard. Her body tingled and rattled as the pleasure rushed through her. I finally sat up and quickly pulled out, feeling myself ready to burst.

Before I could start stroking myself, she called out, "No Josh... sit on my chest... I want to you to cum in my mouth baby..." I did so and she opened her mouth. I took the hint and eagerly pumped my shaft into her mouth, fucking her wildly.

She sucked me off with everything she had and I soon felt myself cum hard in her mouth. I panted hard, looking down at her as she swallowed my load. She kept licking the head and sucking on it, getting the rest of my cum and swallowing every last drop.

I soon moved over and laid on my back and my newfound lover moved next to me to snuggle. This was the most intense round of sex I've had in a while and it really took it out of me. Lorena seemed happy and pleased and cuddled up to me, "mmm... that was fun Josh... I loved how you just wouldn't stop fucking me..."

I smiled at her and kissed her lips, "Yeah... you're amazing too Lorena.." However, I didn't want to end it there. This was all too good to be true and I didn't want to risk this being a one-time deal. I wanted to fuck her ass too. I wasn't sure how she would react to it, so I decided to be careful about it.

Turning my head to look at her, I asked, "So... do you think you can handle another go, Lorena?"

She looked at me a little surprised and smiled, "Again? Wow... Um... I don't know... I mean I already did it with my lover.. and then with you... I'm kinda worn out."

"Oh, I know you can handle it baby. Just one more time for me, ok? It will be kinda different this time."

She nodded and kept smiling, "OK. I'll do it for you. So do you want me on top this time? Let me ride that hard thick cock of yours..." She reached for it and started playing with it again.

I slowly sat up, "Not this time sweetie. I want you to get on your hands and knees, ok? I'm gonna be behind you."

She nodded and soon got into position, "Mmmm so you're gonna ram that cock of yours into me doggy style?"

I got on my knees and got behind her. The simple awesome sight of her big round ass, bent over and in front of me was enough to get my tired cock as hard as a steel pole. Oh man, how I've always wanted to see her this way. All I could do before this was just imagine how tight her ass must have been under those jeans she always wore, and now here she was, naked and bent over inches from my cock.

I reached out and grabbed her cheeks tightly, loving how tight she was. She jumped a little and smiled, looking back at me, "whoa.... Heh heh, you like my ass, huh?"

"Oh god, I fuckin love it Lorena. Man, I lost count how many times you've gotten so hard just staring at you walk past me in those tight jeans... Your ass is amazing.. you must work out, huh?"

She giggled a little, "I dunno.. I guess?"

Sometimes I go jogging if the day is nice enough. So are you gonna do me doggy style? I'm getting kinda wet again and I wanna feel that hard cock of yours just tear into me."

I slid my index finger into her pussy and noticed how hot and wet she really was, "Just a bit Lorena, like I said we're gonna try something different this time."

Lorena pouted a little as she felt me finger her, "Oh... but I don't want your finger... I want your cock, baby."

Getting my finger nice and slick from her sweet vaginal juices, I pulled out of her and slowly pushed against her other hole. She jumped as she felt my index finger force its way into her tight puckered asshole. "Hey!!! Not there! What are you doing?!"

"I'm gonna do something I never did before... but always wanted to do... and you're gonna be my first Lorena. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass. Now you're gonna stay in that position and let me do it, ok?"

"What??? In my ass? No!!!" She struggled but due to my command, she couldn't get off of all fours and could only complain as she felt the full length of her index finger invade her ass.

I was slow and careful, but her ass was so tight it seemed to fight me every step of the way. I could feel her clench onto my finger, as she gripped hard onto the bedsheets. "Owww!! Stop it Josh... that feels kinda weird..."

"Just relax yourself and let me do this Lorena. C'mon, just relax and stick your ass out a little more. I'm using my finger to get you used to it before I fuck you, alright?"

The college girl did as told, soon relaxing and letting me finger her virgin asshole. It was getting easier to do it now as I sped up my index finger, sliding it in and out of her.

Lorena would eventually start letting out small gasps and say, "It's feeling kinda good now... but this is so weird Josh... I never even thought about getting fucked up the ass before. None of my friends ever do that... I always thought that was kinda slutty..."

I smiled as I continued to finger her tight little hole, my cock already throbbing at the thought of fucking her. "No it's not. And besides, no one will ever know about this. If you like it, don't be afraid to say so, alright?"

Lorena nodded and soon gasped as I pushed a second finger inside her. She would whimper as both fingers would slowly and carefully slide my finger in and out of her tight puckered ass. I could barely stand it anymore and pulled my fingers out of her. She braced herself for what was coming, but I felt she needed more preparation.

My cock went for her wet little pussy, which felt glad to embrace me. The young woman moaned instantly as my cock buried itself completely inside her. She held onto the bedsheets as she felt my balls rest up against her, already gasping at how full her little cunt felt. "Oh god.... I thought you were going to fuck my ass..."

"I am baby... oh god... I am so anxious to fuck your big round sexy ass.... But I need some of this first..." I fucked her good and hard, making sure her sweet juices lubed up my cock. I still wanted to assfuck the hell out of her, but her cunt felt so good I almost wanted to keep going doggystyle.

I forced my thumb into her other hole, letting it poke her each time I entered her pussy. She wouldn't complain though and continued to moan, eventually rocking her hips to match me.

The hardest thing for me to do was to stop and pull out of her when it all felt so good... but I was determined to not leave her house without fucking her ass today. She panted hard and looked back at me, "What... why did you stop.... I was starting to get close..."

I smiled and started to rub the head up against her little virgin asshole, now a little looser thanks to my fingers. "You know why.... Now get ready for this baby... I'm gonna try to go slow, but you got me so crazy, I might not be able to help myself and just jam all of it inside you."

Lorena's eyes widened, "Oh fuck no!!! Please take it slow! I don't want it to hurt."

I told her I'll try my best and pushed the head inside her. It was an intense feeling as her puckered hole opened up to allow me to enter and the sweet girl grit her teeth and let out a whimper, "oh gooooood...... slowly Josh... please..."

"Alright baby... I want you to feel good, not to hurt you... How's that feel...?" I slowly poked her ass with just the head, letting it slide in and out due to how slick it was from her juices.

Normally she would be too ashamed to reply, but since she was compelled to answer all my questions honestly, she would say "It feels kinda weird Josh.... But it's kinda good...." I'm sure if I could see her face she'd be either blushing or at least look completely embarrassed.

My cock inched its way inside her, sinking in a little deeper gradually, allowing her virgin hole to accept the thick rod invading it. She would gasp and whimper, trying to relax herself, knowing that she would eventually take my full length, so she tried to make it as easy on herself as possible.

Making her take half my cock, I felt more comfortable thrusting into her, nice and slow, and wow, the feeling of being inside her was simply amazing. What I always heard was true... her ass had a much tighter grip on my cock than her pussy, if that was possible... and her sweet innocent moans were driving me crazy.

Lorena moaned louder now, the strange feeling soon turning into pleasure for her. Whatever shame she felt melted away as she expressed herself openly now, "Oh god... I can't believe this.... It feels so good... uuugghhhh...... oh fuck..."

"Do you like it baby...? Does it feel good...?" I'd ask as I started pumping her sweet ass at a faster pace.

"Oh yeah Josh.... It feels so good..."

"Do you like having me fuck you in the ass?"

"Oh fuck.... Yes.... I love having you fuck me in the ass.. go faster baby... drive me crazy!!"

I felt like I would have gone faster even if she hadn't told me to. I gripped her hips harder as I drove my shaft deep into her ass. The pleasure was so intense, we both didn't notice when it happened, but she was now taking all of it inside her. My balls would slap her cheeks as my cock shoved itself deep inside her. She thrusted backwards towards me, desperate to feel as much pleasure as possible.

"Oh fuck.... I'm gonna cum soon baby... Your ass feels so good... I'm gonna lose it..."

"I don't care!!! Just don't stop!!! Cum inside me if you have to!!! JUST DON'T STOP JOSH!!!"

I pumped harder against her, rocking her body back and forth and making her bed squeak like crazy. I couldn't stop now, I was so close and she was loving how I was thrashing against her. Her breathing was more frenzied as she was also approaching the summit. I let out an undistinguishable grunt as I finally felt the cum explode out of me, shooting right up her ass.

Lorena let out a squeal as she felt the hot fluids shoot inside her. I kept thrusting against her as my cock was letting out the last of its seed. She soon shuddered in pleasure as she reached her own orgasm, letting out a high pitched groan. "AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Completely spent, I almost collapsed on top of her. We laid in bed, her back turned to me, and my cock slowly sliding out of her, just breathing hard and trying to recover. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as we were both getting drowsy. She would break the silence by saying, "That was amazing.... I never knew it would feel like that.... I thought it would hurt... You won't tell anyone we did this, right?"

I smiled, feeling a little bad that she won't remember any of this. "No... it will be our secret Lorena." I was worn out, but I was still nervous about falling asleep while time was frozen. The back of my mind nagged me that I might wake up to time being restored and an angry father pointing his shotgun at me. It was time to end this little encounter... and I hoped everything would work the way that Rob guy described it.

"Um... ok Lorena... When time goes back to normal, you won't remember anything that happened. You'll just go back to your house and continue with whatever you were going to do today."

She nodded, showing that she understood, but I still felt weird about this. This was such an intense moment we shared... and now we're going to return to being strangers? I didn't want her to go back to being 'just that college girl I would occasionally walk past on my way home from work'. After thinking a little, I decided to add an extra command.

"The next time you see me, you'll smile at me. You'll casually say good afternoon to me and I'll say it back and ask about your day. After a brief conversation, you'll go home and play with yourself thinking about me, alright?" Lorena nodded. "Ok, now go get dressed sweetie."

I would grab my own clothes, still unsure what would happen when I would unfreeze time. Lorena was soon dressed and put her glasses back on. She looked ok, only her hair was all over the place. I was soon dressed and took a deep breath. This was it. I closed my eyes and said "Time... unfreeze... NOW".

What happened next felt like a strange rush to my senses. I felt as if the fabric of time and space rewinded itself around me, as if my soul was yanked out of my body and sent flying backwards through space and back into myself. It was like a roller coaster ride and only lasted a second but felt like much more. I felt myself say "whoa!!!" and shake my head. When I opened my eyes, I was right back on the street on the way to work.

I looked around and saw that everything returned. The silence was replaced by the sounds of cars passing by and footsteps behind me. I turned to see a familiar sight. Lorena, now fully dressed, her hair perfectly in place, her vest and backpack back on, and walking away from me and back to her house. "Oh that's right...." I would think to myself, "She already walked past me and I was turning around to check her out when this whole thing just started."

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