tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrozen in Time Ch. 03

Frozen in Time Ch. 03


The events in this story are completely fictional and the names are all made up.

My name is Joshua Gutierrez, 5'8, Hispanic, short dark hair and light hazel eyes, and I have an unusual power.

Just by saying 'Time Freeze Now' I can freeze all of time around me, which allows me to do whatever I want with any woman I see. Not only that, but in this state, I can make the woman do whatever I say, as well as answer all my questions with complete honesty. Best of all, I can make them forget everything so no one will ever know what I did once I unfreeze time.

I recently obtained this power due this guy named Rob. He had this ability and told me it would run out after using it 10 times. On the 10th time, he has to pass it to someone else, and for whatever reason he chose me. He showed me how all of this works by fucking this hot college girl we'd run into on her way home. Not only did he get to fuck her, but so did I, and I was able to confirm everything he told me.

After having my way with Lorena, I went home and was called in to work the next morning. I was going to work with Tamara, this hot co-worker I've been lusting after. Naughty thoughts of fucking the hot southern babe right up her big round ass filled my head as I went to sleep. Soon the next morning arrived and I was getting a quick breakfast before heading off to work. Normally I hate waking up this early, but I was looking forward to nailing this babe. I put on my blue jeans and my red short-sleeved uniform shirt, and a loose black shirt over it.

As I rode the bus to my retail store, I was starting to have second thoughts on using this power on Tamara. The college girl was one thing, she was a total stranger before the events of last night, but Tamara was someone I saw every day. We didn't speak as much, but when we did it was nice and we were kinda sorta friends. Was I able to taking advantage of her this way? I shook my head. She'd never give me the time of day past friendship, and she was the one every male co-worker wanted to nail. I had to have her.

I soon hopped off the bus and was on my way to work, which was still 2 blocks away. As I was getting closer to my store, I was wondering if all of this was real and if I didn't just dream the events of the day before. Me, being able to stop time just by uttering a phrase? And what if it didn't work with Tamara? I would look stupid saying 'Time Freeze Now' out loud in front of her if nothing really happened. I decided to test this out.

As I walked to work, I looked around for any suitable women that caught my attention. It was still rather early and not many people were walking around, and many stores were still closed. Just then I noticed two girls crossing the street over to where I was. I saw that they were rather cute and decided to slow my pace so that they would be walking in front of me.

The first girl had short black hair, a little below the neck, but the sides covered her ears. She was wearing a blue jean type vest and a white shirt underneath and tight black pants. I liked those kinds of slacks, the hug the female figure perfectly and there no back pockets in the way. And this girl did have a sweet round ass which had a little bounce with each step she took.

Her friend had curly blonde hair reaching down her back. She wore a loose purple top and some tight grey jeans, but her backpack covered most of her rear. I could assume she had a nice ass too since she had a nice slender figure and some hips, but her damn backpack was in the way.

They looked like college girls as well, and I remember my work place was on the way down to another college. I never been there but I would assume it was somewhere past my store since in the afternoon I would see many teenagers walk past the store. They were both pretty hot, and I was already imagining myself all over the one with the tight black pants.

I wanted to try out my powers on them, but if I wasted a turn on them, I would have to do this again with Tamara. I decided to follow them and see if they were really going to walk past my store. If they were close to my store, I could freeze time, have my way with them AND Tamara afterwards.

My heart pounded faster as the girls continued walking, giggling and gossiping as they drew closer and closer to my store. It seemed they really were going to walk right past it, which was perfect. I kept a steady distance from them so they wouldn't notice me. I could feel myself getting nervous as they were a few steps away from the store's main shopping center. "That seems close enough... it's just a few steps away to get into my store from here... and at this time Tamara should already be inside..."

I turned my gaze away from the girls and took a look at my store. Tamara was already in front of the store, using her keys to unlock the door and start her morning shift. I looked in front of me, and the girls were still several feet away from me. This was the best time if any. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said "Time... Freeze... NOW!" Then there was complete silence.

I opened my eyes and noticed that everything stopped around me. The cars passing by were stuck in the middle of the street. The girls in front of me were stuck in mid-step. Tamara was holding the open door in her hand and was just standing there. Holy shit, it worked! Just the way Rob told me it would! I looked around for a few more seconds and saw that nothing was moving at all. It was time to test things out with the girls.

I could already feel my cock harden in my pants as I approached the girl in the tight black pants. I couldn't resist and reached out to grab her ass. It was so nice and tight, I couldn't stop squeezing her cheeks. I just wanted to yank down her pants, bend her over and go at it, but it wouldn't be fun like that. I wanted them to participate. I tried to remember the way Rob talked to Lorena and put it the way he did.

"Alright you girls... you're going to act the way you usually act, but you will focus your attention to me. You won't notice or care that time is frozen all around you. And... um.. oh yeah.. you'll do everything that I say and will answer all my questions with the honest truth. And um.... You'll forget everything that happens after I unfreeze time. Um.. do you both understand me?"

Both girls said "Yes." at the same time, which almost knocked me back in surprise. It was so weird having them reply while still stuck in mid-step. "Um.. alright... so start doing all the stuff I said... now!"

The girls started walking again and continued gossiping about whatever. I was surprised they were walking away from me, but they were indeed busy in their own conversation to notice everything around them was frozen in place. I walked up to them and decided to see if everything I said would happen, "Um hey ladies."

The girls turned to look at me but continued to walk, though they slowed their pace. The dark haired one asked, "Um... yes?" while her friend just stared.

As they turned to face me, I notice that both of them were as lovely as their figures. The one with dark hair had bright hazel eyes and cute round face and little button nose. Her friend was a bit thinner so she had a slightly longer face and sky blue eyes, though her face showed more of an innocence that her friend lacked.

"I noticed you two walking uphill... are you on your way to college?"

The girl would say, "Yeah." While her friend looked a bit nervous.

"What are your names, and how old are you two?"

The dark haired girl responded, "I'm Kylie, I'm 21." Her friend would say "My name is Jessica and I'm 20."

I smiled and decided that this was it, "Real cute names. I couldn't help but noticed Kylie, but you got a real sweet ass. Do you work out?"

Jessica was speechless but Kylie soon frowned, "What the hell??? Why would you even ask something like that? What the hell... get away you perv."

"No, instead how bout both of you turn around and let me check out those nice tight asses of yours."

Confused and angry, Kylie still turned around and leaned over slightly, letting me see her nice round ass stretch her pants tightly. Jessica would do the same and drop her backpack to make it easier to see.

Though my main focus was on Kylie, I'd have to admit, her friend wasn't so bad either. Her ass was a little smaller, but still something I'd tap. I reached out and grabbed them, my right hand on Kylie's ass, my left on Jessica.

Kylie was the first to snap, "Get your fuckin hands off my ass!!!" Jessica would say, "Stop it!!" But both of them wouldn't understand why they couldn't simply walk away. They had to do whatever I said without realizing it.

As my hands caressed them, I asked, "So do you girls have boyfriends? Are you virgins?"

Kylie replied angrily, "Yes I do have a boyfriend. And no, I ain't no virgin."

Jessica answered with a more frightened tone in her voice, "I don't have a boyfriend, but I'm not a virgin."

I smiled, "It's harder to find virgins nowadays. Do you suck your boyfriend's cock, Kylie?"

Kylie would reply, "Yes I do... but that's none of your business! How are you making me say all of this stuff anyway?"

"Don't worry about that. How bout you get on your knees and suck my cock now. The way you do to your boyfriend."

Kylie snapped, "What the fuck? Hell no!!!" but she would still turn to face me and then get on her knees in front of me.

Jessica would ask, "What are you doing???" as she turned to see her friend.

Kylie was confused, "I don't know!! How are you making me do all of this?"

I looked at her friend, "You too Jessica. I want you both to check out my cock."

Jessica would soon join her friend. The sight of these two hot girls on their knees and waiting to see my hard throbbing cock just made it even harder.

"Tell me what you both think of this."

I unzipped my pants and felt them drop to my shoes. My boxers soon followed as my hard thick 8 inch shaft raised itself in front of both their faces, making them gasp. Due to my commands, they stopped arguing with me and just stared at it, admiring the hard rod that sprung before them.

Kylie was the first to respond, "Wow... you remind me of my last boyfriend... he was fuckin hung just like that..."

Jessica blushed and said, "He was? Well this guy is bigger than Chris was, that's for sure. Wow..."

"Alright Kylie, start sucking my cock. Show me how good you are at giving head."

Kylie didn't hesitate to act. She took a firm grasp of my cock and slipped in her mouth. Taking nice slow slurps, she'd swallow half my length and suck hard as she pulled back. Her hand grasped tightly onto my shaft and rolled along with her motions as she pumped my cock with her mouth. Her warm slick mouth was incredible and I wanted to let her continue until I'd cum in her mouth, but I wanted Jessica to have a taste.

"Oh baby... that's so good... I bet your boyfriend really loves you if you suck his cock like that all the time... alright Jessica, it's your turn. I want to suck my cock too."

Kylie pulled out and gave me a lustful look now, letting me know she was more than eager to continue. Jessica took hold of my cock nervously and slowly put it in her mouth. She tried to take as much of it as she could and started to slowly bob her head up and down on me. I held onto her long blonde hair and enjoyed how she worked my cock.

Kylie would then snap out of her daze, "What the hell... how did you make me suck your cock? I don't even know you! And you're making Jessica do it too!"

I looked down at her as her friend continued to suck me off, "Never mind that Kylie. Didn't you like sucking my cock? Don't you want to keep going? Don't you want this thick hard cock inside your tight pussy?"

Kylie blushed, "Yeah... I really do... I've been busy with finals... I haven't had time to just relax and have a good fuck.. it's been a week..."

"I'll fix that. You girls can call me Josh. Think of me as your loving boyfriend that you both share, and are eager to have sex with." As I said that, Jessica changed her pace, working my cock more lovingly and without nervous hesitation anymore. Kylie also stopped looking at me defiantly and gave me a tender smile.

"Alright Kylie... Jessica is good, but I REALLY liked how you were doing it. Start sucking my cock again. Jessica stand up in front of me."

Kylie took me back in her mouth and started sucking as masterfully as she did before, now rolling her tongue around my head. Jessica stood up and looked at me, as if awaiting her next command. "Take off that loose shirt there Jess. Let's see what you have for me."

Jessica took off her shirt and let it hit the floor. She had on a tight red bra, hugging a lovely set of 30Cs, round and perky and delicious to the eyes. I pulled her close and kissed her sweet lips, and she would wrap her arms around me, kissing back with equal desire. I breathed hard into her mouth as I felt Kylie continue to work on me.

I started feeling my cock rubbing the back of her throat, and the feeling was intense. Most women I had before would never try to deep throat me so the feeling was unfamiliar but still so good. I had to break the kiss with Jessica to look down and see Kylie completely devouring my cock like a hungry little slut. "Oh god... you're incredible Kylie.... You're driving me crazy..."

Jessica would now pull me back to her lips, "Don't forget me.. you're driving me crazy too.." She drove her tongue into her mouth as I tried to kiss back, still feeling myself being controlled by Kylie's hungry mouth. I reached behind Jessica and soon unclipped her bra, letting me see her sweet breasts.

I soon broke free from her lips to go down and start sucking on her sweet nipples. I felt her hands on the back of my head push me into her tits as she gasped sweetly. It was weird, but between Jessica demanding I taste her breasts and Kylie deep throating me like a madwoman, it seemed the women were in control now.

I gasped as I felt myself getting close, "That's good enough for now Kylie..." However, the girl had a mind of her own and shook her head at me as she started to stroke my cock vigorously.

"Not yet Josh... I want you to cum in my mouth... I always spit and never swallow, but I really wanna taste it this time!" I groaned as I felt my shaft hit the back of her throat again, her lips sucking hard along my length. Kylie was living out her deepest fantasies using me as her personal experiment. Before I could gasp, I felt Jessica's tits cover my mouth, as the blonde was also eager for me to continue sucking on her sensitive nipples.

Kylie started to squeeze my cock just below the head as she continued to fuck her throat. I gasped and groaned as I never felt such an intense and furious blowjob. It was like she wanted to just squeeze the cum out of her, taking her own pleasure over my own. I wrapped my arms around Jessica and held her close as I finally found myself squirt a violent thick stream into her friend's mouth.

"AGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!" I couldn't fight that back, it was the hardest I ever came. Jessica looked down to see her friend still working my cock as a second smaller shot filled her mouth. I could feel her continue to suck on me, and felt how she was swallowing everything I gave her. I panted hard as she finally released my cock, a bit of cum still on her bottom lip as her eyes locked onto mine.

"Oh fuck... that was hot... it's the first time I ever swallowed... and I liked it... So gonna do that next time I blow my man..." Kylie said, though she was saying it more to herself than to either of us.

I grabbed my pants and started to zip them back up as Kylie got back up to her feet and looked at me.

"So what should I do now?" Jessica looked at me, also awaiting what was happening next. I wanted to fuck them both, but needed a place to do so. I looked back at my store, Tamara still frozen in place, holding the door open. Maybe I could use the break room for this.

"Follow me you two. Have you girls ever been to Low Price Deals?" Both of them would shake their heads. "Well you're gonna get a special backstage tour of the place. I'm gonna take you to the back room and I'm gonna fuck you both."

Jessica blushed a little, giving me a naughty smile, while Kylie's face seemed a lot more lustful and anxious. The dark haired college girl reached for the crotch of my pants, rubbing the tired cock underneath. "Think you can handle the two of us after having cum so hard, Josh?"

I smiled as I started to lead the way, "We'll soon see, won't we? Though I think I'm gonna have to eat you out first Kylie. Both of you."

Jessica squeeled, "Oh yes! I love that....my last boyfriend would never go down on me..."

"Then you'll go first Jessica. Follow me." I headed towards the store, and the girls followed me, not bothering to pick up their backpacks, or in Jessica's case, put her shirt or bra back on. It was interesting as we walked past Tamara, since the girls made nothing of this redhead frozen in place, still holding the door open. I took a second to look into her lovely eyes, still staring off into space. I didn't talk to her since I didn't want to awaken her just yet. I wanted to deal with her by myself without her reacting to Kylie and Jessica.

We both walked past the empty aisles of the store, since it was technically still closed. I opened up the door to the break room, which had a table, some chairs, a TV and a fridge for the employees to relax. It felt strange to be doing this at my work place, but it was better than just being out in the street and who knows where these two lived.

The girls stepped inside and looked around as I closed the door behind them. "Alright ladies, take off your pants and your panties, both of you."

Both girls did as told without protest and I could feel a stirring in my pants as I studied what they had between their legs. Kylie was nicely trimmed and Jessica had a bit of blonde on hers, and both of them just looked scrumptious.

With their pants off I could also appreciate how nice their long firm legs looked and how flat and toned their stomachs were. Seeing them with their pants off and staring at me, waiting for me to fuck them hard was like living a dream.

I moved in towards Kylie and finally took off her shirt to check out her luscious rack. She smiled as I started to squeeze them. They were a big bigger than Jessica's but still nice and perky and tight. Jessica quickly cut in, "Hey, you said I was going to be first."

"Yes of course sweetheart. Carefully sit on the edge of the table and spread your legs." I let go of Kylie and turned to see the blonde doing exactly as told.

"You too Kylie. I want to see both of those sweet pussies... nice and wet and eager to be licked..." She soon followed suit and I had both girls side by side.

As promised, I went down on Jessica first, letting my tongue savour her tight wet snatch. She instantly gasped as I drove my tongue deep inside her, "Oh gawd!!! Your tongue feels so nice and warm...." Her hands quickly seized me and pushed me in as I started to lash my tongue deep inside her warm confines.

"You're so nice and wet, Jessica... you're eager to have me fuck you, aren't you?" I'd say as I started to lick and tease her clit.

Jessica would grip tightly onto the table as she felt waves of pleasure rock her hard, "oh fuck... yes... I'm eager to have you fuck me good.... I want you fucking hard cock inside me... just fucking me good..."

I sucked hard on her little clit, making her moan and whimper in pleasure. I soon pulled back, and moved over to Kylie. She would quickly spread her legs and thrust her cunt outwards, eager to feel my tongue inside her. "Mmmm... c'mon big guy.. you know you wanna eat this pussy...."

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