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Fruit Salad


Nimue sat on the edge of the fountain, bored to tears. No one was around to play with and it was hot. She scooted back and lowered her butt into the fountain. Ah, coolness at last. Slowly, she lowered her entire body into the water. Only her face, breasts and a wee bit of pubic hair were above the water. As she laid there, the world floating by, Nimue thought of something to do. She'd have a party. Sitting up rather quickly, she bumped her butt on the bottom of the fountain and stood up. Water cascaded off her nubile form, runnels of water forming in the creases of her arms and legs.

Walking across to the phone, she decided on a theme for her party. Sexy fruit. Anything sexy and fruity was fine. She smiled.

"Hello. Artemis, this is Nimue. I was thinking of having a bit of a potluck tonight. You know, wine, satyrs, fruit, flowers, etc. You want to call the girls and get something together? Okay, I'll see you at my garden at seven. Don't forget the fruit. Yes, of course. Thanks. See you later!" she rang off and dialed again.

"Hey Priap. How's it hanging? Oh you! You say the silliest things. I'm having a party and wondered if you and some of the boys would like to come on over? You will? Okay. Sounds great. Yes, fruit. We are having fruit tonight. Oh, and some wine. Can you manage? Good. See you soon!" She hung up and went to go make sure the garden was ready. Finally something to do! Nimue ran off to get everything set up for the party.

"Hullo!" Priapus shouted as he came through the garden gate. Nimue smiled at him and ran her eyes over his party outfit. He'd adorned himself in grapes and grape leaves. His phallus grandly decked out in lovely purple fruit.

"Oh Priap! You look delish! Absolutely edible!" she said as she gave him a quick hug. She spotted more people coming down the path and moved him into the garden.

"Good evening dear," Artemis said in honeyed tones. Behind her were Eros, Demeter, and Inanna. All of them had dressed in lovely revealing outfits. As they put their bowls and platters on the table, they moved farther into the garden admiring Nimue's saucy blue gauze outfit and the patio.

"Hey! Where's the girls?" Loki shouted. He smiled as he walked in with a stalk of bananas and a jar of honey.

Nimue smiled and waved him towards the table. He put the banana's down and turned back to his host. Nimue burst out laughing when she saw what he was wearing. It was a loincloth with a comic face on it and right where the nose should be was the head of Loki's cock.

"Oh Loki! You are such a tease!"

"Tease! Look at you! I doubt you could cover a square inch decently with that bit of indigo gauze," he said, as he looked her over.

Nimue looked down at her outfit. Indigo and sky blue gauze scarves discreetly tied at certain points to give the illusion of clothing while every step she took gave peeks of her lovely brown skin.

"Well, I guess you've got me on that one. Come on and greet the ladies."

Soon the garden was full of people talking and enjoying themselves. Priap and Loki had been monopolizing her time and Nimue had had enough wine not to care. Everyone else was pairing off too. She'd just gotten lucky and ended up with these two. Or was it luck. You never knew with these two pranksters.

"So gentlemen, what will you do to entertain me?" Nimue said with a twinkle in her eye. Priap looked at her and then down at his cock, which was standing to attention. Loki smiled too and held up a banana. Nimue laughed. "Nothing more than a banana dear?"

"Oh yes, but not yet. I have toys....fruity toys," he said as he held up a fig, some grapes, a few cherries and of course, the banana.

"Oh my..... And what about you Priap? Are you going to delight me with some fruity toy?" Nimue said as she turned to Priapus.

He too smiled and held up plums, star fruit, cantaloupe slices and pineapple rings.

Nimue smiled, lay back on the cushions and let them begin. Priapus slid the pineapple rings over his cock. He took the plums, sliced in half and covered her nipples with them. He made a path of star fruit down her stomach to the tip of her pubic bone. Then he took one of the cantaloupe slices and smiled at her.

"Spread your legs dear."

She moved her legs apart and waited. Tingling with anticipation. Priapus slid the cool melon slice down her lips and worked it between them until the one tip was buried in her pussy and the other tip just touched her clit.

"Ohhhh..." she gasped as the cool slice tingled between her lips. She waited for him to do more when he stood back. It was Loki's turn.

Loki put a few of the cherries in the middle of the star fruit and then set the rest aside. He took the fig, and smeared the pulpy center over the top of her breasts. Loki took the last bit and caressed her lips with its juice. Then he reached for the banana. He dipped it in honey and then traced patterns up her thighs. Just when she thought she couldn't hold still any longer, he stopped. He dipped it in honey again and drizzled it over her body and the fruit that adorned it. Last of all, he dipped it once again and slowly pushed it into her hot wet pussy, careful not to move the cantaloupe slice placed by Priapus.

Nimue quivered. She felt so hot....., and so horny....... she was just about to speak when Loki popped a cherry into her mouth. They tasted tart and sweet. While she chewed, he began to move the banana in and out of her pussy. It felt so good. Priapus put a hand on her shoulder and guided her mouth to his cock.

It was salty, sweet and tart with the pineapple juice running down his cock. Nimue sucked and licked his cock as Loki fucked her with the banana. He moved the cantaloupe slice up and down as well, caressing her clit. Nimue moaned and the vibrations ran up Priapus' cock.

"Oh my...' he moaned. "More!" he said as he pumped his cock towards her face. Nimue obliged and started nibbling the pineapple rings and the grapes that were also hanging there. He moaned again. His hand reached for her breasts, grabbing the plums over the nipples and squeezing them along with her breasts. The juice ran down her sides.

Loki smiled and moved the banana out of her pussy and rubbed the hot juicy fruit across Priapus' lips. Priapus tasted Nimue's juices along with the banana and the honey. He took a bite of the banana and smiled at Loki. Loki pushed the banana back into Nimue's hot pussy and got it all juicy again. Then, he caught her eye and as he smiled at her, he ate what was left of the banana.

Nimue was nibbling the last of the pineapple ring off of Priapus' cock and licking the juice off of him. Priapus leaned down and started to lick the plum juices and bits of fig off of her breasts. Loki lowered his mouth to her pussy and started to lick the cantaloupe slice, moving it up and down against her clit and just tickling the entrance to her pussy.

"Oh... don't stoppppp!" she moaned. Loki increased his attentions and let his tongue loose on her. He licked honey and fruit off of her while Priapus did the same to her breasts. They each worked their way towards the other, meeting at Nimue's belly button. Priapus moved down to Nimue's pussy and started to eat the cantaloupe along with licking her clit and sucking on her pussy lips to taste the honey. Loki nibbled the star fruit, a cherry or two and then licked her breasts clean of the plum and fig. He kissed her full on the mouth, delivering tastes of fruit and pussy.

"Yummmmm," she moaned as their breaths mixed in her mouth. She reached over and grabbed his cock and a few grapes. She put the grapes in her mouth and then Loki's cock. Nimue rolled the grapes around in her mouth against his cock and let them break and juice all over him. It was Loki's turn to moan.

"Ni-Ni-Nimue..." he finally gasped out. His hips thrust harder against her lips as she took a handful of cherries and crushed them against his ass as she gripped them to steady herself to his thrusts.

Priapus moved between her legs and slowly filled her with his cock. Nimue moaned and arched her hips upwards to meet his thrusts.

The three of them moved together, thrusts becoming more urgent. Cherry juice and bits of cherry ran down Loki's butt. Grape juice ran down the front of his thighs. Nimue's lips moved up and down his cock while Priapus pounded her into the pillows with fruit fed lust. Loki began to come, feeling that he could hold back no more. Nimue felt the hot salty semen fill her mouth as Loki roared his orgasm into being.

"AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as the juices mixed in her mouth, ran down her lips and throat. This galvanized Priapus into urgent thrusts. He reached down and played with Nimue's clit and teased her to orgasm as he too began to pound harder and harder. Nimue let loose of Loki as orgasm overtook her. Loki held her sticky body to him as Priapus came in a roar.

"RRRrrrrrrrrYYYYesssss!" echoed across the garden. Priapus thrust once more and then slowly stopped moving. His hands still playing with her clit as she came to orgasmic wave after wave until her body froze in a massive contortion of pleasure and then collapsed back onto the pillows.

The three of them lay there breathing heavy. Everything smelled of fruit juices and body juices. It was marvelous.

After a bit, Nimue turned to the guys and in a dreamy voice said, "wow.... fruit salad delight!"

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