Lucifer's light shown brighter than ever before.

He'd just been promoted to the Seventh Level Cherubim, and was now second only to the Son. As a reward, he was now free to wander at will through the Known Dimensions, and did so with relish, bringing the Creator all manor of splendid things.

One morning, after a particularly heartfelt Devotional, the choir disembarked to do their daily tasks. Lucifer, wanting to do something more entertaining than sit beside the Son all day, decided it was time to explore another realm.

The clouds parted at Lucifer's feet, revealing a lush, green paradise below. It would have been enough to enrapture a mere mortal, and even the Creator himself was easily amazed by the tiniest of things, but the MorningStar had been to many wonderful places, and had witnessed scenes like the one below a thousand times before. He very nearly turned away in favor of another realm when something caught his eye.

Far below him, in the never ending garden upon the planet that would one day be called Earth, a lone figure walked among the trees. In all his travels, Lucifer had never seen a mortal before, though he had heard the Creator speak of them, and the wonderful plans he had in store for their kind. Something inside of him urged him to turn away, to leave this realm to God and the Son, but Lucifer could not, and instead unfurled his crystalline wings and floated upon the breeze below.

The glowing orb which gave this planet light and warmth caught and reflected upon the pearlized plumes, rainbows of color dancing around him as he descended. The creature gazed up from below, from a face very like his own, and gasped in wonder. Lucifer was already smitten.

He landed softly upon the fragile green plants, being careful not to trod the grass or bruise the flowers, a particular favorite of the Creator. The creature before him took a moment to compose itself, then bowed low upon one knee, looked back up at him, and smiled.

"What are you?" Lucifer's white-blond hair rustled in a small breeze, and his voice bounced and reverberated amongst the trees.

"I am called woman," it replied. "Are you an angel? One of God's messengers?"

"An Angel, yes," he nodded. "I am Lucifer, the MorningStar, second to the Son." He beamed with pride.

"I am called Eve," she replied. She smiled again, and the apples of her cheeks flushed a pretty pink, a high contrast upon her pale skin, seconded only by the rouged nipples upon her milky breasts. Lucifer rarely saw such a thing, most angels were more or less androgynous, and those that weren't, like himself, wore yards and yards of iridescent fabrics, piled and pleated upon their bodies.

His bright, expressive eyes caught her deep brown ones, and she flushed again and looked away.

"Are there more of you?"

"My husband, Adam," Eve replied. "He is working the field, as God taught him to do. My job, as he called it, is to be fruitful and multiply, but that has become difficult, as Adam is in the field often."

Lucifer found himself drawn to Eve, to her curving, rounded body, her flowing, chestnut colored hair, her bee-stung lips. He wanted to spend time with her, to be one with her. It was a feeling he'd never known before, yet in his heart of hearts, he knew it to be wrong.

"I have to leave you, Eve," he reluctantly told her. "To go back to the Father, and report to Him what a wonderful place that is here."

"What shall I do?" she asked him. "Adam will not lay with me, are you not a messenger? Have you no hope for me?"

Lucifer's heart felt like lead within his chest, and he was torn as to what to do.

"Do not fret," he finally told her. And, against his better judgment, "I will be back with word from the Father."

Eve smiled, and watched as Lucifer spread his wings, ascending back up towards the Heavens, feeling much better than she had before.

When Lucifer returned to the throne of God, he bowed low at his feet.

"My Father, Creator, I have visited another place today."

"Oh?" God's voice resounded in his head. The Creator only spoke telepathically, so all conversations with him were personal, intimate, and confidential. "And what things have you seen?"

"Tall, fruitful plants, and a very blue sky. Many flowers that would please you. And a creature who called itself woman, and gave it's name as Eve."

"Ah, you have been to earth, then." The Creator grinned. "I am rather happy about that one."

"The woman, though, is not happy," Lucifer added.

"Another one? I thought we had this all straightened out after Lilith departed." God scratched his chin thoughtfully. "What is the matter this time?"

"She said she knows her job to be fruitful, but Adam is spending many hours away in the field. She cannot lay with him is he is not there."

"Is that all?" God chuckled. "I will send the Metatron to teach her patience. All things shall come in time."

Lucifer bowed and started to turn away. But the girl's face danced in his mind's eye. He turned back.

"Could I do it, Lord?"

"That is not your title, Helel. You are to serve and worship, it is for the Metatron to deliver my will to the mortals."

"Of course, My Lord." Lucifer bowed again, and took his place upon his throne, seated next to the much larger one of the Son, which in turn was overshadowed by the Father.

The Metatron was called forth, and Lucifer watched as he removed a quill feather from him wing, and hastily scratched something upon a cream colored scroll, rolling it back up and tucking it safely within his robes. The to-do-list. Lucifer couldn't help but notice the task was a bit farther from the top than it could have been, and that was all the prompt he needed.

Standing again from the throne, Lucifer strolled back to where he'd descended before. The Creator was busy conversing with one of the many choirs, and the Son was, as usual, planning out the life he was preparing to live upon the newly minted Earth. Now was his chance.

The fluff parted, revealing the Eden below, just as before, only the sun was setting now, casting an orange glow upon everything. It somehow made it seem even more magical. He drifted down and flew above the treetops, scanning the expansive garden for the object of his affection.

Eve was sitting in a small clearing, rolling out dough and humming to herself, a pretty tune that Lucifer would remember for the rest of his days. He stood behind a tree and listened for a while, watching as her skin glistened with perspiration as she worked, the firelight reflected upon her perfect form. He was about to go to her when he saw another mortal come into the clearing, a dark haired mortal much resembling the image of the Creator himself. He knew it to be Adam, Eve's husband.

She smiled at him, and stopped her working, kissing him upon the cheek in greeting. Adam turned his back to Lucifer, and said something to Eve that he could not hear. She pouted a moment, then returned to her kneading. He took a few small loaves of her freshly made bread, then left again.

A single tear slid down her fair cheek when Lucifer emerged from the shadow.

"What is wrong, Eve?"

She started at his sudden appearance, then wiped at her cheek with a flour-covered hand, leaving a smudge.

"Adam will not lay with me tonight, he is in the pasture tending to the flock. One of the ewes are birthing."

Lucifer did not know what a birthing ewe was, but he clearly knew an opportunity when one was presented to him.

"Pretty Eve, don't cry," he said, gently bringing his hand to her face and wiping away the tear-dampened flour. "I can stay with you."

"But, is that not wrong? "

"I do not know. The Lord God told me His message to you was that all good things shall come in time. Perhaps I am your good thing," he stepped in a little closer, his hand still upon her cheek.

Eve sniffled, still hesitant. It only made him yearn for her more.

"Let me be with you," he pleaded. "I am so much more, can give you more than you have ever dreamed. There is so much more to life than fields and work, I can truly love you like no one else can."

He'd stepped so close now their bodies were nearly touching, and as he took that last little step, and her flesh met his, they both inhaled in wonder. She was warm, and soft, and naked, and he wanted nothing more to explore every inch of her. His hand went from her cheek to her chin, bringing her head up so their eyes could meet. He seemed to get lost in her gaze, until finally her eyes closed, and those plump lips met his.

Lucifer's head spun, dizzy with emotion as Eve slid the silky fabric from his shoulders. He could feel the warmth of her skin and the fire beyond upon his flesh, the cool night breeze tickling his hair upon his shoulders. She twined her hands within it, and he brought both his to her face, holding on for dear life as their kisses grew deeper by the second. His sex, that which determined him to be a man, stood rigid and throbbing against her soft belly, though she paid it no notice.

His hand wandered to her breast, cupping it and rubbing its pebbled nipple between his fingers. She gasped against his mouth, and he knew it to be pleasurable for her. Her hips rubbed up against his, and he could feel her like fire below.

He pushed against herm wanting to be as close as he could get, until finally she backed against a tree, her body melding with his. Her soft body yielded to his firm one, and he desired nothing more to be within it. She wrapped her arms around his neck as Lucifer began to kiss upon the helix of her ear, enjoying the bumps and tremble it brought to her skin. She protruded her hip to rub against his, and he lifted her deftly by her bottom, urging her to wrap her legs around him. His erection was centimeters from entering her glistening depths, and he shivered in anticipation.

"Lucifer," she breathed. "I must be below you, it is how it is done."

"You will never be below me, love," he held her close and his voice was thick with desire. "I will take you as my equal. I would do anything for you, but I will not have you subservient to me."

"But that is the way it is supposed to be," she argued.

"Not for us, Love. Not now that you are mine."

Before she could argue further, Lucifer thrust himself deep within her, and her body went rigid against him. Pleasure the likes of which he'd never felt before radiated all the way down to his toes. As she relaxed, he withdrew, only to impale her again and again, her cries of passion becoming louder with every thrust.

Her insides pulsed and squeezed around him, sending him into a rage of ecstasy. He grunted and moaned, panted into her neck, as Eve cried out her pleasures to the night. Finally, when they could take no more, Lucifer's hot seed erupted forth, and Eve shuddered and convulsed in his arms. His knees buckled and legs gave way, and they sank slowly to the forest floor, Lucifer still held tight within her.

"I love you," he said, kissing her mouth, her cheek, her nose. "I love you."

Eve smiled, slowly regaining her breath. He plucked a ripe, sweet apple from the tree they'd made love under and bit into it, juices running down his chin as he gazed thoughtfully into her eyes. He handed it to her, and she followed suit.

"I would do anything for you, I will rule the earth for you, topple the Heavens." he said around his bite of the crunchy fruit. "I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. All to be with you into eternity."

It was at this moment that Lucifer heard the voice of the Metatron. "Lucifer, Son of the Morning, you are hereby called forth into the court of the Heavens," He did not sound pleased. "To face judgment from the Almighty for such sins you have incurred upon Earth."

"And you," he pointed a finger at Eve, who'd dropped the apple into the dirt in alarm, " shall suffer for your sin as well. Adultery, as well as eating from the Tree of Knowledge, both of which are highly forbidden acts. Your life shall be shortened, living only the span of one hundred years. You shall bear a child of this union, and your labor pains will be great, so that you will forever be reminded of the atrocity of this sin. Now, go and be with your husband."

The Creator was not lenient.

The whole of the cherubim were there, to witness him being cast out. God used him as an example. "My most trusted of Angels, wandering off to Earth and defiling My creations there. Being responsible for not one, but two original sins. Eve will suffer the rest of her now short life because of him, and for that, he shall suffer for the rest of eternity, cast into the realm called Hell."

God rubbed his face in the fact that he was so proud to be second only to the Son, and if he wanted to rule a realm, he shall have it, but it will be the anti-Heaven, and he shall never see the glass city again.

With that Lucifer turned his back on God, and waited to be cast out.

From Earth, as Eve joined her husband in the field, she watched a streak of lightning light up the night sky, blazing a trail from the clouds above all the way to the ground below, but thought nothing of it.

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