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Frustrating Ch. 04


So, the bad news was Elijah had the cure and instead of being a good brother and handing it over he was holding it hostage until Rebekah proved herself worthy of it. And the good news was... Elijah had the cure and instead of being a good brother and handing it over he was holding it hostage until Rebekah proved herself worthy of it.

Rebekah detested it when her hypocrite of a brother, or anyone for that matter, criticised and judged her, and the idea of having to prove herself to him or anyone was infuriating. But telling Elijah exactly what she thought of his pompous arse and his absurd test would only result in her losing the cure for good, and Rebekah hated to lose. So she had agreed. She was going to live one day as a human to prove to her overbearing sibling she was 'worthy' and then she would win. She would have the cure. She would be able to take the cure. Which was still what she wanted, honestly, but... it was complicated.

The truth was Rebekah was no longer in any hurry to take the cure. She still wanted the option and hated the idea of someone else taking it and thus robbing her of her chance to be human again, but there was a complication. A complication she couldn't have possibly seen coming. A beautiful complication which was currently walking alongside her and complaining.

"You're going to fail. You should be locking yourself inside all day, not shopping for prom." Elena huffed angrily.

"Name me a more human experience than senior prom?" Rebekah challenged.

Elena thought for a minute and then smirked, "Death."

Trying and failing to hide how annoyed she was at that response Rebekah snapped back, "Why should I listen to you? You don't even have your humanity."

Ignoring her Elena quipped, "You realise you won't be able to even compel yourself a date, right?"

"Yes, and the last time I checked you're living in my house because I'm the only one who can tolerate you, so you don't have to be so rude." Rebekah huffed.

There were precious few people who could get away with talking to Rebekah like that and it was beyond frustrating that Elena Gilbert had somehow become one of them. But here they were, Rebekah trying to hide the fact that her feelings had been hurt with the idea of physically hurting Elena barely even a fleeting thought. Of course the worst part might be exactly why she was so discouraged, and the fact that not only had Elena hit a nerve but the bitch probably knew it, even though she didn't immediately gloat about it.

"Then I want to come with you." Elena suddenly turned to look at her, breaking Rebekah from her thoughts, "Yeah... I'll keep an eye on you to make sure you pass Elijah's test. Soon as you down the cure, it will be gone for good. No one will be able to use it on me."

Elena then turned back to continue walking, Rebekah knowing she should leave the conversation there but she just couldn't help blurt out, "Did... did you just ask me to prom?"

Stopping in her tracks Elena slowly turned around and then with a smile which told Rebekah she knew exactly what she was doing earlier the brunette slowly approached her and asked, "Is that what you want?"

Knowing she had to choose her words carefully Rebekah offered, "It would annoy your friends, amuse my brothers, and most importantly piss off Stefan and Damon, and since you're mad at them I figured you'd be up for it. And you're right, it would be pretty sad to go dateless to the prom. And, well... we have been shagging for over two weeks now, so..."

"Oh my God, you're actually serious." Elena laughed, and then seeing the hurt look on the older vampire who could effortlessly tear her apart she added, "You do remember that having my humanity off means I'm incapable of love, right?"

"Yes, and yet I have lost count of the number of lovers who have used and betrayed me, all the while having their humanity fully intact." Rebekah argued before taking a calming breath, "Look, I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend-"

"But you want me to be." Elena interrupted.

"No, I..." Rebekah unconvincingly started, and then when Elena gave her a look she huffed, "Oh sod it, yes, yes alright, I want you to be my bloody girlfriend. But it's not because I'm under any illusions that you could ever love me. It's because, for reasons I'll never fully understand, you make me happy. So I just want to get as much enjoyment out of this as I can before you get your humanity back and run screaming back to your precious Salvatores."

That, finally, hit a nerve, Elena practically growling, "I am not getting my humanity back."

Rebekah smiled, "I've heard that before, from many, many vampires much worse than you, but in the end they always turn their humanity back on. Or it's forced upon them. Or they die."

"Then I'll die." Elena huffed.

"Maybe. Maybe your darling boys will save you from me, just like they promised. Or maybe you'll just get bored and leave. Point is I know this is going to end, probably sooner rather than later, so why don't we enjoy it while it lasts?" Rebekah questioned, pausing briefly to let that sink in before adding, "Look, I know you're using me. I know the second it suits you you'll betray me. I know you don't give a damn about me, and I'd be insulted if you started pretending you did. I know exactly what I'm getting with you, which is more than most of my relationships. And... I know it's beyond sad, and I hate myself for it, but I don't want to compel myself a date. I... I want to go to prom with you."

As she trailed off Rebekah lowered her head slightly and looked down, which created quite the sight for Elena. The only female Original vampire was clearly annoyed as usual, but she was also embarrassed, and nervous, and even vulnerable. In fact Elena didn't think she'd ever seen Rebekah more vulnerable, not even when she was daggered.

The temptation to mock her was almost overwhelming, but there was a fine line between playful banter and breaking the super strong monster's sensitive little heart. Besides, even if such mockery didn't result in immediate violence Rebekah was an ally Elena couldn't afford to lose right now, so she should at least let the other girl down gently. Then again the more Elena actually thought about it the more beneficial it seemed to indulge Rebekah's pitiful desires.

In fact, it didn't make much sense not too. After all Elena was mad at Damon and wanted to punish him. And this, this would be even worse than finding her in a threesome with Rebekah and Katherine, Elena struggling not to smile as she imagined the look on his face. It was just a pity they were more or less officially broken up now or it would have hurt him even worse.

Meanwhile Rebekah might be easier to manipulate if they were in a relationship, and if she rejected the Original it could very easily end badly for her, no matter how nicely she tried to sugar coat the rejection. And, well, it wasn't like she was the old Elena who was hesitant to even admit her attraction to other women, the idea of dating one never crossing her mind without her blushing like a fool.

So, after thinking about it long and hard, Elena gave a little smile and playfully queried, "Now it sounds like you're asking me out."

Unsure what to make of this Rebekah held her ground, "I am."

Deliberately looking thoughtful for a moment Elena then asked, "Hypothetically, if and when whatever it is that's going on between us ends, would you seek retribution?"

"No. I would never hurt you... not again." Rebekah promised, then because she knew how it sounded followed up by sincerely adding, "You have my word that, if and when we part ways, I will not do anything to harm you or anyone you care about."

Elena raised an eyebrow and then enquired, "Would you help me keep my humanity off?"

"Of course. Whatever it takes." Rebekah answered without hesitation.

Deliberately getting so close to Rebekah she was almost pressed up against her in the middle of the crowded street Elena asked, "Would you buy me things?"

Noticing the playful tone in Elena's voice Rebekah's heart skipped a beat and she smiled, "I would acquire whatever you want. Take you anywhere you want. Help you do whatever you want."

Elena smirked and pressed herself against the other girl, "Would you let me butt fuck you again?"

"Don't push it." Rebekah smiled, wrapping her arms around Elena.

Smiling back Elena welcomed the embrace and then after a pause murmured, "Ok."

"Ok?" Rebekah repeated, trying and failing not to sound too excited.

"Ok, as long as you remember I'll never love you, I'll be your girlfriend and go to prom with you." Elena said before kissing Rebekah right there in the middle of the street. They stayed like that for a few long minutes, their lips just gently caressing each other the entire time, then Elena broke the kiss, disentangled herself from her new girlfriend and turned to walk away while casually adding, "Besides, you're right... it will drive Damon and Stefan crazy."

Rebekah blinked a few times and then hurried after her girlfriend, the blonde quickly forcing the happy smile off of her face so as not to push her good fortune. Still there was a noticeable spring to her step, Rebekah unable to hide how embarrassingly happy she was feeling at having Elena freaking Gilbert as her girlfriend. The thought echoed in her mind as she and the girl she hated not that long ago traveled from store to store looking for the perfect dress for the occasion, until perhaps inevitably in a town like Mystic Falls they came face to face with people they knew.

Not that Rebekah knew them that well as they were friends of friends, or more accurately ex-friends of her girlfriend, namely Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes. The former was a pretty powerful witch and would be somewhat a threat if things went bad, the latter was a newbie vampire who was no threat whatsoever but killing her would upset her least favourite brother and probably result in her being daggered again, or worse, so Rebekah wasn't particularly in the mood to antagonise either one. Elena on the other hand...

"Hey Bonnie, heard you got your mind wiped, that sucks." Elena said more than somewhat dismissively as her eyes locked onto what Caroline was wearing, "Pretty dress Caroline."

"I know, you helped me pick it out months ago, when we were friends... before you tried to kill me." Caroline said bitterly.

Unfazed Elena casually said, "I thought it looked familiar."

Turning to the store manager Caroline called out, "Can you press this for me? I'll pick it up later."

Caroline then turned to Elena, glared at her and huffed, "Bonnie."

With that Caroline turned and headed towards the changing rooms, Bonnie only briefly hesitating before following behind her.

Well, that could have gone worse, Rebekah thought as she watched the other two girls disappear from sight.

"You know, I've always wanted to have sex in a changing room." Elena said casually before heading in the same direction as her former friends.

Of course, Rebekah thought, rolling her eyes as she followed Elena.

This was what she got for falling for another unsuitable candidate. Although truth be told Elena's numerous/obvious flaws was one of the many things Rebekah had very quickly grown to like about the dangerous younger vampire, the blonde even smiling a little when the brunette grabbed the first dress that came within reaching distance on her way to the changing rooms so she would have a plausible excuse. She didn't even bother checking it was in her size, not that it was good enough for the other girl. In fact it would looked downright unflattering on her, but then Rebekah was sure she knew that. Or at least she hoped she did.

Regardless Rebekah did spend a few seconds selecting something which wasn't entirely terrible, and in her size thank you very much, before following Elena who seemed to be busy compelling her way through the staff. By the time she had seemingly got to all of them Rebekah had reached the line for the changing rooms, Elena smiling warmly before grabbing her hand and pulling her forwards next to the room where Caroline was currently changing out of her dress while bitching to Bonnie about Elena, something Rebekah could have heard even without supernatural hearing.

Once they were inside the tiny room which was barely big enough for one Elena tossed the dress aside, pushed Rebekah up against the wall and kissed her. And not the gentle kind she used to give her previous boyfriends in public, no, this was Elena forcefully pushing her tongue into Rebekah's mouth and starting the kind of kiss which had previously only ended with multiple orgasms for them both.

Elena certainly hadn't been lying about always wanting to have sex with someone in a changing room, but it was one of those deep, dark fantasies she had never imagined herself actually doing. Part of her used to wish Katherine would 'force' her too, perhaps even when Caroline was nearby like she was now, but her doppelgänger had preferred to fuck Elena in her own bed. Or her bathroom. Or any other room in her own house, or somewhere on the Salvatores property, but sadly never in a changing room.

The old version of her could have never asked for this, not even from Katherine who probably would have been happy to oblige, but now here she was pushing Rebekah Mikaelson firmly against the flimsy wall of the tiny room and shoving her tongue down the other girl's throat in this very public place. What made it even sweeter was that the little curtain meant to maintain their modesty was still wide open, Elena smiling wickedly into the kiss as her super hearing let her pick up the reaction of every girl who walked past. Some let out scandalised gasps but most either didn't notice or merely silently judged her and Rebekah for acting like such sluts.

Well they hadn't seen anything yet, Elena thought to herself as she roughly grinded against Rebekah, the brunette first sticking her thigh in between the blonde's legs so she could better rub the other vampire's most sensitive spot. Then she allowed her fingers to take over, Elena shoving her hand down Rebekah's pants and begining to slide two digits up and down the older girl's pussy lips. Unsurprisingly this made Rebekah first gasp then moan into the kiss but she offered no resistance and her cunt was as welcoming as ever when Elena pushed those two fingers as deep as they could go into the other girl.

It was then they were interrupted by familiar voices exclaiming, "Oh my God!"

Breaking the kiss Elena turned to look at her former best friends and nonchalantly greet them, "Hey Caroline, hey Bonnie."

Rebekah smirked at the dumbfounded expressions on Caroline's and Bonnie's faces and then opened her mouth to say something snarky. However before she got a word out Elena began to fuck her, those wicked fingers beginning to slam in and out of her twat which caused her to close her eyes, tilt her head back and let out a long moan of pleasure.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie asked in disbelief.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Elena smirked.

"Do you have no shame?" Caroline said in disbelief, appalled by her ex-friend's behaviour.

"What, I'm just thanking Rebekah for all she's done for me lately. Unlike some people she has actually been considerate of what I want." Elena quipped, curling her fingers inside of her ally to hit Rebekah's G-spot at the end of a few of her sentences as a way of emphasising her point, "In fact, Rebekah is my date to the prom. How about you Caroline? I mean, we've secretly always thought Bonnie would end up going alone, but you... I'm sure you could find someone. Hey, how about Klaus? We all know he has a thing for you, so why don't you just go ahead and fuck him already. And who knows, if you're really enthusiastic, or just give him a really good blow job, maybe he'll let Tyler come back. Although you might be happier with Klaus."

If it wasn't for the fact Rebekah was right there Caroline would have slapped the taste out of Elena's mouth. As she was Caroline had to settle for smiling and verbally shooting back, "It seems you're the only one interested in The Originals, which makes sense considering both you and them are psychos. Actually it's perfect. No really, I hope you two are very happy together."

Elena paused to rub Rebekah's clit with her thumb, making them more powerful vampire cry out in pleasure, then gave her retort, "Oh we're pretty happy. Do you know why? It's because we're getting laid. I suggest you compel yourself a date and do the same."

"No thanks, I'm fine with going with Bonnie." Caroline said without thinking.

"That could work." Elena smirked.

"What? Ewww, no." Caroline exclaimed, before quickly turning to her friend, "Bonnie, I didn't mean..."

"It's ok Caroline, I know what you meant." Bonnie said, before turning to Elena, "Look, just... just try and be a little less reckless. This little stunt is putting a lot of people in danger. What if someone had tried to stop you?"

"Not my problem." Elena shrugged.

Sighing Bonnie turned to Caroline, "We need to get everyone out of here for their own safety. You compel everybody to leave and I'll close up the store."

"I'm on it." Caroline said, pausing only to glare at Elena before using her vampire speed to zoom around the modest sized store.

Bonnie then started walking away when Elena called out, "Why don't you join us?"

Turning around and looking at her best friend wide-eyed Bonnie exclaimed, "What?"

"What?" Rebekah also exclaimed weakly, although she was again robbed of her concentration by Elena increasing the pace of the finger fucking.

"I said, why don't you join us?" Elena repeated, "I was serious about you two needing to get laid, and if you're not going to fuck each other I'd be happy to do it. You are my friends after all."

Bonnie didn't like the way Elena said that last part. Not that she liked anything Elena had just said, but... the point was she should be glaring at the other brunette right now, which was exactly what Bonnie made herself do, along with retorting, "Pass."

"Are you sure? I'm really good at making another girl cum." Elena said, using her vampire speed to slam her fingers in and out of Rebekah's cunt so fast that the other girl came almost instantly, "See?"

For some reason Bonnie just stood there and watched Rebekah cum, the Original letting out a high-pitched scream before relaxing and then grinning wickedly, "Mmmmmmm, you should see what she can do with her tongue."

"Or maybe given that look in your eyes you'd rather get down on your knees and lick our pussies." Elena said, pulling her hand out of Rebekah's pants and then brought her cum covered fingers up to her lips, "Not that there's anything wrong with that, especially considering how delicious Rebekah tastes."

Her mouth falling open slightly Bonnie watched as Elena took those wet fingers into her mouth and slowly sucked them with a long drawn-out moan, that perverted image seeming to last forever even though it was probably only a few seconds before Caroline appeared by her side and grumbled, "Let's go Bon."

"Are you sure?" Rebekah queried, figuring she might as well get in on the action, "I know for a fact that Elena would just love to fuck you both, and I'd certainly be up for giving you a good seeing too. Especially you Caroline. I'd really love to bugger you."

Caroline frowned, "Bugger?"

"Butt fuck. She wants to butt fuck you Caroline." Elena delighted in explaining before glancing at Rebekah, "Oh, dibs on her anal cherry. Assuming she still has it, I definitely want to be the one taking it."

For a few long seconds Caroline and Bonnie said nothing, both clearly too repulsed to comment, then what felt like a lifetime later Caroline mumbled, "Ewww, gross."

"Just... just go back to fucking each other." Bonnie said weakly, as a glaring Caroline reached out and pulled the curtain to the room before the two of them headed to the door.

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