tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFrustrating Ch. 06

Frustrating Ch. 06


Rebekah Mikaelson couldn't remember the last time she had been this happy. In fact, she wasn't sure if she had ever been this happy. The reasons for this were numerous, but ironically the most important one was Elena Gilbert.

Specifically the fact that Elena Gilbert was her date to prom, the two of them the centre of attention during this extremely human experience, which in turn made Rebekah feel more human than she had in years. And really, who needed a sodding cure when she had this woman in her arms, both of them dressed to impress and the talk of the entire party.

Of course no matter how hard she tried to block it out Rebekah could hear most of it, and knew there was a lot of catty/homophobic bull-shit, but for every comment she could see just as much jealousy from just about everyone in the room.

Some were jealous of their expensive clothes and/or the attention they were receiving, others secretly wanted to be in Elena's place or hers and some were even envious of their happiness. Rebekah couldn't blame them for that, even though she knew deep down that Elena was playing into it, hanging off of her and whispering into her ear.

Elena was probably looking to shock her friends and all the people who thought they knew her. Boy crazy Elena Gilbert dancing with a girl, sitting with a girl, kissing a girl.

Rebekah particularly enjoyed that last one, although she had to admit, she enjoyed the rest of it. She had always had a flair for the dramatic, her entire family did, but this was quite the little scandal Rebekah had found herself in. It was easily the most fun and the biggest which didn't include bloodshed.

But of course there was someone there to rain on her parade, "She'll never love you, you know that right?"

Turning around Rebekah sighed at the witch in front of her, "What?"

"Elena. Without her humanity she's incapable of it." Bonnie Bennett pointed out, "Of course, if you really cared about her you would compel her to turn her humanity back on. That way she can get over Jeremy-"

"Oh, like you're doing such a good job." Elena interrupted, "Tell me Bonnie, just how many times a day do you visit his grave?"

Bonnie closed her eyes, took a breath and opened them again before she continued like she hadn't been interrupted, "She can grieve properly, like a normal person, then maybe when all this is over she'll choose you."

"Yeah right." Elena laughed, before leaning into Rebekah's ear, "You remember the old Elena, don't you Rebekah? The one that hated you? The one you killed? The one that was so in love with Damon, or Stefan depending on what time of day it was? Do you really think she could ever love you?"

"You know I'm right." Bonnie said softly.

There was a long silence, then Rebekah focused on Bonnie and pointed out, "Since when do you care about me?"

"I don't, but at least I'm not pretending like her." Bonnie said.

"Oh, it's no act. I do like her." Elena smirked.

"But you don't love her." Bonnie pointed out.

Elena shrugged, "Love is fleeting. It makes you weak and stupid. I think Rebekah likes the alternative, don't you baby?"

The two of them just stared at each other for a second, then Rebekah turned back to Bonnie, "Elena has treated me better like this than anyone."

"Wow, that's really sad." Bonnie quipped.

"Do you have a bloody point." Rebekah growled.

Bonnie sighed, and turned to Elena, "Where's Caroline?"

"And the truth comes out." Elena giggled, "See sweetie, the big bad Witch is just trying to tear us apart."

"Well, we'll just have to return the favour then." Rebekah grinned evilly.

"I'm not afraid if you." Bonnie said.

"You should be." Elena practically purred.

Gritting her teeth Bonnie pointed out, "That, is Caroline's dress, she isn't answering my calls, and after earlier I just... what did you bitches do? Where is she?"

Rebekah shrugged, "She's a little tied up at the moment."

"With a butt-plug up her ass." Elena added with a giggle.

Rebekah joined her girlfriend in her laughter as they watched a horrifying looking Bonnie Bennett turned to leaving in a hurry, Elena dragging The Original back out on the dancefloor for more scandalous close quarters dancing which might as well have ended with them fucking each other right there in the middle of prom.

Oh yes, this was going to be quite a night for Rebekah, one which made her indecently happy. And if Bonnie was smart, she'd be just as happy by the end of the night.


Bonnie wasn't sure what to believe. She knew she couldn't trust Rebekah, or sadly Elena at this point, and this could easily be a trap, but if it was there was nothing she could do but walk into it.

Caroline wasn't returning her calls and she tried a locator spell three different times only to get the same results, that her best friend Caroline was trapped in Rebekah's mansion. She couldn't just leave her there to become the plaything of the psychotic vampires. So Bonnie cast one last spell to doublecheck there was only one person in the mansion, then she cautiously made her way inside.

The fact that the front door was unlocked was even more suspicious, but at least Bonnie's magic guided her straight to Caroline, where things were worse than she had suspected. Not only was Caroline gagged, blindfolded and tied to a bed, but she was completely naked, several long seconds ticking by as Bonnie stared in disbelief at her best friend trussed up like a fetish porn star or something.

Then Bonnie became aware of something deep down inside her which terrified her. It also made the witch feel incredibly guilty, so she quickly freed Caroline's wrists and feet with a flick of her hand.

"Caroline, are you ok?" Bonnie asked softly, immediately hating herself for it because she knew the answer to that, and even worse following it up with, "Did they hurt you?"

Obviously Caroline wasn't ok, and of course those evil bitches had abused her. If it wasn't for vampire healing Bonnie would have probably seen marks covering the blonde's beautiful body, and the air definitely smelt of sex, Bonnie's stomach churning and yet somehow fluttering at the thought of her best friend being forced into lesbian sex by their former best friend and a 1000 year old vampire.

It only got worse when Caroline removed her gag and blindfold, took one look at Bonnie and burst into tears, the witch scurrying over to the young vampire and cradling her in her arms.

"I'm so sorry sweetie." Bonnie cooed gently, stroking Caroline's hair, "I swear, I'll make them pay. Whatever they did to you, I'll make sure they regret it. But for now, we've got to get out of here, ok?"

"No." Caroline sniffled slightly, before lifting her head so she was face to face with Bonnie, "Not ok."

Bonnie frowned and opened her mouth to ask what Caroline was talking about, but before she could get the words out the other girl grabbed her face and kissed her hard. Her best friend, a girl she couldn't remember not knowing, forcefully pressed her lips against hers and shoved her tongue directly into her mouth, Bonnie so shocked that she just let it happen.

Caroline even pressed her down against the bed sheets and still she did nothing. Worst of all, when she did finally do something, it wasn't push Caroline away. Oh no, she began kissing her back, something which Bonnie told herself was her body simply reacting of its own accord, although she couldn't quite believe it.

What could have been minutes or hours later Caroline broke the lip lock and started kissing the soft, vulnerable flesh of Bonnie's neck, finally prompting the witch to stammer, "Ca, Caroline! What are you doing?"

"Something I've secretly always wanted to do!" Caroline admitted with a grin against Bonnie's neck.

For a few moments Bonnie's mind raced, then she moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm, Caroline stop, ohhhhhhhhhh, you're not yourself. Rebekah, ohhhhhhhh, Rebekah must have compelled you to-"

"No she didn't! I want this! I want you!" Caroline said firmly once she had brought her face level with Bonnie's again, the blonde using her super speed to do that in the blink of an eye, and then again to slide her hand up the brunette's dress to rest against her panties, then Caroline grinned, "And I see I'm not the only one."

Blushing furiously Bonnie averted her gaze, "We... we can't. Not here, not now."

"Yes we can." Caroline pushed, undressing her friend in a second with her supernatural speed and then laying Bonnie back down so she could get on top of her.

Caroline used that same speed to quickly press a couple of kisses to her friend's chest, up one boob and then take a nipple into her mouth. After switching from licking and sucking on it for about a minute or so Caroline moved to the other nipple, the vampire repeating the process over and over again while to her delight the which seemed speechless.

Then Bonnie opened her mouth again but Caroline beat her to the punch by biting down almost hard enough to break the skin, causing her friend to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

This process repeated a few times, Caroline constantly doing something to distract Bonnie. Mainly it was sucking and biting extra hard on Bonnie's nipples, one time succeeding in breaking the skin and the vampire eagerly lapping at the tiny bit of blood which escaped as a result before force-feeding her friend so the wound would heal itself.

Ultimately though Bonnie found her voice again and started complaining about how they couldn't do this here, that she still wasn't convinced Caroline really wanted to do it, and yet never saying that she didn't want it. That helped a lot, especially considering despite the fact she hadn't been compelled to do this Caroline didn't feel she could stop herself from kissing her way down Bonnie's flat stomach, and not just because her Mistresses had ordered her to do this.

When Caroline settled in between her legs Bonnie whimpered, "Caroline, we can't do this. Think of your boyfriend!"

"He isn't here." Caroline shrugged, "He isn't anywhere near here. And even if he was, I'd rather fuck you."

With that Caroline lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Bonnie's pussy lips, making her best friend moan loudly in pleasure. That moan was like the sweetest music to Caroline's ears, the vampire promising herself it wouldn't be the last time she heard the sound.

And it wasn't, Caroline making Bonnie moan a lot over the next few minutes, each one louder than the last as she settled into a steady pussy licking, her tongue lapping at the treat in front of her as her taste buds were introduced to one of the best tastes ever, namely cunt cream. Oh Caroline would be forever grateful to her Mistresses for introducing her to the joys of cunt cream.

If it was possible Bonnie might have even tasted better than Elena and Rebekah, and Caroline hadn't thought anything could be better than those pussies. Or maybe it was just because, at least in this moment, Bonnie was her conquest.

Oh yes, throughout her 'seduction' Caroline had been very aware that she was being conquered by Rebekah and more importantly Elena, the two other girls making her feel like a total slut. Caroline wondered if that was how Bonnie felt now. She hoped so, as there was nothing in the world quite like it. And she definitely promised herself this wouldn't be the last time she was in between Bonnie's legs.

Bonnie couldn't believe this was actually happening to her. Couldn't believe that one of her best friends was now licking her pussy. One of her female best friends was licking her pussy, and it felt good. So incredibly good, the way her body reacted to the female touch telling Bonnie she wasn't as straight as she had always believed.

And sure, she had the occasional gay thought, but the thousands of magazines that Caroline brought, and she sometimes purchased as a guilty pleasure, told her that was normal and didn't mean anything. Besides, her two best female friends had grown into such beautiful young women it seemed only natural she would be a little attracted to them, just as it felt normal to be a tiny bit drawn to the other hot women surrounding her.

However up until now Bonnie had never seriously considered being with another woman, and she certainly never considered making a move on such a close female friend like Caroline Forbes.

Mostly because it would ruin their friendship, although as long as Bonnie had known her Caroline had been completely boy crazy so naturally she had never thought that she would be into something like this. And now the boy crazy blonde was seducing her! Eating her pussy like a greedy lesbian slut! Oh God, what had Elena done to her?

Elena! Just the thought of her name caused Bonnie to open her eyes wide and whimper. When did she close her eyes? Bonnie wasn't sure, she was probably overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling, which was weird because Caroline was still just gently lapping away at her pussy lips with a determination which none of her previous boyfriends had come close to, and yet these simple licks were making her feel this way?

How was that possible? And how was Bonnie allowing herself to become so distracted when she should be focusing on the person responsible for this, the now evil vampire who had manipulated her best friend into fucking her... and was responsible for the wonderful pleasure she was now receiving.

Bonnie knew she should be putting a stop to this. This was wrong. Lesbianism and experimentation was fine for some girls, but no matter how good it felt it wasn't her. Besides, mentally she was still in a relationship with Jeremy, and she wasn't a slut who had sex with just anyone at a drop of a hat.

Most importantly she couldn't let emotionless Elena win. And yet she just couldn't convince herself to push Caroline away, or to render her helpless with a spell, or anything except lay back and moan, groan, whimper and cry out as Caroline continued licking her cunt with surprising skill.

Caroline still couldn't believe how good pussy tasted. Part of her wondered if Bonnie had enchanted her cunt to taste extra sweet or perhaps even Mistress Rebekah had compelled her to think the witch's pussy tasted like liquid heaven or something like that, because she found the taste more addictive with every single lick.

Whatever the explanation, she was just glad to find herself in between another girl's legs sampling her most precious gift. And this wasn't just any girl, this was her other best friend Bonnie Bennett, and if Caroline played her cards right she could be regularly going down on both her childhood best friend's, eating their little pussies and sexually pleasing them in every way possible.

She had never thought of such a twisted idea before catching her Mistresses together, but now it was all she could think of, Caroline desperately wanting to help Bonnie transition from broken-hearted heterosexual to raving homosexual who got to indulge in wonderful sexual acts with her two best friends. And whoever else Mistress Elena wanted them to fuck.

Oh Mistress Elena, just the thought of her name, and Mistress Rebekah's name, cause Caroline to quiver in delight. She so desperately wanted to please them, to help them put Bonnie in her place and turn her into a sub willing to please the dominant Alpha females that were Elena Gilbert and Rebekah Mikaelson.

In the name of that Caroline forced herself to just gently lick Bonnie's pussy for what felt like a very long time, however the second she pushed her tongue into her friend she lost control completely.

She might have taken the second to enjoy the feeling of Bonnie's cunt quivering around her tongue, then Caroline started hammering her tongue in and out of her best friend, making the other girl writhed beneath her touch and cry out in pure pleasure. After half a dozen thrusts of Caroline's tongue Bonnie even reached down to grab two handfuls of blonde hair and pulled it deeper into her love box, the white girl smiling against the black girl's pussy as she continued frantically tongue fucking it.

Her Mistresses had told Caroline she lacked skill when it came to eating pussy, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. As such maybe it was for the best she started pounding Bonnie's pussy the second she got her tongue inside it.

Truthfully she didn't regret it as it caused Bonnie's honey to become even more plentiful, and it wasn't long before Caroline's mouth was filled with the cum of her other best friend, her eyelids fluttering as she struggled to swallow everything Bonnie had to give her. Oh how she wanted to tongue fuck Bonnie and drink her cum all night long, however that wasn't the plan, and if Caroline didn't follow the plan she wouldn't get rewarded. More to the point it would displease Mistress Elena and Mistress Rebekah, and Caroline couldn't bear the thought of displeasing her Mistresses.

Bonnie was completely overwhelmed by the force of her orgasms. She hadn't even cum more than once during sex before, and these climaxes were more powerful so that when they ganged up on her she thought she would literally explode. Which should have been an absurd thought, but with everything else she'd experienced lately it didn't seem that far-fetched.

Which was scary, but she was happy to meet her maker if it meant she could experience more of this wonderful ecstasy. Unfortunately just as that thought when through her mind Caroline pulled away from her completely and zipped off using her super speed, leaving Bonnie with barely enough time to whimper before she returned.

Instead of returning to what she had been doing Caroline pushed her ass up and slipped something underneath it, Bonnie shock to realise her best friend was attaching a strap-on to her, Caroline even spitting onto her hand and rubbing it into the shaft before finally looking at her, "Trust me."

Bonnie wasn't entirely sure whether that was a statement or a question, but either way Caroline swiftly got on top of her, lined up the dildo with the entrance to her pussy and then pushed herself downwards, the beautiful blonde moaning as her little cunt not only took the head of that large toy but quickly swallowed the rest of it until Caroline was sitting on her lap with every inch of that fake cock inside her.

She didn't exactly take it with ease, Caroline's face twisting with pain and pleasure as she was no doubt stretched obscenely wide, but that expression melted into one of pure pleasure shortly after Caroline took the entire length inside her and then started bouncing up and down on Bonnie's strap-on.

Her strap-on? Technically it wasn't hers, Bonnie had no idea where Caroline had even retrieve this object from, however she didn't think it was a coincidence that the dildo perfectly matched her dark skin tone, the attention to detail on the toy almost making it look like Bonnie had grown a real penis. Was that possible? Could she do a spell and temporally turn her cunt into a cock and know what it was really like to be inside another girl? And why was she thinking such things?

She was straight, and in love with a man she was determined to get back, and... God there was such an obscene beauty to watching Caroline's pale little body against her, bouncing on top of her, that white pussy taking every inch of her black cock, Bonnie honestly not knowing whether she should look at the happy look on Caroline's face, her stretched cunt or her little white titties bouncing up and down with each thrust.

Bonnie was captivated for a few long moments, then she heard a horribly familiar voice. Specifically, Elena's voice, "See Rebekah, I knew our little slut could do it."

Slowly following her girlfriend into the room Rebekah huffed, "Well, they're not my friends. But I have to admit, I'm surprised Bonnie turned out to be so easy. And that Caroline didn't fuck up."

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