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Frustrating Ch. 10


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Elena Gilbert was excited. The past year felt more like an eternity, but she had never been happier than she was right now.

She was living in a luxurious apartment with her girlfriend, who she had pressured into using some of the vast fortune she'd squirrelled a way to pay for it instead of just compelling the right people like most vampires did, and while it wasn't as spacious as the mansion in Mystic Falls, or one of the many others Rebekah had taken her to over their summer of travelling, altogether it was fairly close to the campus of the College they were now frequenting.

They'd needed compulsion for that, but only because they were so busy fighting the latest supernatural threat that getting passing grades became secondary.

Of course that couldn't continue to be the case of Elena got serious about wanting to be a doctor, but Rebekah had promised she would do everything in her power to ensure that Elena got the education she wanted.

After all, Rebekah was only there because she got bored very easily without Elena around to keep her company, and although she had developed a better relationship with Bonnie and Caroline they still weren't exactly friends.

Fortunately for everybody getting the love she craved mellowed Rebekah to the point where she was happy to watch Netflix and waiting for her girlfriend come home whenever Elena wasn't available. Sometimes she even went to her own classes.

Bonnie and Caroline were much more serious about college, especially Caroline who dragged them all to terrible parties in the name of getting the full college experience. Which, as she reminded them, included hooking up with a girl, only for them wasn't experimentation.

There was even talk of engagement, although Bonnie had made it very clear that they were too young and she wanted to enjoy just being girlfriends for a while, and doing fun things like having sex with Elena and Rebekah as well as her beloved roommate.

Elena had tactfully told Rebekah the same thing, who openly confessed she would marry Elena tomorrow if she thought that they were BOTH ready, and even though Rebekah wanted that she wasn't foolish enough to believe Elena was truly ready for it and didn't want to pressure her into anything. It was a confession which made Elena fall even more in love with her.

Not everything was sunshine and roses. Klaus, along with Elijah, had left for New Orleans, but his place was quickly taken and it felt like nearly every week there was a new threat, which wasn't easy to deal with now it was just the four of them.

Matt saw her as part of the problem, Taylor was MIA, and Damon had left town half once Elena made it clear that she didn't want to be with him any more a, and Stefan had shortly followed to make sure his brother didn't cause too much havoc.

Elena missed them every day, and often wondered what they were up to, which was understandable source of friction between her and Rebekah, although she only distracted her with sex.

Overall things were good, and Elena was very excited about tonight, as if it all went well they would do something she'd been wanting for felt like years now.

Seeing that Rebekah was understandably nervous Elena came up behind her, making sure to make enough noise that the Original would know she was there, and then wrapped her arms around her, the much stronger girl relaxing back into her arms as she whispered into her ear, "It's not too late to back out you know?"

"No." Rebekah said firmly, turning around in Elena's arms, "It's our one year anniversary. I want to do something special for you, and I will not allow nerves to prevent me from doing it."

"But-" Elena began.

"But nothing." Rebekah said firmly, "I love you Elena Gilbert, with all my heart, but this isn't about just pleasing you anymore. Honestly it never was. Well, mostly it was, but... I want to do this. I enjoy submitting to you, and it's definitely my turn to go in the middle. I even think it will be fun. But most of all, I just want to satisfy my own stubborn pride, okay?"

"Okay." Elena laughed softly, before smiling fondly and leaning in, "I love you too. BT-DUBS."

"I know." Rebekah said smugly before closing the distance between them.

Rebekah's favourite thing in the world might just be kissing Elena Gilbert, especially when it was slow and gentle like this, the two of them acting like they had all the time in the world. Which, if they played their cards right might be true.

After all, Elena hadn't seemed to age much since her 18th birthday, and none of the doppelgängers got a chance to live to a ripe old age, so maybe Elena wouldn't get any older.

And if she did, Rebekah would find a way to stop it, whether that meant turning the other girl back into a vampire or using some kind of spell, because for Rebekah even forever simply wasn't enough time to be with Elena Gilbert. It was barely enough time to kiss her. Or the other fun things they did together.

Speaking, or thinking, of which Rebekah did eventually break the kiss when she heard the doorbell, grinning at her girlfriend and telling her, "I'll get it."

In a flash Rebekah was downstairs and welcoming Bonnie and Caroline into her home with a genuinely friendly smile, which was yet another thing she could have never imagined just over a year ago. And she certainly couldn't imagine, after a little small talk, she would leave them up to the bedroom she shared with Elena so they could gang bang her.

To Rebekah's delight when she got to that bedroom she was greeted by the sight of a naked doppelgänger, Elena thankfully not in the mood to tease her with long boring small talk before they got to the reason they were all here today.

"Hey Caroline, hey Bonnie." Elena nonchalantly greeted without taking her eyes away from Rebekah, then waiting until after her friends returned the greeting before she told her girlfriend, "Rebekah, do a little striptease for us, then get down on your knees in front of me. I'm your girlfriend, and I think it's only right I get the first turn with your hot little mouth."

There was thankfully no objections from Bonnie or Caroline, and certainly none from Rebekah, who was only too happy to strip for the other women. She even went slower than usual, really putting the teas into striptease, wanting to remind Elena she could be patient if she wanted to be, and more importantly to rile up the other women, especially her beloved girlfriend.

From the breathing around her, and the way Elena was looking at her, she succeeded. Of course Rebekah had only eyes for Elena, who she smirked at while approaching her, kneeling down in front of her and then leaning forward to lick her pussy.

"Ah, ah, ah, did I tell you to eat my pussy?" Elena scolded, "I don't think so. Mmmmm, you're going to have to earn that privilege. And you can start by kissing my feet. Oh yeah, I want the big bad original vampire Rebekah Mikaelson to grovel at my feet."

For a moment Rebekah glared up at Elena, then grinned and lowered her head down even further. This was something they'd done before, many times in fact, and although Rebekah was disappointed not to get to taste Elena's pussy right away it was thrilling to submit to her so totally by literally kissing her feet.

Although Elena was the only one she would do this for, which was something she had made very clear to the two girls who were now watching, which made this an intimate act between the two girlfriends, which made Rebekah love it even more. She loved it so much that she even tried to do a good job, covering each footing kisses and even sucking the toes, if Elena gave her the chance.

Elena definitely wouldn't be this time. No, her pussy was aching for attention too much for that, and had been throughout the day as she anticipated this very special occasion.

However she made sure to at least give Rebekah the chance to worship her feet so she could enjoy the look on the faces of her two best friends. Especially the look on Bonnie's face.

Elena knew that Bonnie loved Caroline, as she had witnessed many confessions of love between the two over the last year, but she also knew that even if she wouldn't admit it Bonnie was jealous of her for having power over such a powerful individual.

Because sure, Caroline was powerful too, but not on the same level as Rebekah, or even Bonnie, which was honestly beyond intoxicating for the doppelgänger.

Although as thrilling as it was it wasn't long before Elena said, "Okay, that's good enough. Now slowly kiss your way up my leg and start licking my pussy like the good little cunt lapper you are."

With a wicked smile Rebekah did as she was told, and even if she was perhaps a touch slower than Elena would have liked the doppelgänger didn't complain as it only added to the wonderful anticipation.

More importantly it wasn't actually that long before Rebekah reached her destination and with another wicked smile stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it from the bottom of Elena's pussy all the way up to the top, making sure to linger on her clit before repeating the process.

This unsurprisingly caused Elena to gasp with delight, grab onto the hair of her lover and started giving her some of the verbal encouragement that they both so enjoyed.

"Yessssss, lick me just like that, mmmmmmm, oh Rebekah." Elena moaned happily, "Yes that's it, oooooooh, tease me a little more, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, there's no rush. There's no rush, because you're going to be on your knees eating pussy from now until the rest of us feel like strap-on fucking your sweet little fuck holes. Mmmmmm, or maybe we'll leave you eating pussy all night long. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Yeahhhhhh, you'd love to spend the entire night on your knees munching cunt like the little pussy slut you are. Especially if it's my pussy. Oh yes, Rebekah Mikaelson is a total slut for my pussy. Mmmmmm, everyone knows she just can't get enough. Yeeeeeessssss, but if she wants to keep eating it and she's going to have to eat my friends out too. Oh yeah, what are you guys waiting for? Strip off your clothes and show me those pretty little bodies so you can feed my girlfriend your pussies."

With that encouragement Bonnie and Caroline woke up from their lust filled daze, blinking a few times before beginning to slowly strip. Elena was very glad they did it slowly, because she very much enjoyed watching their bodies being slowly revealed to her.

Especially as they sparked such wonderful memories of being the focus of attention, on her knees and worshipping both their cunts, and Rebekah's of course, one by one until they teamed up on her and made her air tight. Just like they would do to her wonderful Rebekah tonight, Elena's focus inevitably drifting back to the girl who was eating her out.

It was pretty clear from the look in her eyes Rebekah wasn't impressed with Elena's attention being temporarily elsewhere, although she allowed it which was really a sign of growth for her.

Of course when Elena gave her full attention to her again she rewarded her by spending about 10 glorious seconds concentrating on her clit before going back to ignoring it.

Which was okay, because as Elena said she was in no hurry to cum and wanted to enjoy having The Rebekah Mikaelson on her knees in front of her and licking her pussy like a good little lesbian slut. Elena's lesbian slut.

Yes, 'innocent' little Elena Gilbert had her very own lesbian slut, albeit one tonight she was sharing with her best friends, who both looked like they were eager for a turn with her girlfriend's tongue.

So with a wicked smirk Elena asked, "So, who wants a turn with our little cunt licker for the night?"

For a moment Elena's two friends looked at each other, then Bonnie spoke up, "Both of us, but I'll go first."

"Okay." Elena smiled, and then looked down at her girl and told her, "Rebekah, crawl over to Bonnie and eat her pussy."

"Yes Mistress." Rebekah replied cheekily, before doing as she was told.

Bonnie had enjoyed the show so far, but she had been looking forward to this next part all day. It wouldn't be the first time that Rebekah went down on her, as they did occasionally forget about who was a top and who was a bottom and just spend the night going down on each other, normally ending with a daisy chain.

Of course even on those rare occasions Rebekah concentrated on Elena's pussy, totally hogging it while expecting others to worship her. She also had a tendency to pin one of the others down and sit on their face without returning the favour, or just finger the other. So this would be a rare treat indeed.

When she was kneeling in between her legs Rebekah quickly made it clear that just because she didn't eat pussy very often it didn't mean she didn't know how to do it.

Although Bonnie couldn't help but wonder if she had been practising on the lead up to this night, because she was much better than she remembered.

Although the last time this had happened Bonnie's face had been buried in Elena's cunt, so she had understandably been a bit distracted. Now she was standing proudly in front of the Original vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson submissively kneeling before her and licking her pussy.

Bonnie even reached out and stroked her hair, which enhanced her feeling of power. But not as much as providing a little commentary of her own.

"Mmmmmm, that's it you little dyke, lick me." Bonnie moaned happily, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, lick my pussy! Lick it just like you lick Elena's every single night, you little slut. Yessssssss, good girl. There's no rush, is there? No, mmmmmmm, we've got all night for you to dyke out on our cunts like the little pussy slut you are. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, the mighty Rebekah Mikaelson, on her knees and eating my cunt like a shameless little rug munching slut, oooooooohhhhhhhhh, and in a moment she is going to do the same to my girlfriend. Oh yes, you're going to submissively worship my total bottom of a girlfriend, Caroline Forbes, a girl we've all ass fucked and dominated 1000 times. Yeahhhhhh, you're about to submit to the most submissive member of our little group Rebekah, and I can just tell your both going to love it."

Even though she didn't like talking dirty quite as much as Elena and especially not Rebekah it was totally worth it to see the look on Caroline's face.

Bonnie knew her girl was really looking forward with this, and Caroline didn't have a hot blonde she could practice on. Sure, Bonnie had insisted Caroline practice on her, but it just wasn't the same.

Their bodies were just too different, whereas Bonnie could easily get lost in that particular fantasy when Caroline had her face buried in her pussy, or she was sitting on her face, or fucking her from behind. Not that it was a fantasy she indulged in often, but it had help for the build-up to this.

That and the fact that she was a natural bottom while Rebekah was a natural top was clearly making Caroline super nervous, so Bonnie beckoned her over to try and calm those nerves in the best way possible.

Which was of course to take Caroline in her arms and gently kiss her, which seemed to work pretty well given that her girlfriend relaxed into her arms and let Bonnie have her way with her. Just like the other hot blonde kneeling before her.

Oh yes, Bonnie Bennett was having her way with two gorgeous blonde white girls, Bonnie almost wishing she could see through Elena's eyes right now as it had to be quite a sight.

Well, she could probably do that, but casting that kind of spell would take a great amount of concentration, and she would much rather just focus on the two beautiful blonde white women who were pleasing her.

Caroline very much appreciated the kiss and did her very best to please Bonnie by first massaging her lips and tongue with her own, and then after a few minutes reaching up with one hand to cup one of her girlfriend's tits.

As that got a positive response out of her top Caroline began lazily massaging that breast, eventually bringing up her other hand so she could work on the other breast too, while happily kissing Bonnie.

Well mostly. She was a little distracted by jealousy that she wasn't the hot blonde between Bonnie's legs, and nervousness about what would happen next. Luckily Caroline had the best girlfriend ever, who could still tell she was nervous when she broke the kiss and decided to help her.

"Are you ready for your turn baby?" Bonnie asked cautiously.

"I guess." Caroline replied hesitantly.

"There's nothing to worry about. I'll be here the entire time." Bonnie promised, before turning to Rebekah, "Hey slut, stop eating me and get in between Caroline's legs. Mmmmmm yeah, it's time for you to eat out my submissive little bitch."

Reluctantly Rebekah pulled back and glared up at Bonnie for a few long seconds. Then she glared at Caroline, the younger blonde struggling to remain strong for the few seconds that lasted.

Then Rebekah turned her attention to Caroline's cunt, slowly leaning in and beginning to lick her pussy. Which naturally made Caroline moan softly in pleasure. In fact it felt so good that Caroline closed her eyes and spent a few long seconds just concentrating on the sensation.

Then she remembered who exactly was doing this to her, and despite her best efforts Caroline just couldn't resist nervously squinting her eyes open so she could look down at the breath-taking sight of the infamous Rebekah Mikaelson in between her legs.

Honestly Caroline couldn't believe this was really happening. And Rebekah wasn't glaring up at her while doing it. Or biting her. Well, Caroline enjoyed a certain amount of biting.

She was a vampire after all, and could remember having several intense orgasms while being fingered or strap-on fucked by one or both of her vampire lovers.

Bonnie gently kissing her neck was a nice call back to that, although what Caroline really enjoyed was having her dominant girlfriend hold her or she took the dominant position with arguably the most powerful amongst them.

Also the most dominant, even if Elena seemed to have her around her little finger. Speaking, or thinking as the case may be, of fingers Rebekah pushed a couple into Caroline, although she only got to fuck her for a few seconds before she was told to stop.

"No baby, fuck her with your mouth." Elena gently scolded, "Mmmmmm yeah, we both know you can make someone cum just with your hot little mouth and talented little tongue, so do it."

"Yeah Rebekah, no cheating." Bonnie chimed in, "You know the drill, mouth and tongue only. So get back to it slut. Oh yeah, prove to all of us what a good little rug muncher you are, by licking us til we cum, or you'll be punished. Yes, that's it, lick her clit. Harder. Harder! HARDER YOU BITCH! Mmmmmm, good. Now... my turn again. Get to it slut!"

She had been close, so close to cumming simply from the intensity of actually having Rebekah Mikaelson kneeling before her and intensely licking her clit, and the only thing which could have made it better was if the older blonde had pushed her fingers inside of her again, because Caroline really, really hadn't minded that.

Of course then she was denied, but Caroline was used to that, and watching Rebekah being pulled back and forth between the pussies of Bonnie, Elena and herself was almost just as good.

With a little encouragement from her childhood friends Caroline even grabbed onto Rebekah's hair and shoved her face into her pussy, and kept it there, which made this all the more thrilling.

Rebekah was rather annoyed that Caroline was being so bold. She would deny it to anyone who wasn't herself, and possibly Elena, but having someone so submissive dominating her turned Rebekah on more than she was comfortable with, perhaps proving once and for all she did indeed have a submissive side even better than all those times she had cum ridiculously hard while Elena fucked her up the arse.

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