tagErotic CouplingsFrustration in Motion

Frustration in Motion


Cloud was frustrated. She loved sex, and hadn't had any for weeks. Frustration

Her flatmates had all fallen into serious relationships of late and she found herself strangely alone for the first time since she had moved out of home. More and more she turned to the internet and chatrooms for the human contact she couldn't find in the big city she still wasn't accustomed too. She was masturbating regularly and the people chatting on her pic thread were feeding her desire but it only took the edge off things, it wasn't enough. Everywhere she looked there seemed to be something provocative and it was driving her to distraction.

"Bing Bong" The sound of the lift opening as somebody left for the afternoon dragged her back to reality. She was sitting behind the reception desk at work reading the comments the guys and girls on literotica had left on her thread that day. A quick look at the clock showed 5.25pm "nearly time to go home" she sighed as she scanned down the page, knowing fully it was only causing her to be more frustrated than ever.

"Well there's only one way this is going to get better," she said to herself as she turned the computer off before wandering off to the bathrooms, deliberately swinging her hips. She wore her brown hair down around her shoulders, where it contrasted sharply with her pale skin reminding her she was over due for a spray tan. She stood looking at herself in the mirror, liking what she saw. She reached for her breasts, cupping them, enjoying their small weight and firmness, knowing they looked good. She looked down at her flat tummy, and imagined her pussy snuggled beneath her loose work skirt and feeling the heat and moisture that reminded her how horny she was. She touched up her mascara and was done.

"The lit boys cant be wrong, if they want you. He will want you," she told herself in the mirror, before grabbing her bag and heading for the elevators. Ever since her and the girls had moved into their apartment there had been an added bonus, the guy next door. He was incredibly cute, the kind of guy that was so comfortable and genuine that his personality radiated out of his skin and Cloud had felt an instant connection with his honesty. Although they had been flirting innocently for weeks now she had no idea what she was going to do when she got there. All she knew was that she needed him. Now.

Exiting the office building she began walking down the street to her home, the bus stop was right there but it was only a couple of blocks. The walking felt good, a little too good. The fresh autumn air had cooled down her flushed cheeks but her pussy enjoyed the bouncy way her tall heels made her walk and her g string was riding up to the point it was rubbing her clit with each step. It didn't take long to reach her corner but with her body on fire it felt like an eternity.

He was always home before her, the girls speculated he was a builder but personally Cloud didn't think he was buffed enough for that particular occupation. Her pussy already wet with anticipation, she looked for his car in the parking lot as she entered the stairs from the back door. His ute was easy to pick out amongst the smaller city cars and her heart skipped a beat as she put together her plan of seduction. As if she could call it a plan.

"Hi babe," he greeted her, when she knocked on his door bending down to gently kiss her cheek.

"How are you going" he began to continue when her small hands grabbed his head and without resistance pulled his mouth to hers for a lingering kiss. She was nervous for a second, wondering if she had gone too fast too quickly but only for a second as his arms circled her.

His arms and that kiss were the final straw for Cloud and with all the strength in her small frame she pushed him back into his apartment. Their lips separated and she looked into his eyes, seeing the same wanton passion she felt reflected in his eyes. Before the door had even been kicked shut behind them, they kissed again - hard, passionate kisses that made clear to both of them what they each wanted, what they needed. He reached down and cupped her ass in his hands, pulling her to him. She pressed her body against his, feeling the ridge of his cock through his jeans pressing into her pussy mound.

Easing apart slightly, she pulled his cock from its denim prison, pumping him urgently as they kissed again. Her small hand felt so small and delicate against his member and in turn it made her feel powerful that she could have such an effect. Pushing him a step back Cloud slipped to her knees, gratefully unzipping his jeans as she took his cock into her mouth. His cock wasn't huge in length, about six inches long, but it was a nice thickness and a great flavour. It was all she could do not to devour his cum then. She licked and tasted him, took him deep into her throat as she made love to him with her mouth, loving the pre cum oozing from him, cradling his heavy balls in her hand.

Long before she was finished he pulled her to her feet, pulling her blouse over her head so that he could fondle her breasts as he kissed her. His large hands easily engulfing her small breasts as he massaged them with his palms. His thumbs rubbing her nipples through her lace bra as their tongues delved deep inside each others mouths.

"Fuck me," she groaned, "Now."

Turning around Cloud leant over his lounge, offering herself to him. He quickly flicked her skirt up over her hips, and pulled the thin, wet material of her panties down her legs. Her pussy was clearly visible as he stood back up, framed by her legs and ass, the soft pink skin already wet with her juices.

Without hesitation he drove into her, forcing his cock deep inside her body, filling her, stretching her just as she wanted. He fucked her hard, with all of the pent up frustration they were feeling. Reaching around her he held her breasts and rubbed her hard nipples as he forcefully slid his cock in and out of her pussy to the rhythm of her moaning.

Cloud loved his cock inside her, loved the waves of pleasure it sent through her as he pounded into her, filling her completely. She urged him on, telling him to fuck her harder and deeper as she humped her hips back to meet his every thrust. Her moaning gaining in volume as her tummy rippled and pussy tightened around his shaft.

"Make me cum" she squealed as he began to grunt with the effort of their fucking. Cloud's legs began to wobble as her orgasm built inside her. His cock was a blur as it slipped out of her dripping pussy before quickly slamming back in to the slapping sound of two bodies meeting.

The pleasure reached its peak as he moaned into her ear. He slammed into her pussy one last time and as his heavy balls bounced off her clit she felt his cock swell inside of her. Her pussy clamped down on his rock hard shaft as she came, milking his cock as her orgasm washed over her body even as he pulled out of her spasming body. His hand quickly guided his cock down, and as they both cried out in pleasure he spewed his semen onto her thigh.

Kissing her on the back of neck he stood up and helped cloud to her unsteady feet. They had another kiss and he turned to run a shower for them leaving Cloud to watch him, knowing that she would need him again very soon.

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