tagLoving WivesFSD: Floral Sex Delivery

FSD: Floral Sex Delivery


Hello and welcome to my readers. My sincere thanks for your votes, PM's and e-mails on my previous submissions. This is an entry in the Literotica 2007 Holiday Contest, so once again your votes and comments are most appreciated.


"Good morning miss. May I speak with your mother please?"

Shelly grinned at the salutation. She was forty years old, but her voice on the phone was of a woman much younger. At first, it irritated her, but as the years passed, it became amusing, then somewhat sexy to be mistaken for a woman half her age. More than once, she had played along with callers, making provocative statements and engaging in risqué banter with them. When she hung up her panties were wet and her nipples stiff. She would go to wherever she could find privacy, pull off her panties and bra, tug her nipples, and finger fuck herself into a shuddering orgasm.

After nine years of marriage, her sex life had become non-existent. Her husband Eric, a software engineer, spent long hours at his fledgling computer games company designing new diversions for the youth of America. Their lovemaking had become increasingly infrequent, and when they were in bed he seemed distracted, even during the act itself. Soon she stopped approaching him, achieving satisfaction with her collection of toys and watching porn videos.

Still, she longed for a touch, a caress, a warm body to hold, someone to love her. Silicone and plastic were no substitute for a real cock pounding in her pussy making her cum and cum.

"Hello," the voice said again. "Can your mother come to the phone? Hello."

Shelly snapped out of her daydreaming. She felt sexy and wicked. The voice sounded like a young man, probably in his early twenties, strong and virile, able to make love for hours…

"My mom's not here right now," she replied. "Can I give her a message?"

"This is Randy from Uncle Bud's Florist. We have a Christmas bouquet for a Mr. and Mrs. Eric Barnes. It's quite large and the flowers are delicate. We wanted to set a time for delivery when someone would be home."

"Mom and Dad are gone but I'll be home all afternoon. Why don't you bring it over now?" Shelly hesitated, This is crazy. But what the hell, anything to liven up a dull afternoon. "If I don't answer the door, I'll be in the pool in back. Come around the house through the gate. I just bought a French bikini and I can't wait to see how it fits."

"Oh…um…yeah…okay," a flustered Randy replied. "Uhh…I can be there in about an hour."

"I'll be waiting," Shelly said sexily. "Maybe you can stay and have a soda with me."

"Ohhh…okay…uh…see you later," he stammered and hung up.

Shelly laughed until her eyes watered. That was so mean to do that to the poor guy. He could hardly think straight. He's probably jacking off in the bathroom right now. Hmmmm…I do have that bikini I bought last year when Eric took me to that conference in Lyon. I wonder…


Shelly looked at herself appraisingly in the full-length mirror. Not bad for a forty year old stay at home wife. Hours at the gym and healthy eating had enabled her to retain the same shape that she had at eighteen. Firm breasts, flat tummy, slim waist, flared hips, round ass and long shapely legs. The miniscule bathing suit left nothing to the imagination. She was practically naked! Thank goodness, she'd had a bikini wax this week, the suit bottom barely covered her pussy. Brushing her auburn shoulder length hair, she slid her feet into Croc's, took a towel from the closet and headed for the pool.


The sun felt good as she lay on a lounger drying off. It was unusually warm for mid-December and she enjoyed swimming in the heated pool. Sunbathing always made her horny; hell, most everything made her horny. On Tuesday, she couldn't wait for Eric to finish his breakfast and leave so she could fuck herself with one of the green bananas in a bowl on the table. She leaned against the countertop, lifted her nightgown and shoved the fruit deep in her pussy, fucking herself until she had two spine-twisting orgasms and slid to the floor in exhausted bliss.

"Hello. Is anyone here? I rang the doorbell but no one answered. The gate seems to be locked."

Shelly put a towel over her shoulders and sauntered to the purposely-locked gate. "Just a minute. I can't seem to get it open. I bet those flowers are heavy." She fumbled with the latch for another minute to build the anticipation and then opened the gate.

A man stood there almost hidden by an enormous vase of flowers. "Thanks for opening the gate. This vase is heavy. Where can I put it?"

Where can you put it? I know just the place… "Please come in, you can set it on this table, let me guide you."

Taking his arm, she steered him towards a table on the covered porch. He set the vase down and turned to face her. His eyes widened and he swallowed hard at the sight before him. Shelly smiled seductively as he looked at her breasts, her stomach, her pussy and her legs.

He appeared to be in his early twenties, sandy hair, brown eyes, boyish face, tall and muscular. She could see his erection tenting in his khaki pants. She decided to tease him some more.

"It was so good of you to deliver this personally Randy. My daughter is visiting our neighbors. What a handsome young man you are. I bet you have many girlfriends. Would you like some lemonade?"

She dropped the card from the bouquet and bent over, giving him a better view of her breasts. He gasped when she straightened up and one popped free of it's skimpy covering. She giggled and tucked it back in, noticing he was beginning to sweat. How far can I take this? How far do I want to take this? The poor boy's a wreck. I don't care. I want him. I want him to fuck me!

"Can you stay for a while Randy? I get so lonely with no one to talk to. Would you swim with me?

"I…I don't have a suit. I'd like to, but I don't…"

"You could swim in your underwear. I wouldn't mind. Here, let's get that shirt off."

Before the startled Randy could react, Shelly was tugging his t-shirt over his head. She threw it on a lounger, unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper then his pants. He stood shaking as Shelly gazed avidly at his cock straining against his white briefs. She eased him back on a lounger and knelt before him, pulling off his shoes and then his pants.

"What a wonderful body you have Randy. I bet you're very strong. Do you want to go swimming now?"

He nodded and stood up, his crotch level with Shelly's face. She hooked her fingers in his briefs and pulled them down. His thick cock sprang free and her mouth closed on it, tongue swirling around the velvet tip. He sat back down on the lounger and moaned as Shelly took him deep in her mouth. She was in heaven. His cock tasted of salty sweat and it throbbed between her lips. She gripped his ass and pulled him even further into her mouth, gagging slightly at first, then becoming used to the rigid flesh in her throat.

Her head bobbed up and down as his fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her harder on his cock. Shelly's throat muscles contracted on the pink shaft as he moved rapidly in her mouth, her tongue caressing and teasing. She felt him tremble as she cupped his balls, massaging them as he fucked her mouth. He moaned and shivered and she knew he was cumming.

Randy cried out as he came in huge spurts. A flood of warm cum gushed into Shelly's throat; choking and swallowing she managed to suck him until he stopped cumming and lay gasping on the lounger. She licked her lips to get the last of his cum and shakily stood up. Her bikini bottom was sopping wet with her juices and she peeled it off, and then removed her top. She sat on the lounger and ruffled Randy's hair.

"Did you like that?" she asked, her voice thick with passion.

"Ohhhh… yeahhh… It was great. I never had a blowjob like that before."

She stroked his cock, feeling it harden under her fingers. I bet he can go for hours. And we have all afternoon... "Mmmmm…you're so strong. You're already getting hard again. Would you like to fuck me?"

Randy nodded, unable to speak. He couldn't believe this was happening.

Shelly laid a towel on the patio, got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass. "I like it doggie style. Come here and fuck me. I want all you have."

Randy walked dazedly to her, stiff cock bobbing. He knelt behind her and rubbed her pussy lips with his cock head.

"Ooooo…you are such a tease," Shelly moaned. "Fill me up my big strong man.

Ram it in, give me all of it, pleeease."

Randy gripped her hips, thrusting deeply into her, making her gasp. She want's to be fucked, I'll fuck her silly. Her pussy is so tight. It feels so good. I want to fuck and fuck and…

Shelly pushed back against Randy, her ass slapping against his firm stomach, his cock head bumping her cervix with each thrust. His cock stretched the walls of her gooey pussy, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Randy leaned over her back and cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing the nipples between his fingers.

"Uhhh…oooh…fuck me…fuck me…" she moaned as he slammed into her. "Please bite me…hurt me…I love it…fuck meeee…" Her voice rose in a scream as his teeth clamped on her shoulder, the pain and pleasure merging into one fantastic sensation. He was a fucking machine and he was driving her wild.

Shelly felt her orgasm burning it's way through her body, she felt dizzy as Randy's thrusts grew more intense. He was moaning "Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…" and she knew he was close to cumming.

"Fuck me…cum in me…fill me up…" she wailed as her orgasm was upon her, her body trembling as her juices flowed past Randy's cock and splattered his thighs. He gave a loud moan and pumped her full of warm cum as a second orgasm shook her and she shrieked in delight.

Shelly sank onto the blanket, moaning, Randy on top of her breathing heavily, his semi-hard cock still in her pussy. After a minute, he rolled off her and lay back on the blanket, groggy from the intensity of his cumming.

Shelly rose to her knees and looked at Randy. What had she done? She had cheated on her husband, with a man half her age. But it felt so damn good. She hadn't been fucked like that in ages. She gazed at his lithe muscular body and her desires arose again.

Shelly straddled her lover and slid her wet pussy along his stiffening cock. Randy smiled and gathered her breasts in his hands, kneading them and rolling her thick nipples between his fingers. She leaned back on her knees and guided his cock into her pussy, wiggling her hips as it slid into her soft wet cunt. Leaning forward, she impaled herself on his thick meat until their pubic hairs merged. Randy took a mouthful of her breast, tongue lashing the nipple, lips engulfing the hot flesh.

She raised and lowered her hips, riding the throbbing stiffness as her slippery pussy clasped the hard cock, both of them moaning in ecstasy. He gripped her ass and pulled her onto him, biting and sucking her breast flesh, tongue lapping the pebbled aureoles. Shelly raised her hips until his cock head was barely between her pussy lips, and then joyfully impaled herself as hard as she could, moaning with every downward thrust. Their lips locked together in a grinding kiss, tongues swirling, Randy's hands on her breasts kneading the softness, rubbing her nipples.

Shelly pumped harder as she felt another orgasm envelop her. "Ohhh…sooo good…cum in me," she cried. Randy had been holding back until his balls ached waiting for her to cum, at her words he blasted ropes of warm cum deep in her pussy as her body jerked with the power of her orgasm, both crying out in exquisite pleasure.

Shelly blacked out for a moment. When she awoke, Randy was holding her in his arms, murmuring words of love and kissing her. She kissed him back and snuggled into his embrace. His body against hers was so comforting, his kisses so sweet, she felt content for the first time in months. They rested for a while, hugging and nuzzling, caressing each other, the sun warm on their bodies.

Shelly felt Randy's cock swelling against her thigh. "Mmmmm…are you ready again my love?" she purred. He nodded and kissed her nose. Shelly lay on her back, lifting her legs to her breasts and gripping her thighs. Randy's mouth covered her pussy, licking and sucking, feasting on her slippery flesh. She keened in pleasure as his teeth found her throbbing clit, tugging gently on it, flicking it with his tongue. Shelly moaned and came in his mouth, her over-stimulated body cumming at his very touch.

He ate her to another orgasm then plunged into the gooey pussy so wantonly displayed for his pleasure. Shelly's arms locked across his back, her legs around his waist as their hips moved in perfect rhythm. He drilled into her with quick jabs, fucking hard, rabbit like, as her pussy gripped him tightly. He was exhausted, yet he did not want to stop or let her go, wanting this to go on forever. Shelly molded her body to his, sighing contentedly as he filled her hungry pussy with his thick meat, his lips against hers as they kissed passionately.

"Cum with me now!" he cried as their bodies shook, releasing another wave of ecstatic sensations as they ejaculated at the same instant, moaning in pleasure. They clung to each other until the rosy glow had subsided.

"I love you Shelly," Randy said tiredly. 'When can we…?"

"Oh I love you too, my sweet Randy," she replied. "Whereever and whenever we can be alone. I want you so much." What are you doing! You're a married woman! He's half your age! He's an amazing fuck, but love…? Oh I'm so confused. I never want to let him go. I want him. He wants me. I love him, I do!


Shelly awakened the next morning. Eric, as usual was already gone, or he might not have come home at all. No matter. Her body ached, her pussy was sore and she felt wonderful. She resisted the impulse to call Randy; what would be the excuse for contacting him if someone else answered? She arose, put on a robe and went downstairs. Eric had placed the bouquet on the dining room table and left the gift card for her to read. 'To a wonderful Boss. Thanks for all you've done for us. Merry Christmas.' More than you've done for me, Mr Wonderful Boss. She threw the card back on the table and went to make coffee.

As she sipped the hot liquid, the memories of yesterday made her pussy moist. Randy was a wonderful man, he made her feel complete, like a woman again. She hated to see him leave, but Eric was due anytime and she didn't want a confrontation. Not yet anyway. The 'phone buzzed and she looked at tie ID screen. Her heart skipped a beat. What if he's calling to say goodbye? What if his family's found out? What if… "Hello, this is Shelly."

"Shelly? Oh I miss you so much. You're wonderful," It's him! It's him!

"Randy. I miss you too sweetie. I want to be in your arms. I've thought about you since I got up."

"Me too. I want your body against mine. I love you Shelly. We belong together. Damn! Coming Dad! I gotta go. I'll call later."

"I love you too." The call ended and she replaced the receiver with trembling hands. I'm scared. I'm happy and I'm scared. I don't know him at all. What's he like? I have so many questions? But it feels so good when I'm with him.

Mechanically she made some toast, nibbled at it while she finished her coffee and went upstairs. Dressed in old clothes, she went into the attic and brought down the boxes of Christmas decorations, sneezing as the dust tickled her nose.

Four hours later the decorations were up, the tree trimmed and she was dirty and exhausted. Piling the empty boxes at the top of the stairs, she was about to undress and shower when the doorbell rang. Now who could that be? I hope it's not Alice from next door. I'm so tired of hearing about her bladder surgery. Shelley opened the door. Randy stood there, sweaty and disheveled a wide grin on his face.

"I was in the neighborhood and I thought I'd…mmmphh." His last words muffled as she pulled him inside, slammed the door and kissed him, grinding her pelvis against his. He grabbed her jean-clad ass and pulled her against him, returning the kiss. "I'm real dirty but I had to see you."

"Mmm…dirty or clean I still want you," she said throatily, pulling him into the living room to the sofa. She pulled off his sweat-soaked shirt and unfastened his jeans, pulling them and his underwear down to his ankles, his stiff cock springing up. His shoes thumped on the rug and his pants followed. Shelly quickly stripped and jumped on top of him. Their sweaty bodies rocking together as they kissed and she slid her wet pussy lips along his throbbing cock.

"Ahhh…mmm," he sighed as she tongued his ear, her warm fluids coating his cock. His hand found her creamy pussy and his fingers began to strum her clit, loving her little cries as he slipped two fingers in the pink softness. Shelly eagerly licked his sweaty chest, sucking and nibbling on his nipples, grinding her hips on his fingers. They pleasured each other until Shelly got up and leaned over the arm of the sofa with her ass in the air, resting her head on a pillow.

Randy was behind her in an instant, his throbbing cock entering her slick pussy in one stroke. "Fuck me my love. Fuck me hard," she moaned as they moved in easy rhythm, sweaty flesh slapping together. Shelly lifted her leg over the sofa arm, giving him greater access to her pussy. He hooked his leg over hers, driving all the way in as her pussy tightened on the intruder. She squealed as his fingers rubbed her clit in time with his pumping into her. She pushed back against him he fucked her mercilessly, forcing the air from her lungs in gasping grunts, his cock working like a piston in her frothing pussy.

"You feel so damn good. I love fucking you. I love you Shelly," he panted, his pace slowing as he felt his balls tighten. "Oh damn…I'm gonna cum."

Shelly rippled her cunt muscles along his cock, encouraging him to shoot into her. Her body quivered as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure searing through her, vision blurring as she squirted hot fluids past his cock, splashing his belly and thighs. He erupted inside her with a wailing moan, spurting cum deep within her pulsing vagina. He withdrew his semi-hard cock from her pussy with a soft slurp and flopped on the couch, panting. Shelly stood up on wobbly legs and sat down next to him. They sat holding hands as their heartbeats returned to normal.

"What a lovely surprise sweetie. What are you doing here?"

"I had to set up for a Christmas party two blocks over. I couldn't wait any longer to see you." He drew her to him and they kissed. "I want you all the time. I want to be with you all the time. What are we going to do?"

Shelly sighed. "I don't know. I really don't. I want you all the time too. I feel safe with you. I feel loved and wanted. I've been so lonely. Let's get through the holidays and we'll see what we can do then. Let's take a shower and I'll wash your clothes."

The next hours were pure bliss for Shelly and Randy. They made love three more times, in the shower, on top of the vibrating washer and dryer, and on the kitchen floor. They parted reluctantly as night was falling.


Bustling about the kitchen, Shelly prepared the last platter of hors de oeuvres and carried them into the living room. The Christmas party was in full swing, holiday music playing on the sound system. Eric was acting as bartender while several couples danced and the rest engaged in chatter about work and children.

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