They say 'War is Hell.' They ain't lyin' brother! I'm Steve Fairfield and I'm in the US Army.

Like a lot of guys I went to High School with, I ended up here in Korea. A lot of them were drafted. I signed up for a hitch in the Army. I had nothing else to do. It was work in a factory back home, or join the Army, and the factory didn't pay well.

Having no real skills or talent, but being a hard worker, I was shipped off to a M.A.S.H. (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) Unit near the front to be a corpsman. You know, move stretchers, and carry stuff. A grunt basically. As an enlisted man, I did my share of the crappy jobs around camp, KP, Guard Duty that kind of thing.

What makes my story so different from other bums like me at other units is what like was like at the 4077. Everyone here was a little loose with the rules, and it felt more like a family than an Army unit usually does. Don't get me wrong, we didn't ignore the rules, but the doctors were allowed to dress out of uniform, and everyone was welcome in the Officer's Club. And I had (and still have) a lot of respect for the doctors, well a few of them anyway. Hawkeye (Dr. Pierce), and BJ (Dr. Hunnicut) were good eggs, Dr. Winchester was a bit of a pompous jerk. Hawkeye and BJ never treated lower (or higher) ranking personnel differently. It made a lot of the brass mad, but the rest of us loved it.

I also liked having the nurses around. Most of the units near the front had no women, and we had a half dozen at any given time. And they were all so nice. I remember this one night in the Officer's Club...

It was a hot summer evening, and a payday! We all felt like drinking a little of our salaries. There were not too many patients, so the place was packed with bored sweaty people. Well the beer and the bourbon were flowing, and after a few hours (and sunset) the party moved outside.

I stumbled off to the latrine to release some of the booze I had trapped in my bladder, only to find it occupied. I walked around back and started peeing into the bushes when I heard a strange noise.

No so much a strange noise, as a strange place to hear that noise.

I have heard women moan like that; hell I've made them moan like that. It was odd hearing it come from the latrine.

After finishing by business behind the latrine, I waited around to see who was getting lucky in there. I was amazed when the door opened and I saw Major Houlihan, the head nurse, walking quickly away from the latrine toward her private tent. She was followed a moment later by Hawkeye. Lucky bastard! I would have given me left arm to get it on with Major Houlihan.

I snuck over toward her tent to try and listen to them.

"Oh Margaret," Hawkeye was moaning, "I have wanted to do this for a long time."

"MMMmmm, I like that. I can't believe I am this drunk! We shouldn't be doing this."

I wish I could look into the tent, but I had to hide so they wouldn't see me.

"Oh my God Hawkeye! You have the biggest dick I have ever seen. I have got to have that in my mouth now!"

I heard a slight slurping sound and a loud 'whoosh' of breath (which I assume was Hawkeye's way of saying he approved).

As I listened to the moaning and slurping, I found myself getting turned on, and I whipped out my own meat. As I hid behind some boxes with my eyes closed I listened to the Major blow Hawkeye and stroked my shaft in time with the sounds they made.


My eyes flew open to find nurse Kellye glaring at me through the screen of the nurses' tent. Kellye was the nicest of the nurses. She was like a cousin or something. I always liked her. Even thought she was a little pudgy, she was a cute pudgy, not a mean fatty, like some of the other guys joked about behind her back. She was slightly exotic looking too, being from Hawaii. She was always nice to me, and we would sit together in the Mess Tent sometimes.

I stood quickly and tried to shove my raging hard-on back into my pants as a walked back toward the center of camp. After a few steps, I heard a door slam, and Kellye was jogging after me.

I expected her to chew me out for what I'd done. But when she caught up she just said "Hi."

I stopped in my tracks. "Hi? You're not going to call me a pervert for doing what I was just doing? I mean I had my..." The look on her face made me stop mid-sentence.

Kellye looked at me with a smirk. "You don't think that I was getting wet listening to them fool around? It seems we have each have a problem that we can help the other solve."

I must have looked like a moron staring at her gape-mouthed. Did she mean what I thought she meant?

She leaned in closer with a wicked grin on her face and whispered in my ear, "Unless you want to get a wicked case of blue balls that is."

Well that confirmed that we were on the same page there! I grabbed her hand and we headed round to the back of the OR building. When we found ourselves surrounded by a pile of boxes and barrels, I stopped short, spun her around and planted a kiss on her.

In no time, she returned the kiss. Soon our hands run up and down each other's backs. It was hot and humid, and our actions made us even hotter!

When we broke the kiss, we took no time in tearing off our clothes. In just a moment, I was standing in front of Kellye in just my thin Army issue olive boxers (with a non-military tent in the front) and she was in front of me in white cotton panties and bra. She had small rolls drooping slightly over the sides of her bra.

We met again in a frantic kiss, our sweaty bodies plastered together. I mauled her fleshy ass in my hands, and she rubbed my cock through my boxers. When we broke our kiss again, she stepped back and I could see her large brown areola through her sweat dampened bra.

Stepped toward her a little more slowly and kissed her again. As our tongues wrestled, I reached behind her to unclasp her bra. When it opened, I quickly reached around front and slid my hands into the cups and slowly rubber her nipples with my thumbs.

Kellye moaned in my mouth and stuck her hand inside the front of my boxers. Her hands were like magic! Three slow strokes and I almost blew my load!

I stepped back to break her grip on my cock, but she surprised me by dropping to her knees, yanking down my boxers and slurping half of my dick into here mouth. I was having trouble not cumming too soon already; this was not going to be easy.

I looked down and saw Kellye's black hair covering her cute face, and the bottom inch of my dick. Slowly she pulled her head away and more of my Johnson appeared. Soon she was in a good rhythm and I was enjoying the sensation, and the show.

Kellye was a master cocksucker. She changed her tempo at the right times, and she knew when to slow it down to make it last. I was surprised to see her release my meat and stroke it while she sucked my hairy balls into her mouth. In no time I was warning her that I was gonna cum.

Kellye looked up at me with my cock in her mouth with such lust in her eyes. She started bobbing her head up and down so fast that her hair was creating a breeze on my legs.

My body tensed as I came, and Kellye locked her lips around the head of my cock and stroked the shaft with her right hand for all she was worth. It seemed like forever that I came, and when I opened my eyes (which I didn't remember closing), I looked down and saw some of my cum dripping off Kellye's lower lip. She expertly licked it off and stared to stand up.

I grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her so her back was to a large crate and pushed her slightly backward. Kellye stepped back until the crate was rubbing the backs of her legs, and I drooped to my knees in the dirt and began removing her soaking wet cotton panties. I knew some of the moisture was from perspiration, but I could smell that some of it was not.

Kellye was the first Polynesian woman I have been with, and I was surprised that her pubic hair, which she kept well trimmed, was soft. I had expected it to be wirier as I ran my fingers over her damp mound of pubes.

I pushed legs slightly apart and dove into her crotch. Normally I would have taken my time, but it had been a long time since I tasted pussy and I was too hungry for it. Her slit was dripping wet and I immediately buried two fingers into her hot twat.

I could see her clit standing proud. It was the size of my thumb! I leaned down and sucked it into my mouth.

Kellye was moaning wildly and began rocking back and forth on the wobbly crate, trying to get more action out of my hand and mouth. I was afraid the thing was gonna fall over.

Kellye's moans became yelps as she rapidly approached her climax. The closer she got, the hotter I got and I reached down with my free hand and began to wake up my sleeping soldier.

Kellye screamed, "Oh shit yeah!" as her orgasm hit. A river of cum ran down my hand and dripped off my elbow onto the dirt.

I waited a moment before extricating myself from her crotch. As I stood, she looked down and saw my little soldier standing at attention and she shot me a dirty look.

"If you got more, I can take it," she said. She got off the crate she was sitting on and spun around, bending over a large steel barrel.

I stepped up behind her and guided my cock into her waiting cum slick pussy.

I pushed in about an inch and stopped. I was enjoying the sensation of being in a pussy again.

Just then Kellye looked over her shoulder at me and started to ask what I was doing when I rammed the rest of my eight inches into her in one thrust.

She grunted as my body slammed into her so hard the barrel rolled a little.

I pulled out almost the whole way again, slowly this time, and slid back into her.

We developed a good steady rhythm. Not too fast or slow. It was a tempo that made it last and still fell really fucking good.

We rocked back and forth on the barrel and as my dick slid in and out of her amazing channel, I began groping her fleshy ass cheeks.

I slicked up my thumb with the natural juices on my dick and slipped into her asshole.

She gasped at the sensation. "Mmm, I have never had anyone in there before. I think I kind of like it!"

I felt a second load building in my balls and needed to slow down a little, so I pulled myself off Kellye's hot body.

She turned around as I stood up and gave me a long kiss. Then she lied back on some boxes and spread her legs, waiting for me.

I climbed onto the boxes and slowly entered her.

As I slid in and out of her love tunnel, I used my cum-slick thumb to stroke her clit. In a few minutes she was bucking wildly and screaming. I was mesmerized by her plump tits as they flopped around with her wild gyrations. Kellye came again, just as hard as the first time.

She looked me in the eye and said, "I don't want to get pregnant, so don't come in me. Where do you want it?"

I thought for a moment about cumming on her tits, and then had a more wicked thought. "You said you kinda liked it with my thumb in your ass. That's where I wanna shoot my load."

Kellye nodded and climbed off the crate we were on. She got down on her knees and leaned so far forward her nose was practically in the dirt.

I got behind her and lubed two fingers in her hot cunt. I slid them slowly into her virgin ass.

In and out, nice and slow. Eventually I added a third finger.

After a few minutes of that, I wiggled my knees so I was kneeling right behind her and put my cockhead to he puckered bunghole.

I pushed firmly, but not too hard. There was some resistance, but then *pop* my cock head was in!

Kellye winced. I stopped dead still to let her get used to the sensation. Just as I was about to start up again with the pressure, Kellye pushed back against my dick, and 2 more inches slipped in.

It took us only a few minutes to get into a good rhythm, with me going balls deep in her ass.

Kellye kept saying the nastiest shit to me. "Stick it up my ass." "You like it in there, don't you?" The foulest dirty talk I have ever heard, and I loved it!

Finally I couldn't stand it any more. I grabbed her ample ass cheeks with both hands, thrust one last time and arched my back. I shot a load into her that must have been a record.

Neither of us moved as my dick spazmed in her anus, and I watched in amazement at the few drops of cum that squeezed themselves out around my dick.

I finally stepped back from Kellye and took a deep slow breath.

"Holy shit, that was amazing," she said.

I just smiled and shrugged.

"If you're not busy on Saturday," Kellye said with a sheepish grin, "wanna have dinner and fuck some more?"

Okay maybe some parts of war aren't hell...

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