tagLoving WivesFuck Abercrombie & Fitch Ch. 02

Fuck Abercrombie & Fitch Ch. 02


Jess was showering when I got home. I still couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. I sighed to myself and got ready for bed.

I couldn't sleep at all. My girlfriend of four years, my beautiful, angelic wife-to-be sleeping next to me, with another man's cock in her mouth...

What do I do? Do I break up with her and throw away everything we've built? I wasn't ready for a break-up. I didn't want my heart broken even more.

I stroked her hair away from her face, admiring her beauty. My hand slid down her sides and down to her waist, and slipped under her little thong.

"Stoppppp," she whined, turning around. I grabbed her perfect little ass and gave it a firm squeeze, then turned back around.

I wished everything was back to normal.

Somehow, I comforted myself to sleep.

I woke up to Jess rustling her clothes. She was turned away, wiggling her ass in her little cute way, as she pulled up a pair of shorts over her round ass.

"Mmm, delicious," I moaned out to her, reaching my arm out. She turned around and smiled at me. She walked coyly toward the bed, lifted up the comforter, and disappeared under it.

I could feel her little hands massaging my thighs. I stretched my back and brought my arms behind my head. Jess crept up to my boxers, and tugged it down gently.

I pushed my hips forward as I felt her lips surround my cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock, pulling her lips back and forth on just the tip.

Then she kissed down my cock, licking the underside as she went. I groaned as she suckled one of my balls into her mouth.

She still loves me, I thought to myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed her little tongue bathing my balls. I slid my hand under the covers and caressed what felt to me was her hair.

"More tonight when I get home," she giggled as she ducked out of the covers and ran away.

I knew I should've stopped probing into my insecurity.

Somehow, I was at the mall again. I wanted to be wrong about Jess cheating on me. I wanted my memories to be wrong. I wished it was all a dream.

I walked slowly through the dead corridor of the mall. I was hesitant, but also confident. I was confident that yesterday was a dream.

I took a deep breath as I peered into the dark Abercrombie store.

Yup, it's them again, I thought to myself.

I wanted to crawl into a hole.

This douche bag, Mark, was standing tall in front of Jess, who was on her knees. Mark had her head in both his hands, and was hammering away into her face. Her little hands were helplessly wrapped around Mark's legs. I admired Jess's back view. How does he keep getting her on her knees? She hates doing that.

And then he saw me, and gave me a grin. He pulled Jess's face tightly into his crotch, and slowly ground his pelvis into her face. He did it slowly and deliberately, as if to put salt on the wound.

I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Mark was having the time of his life facefucking my sweet girlfriend. I wondered why Jess would do this with Mark.

Mark pulled Jess off of his cock by her hair, letting her catch her breath. He laughed out loud as he cockslapped her face. It was loud enough that I could hear his laugh from outside of the door.

He stroked his cock with one hand, while his other hand was placed on top of Jess's head. His fingers were spread around as if he were holding a basketball. He said something to Jess, which made bow her body down lower and look up. He grinned and slapped her face a couple times, just firm enough to assert his dominance.

"Please, not on her face," I begged inside as Mark sped up jerking his cock. He pushed down on Jess's head again, and pointed his cock at her face.

Moments later, she stood up and ran to the back, her palms at her chin to stop Mark's cum from running onto her clothes.

Mark sleazily pulled up his black briefs. I caught a glimpse of his cock. It was impressive to say the least.

He slowly made his way to the door, and opened it for me. Just like yesterday.

"Back again?" He sneered.

"Go there, she'll be out soon," he said, pointing to the register stand again.

"No, fuck you," I said to him, then walked away.

I got home before Jess. She looked pristine, as if nothing had happened. She flashed me her wonderful smile, and asked me about my day.

"So how is your job?" I had to bring it up.

"It's alright, kind of boring." said Jess, not batting an eye.

"And your manager Mark?" I added.

"He's still mean, and such a jerk. But I kind of noticed that he's like that to everyone, and he's just trying to do his job."

"Ah, I see." I stopped pressing onto her.

"Do you get a lot of the jerk customers?" I asked again.

"Hmm, maybe once every couple days, no biggie," said Jess, giving me a hug.

The next morning, Jess was gone. I reminded myself that she had to go in early to prepare the shelves.

While eating cereal by myself, I got a phone call from a number that I didn't recognize.

"Hello? Is this Jess's boyfriend?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah, who is this?"

"Hey man! This is Mark from Abercrombie!" Somehow I could hear his grin from the phone.

I went silent for a moment. I was angry and curious at the same time. What the hell could he want from me?

"I got your number from Jess's people reference in her application, they always put down their boyfriend first, funny huh?"

"What do you want?" I barked at him.

"Nothing much man, calm down. I just wanted to invite you and Jess to my party this weekend."

My thoughts began racing. What was this guy up to...

"Anyway, I'll tell Jess more about it. I'm sure you'd want to be there! A lot of hot girls, you'd definitely want to come, buddy."

"I don't want to go to your shitty-"

He hung up.

I couldn't concentrate at work. My sweetheart was giving blowjobs to her manager pretty much daily! I'm sure she'd be bobbing on his cock again tonight. I wondered if I should go to her work again, to see them again.

I really wanted to win her back to be mine again. Only mine.

I spent two dull hours in my cubicle. My manager came by and congratulated me on doing an excellent job on my last project. He sensed something was wrong, and asked if I wanted to leave early. I replied that I was better off here than being at home.

I stared blankly at my computer screen. I couldn't get the image of them out of my head. The way Mark ruthlessly used Jess's mouth, the way Jess was so submissive to him, the way she lifted her heels and gave Mark a kiss...

My phone vibrated on my table. It was a FaceTime call... From Mark.

"Hey man," he said, grinning at me. His voice blared throughout the office. I quickly found my earbuds and plugged it into the phone.

"Good idea, I got my earphones in too," said Mark.

"What do you want?" I said quietly.

"Just wait," said Mark.

He changed the camera so it pointed to the door instead of him. It seemed like he was in his office.

Then the door opened, and I saw Jess.

"What did you want, Mr. Manager?" said Jess, smiling.

She was wearing a thin, loose shirt with tight black leggings. I stared at the little gap between her legs as closed the door behind her, then stood in front of it. She always had such a nice posture.

"Come here, Jess, you little cocksucker," grunted Mark.

Jess laughed, and slowly walked toward Mark. She swayed her curvy hips as she walked behind the desk near Mark, and then brought her finger to her lips.

"Yes sir?" said Jess, coyly. The camera panned down, capturing every inch of Jess's sexy body. My heart dropped when it the camera went all the way down. Jess had her hand reached out and was gently massaging Mark's erect cock.

"Suck it, you little slut," said Mark, parting his legs. Jess soon came into the view, kneeling between Mark's legs.

"Are you making a video of me?" Jess asked as she leaned closer to Mark's cock. She tilted her head to the side and gently grazed Mark's cock with her lips.

"Nah, I'm FaceTiming my friend Barry. He was horny at work, so I told him I had a little slut he could watch."

"Psh," said Jess, looking up into the camera. Her lips were still glued to Mark's cock, now kissing its way back up to the tip.

"Introduce yourself slut," said Mark. His hand came into the view and stroked Jess's cheeks as she lovingly kissed the tip. I was impressed by the image quality of FaceTime. I could even make out his precum from his dick. That was, until Jess's little tongue lapped out and licked it away.

Jess tilted her head again, and parted her lips around Mark's thumb. It seemed so natural for her. She nursed on his thumb gently, with her eyes closed, then looking up at the camera.

"Hi Barry, I'm Jess," she said, smiling.

Mark held his cock at the base, and slapped it down onto Jess's face a few times.

"And?" said Mark.

"Annnnnd, I'm Mark's little cocksucker." She laughed as she said it.

My heart cringed as I heard those words.

"Barry says you're a pretty girl," said Mark. "Barry, Jess is a dirty little cocksucker."

Jess pouted, then she suckled on the tip of Mark's cock. Her big blue eyes looked up to Mark, then up at the camera. Her lips were obscenely stretched around Mark's cock.

"Good little slut," said Mark as he patted Jess's face twice. I could make out a little smile from her despite the fact that she had a mouthful of cock.

"Wanna show Barry how good you are at deepthroating?"

*Plop* "Nope," said Jess playfully as she licked up and down the sides of Mark's cock. She was treating it as if it were a god.

I watched as Mark landed couple light slaps on Jess's face. I cringed even more inside.

Mark grabbed Jess by her hair, and pulled her on top of his cock. As Jess hesitantly opened her mouth, Mark pulled her head down, shoving in almost half of his cock in one go.

My insides hurt when I heard Jess choke.

Mark pulled Jess's head back, then back down. Up, down, up down, he made Jess take more of his cock into her little mouth every time he pushed her down. Jess's hands were strained against Mark's thighs, but it was no match for Mark getting what he wanted.

"Suck it, suck it, SUCK IT you little whore," said Mark deviously as he facefucked my sweetheart.

Soon, Jess had stopped fighting. Her watery eyes looked up at Mark, and into the camera as Mark continuously forced Jess's head down.

"Let her breathe, please," I said into the phone.

Mark was a bit taken back. I doubt he expected to hear anything from me.

He pushed Jess down all the way. All I could see was Jess's face buried in Mark's pubes. Her big beautiful eyes staring up at Mark, begging for air.

Mark leaned forward, locking Jess's head in between his stomach and thighs. The camera moved down Jess's back. I saw Mark's thick arms reach down and grab my girlfriend's ass.

I could hear Jess choking in the background as Mark slowly kneaded my girlfriend's perfect butt.

"Lift it up," said Mark. Jess lifted her butt a little, which gave Mark a better grip on her ass.

"Fucking slut," he said quite loudly, then gave a loud spank on Jess's ass.

He finally let Jess breathe. She supported herself with both arms, looking down as she gasped for air.

Mark grabbed Jess by her hair again, and pulled it back.

"Suck my balls." commanded Mark at my tired girlfriend. Jess looked up at Mark and nodded. Her chin was wet from all the saliva. There was no playfulness anymore. He had effectively destroyed her bubbly charm.

Jess crawled closer between Mark's legs and suckled on his balls. He let his hard cock rest on her face as my girlfriend pleased his balls with her mouth.

"Barry says you're a good cocksucker," said Mark, complimenting my girlfriend. He gently pet my girlfriend's hair, as if she were a little dog.

"Hey Barry, should I just finish or do you need to see more?" said Mark loudly. Jess looked up at Mark. She wanted to hear the answer too.

"J-just finish." I said meekly.

"Finish it is," said Mark, pulling my girlfriend up by her hair again. Jess fixed her posture and wrapped her lips back around Mark's cock, and started bobbing her head like an obedient slut.

"Mmm, mmmmm," moaned Mark as Jess swallowed his cock for him.

"Nothing quite like these big pretty eyes staring up at you when you pound her face," commented Mark.

"Keep sucking it, Jessi-slut," said Mark as he rested his hand on her head.

"So pretty, right Barry?" said Mark, taunting me.

"Look at this little slut mouth sucking my dick man, absolutely first class."

"Alright man, I'm gonna cum soon, should I cum on her face and make her go out? Make her swallow? I can even cum down between those titties, that'd get her shirt all wet, though," said Mark. Jess looked up to Mark and shook her head side to side.

"I'm getting close Barry, tell me where I'm gonna cum!"

"Barry! I'm gonna cum, and I'm gonna cum all over her pretty hair man! Don't make me ruin this little hottie!"

"F-face!" I said urgently.

"Barry says face!" said Mark, pulling Jess off of his cock. He stood up in front of Jess as she looked upward, her little mouth open wide. Where the hell did she learn all this shit? She was never like this.

Mark stroked his cock fast and pointed at Jess's face. It splattered on her pretty face. What a huge load, I thought. He just kept shooting stream after stream onto Jess's face, shooting into her mouth, onto her face, down her neck, he was painting her with his cum.

"Clean, baby," said Mark as he pointed his cock down at Jess's face. Jess knelt a bit higher, and let Barry's cock into her mouth. Her little tongue danced around the tip, sucking off the leftover cum.

"Did you like that Barry?" Mark said as he used his cock to push cum from Jess's face into her mouth. Whenever he brought it to her mouth, she licked it off of his cock like it were honey.

"Barry liked it," said Mark, laughing. My sweetheart smiled too, with face full of cum.

"Alright Barry, I gotta send this little slut back out now so she can make us some money," said Mark. He kicked Jess while she licked his cock, making her look up.

"Bye Barry," said Jess smiling at the camera.

I ran to the manager and took him up on his offer. I had cummed my pants.

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