Fuck Buddies


I had been only been involved in a relationship with the WWE Diva known as Paige for a few weeks when she called me from the road and told me that she wanted to see me, and I instantly got a hard-on, since I knew that this was likely not going to be a simple hook-up.

We may have only been going out a short time, but it didn't take me very long to realize that her sexual appetite was so strong that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle it, so she made no secret of the fact that she was already trying to come up with ways to spice our sex life up a little bit.

She was also on the road at the time, which intrigued me even more, since I knew whatever she wanted to do couldn't wait until she got off the road.

"Hey babe, do me a solid and come to my hotel room after the show's over, I'm going to have a special surprise for you," she texted me when I took off to visit her, knowing just the right buttons to push to make me look forward to the night we were about to spend together, and whoever else was going to be involved in it.

My mind was racing with the possibilities of what the "special surprise" could possibly be throughout the whole show, and it was all I could do not to use the badge I now had in my possession to get backstage and see her then, but I'm a good boyfriend who does what he's told, so I waited until she went back to her hotel room to see her as she had directed me to.

"I promise you you're not going to forget this night," she whispered to me as she was leaving, winking at me and handing me my key to her hotel room.

"Don't tease me like this if you can't deliver on your promise Paige," I told her as she kissed me on the cheek, once again promising me that I wouldn't be disappointed.

And to say that I wasn't would be a huge understatement, because the first thing I heard when I arrived up at her room was the sound of two girls moaning at the same time, and the first thing I saw when I got the door open was Paige on top of fellow Diva AJ Lee, fucking her with a strap-on.

"FUCK...FUCK...OHGOD...right there Paige..." AJ hissed, arching her back and throwing her head back far enough to see me standing there looking at them.

"UH...I...think...your...man...is...here..." she whispered as she came down off of her orgasm, Paige pulling the strap-on out of AJ's pussy and inviting me over to lay on the bed with them.

"Hey honey... it's about bloody time...AJ and I have been taking turns on each other with the strap-on since we got back here, but now we need the real thing to play with," Paige called out to me as I came and laid down on the bed, AJ's eyes lighting up as she started to look me over.

"Hey there...what's your name?" AJ asked me, noticeably smiling as she looked me up and down, not even trying to cover herself up as I gazed upon her naked body.

"It's John," I told her, extending my hand as AJ licked her lips and smiled at me again, clearly liking what she was seeing.

"Well...nice to meet you John...you've done well Paige...he's a real stud..." she said to Paige before turning back to me, "but I think we both agree that he'd be even more of one with his clothes off."

"Say no more ladies," I said to them, all three of us getting more turned on by the moment as I began to undress, both girls hitting their knees as soon as I was naked and taking one of my balls into their mouth.

"MMM..." they both hissed as they each wrapped a hand around the base of my dick and sucked on my balls, running their hands up and down my dick as they worked me over.

"FUCK...keep...doing...that..." I hissed as they took turns on me, AJ sucking on my balls while Paige started running her tongue up and down the length of my shaft, drawing a shiver from me as they both giggled and playfully fought over which one of them was going to finish me off.

"You win this time AJ," Paige told her, winking at me and beginning to make out with me as AJ continued her blow job, wrapping both of her hands around my dick as she deep-throated it.

"MMM...OHGOD...gonna cum AJ..." I hissed as I lurched my hips into her face a few more times and put my hands on the back of her head, sliding my dick to the back of her throat as I came, making AJ moan in pleasure as I shot my load down her throat, watching her drink it all down before pulling my dick out of her mouth.

"I'm glad she's done with you now...so now I can have you to myself..." Paige whispered as she started making out with me again, climbing on top of me and lowering her hot pussy down onto my dick.

"I need you to fuck me until I can't walk bloody straight," she hissed as she began to ride me, her pussy swallowing up my dick and taking me deeper and deeper inside of her with every thrust I made up into her.

"I...don't...think...that...will...be...a...problem..." I hissed as she bounced away on my dick, her screams getting louder as she threw her head back and her eyes started to roll back in her head while I caught a glimpse of AJ in the background watching us and furiously pumping three fingers in and out of her own pussy.

"FUCK...there it is...pound pussy John..." she shouted when I found her g-spot, her walls wrapping tightly around it in response as she lowered herself onto me one last time, letting me do all the work to finish her off.

"OHGOD...OHGOD...gonna bloody cum..." she hissed, throwing her head back and closing her eyes as I grabbed her by the hips and drove all the way into her, burrowing myself into her womb as I started to unload into her.

"FUCK...this feels so good..." I hissed as I shot my load into her, her back arching and her hips twisting around my dick as I filled up her tight pussy with more thick gobs of my cum before pulling out of her.

"OHGOD...so good..." Paige moaned as I pulled out of her, AJ walking over to the bed and laying down on it as she grabbed Paige's hips.

"Looks like you need to come over here and sit on my face so I can clean you out Paige," she teased her friend, "wouldn't want you to wind up pregnant or anything now, would we?"

"MMM...lick...me...AJ..." Paige hissed as AJ began to dart her tongue in and out of Paige's pussy, allowing me the chance to climb between AJ's legs and slide my dick into her pussy.

"UH..." she moaned as she cleaned out Paige's cunt, her walls stretching out for me as I began to thrust in and out of her.

"OHGOD...OHGOD...YES..." both girls cried out as they were being pleasured, AJ's tongue sliding in and out of Paige's pussy as my dick beat up AJ's cunt.

"OHGOD...you really DO know how to use that thing don't you?" AJ hissed when I hit her g-spot, Paige placing her hands on the back of AJ's head in order to keep her face buried in her pussy as she slicked away at her cunt.

"FUCK...fuck me John...fuck me with that dick...gonna cum..." AJ hissed as I drove my dick deep inside of her, her walls beginning to pull and squeeze on it as she came for me, her sweet sex juice coating my dick as I sucked on her tits and buried myself balls-deep inside of her.

"SHIT...OHGOD...gonna...bloody...cum...AJ..." Paige moaned as she arched her back and came all over AJ's face as I started to pick up the pace of my thrusts into her.

"OHGOD...gonna cum AJ...can I cum inside you baby?" I asked as I plunged into her one last time, Paige shoving her cunt into her friend's face as she nodded her head yes.

"Cum inside this sexy bitch's pussy John. You and I both know she wants it," Paige told me as she held her cunt against AJ's face, allowing me to thrust into AJ a few more times and cum deep inside her of her pussy, flooding her cunt with a thick, sticky load of my baby batter before pulling out of her.

"A good friend always returns the favor," AJ whispered to Paige as I rolled off of her, sitting on Paige's face as I lined my dick up with Paige's pussy and slid it back into her.

"MMM...yeah...lick me like that Paige...you know I like it like that..." AJ hissed as Paige slid her talented tongue up into AJ's pussy and started to clean her out right as I began to thrust in and out of her cunt.

"UH...OHGOD...John...baby...fuck me...fucking shag me..." Paige hissed as I placed her long legs on my shoulders and pounded away on her, sucking away on her tits as her walls stretched out for me, allowing me to bottom out inside of her as she whirled her tongue around AJ's pussy.

"UH...UH...OHGOD...fuck...use that tongue you sexy British bitch..." AJ hissed as Paige drove her tongue up into her, arching her back to give me better access to her pussy as I started to thrust into her back walls.

"UH...UH...OHGOD...fucking cum for me AJ..." Paige hissed as AJ drove her pussy down into Paige's face and started to release her juices over her tongue just as Paige's pussy started to squeeze my dick.

"Come on Paige...cum for me baby...so I can fill this tight little British cunt with my cum again..." I whispered to her as I slid one last time into her, her legs hooking into my back as she threw her head back, her eyes rolling back into her head as she came all over my dick.

"MMM...cum inside me baby...you know how much I love it..." Paige whispered as she arched her back and drove her hips into mine as I buried my dick up inside of her and came into her pussy, flooding her snatch in my thick, sticky seed as she rolled her hips back and forth, AJ grinding her pussy into Paige's face the whole time.

"SHIT...you were right Paige...our little get-togethers are gonna be so much better with a real, live dick to play with..." AJ hissed as they started to make out on the bed, giving me a chance to rest up for the final go-around.

"You girls do this on the road a lot?" I asked, intrigued by what I was hearing as her and AJ both bent over the bed.

"Don't make a big deal of it or anything John, but AJ and I are "fuck buddies" when we're out on the road together," Paige told me as she grabbed a dildo out of her purse, "but we decided that every now and then we needed a real one of these to play with."

"Don't just bloody stand there, you cheeky boy, get over here and fuck my ass," Paige playfully scolded me, getting behind AJ and sliding the dildo into her ass as I slid my dick into hers.

"Thought you'd never ask," I teased her as I grabbed her hips and started to ram her ass while she started to thrust the dildo in and out of AJ's ass.

"MMM...fuck...my...ass...Paige..." AJ hissed as Paige jammed the dildo deep into her ass, rhythmically pumping it in and out of her as I did the same with my dick, nestling it deep in Paige's ass as her anal walls started to cling to it.

"OHGOD...fuck...tear...up...my...ass..." Paige shouted as I drove my hips into hers, causing her to throw her head back as she came for me, her juices running down the insides of her thighs as she railed AJ with the dildo and made her do the same thing.

"FUCK...feels so good Paige...OHGOD..." AJ hissed as she came from Paige fucking her ass with the dildo, Paige starting to go limp herself as I grabbed her hips and thrust into her one last time, spraying her bowels with my cum as I came deep in her ass.

"MMM...OHGOD..." both of them hissed as Paige withdrew the dildo from AJ's ass and I removed my dick from Paige's ass, all three of us making out on the bed for a few minutes before breaking things up.

"Paige told me you have to go back home John, that's a shame..." AJ whispered in my ear as Paige got dressed and ready to leave, "because I rather enjoyed having you around tonight."

"Stop hitting on my man and let's go AJ," Paige told her, winking at me as AJ got dressed and gathered her things, both of them heading for the door.

"I'm sure you ladies wouldn't mind if I tagged along on the rest of the loop," I told them as I walked out the door with them, "I don't mind at all that you're fuck buddies on the road. As a guy, I find that hot. But if you're looking for a guy to add to the equation, I'd rather it be me, so it's someone you can both trust."

"See? I told you I liked him Paige," AJ teased her, both of them quickly agreeing to it as they sneaked me into their rental car and took off with me.

And that's how I became the newest "fuck buddy" on the road for my girlfriend Paige and her best friend AJ Lee.

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