Fuck Club


The first rule about Fuck Club.

Don’t talk about Fuck Club.

The bar was smoky and redolent with the smell of stale beer and fried onions. The poor lighting competed against the bluish haze of cigarettes and lost. Voices murmured and mixed with outdated tunes from an old Wurlitzer and coalesced into a din that provided a curious anonymity to the speakers.

I fingered the dying end of a Pall Mall and stared into a cheap glass of Bud draft. I was alone and in this dead end bar because of it. My girlfriend Andrea moved out a week ago and I was borderline suicidal. Her last words were burning in my ears.

“You’re not a man, you’re a pussy. You never stand up to anyone not even me. You have a shit job and you are going nowhere. AND… you suck in bed! All that sensitive shit, ‘oooo baby I love you!’ What crap! You fuck with no passion! Loser. I am out of here”

I was angry. At my emasculating job, my smug boss, my lack of money, and my self image as a man, “No passion.” Those words echoed in my skull and vibrated with such ferocity I thought my head would split open. I drained my beer and ordered another. The butt burned my fingers and I stubbed it out in the pile. My reflection in the mirror over the bar showed me my story – loser, limpdick.

Lost in my self-pity, I barely noticed that someone had slid up to the stool next to me. God I hope it’s not some nasty bar trash I thought. I caught a whiff of perfume. The perfume was too elegant for trash. Piqued, I strained with my peripheral vision to see who sat next to me... I looked down and saw a shapely ankle fitted into and expensive 3-inch blue suede pump. The ankle tapered into a shapely calf, which drew up to a lush muscular thigh covered by a white skirt. I looked away. She just wants a drink I thought. She wouldn’t be coming over here for me. I was interested to see what her face looked like but I couldn’t deal with some smug bitch’s pained “ I am out of your league” face.

“Hi there.” I heard. I turned and looked at my neighbor. She was about 30. Trim and compact with blonde hair cropped fashionably short. She had a severe beauty in her face with high cheekbones and cool cobalt eyes that stared at me with a combination of confidence and bemusement.

“Hi” I murmured back. Nothing more.

“Mmmm quiet type aren't you?”

“No,” I said, “Just tired, it has been a long day. I’m sorry.” I turned and offered my hand. “My name is Sean what’s yours?”


I gulped hard and felt the pain swell in the pit of my stomach. Christ the same fucking name. Fuck!

She noticed my pained expression. “Are you all right? Do you want me to go?”

“Naw. Its nothing you said. My ex’s name was Andrea so I just ….” My words trailed off.

“Ah… broke your heart?”

“You could say that.”

“Tell me about it. “

“No its bullshit and I am sure you got better things to do.”

Her cool eyes appraised me and with slight smile she said “Buy me a drink and I will be the judge of whether you are wasting my time or not.”

So I did and told her my story. About Andrea, my job, my love life. She listened intently breaking eyes contact only to take a pull from the neck of her beer bottle. I liked how she did that.

When I was done she looked down at the bar and took a deep breath.

“Well that girl really pulled a mind fuck on you. What a bitch. I’m sorry.”


“You’re a good-looking guy. You should have no problem meeting someone else.”

“ I guess.”

“You guess – you don’t know?”

“Well I….”

“You just have a confidence problem with women and sex. I think I can fix that”

“Oh really – you’re going to help me?” I said with new interest. My luck might be changing.

“Not what you think lover.” she said her hand moving from my thigh. She reached into her purse and pulled out a card and handed it to me. It was an elegant card printed on heavy stock with raised lettering. It read

The Club

234 Van Damien Street

She flipped the card over and wrote “NMTRY – Andrea “

“Here go to this club tomorrow night at midnight.. Give this to the doorman.”

“What is this club?” I asked.

She put her finger over lips. “No – the first rule about the club is we don’t talk about it outside. Just go there and trust them. Ok?”

I wondered what I was getting myself into but her eyes cinched the deal.

“Ok.. Will I see you there?”

She smiled, “I got to go. Nice to meet you Sean.” With that she slid off the stool and headed for the door, I turned to watch her leave and got to see her lithe body as walked out, her ass swaying as she walked. I looked at he card and wondered what I would find at “The Club.”

At midnight the next night I found my self standing in front of a non descript warehouse in a shitty neighborhood. The outside of the building held no clue to what it contained. No sound, no light escaped. I waited ten minutes to see if anyone else entered but on one came. I took a deep breath and walked to the door. I knocked.

A slit opened in the door and a mean face peered through it.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“Uh, Andrea asked me to come here.” I handed him my card.

The slit closed and after a minute the door opened.

“Come in Sean.” a female voice called.

I walked into brightly lit foyer. Mean face was standing off to the side impassively with as much interest in me as the dirt on the sole of his shoe. In front of me a brunette impressively filled out a yellow miniskirt. Holding my card she motioned me to follow her.

“Andrea told us to expect you.” She said looking over her shoulder seductively “ You need this place.”


“Relax and trust me, we have a few procedures to follow before we can enroll you in the club so be patient.”

“Your name is …?”


“Sandra can you tell me what kind of club this is? Techno, Goth what?”

She laughed. “You have to see it to believe it. “

She led me to what looked like a doctors office and closed the door.

“Ok Sean. Take off your clothes.”

“Excuse me?” I was freaked.

“Don’t worry your ok here. We need to see you naked”


“Just trust me.”

What did I have to lose I thought, So I tooked my clothes off. I handed each article to Sandra and she folded each article neatly and put it into a box which h had my name written on it ,

I stood there naked in the middle of the room and Sandra looked at me like I was a slave on the auction block. She walked around looking. I was in good shape so I wasn’t embarrassed about my body but this scene was weird. I felt her hand pat my butt. She made an appreciative noise. And then stood in front of me.

“Can you get your cock hard for me?”

“What the fuck kind of place is this!” I said backing away.

Sandra smiled. “Sean this place is a place where you can live out almost every sexual desire and fantasy you ever had. We need to see what your are bringing to our little club before you can join.”

You mean this is a swingers club?”

“Not quite Sean. It’s a place where very wealthy people pay to see other people having sex. People like you. Andrea thought you might need to broaden your horizons so she recommended you to us. You help us out – we help you out. Get it?”

“Does this cost anything?”

“For you no. We just have to do our evaluation and you have to follow a few simple rules but no – it’s free,”

I was scared but interested. It had been a few weeks since I had last gotten laid and I was aching to be inside a woman, My thoughts started my libido humming and without touching myself my cock started to swell. Soon it was hard and throbbing in front of this vixen.

“Mmmm you have a nice cock Sean. Now sit down, we have to do some blood tests to make sure you’re clean, Ok?”

I assented and sat down on a chair, A faceless technician came in and took a couple of vials of blood and went away, Sandra reentered the room with a glass of champagne and a robe.

“Put this on and enjoy the bubbly while we run the tests. It should take about an hour then we start. Ok?”

“No prob.” I said and sipped deeply and waited.

The hour passed by and Sandra returned.

The test came back “Ok. You’re cleared so we can let you into the main area. Follow me Sean.”

I padded in my bare feet behind Sandra and we entered a locker room.

“This is your locker where you can keep your clothes and personal effects, one of the rules is you never take any personally identifying material into the club. You can shower here before and after your ‘activities’.

Ok. I mumbled my anticipation growing,

“Now up we go to the dance floor.”

I followed Sandra up a flight of stairs. I heard the low pulsing beat of music as we approached the door

“Are you ready Sean?” Sandra asked, “Ready for the club?”

“As ready as I will ever be.”

Sandra swung the door open.

The first sight to greet my eyes was a couple having intercourse up against the wall by the door. She was a tall blonde woman and she wrapped her athletic legs around the man, hanging onto his shoulders, whimpering with each powerful thrust as he nailed her into the wall.

Next to them a bald black man was standing while a nubile red head with hair cascading down her back was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock. Her head bobbed up and down in the rhythm of lust as she suckled him in her mouth. The sound of a wet blowjob made it past the driving bass of the music that pulsated through the room.

As I turned and entered the main room I saw a large raised platform surrounded by a brass rail. On the stage were twelve couples in various stages of sexual congress.

“Ok Sean these are the rules. You must wait for a woman to pick you to have sex with her or a member of the staff has to pair you with someone. Ladies have choice here. You can have as much sex as you can stand. You never tell anyone about this place - ever. If you meet someone outside of the club you may not talk about the club. If you do, well remember that guy downstairs?”

“Uh yes….”

“Need I say more?”


“Also, you must be invited to come to the club. You just can’t show up. Wait for the call. If you don’t come when called you are out of here for good? Got it?


“Ok enjoy yourself. Bye Sean…”

I came closer to the platform and looked around. I saw Andrea was one of the women actively fucking someone. She was riding a beach blonde surfer-looking guy. It was amazing to watch her fit body undulate like a snake on top of him. She pumped up and down using her haunches to impale herself relentlessly on his cock Her face tightened as she approached climax, the guy grunting beneath her and grabbing her ass as she fucked him silly. She arched her spine and threw back her head and let out a guttural scream as her orgasm racked her body. She had a gift – the ability to let go.

I was dizzy with lust, watching all this activity had given me a raging hard on and my balls were aching for release. At that moment a lithe little nude brunette came up to me and grabbed my hand.

“Lets fuck” she stated simply.

We walked over to the stage and she told me to put my robe over the rail. We walked out onto the floor being careful not to step on the writhing bodies around us,

I looked up and saw that there were smoked glass covered booths overlooking the entire scene. That’s were I was to learn later the high rollers paid big money to watch the revelers on the floor. A bit of stage fright overcame me, I had never been naked in front of this many people much less had such public style sex.

My reservations were quickly washed away when the girl just lay down on the padded floor, put her hands under her knees, and threw her legs in the air. . I clambered on top of her clumsily and began kissing her softly like I did with my old flame.

This girl would have none of it. “Fuck me!” She yelled and pounded her heels on my ass driving me forcibly into her. She felt fantastic. Her pussy was wet and warm, her hands grabbed my ass pulling me into her as she grunted and moaned, bucking her hips under mine. Her head thrashed from side to side as she stared screaming as she climaxed quickly. I felt a hot rush of liquid around my cock and the exquisite sensation of her canal spasming on my shaft. But she wasn’t finished yet.

She slipped out from underneath me and rolled over on all fours putting her ass in the air and resting her head and elbows on the mat – ready to be pounded doggy style. I grabbed her hips and rutted into her with such ferocity I thought she would ask me to stop but her ragged voice just grunted words of encouragement.

I looked up for a moment and saw Andrea was now taking it doggy from her surfer dude Her eye caught my gaze and a slutty smirk upturned the corner of her open mouth before she was overwhelmed by the fucking she was getting from behind. . Next to me a strawberry blonde cried out, her nails scratching her lovers back, as she used her legs to guide her Latin lovers thrusts as her worked on top of her.

I started to feel the pulse of my own seed getting ready to erupt emanate from deep inside my body. I slipped into a primal trance of lust, the feel of the brunettes pussy, the feel of her ass thudding against my thighs, the music, the screams and groans of other couples around me built and coalesced into a blinding flash of pleasure as I exploded into my fuck partner’s canal with a roar.

I collapsed on top of my partner and panted heavily into her ear. I was totally spent. I could her laughing softly “Welcome to the club.”

Afterwards I was drinking champagne at the bar. The bartender, a dapper Arab man, was busy slinging drink to the patrons. There was a lull in the activity on stage so everyone was taking a break.

Andrea walked up to me, her robe barely concealing her body and said with a wink, “What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?”

I laughed, “Same as you I guess.”

She smiled. “So are there any girls in here you would like to have?”

“I thought they had to pick me.”

“Well you can be paired up by one of the staff, and I own this place so there you go!”


“Pick one.”

My eyes went around the room, There was a delicious caramel colored girl at the end of the bar smiling at me. The red head I saw sucking cock earlier was lounged out in a chair near the stage puffing on a cigarette. Then I saw her – my boss’s wife.

“Holy shit my boss’s wife is here.”

“Raquel, hah, what a slut. She is insatiable as they come.”

I was nervous.

“I don’t like her.”

“No, why?

I told her how Amanda treated all the waiters at my job like shit; She ordered them around and in general was a real bitch.

Andrea led me up to Raquel and a nervous smile played on her face, “Sean what are you doing here” she flustered.

“ I invited him here.” Andrea said. “ I am paring you two up for the next round. Any problems?”

“I would rather not.”

“You know the rules Raquel, if staff pair you up you have too.”

Raquel’s face grew red but she nodded her assent.

The lights flickered on and off. Andrea said, “Its show time!”

Raquel walked over to the stage where other couples were disrobing and finding their places. She casually slid off her robe as she staked out a spot near the front railing,

She had a spectacular body, conditioned by long hours at the gym; her legs were long and firm with well-defined thighs and calves. Her ass was round and she had wide flaring hips that tapered into a small waist. Her breasts, while not large, matched her body symmetry perfectly and were complemented by her ripped abdomen, She wore her jet-black hair up, which showed off long neck and sculpted shoulders. Her face was impassive as she turned to face me,

“Well let’s see what you got Sean.”

At that moment the lights lowered a bit and the music started to slowly, sinuously, play over the sound system All the men on stage were standing and all the women, Raquel included, dropped to their knees in unison.

My cock started to stiffen at the sight of my boss’s wife preparing to take me into her mouth.

While the other women began sucking on their partners’ cocks, Raquel decided to play the tease. She writhed on her knees in tune with the music, running her hands over her sides, over her erect nipples, her tongue licking her lips. A soft groan escaped her as she moved her hand between her legs and began to slowly rub her twat. “Mmmm you want me to suck your big cock Sean? Tell me to suck your cock like a slut. Call me a whore”

Here was my boss’s wife, the woman who normally wouldn’t give me the time of day, cavorting like some sexual goddess telling me to treat her like a whore. The slurping sounds of 11 women giving head filled my ears and my vision tunneled to the vixen in front of me.

“Come here you slut,” I croaked, after swallowing hard I added, “Suck my cock you little whore.”

Raquel leaned forward and slowly ran her manicured nail on the underside of my rigid penis. My shaft twitched violently in response, She smiled and started licking the underside of my balls her left hand grasping me and slowly squeezing the head. She popped one nut into her mouth and gently bit down causing me to grab her hair and pulling her head back.

She stared up at me with slut eyes; pupil’s dilated with lust, not seeing anything but the object of her desire. I wanted to be in her mouth.

“Suck my cock whore” I said and pulled her onto my shaft.

Raquel gagged slightly as I pushed in too deep but she recovered herself quickly and began to slide her head up and down my pulsing cock. Her mouth was a hot wet hole that massaged my cock, her tongue working the sensitive skin behind the head. My hand behind her head guiding her head up and down my cock in unison with the beat of the music that pounded through the club. I felt her hands grasp my ass, her nails digging into my butt as I fucked her head.

I looked around as men all around me thrust their hips, grunting loudly as their sluts suckled them, heads bobbing, and the sounds of wet messy blowjobs filling the room. I felt the pleasure begin to build steadily as Raquel worked my cock. I looked down at her, this bitch who always ignored me, looking up at me, eyes wide open as she greedily stuffed her mouth with dick, her nipples erect and a slight sheen of sweat lightly coating her sinuous body.

Then as I felt my orgasm approaching a female voice emanated from the sound system “Ok girls it’s your turn, on your backs!”

Raquel and all the other women pulled cocks out of their mouths and scampered onto the floor, spreading their legs, offering up their pussies for the taking.

All the men around me clambered onto the floor putting their faces between their partner’s legs and I followed suit. Raquel’s slit was shaved and dripping and I started to lick her clit feverishly. She let out a great breath as the first jolt of pleasure hit her brain and began to undulate her hips into my face egging me on.

She tasted sweet and clean as I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue feeling her body react, her juices washing over my face as her sex became more and more engorged. I felt her feet sliding across my back, her toe ring cold against my heated flesh. I heard soft cries from the women around me as their men began to work them into an oral frenzy. Raquel arched her back grabbing my hair pulling my tongue into her. She cried out, “OH fuck yessssssssssssss!” as waves of sensation washed over her. I pushed her legs up into the air as fucked her with my mouth.

“Mmmmm, ohbaby yesssssssss!” she yelped as her hips went into automatic, bouncing her ass up and down the mat, her legs high in the air as she joining her sisters in a chorale of pleasure that built toward an inevitable climax..

The ‘DJ’ must have sensed that the girls were close to cumming and a voice boomed over the PA, “Ok guys mount your slut and fuck her brains out.”

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